Bbq: The Tasty Recipes To Keep Your Party Alive

Bbq: The Tasty Recipes To Keep Your Party Alive

by Stephen Wiilliams
4.5 6

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Bbq: The Tasty Recipes To Keep Your Party Alive by Stephen Wiilliams

Enliven the party with these good BBQ recipes!

Here is a method to create good food with barbecue!

Are you throwing a party and would like to create new and exciting food recipes?

"I’m so gonna try that exotic grill tomorrow. Cant waiiiit!" – Jasmin Y.Parties can be boring specially when

the food is not nice. It will leave a mark to your friends and neighbors and might not come to one of your parties


This book shows you how to cook barbecue the right way. Cooking them right gives you that unforgettable mark to

your friends and neighbors that keeps them coming back for more!

Below are some of the BBQ recipes that you can find inside:

The easy food to barbecue
Some sea food barbecue
An Indian barbecue recipe
And a lot more!

The book has the most lovely barbecue recipes that are good for health. Get this book if you want to cook barbecue

well and hold the best party ever!

And lastly, you can obtain answers to questions such as:
"How can I use the recipes in this book better?"
"Are the recipes and food content in this book not hard to do?"
"Are the tips in here worthy enough to tell others?"

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BBQ: Learn The Recipes For Your Parties 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
RussellG More than 1 year ago
I recently read an obituary of Art Ginsburg. He did of pancreatic cancer outside of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was 81 years old. Okay, you might be thinking, and who is this Art Ginsburg? Someone we should know? Well, if you grew up watching any ABC television affiliate in the U.S., or are a fan of cooking shows, then the name Mr. Food might ring familiar to you. This was the nom de plume of Ginsburg, whose ninety-second television segments were a daily staple for over thirty years. I grew up in the Buffalo, New York area, and casually watched his food clips interspersed within the local news programs. Wearing a white toque perched atop his head, his grizzled mug extolling the virtues of easy food preparation in rapid-fire style, Mr. Food's contagious enthusiasm won over countless viewers, who would write to their television stations to request the daily recipe he was promoting. At the conclusion of his monologue, Ginsburg would look right at the camera and declare, "Oooo, it's so gooooood!" This was his signature catchphrase, which he eventually had trademarked. Ginsburg was no Wolfgang Puck or Mario Batali. He wasn't larger than life like Emeril Lagasse. He didn't aspire to megabook deals or reality shows. That wasn't his style. And he liked it that way. Ginsburg was more than a chef. The Troy, New York native was passionate about charity work and his family. He regularly donated his time and money to Women's and Children's Hospital in Buffalo through his annual telethons for many years, and gave away much of his royalties earned from his numerous cookbooks (he was a prolific writer) to other favorite groups, such as the American Diabetes Association. The man was a great humanitarian who just happened to parlay his love of food into a very successful career. This anecdote is a segue into another writer whom I have reviewed numerous times: Stephen Williams. While Williams may never be internationally known for his duck l'orange, his book "BBQ: Learn the Recipes for Your Parties" is indicative of a similar desire to make others happy, much in the same vein that Mr. Food did. Williams's strengths are empathy and an innate talent for teaching. He has written numerous books that are designed to help improve the personal, emotional, financial, sexual, and social lives of people. Using his common touch that is a hallmark of effective storytelling, the author picks a topic---in this particular example, barbecue---and applies his own idiosyncratic flair to extol the virtues of his subject, while effectively making heartfelt connections between his readers and the object of his writing. Barbecuing is yet one more topic of discussion upon which Williams expounds, and he effectively melds it with his previous soliloquys on healthy food and living. He encourages readers to combine a traditional barbecue, e.g. ribs and steaks, with culinary accoutrements such as salads, or to prepare meals using a gluten-free or Indian approach. Granted, some people are not inclined to fire up the ol' Weber grill. There are very few of us who possess the elan and self-promotion of Bobby Flay (a master griller and restaurateur in his own right). Still, you don't have to have a Ph. D. in culinary education to enjoy the barbecuing process---similar, say, to the elaborate preparation and ritual of the ancient tea ceremony that is part of Japanese society and culture. This traditional routine, ingrained
Writergrl11 More than 1 year ago
Now don't get me wrong, eating healthy is great. But who wants to sit around munching on carrots and lettuce all the time? Not me that's for sure. But this book is about healthy recipes with BBQ. Now that's definitely something that I would be interested in doing and it's something that I bet tons of other people would be interested in as well. Who wouldn't want to be able to get healthy and still eat the foods that they really love? Now if you've been looking for that perfect barbeque recipe that will have all your friends begging for you to have another party then this is it. This book has a bunch of different recipes that you can try out and best of all; they're good for you as well. So you'll be able to stay healthy while still having a great time with your friends and serving the best food they've ever had. Another thing about these recipes was that they are extremely simple. You won't have to spend hours at the grocery store looking for the perfect ingredients and you won't have to spend even more hours preparing. In fact, you can get these recipes prepared and