Baraqiel's Dawn

Baraqiel's Dawn

by Eva Brock

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BARAQIEL is the youngest of six brothers, all of whom are Watchers. He left home one hundred years ago out of envy and a deep seeded jealousy because all of his brothers had found their �spirit� mates. And he had not! He�d spent the last one hundred years as a garage and alley guard under Brock�s leadership. Two years ago Brock promoted him and made him a part of his inner circle.

Now, he lives at the estate with Brock and his team. However, the problem is that he has found himself in the same predicament. The entire inner circle had all found their mates. ALL EXCEPT HIM! That is until the night hundreds of demons attacked innocent humans at a nighttime ball game. Just as he arrives he spots two demons attacking the most beautiful woman he�d ever seen...his �Spirit� Mate.

DAWN is a farm bred country girl who loves the outdoors. On an innocent trip to a nighttime baseball game she is attacked by a creature that she assumes is a vampire. But, Dawn is no damsel in distress! She goes berserk and gives the creature an old fashion spanking! Surprised by her strength the creature needs help from one of his friends to restrain her, and even then it�s a challenge.

Outnumbered and overpowered Dawn loses consciousness. When she awakens, she finds herself in the comforting arms of the only man who can calm her spirit and keep her safe. She soon learns that he is her �Spirit� Mate and that it wasn�t a vampire but a demon out to destroy her entire family.
Now old enemies have joined forces and an all-out war is brewing on the home front.

The Mafia is coming to settle a score!! Abandoned ex-girlfriends are coming for revenge!! And angry Demon brothers are coming�

What they�re coming for is far too sinister to imagine. The twists and turns will have you begging for the book #10!

Product Details

BN ID: 2940148336655
Publisher: EJ BROCK
Publication date: 01/27/2014
Series: A Spirit Mate Romance , #9
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 330
File size: 270 KB

About the Author

EJ Brock, Indie Author of �A Spirit Mate Romance Series�, was born in Chicago and raised in Gary, Indiana. From a young age her parents taught her and her nine siblings the importance of reading. In fact, even when school was out her parents took them to the library to pick out two books each to read over the summer. She wrote her first short story at the age of ten, and submitted it in her school�s writing contest. She won first place�

She comes from a strong Christian background and as a youth was very active in Sunday school, Baptist Training Union (BTU), and Vacation Bible School. She believes this training at an early age set her course in life.

She started playing the piano for the church at age nine, and the organ by the time she was in junior high. But, her love was reading, specifically the written Word.

As an adult she has been a Sunday school, mission, and a call to discipleship teacher. It is to that end that she writes her Paranormal Romance Novels.

Her series is a backdrop of two scriptures: Gen. 6:1 �The sons of God saw the daughters of men and found them to be fair and they took them wives of all which they chose.� and, Jude 1:6 �And the Angels kept not their first estate.�

She makes it easy to visualize everyday struggles, with spiritual warfare. She gives us a firsthand view of the battle between good and evil; angel and demon. All for the souls of God�s so loved humanity.

The �angel� that we all believe we have, is alive and visible. She captivates her reader�s minds with her literary machinations of that one true love ordained in the Heavens. She leaves you longing for your own �Spirit Mate�.

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