Aristotle on Nature and Incomplete Substance

Aristotle on Nature and Incomplete Substance

by Sheldon M. Cohen


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This book examines Aristotle's metaphysics and his account of nature, stressing the ways in which his desire to explain observed natural processes shaped his philosophical thought. It departs radically from a tradition of interpretation, in which Aristotle is understood to have approached problems with a set of abstract principles in hand, principles derived from critical reflection on the views of his predecessors. This is a major reevaluation of Aristotle's metaphysics that will interest philosophers, classicists, and historians of classical science.

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ISBN-13: 9780521533133
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 01/30/2003
Pages: 204
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.47(d)

Table of Contents

1. Nature and things; 2. Elemental motion and alteration; 3. Elemental transformation and the persistence of matter; 4. Unity; 5. Living things.

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