Bad Taste in Men: Clover Park series, Book 3

Bad Taste in Men: Clover Park series, Book 3

by Kylie Gilmore

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Something's brewing between friends...

Rachel Miller knows opening a café with coffee and pastries will make her struggling bookstore the place to hang out. But when the bank turns her down and her best friend Shane steps in, she vows business will never ruin their friendship.

Gourmet ice-cream maker Shane O'Hare knows food, not women. To sweep Rachel off her feet, he secretly sells his beloved '67 Shelby Mustang and becomes a partner in her café. And then she sets him up with a friend.

As they build the café together and Rachel learns what Shane has sacrificed for her, she finds herself falling for him. Now way too much is riding on the success of this business venture--her career, her best friend, and her heart.

Author's note: Each book in the Clover Park Series can be read as a stand-alone novel, or for more fun read them in order. Characters you've loved from past books frequently pop up in other books.
P.S. The "villain" in Bad Taste in Men gets his own story in ALMOST IN LOVE!

The Clover Park Series
Book 1: The Opposite of Wild
Book 2: Daisy Does It All
Book 3: Bad Taste in Men
Book 4: Kissing Santa (a Novella)
Book 5: Restless Harmony
Book 6: Not My Romeo
Book 7: Rev Me Up
Book 8: An Ambitious Engagement
Book 9: Clutch Player
Book 10: A Tempting Friendship

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BN ID: 2940149818877
Publisher: Extra Fancy Books
Publication date: 07/08/2014
Series: Clover Park Series , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 225
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About the Author

Kylie Gilmore is the USA Today bestselling author of the Clover Park series and the Clover Park STUDS series. She writes quirky, tender romance with a solid dose of humor.

Kylie lives in New York with her family, two cats, and a nutso dog. When she’s not writing, wrangling kids, or dutifully taking notes at writing conferences, you can find her flexing her muscles all the way to the high cabinet for her secret chocolate stash.

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BOOK 1: The Opposite of Wild
BOOK 2: Daisy Does It All
BOOK 3: Bad Taste in Men
BOOK 4: Kissing Santa
BOOK 5: Restless Harmony
BOOK 6: Not My Romeo
BOOK 7: Rev Me Up
BOOK 8: An Ambitious Engagement

BOOK 1: Almost in Love
BOOK 2: Almost Married
BOOK 3: Almost Over It
BOOK 4: Almost Romance