out to the grill in just minutes. Having a barbeque is mostly about spending time with your friends and family anyway so you don't want to spend forever cooking the food and trying to get it just right. The style of this book is really good. Stephen Williams makes it sound like he's a friend who's looking to help you plan the best party you've ever had. He gives helpful and friendly suggestions for your meal plan and keeps them easy enough that anyone could do it. I enjoy reading his style because he makes anything easy and fun to read. This was no exception. Reading this book definitely made me feel hungry for barbeque. So I'm going to say it did a really good job at reaching its goal. In fact, I'm probably going to be barbequing as soon as I can thanks to this book and the recipes I learned. If you're interested in barbeque but couldn't find the right recipes before then you should get this book. If you're just looking for some good food to serve at your next gathering then this is the book for you as well. Don't make your friends suffer through some more boring sandwiches and hot dogs. It's not what they want and you want to impress them. I know my friends will like grilling new things and they'll really like my parties now that I have some new recipes for them to enjoy. So maybe I won't recommend it to them quite yet. Maybe I'll wait to impress them with my new recipes first.
TanyaO More than 1 year ago
Delicious BBQ relaxing  We all used to have thousands tasks in a day. We run, trying to do everything in a time and when weekends come, sometimes we just can lie at a sofa watching TV. However, it’s not a real relax. There is something much more useful and relaxing  – close communication with good friends or with your family. It’s so needed to spend time together. A barbecue party can be a great cause for this! Stephen Williams shows a great example and recipes for delicious barbeque. Just imagine – come together to some great place in a forest, or just make it on your backyard. It’s not important where – the main thing is to gather people you love and have some fun, play games and just talking. For me it is a plot of the greatest weekends. I received much inspiration from this book. It’s amazingly easy to read and to implement its advices and recipes. I would like more comprehensive book, with more games or tips what to do during delicious barbecue is in process. Anyway, now I have an amazing idea how to get rid of annoying thoughts of stressful job and to have a really relaxing and enjoyable day. 
Ambrosia-Jefferson More than 1 year ago
Even with winter here I like to have BBQ recipes on hand for when guests come over or just for the family. Sometimes a nice tasty BBQ can do a great deal to pull you out of the doldrums of winter with a reminder of summer time fare. Stephen Williams has made a nice book of some tasty and healthy BBQ recipes. What I like about the book is that while it is short it packs a lot of information into the pages. The recipes are clearly written and anyone can follow them even if you’re not a “pit” guru. I tested several of the different dishes on my Mother in law who is not the biggest bbq eater and she positively loved them. I cannot say how relieved I was to have dishes she would eat and that made me and my husband happy as well. I found that many of the recipes were lower in calories than others I could find on the net and being health conscious I liked that. Whether you’re looking for something for your summer parties or something that reminds you of summer this is a good book for you to get. Get this book and you’re going to enjoy some very tasty meals for sure.
CatherinePeters More than 1 year ago
BBQ anyone? BBQ: Learn the recipes is a short and sassy book on preparing the tastiest bbq recipes for yor incoming BBQ. Switch of the Food Channel and switch into Williams’s latest foray into the culinary world. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. I am not exactly a meat eater preferring fish but the recipes in the book look sufficiently enticing for me to maybe take a bite or two. From Australia to the US, globally speaking, BBQ cooking is a pretty normal affair during the warm season. The casual ambience coupled with the out door cooking and the copious amounts of meat and vegetable cooked over a open fire is an ideal time for family and friends. The recipes in the book are suited to a t for those bbq parties. It is easy to make with easily found ingredients and will have all your friends wowing in no time over your exquisite find. The book has been organized in a very structured way enabling one to find any recipe they are looking for. The level of detail provided in the recipes are sufficiently comprehensive to understand. The style of writing is easy for a layman to comprehend. Have a nice time cooking and enjoying your next bbq with Stephen William’s recipes.
Lucky120 More than 1 year ago
I love BBQ and I have been looking for certain recipes that I can cook when it comes to eating at home and having parties. Having a nice tasty BBQ is one way that I actually like having it is nice to get together and do some BBQ especially when it is something different. I love this book because it gives you more recipes than what you are looking for. These recipes are written great and they are very clear. You do not have to worry about hard reading words at all. I am a huge BBQ fan and I am always looking for recipes that are easy to read and use. I am not a fan of hard reading recipes, so this book helped me and it was great. I would recommend this book to all that love BBQ and are looking or new recipes then this is the book that you would want to pick up and read. I think that there are a lot of great things in here that will help any and every one with BBQ. I would pick this up and have a look at it if you want to get some reading done and in need of some new recopies. The book was well written and I like the fact that it was easy to read. I had no issue reading this book and the author did a great job by making a title that everyone will enjoy from time to time.