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Bad Taste in Men: Clover Park series, Book 3 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Izzy5313 More than 1 year ago
Wow. This book boggled my mind, primarily because the female character was so unappealing. Self-absorbed, selfish, over-emotional, and seriously impaired when it comes to making decisions, there is nothing attractive about Rachel. I find it hard to believe that Shane could not only be attracted to her, but pursue her with such a vengeance. The whole time my head was screaming, "Really, Shane? Why do you want such a head-case in your life?" So I went back and read some of the other stories in this series. Same problem. Women without a clue, reacting without a thought for others. Maybe that's entertaining to some. I found it offensive. These stories play into the hapless female rescued by the big strong man theme. If that's your thing, please continue reading Gilmore's books. However, if you prefer female characters who behave responsibly in their relationships, you probably want to look elsewhere.
MsChris1161 More than 1 year ago
BAD TASTE IN MEN by Kylie Gilmore is the third book in her Clover Park series and this one features the town's sexy ice cream store owner, Shane O'Hare. Shane is Ryan and Travis's younger brother. Shane is all kinds of dreamy and any woman would be thrilled to have his attention but he has his heart set on Rachel. Rachel is Liz O'Hare's best friend and owns the failing Bookstore in town. Rachel is a mess and has never been successful with anything... jobs or relationships. So she panics when the thought of her friendship with Shane might be at risk if they become anything more and that also fails well, let's just say he shows more patience than any man should be expected to. I love Kylie's books and love the town of Clover Park and its characters, but I have to say that I struggled through with this one because of Rachel. I kept hoping she'd pull her head out... and she finally did, but not until the very end. Shane on the other hand made me glad I continued on. He deserved his happy ending. 3.5 stars. *I listened to the audiobook version of this one and the narrator did an excellent job.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Another great story in the series!! Shane is all kinds of yummy! Rachel is slightly annoying at times but she comes around. These two are great friends and Rachel doesn't want to do anything to hurt that relationship but Shane is looking for more. He always has been and now is the time to do something about it. This book takes us along for the crazy ride as their relationship works it way from friends to business partners to lovers. Problem is Rachel doesn't have faith that she can really sustain a relationship with any man so she fights Shane at every turn. Will she be strong enough to really give them a try?? I listened to this one on audio and loved it! The story is great and the narration is excellent. This is one I highly recommend.
MikkaJane More than 1 year ago
Rachel has bad taste in men, so she has decided the best thing to do is give them up. She will become the proverbial spinster, who is usually mocked, with the collection of 10 proverbial cats to go with her current status. What she really wants though has been right under her nose the whole time. Shane has been in love with Rachel since she moved back from the city two years ago to start her dream job, owning and running her book store called Book It. Shane runs his own ice cream parlor right across the street. To Shane's dismay, he has been put in the category of Best Friend to Rachel. He has to figure out how to get past her stubborn quirks, they tend to get her into trouble, and find a way to let her know how much he truly cares. The perfect opportunity....Rachel can't get the loan she is looking to get to open a coffee shop in the space next door she so desperately needs. Enter Shane, her knight in shining armor-but she doesn't know it yet. He saves the day. He somehow manages to get her the funds to open up the cafe which will in turn save her book store from closing. What she doesn't bargain for is a partner, in more ways than one, instead. How will they work this new partnership out? Read and see. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
bhillson83 More than 1 year ago
When a book title is called Bad Taste in Men you know it just has to be good. From the very moment I picked up the book it captured my attention and had me laughing throughout the entire time I read it. I couldn’t put the book down and I was very lucky I was on a camping trip, so I could read to my little heart’s desire. Gilmore did a great job in capturing the chemistry between struggling business author Rachel Miller who has a bookstore that is floundering, while her best friend Shane O’Hare owns a very successful Ice Cream store across the street get into business together and the sparks fly. The chemistry between the two characters is so real and so intense, it will have you turning the pages into the midnight hour. Throw in a bit of comedy – a dancing cow, a sprained ankle and a bit of jealousy and Gilmore has a recipe for great success. This book had me wanting more, laughing out loud and hungry for more than just ice cream or pro-bee-otics. Gilmore did a great job in creating two witty characters that didn’t instantly fall in love and instead took her time in writing the course of the novel. Rachel wasn’t a heroine that could be tricked into bed easily and Shane was the knight in shining armour that we all just wish for. Bad Taste in Men is the third novel in her Clover Park series and definitely has me wanting to read more. Overall, I absolutely loved Bad Taste in Men and it left me feeling refreshed and ready to read the other novels in this series! Great book! 4 Stars!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
Rachel knows her bookstore isn't doing to good and she just knows adding a cafe connecting to the bookstore will help it and make her a success. The only problem is the bank has turned her down for a loan. Just when it looks like her dreams are shot her best friend Shane offers to help her by becoming her partner. Shane is in love with Rachel and doesn't think she will ever overcome the just friends. Having a partnership will have them close together and Shane hope to help her get over that and become more. Rachel has had bad taste in men before and not looking to ruin what they have she tries to push him off on others. When she sees what all Shane has done for her and given up she may change her mind. Rachel is very, very stubborn. She doesn't like to listen to others even when they know best. She has ave her heart away before and they all turned out bad. She is a great friend and will help in any way she can. She is just afraid of love. Shane is sweet, caring and also very stubborn. He will move mountains to give Rachel what she wants. They both are great friends and you can tell they clearly belong together. This is the second book in this series I have read and I enjoyed it so much. I really enjoyed seeing Rachel and Shane butt heads. Both want things t be a success but Rachel thinks she can do everything herself. Shane tries not to push her but he thinks he knows what is best. Both should take the time to listen to each other but it wouldn't be as entertaining as it was. I liked seeing all the characters I already knew and seeing new ones. Some I liked and some I have to say seemed a little off to me. This is a book that is a page turner and leaves you wanting more. It has friendship, family, love and even some steaminess that made it a joy to read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The new tasty scoop in Fieldridge is that the lovable Shane O’Hara is in business with his lifelong crush, the nerdy and fallible Rachel Miller. The O’Hara family, the brothers, Travis and Ryan, their wives, Daisy and Liz plus their grandmother Maggie and her wonderful husband, Jorge, support the joint business venture and the budding relationship. However, different business styles cause sparks in temper and lip-locking encounters between Shane and Rachel. Fizzling personality clashes and stubborn behaviors cause waves in a bookstore café that is meant to be a relaxing place. Hot, uptight tension over costs, products and managerial styles prompt heated discussions that one or more of Shane’s Scoops will not resolve. Barry, the owner of the Dancing Cow, the competition to Shane’s Scoops fuels the fire between Sean and Rachel. Rachel receives business advice, a loan and potentially more than friendship from Barry. Poor, naïve, Rachel, the “egghead” that loves books needs one of her business ventures to succeed and the café is her only shot to keep the bookstore running. She will have to accept advice from Sean or be the failure her family expects her to be. Get a spoon and dig into the ups and downs of Rachel and Shane discovering who they are as business owners, friends and a couple.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
With her third release, Bad Taste in Men, Kylie Gilmore has gone three for three in her fabulous Clover Park Series. In this installment, it’s the quiet O’Hare brother, Shane, seeking to take his relationship with his best friend, Rachel Miller, to the next level. But Rachel’s romantic track record has been disastrous, to say the least, and she’d rather not risk losing Shane’s friendship if things don’t work out. Not to mention they’re going open a cafe together, and mixing business with pleasure isn’t always the best idea. The author continues to build a nearly picture perfect little Connecticut town, yet populates it with characters who are so real, you could swear you’ve actually met some of them. Maybe even been some of them. Their hopes, fears, and actions are so relatable, and they make mistakes any one of us could make. In short, they are people you root for in spite of all their quirky imperfections. But don’t let Rachel’s insecurities or Shane’s quiet disposition fool you. There’s plenty of heat between these two on the page. Rachel’s bookish demeanor quickly falls away whenever Shane proves he’s more than just a cook in the kitchen. Gilmore once again brings to the table a fantastic cast of supporting characters, many of whom we’ve met in the previous two books. She also introduces a few new ones: a business owner who turns out to be Shane’s rival for his customers as well as for Rachel’s affections, Rachel’s not-so-perfect family, and a slobbery dog named Hagar. The sharp-witted humor I’ve come to expect from a Gilmore novel is in full throttle, and I read most of this book with a great big smile on my face. Bravo, Ms. Gilmore. Looking forward to more of your work!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love the O'Hare brothers! Finally I got Shane's story (he's the youngest brother). This is a friends to lovers story with a lot of obstacles that they finally overcome with a sweet ending. Shane and Rachel work together to build a cafe and it's nonstop fighting over who's the boss. Some very hot scenes and a lot of funny moments made this a very fun read!