Between the Sea and Sky

Between the Sea and Sky

by Jaclyn Dolamore
4.1 24

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Between the Sea and Sky by Jaclyn Dolamore

It's hard being a bookish mermaid when there are no books under the sea. But as a girl, Esmerine spent her days on the shore with a scholarly winged boy named Alander, even though transforming her tail to legs caused her great pain. But many years have passed since Alan went off to school. Esmerine has now taken on a great honor--becoming a siren who watches over the waters.

Esmerine's sister Dosia was the only person who understood her interest in the surface world--and when Dosia goes missing, Esmerine will brave that world to find her. Did Dosia willingly give her heart a human man? Or was she kidnapped? The only person who could help Esmerine search for her sister is Alander...but the friendship of childhood may have become something more. Their worlds will never meet, but can their hearts find a way?

Set in a magical land modeled after Italy during the Grand Tour, inspired by swoony Regency romances and the Age of Enlightenment, this novel is suitable for younger and older readers.

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BN ID: 2940158750137
Publisher: Catlord Press
Publication date: 12/08/2017
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Jaclyn Dolamore loves history, vintage dresses, and anime. As a kid she was obsessed with Elfquest comics, Final Fantasy, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and L. M. Montgomery novels, and this explains so much. Now she writes fantasy romance novels with thoughtful characters and detailed world-building.

She lives with one man who is very good at solving plot problems, and three weird cats who are better at stepping on keyboards, in a circa-1878 house in western Maryland.

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Between the Sea and Sky 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
haley18 More than 1 year ago
"If anyone asks, we are married," he whispered. "I'm not letting you out of my sight here." This book blew me away! Jaclyn takes you into a beautifully written adventure and romance that will leave you stunned and completley speehless! This story follow Esmerine, Esmerine has just been given the title of a Siren, and couldn't be happier about bringing such an honor to her family, but then her older sister Dosinia who is also a Siren goes missing, everyone believes the worst. That a human man has captured her and forced her to be his wife, but Esmerine needs to know for sure what happened to her sister. So she sets out to land to find her..and not alone, Esmerine finds her old friend Alan who is a winged man who agrees to help her find Dosinia. With her connection to Alan getting stronger each moment they are together, she wonders if once she finds her sister she will have to make a descision of her own, return to the sea that she loves with her family and leave Alan..or live every day in pain on land to be with Alan.. What a delight this story ended up being! Jaclyn writting is so beautiful I found myself completly consumed into Between the Sea and Sky and had to stay up all night until I finished the very last page, and then once I finished all I wanted was to be sucked back in! The characters in this book were writen up amazingly, they each developed in there own ways and each had personality traits that I adored. Dosinia matures greatly, Esmerine discovers what she truely wants, Alan opens up, and Alans father even shows growth with in the short 240 amazin pages of Between the Sea and Sky. While every aspect of this story was utterly captivating. I found myself espicially drawn to the world and the romance that Jaclyn has put together. I have never read a book that combines Mermaids, and winged people. It was a refesing new paranormal romance that I believe any person that enjoys paranormal romance, will completly fall in love with this creative match Jaclyn has put together. All in all, this review has not done any justice to this book. This book is just one I would recommend to anyone. I completly fell in love with this book, I fell in love with the characters, the soft romance between Esmerine and Alan, the adventure they embark on, everything about this story will pull you in.
BooksWithBite More than 1 year ago
This book blew me away! It took me by the heart dragging me into a wonderful and great reading adventure! What I liked most about this book is the plot. I loved the Ms. Dolamore, presented to the reader a fresh and unique stand on mermaids. I loved the rules, the society, but I also liked the choices that they made. The plot made the reader feel the pressure of the society and how to approach it. The characters ion this book are greatly written. I loved that the choices facing them have such dramatic consequences, but also gives them to have a chance to be free. I loved that the reader follows the characters in a journey to find someone lost but also a journey within themselves. I love that you felt the characters struggle to come to terms with what they want. The love interest took my breath away! I loved that this love has not only history but such major chemistry in it. Every time that Esmerine and Alan were together, all I wanted to do was giggle. Their love bloomed in front of the readers eyes, giving the reading a nice romantic touch. Their was no insta-love, just a love yearning to burn right the pages of the book! If you want a different kind of mermaid story, read this book. It is not what you think. Between Sea and Sky will take you places you never been before. It will hold you against your will and you will fall in love before you know it. Filled with an amazing characters and a love that burn brights, Between Sea and Sky is a great book!
iheartyabooks More than 1 year ago
Between the Sea and Sky is a beautiful fairy tale with a happily ever after ending. Jaclyn Dolamore has written a love story that had me saying awww when I got to the end. Esmerine and Alander's love took me back to when fairy tales could swoon your heart and finding your prince charming was a dream. And Jaclyn Dolamore has put a fresh, new twist to fairy tales. Esmerine is a sixteen-year-old mermaid who has just taken her siren vows to protect the sea. Her heart's not sure about those vows as she remembers the winged boy she used to play with that promised he would return to her. When Esmerine's older sister, Dosia, leaves the sea to go to the mainland, this gives Esmerine the excuse she needs to find her winged-boy again. but the man he is now is not the boy that stole her heart four years earlier. Alander is a Fandarsee, wing-people who live in a floating city in the sky. He hasn't forgotten about Esmerine or his promise to her, but how can a Fandarsee and a mermaid be together? He agrees to help Esmerine, to help her find her sister, and on their journey their hearts can;t deny their love for each other. And true love will always find away. Between the Sea and Sky is a book you can curl up with and enjoy a sweet, cute fairy tale love story with the happily-ever-after ending. I recommend Between the Sea and Sky as a great read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
pagese More than 1 year ago
This was a different sort of read for me. I think I've gotten to the point were I expect my young adult fantasy to be a little more more gritty. This story was simple, so I honestly felt like it was almost more middle grade fiction despite the age of the characters. I think there was so much more that could have been done with this story. The mythology was there. It's one of the more interesting premises for mermaids that I've read. Mermaid's openly exist with humans. In fact, the siren's readily mix with them. Not every mermaid can become a siren, and sirens are more drawn to humans than any other mermaid. All mermaids can change into humans, although it causes them great pain with every step they take on human feet. I got the impression that siren's are better able to withstand that pain. A siren is also powerful because all her power is trapped in her belt (which other mermaids don't have). She may give her belt freely to a human, or it can be forcefully taken from her. But, once she does, the pain being human causes her is gone. When Dosinia disappears, Esmerine is convinced that she did not give up her belt of her own freewill. She's determined to find out what really happened. What I did think was interesting was her thoughts may have been on finding Dosinia, but she sure made a beeline for finding Alander first. It felt like she needed that excuse to seek him out. I did admire her determination to find her sister. Being a mermaid, I would think she would have a great connection to the ocean. And to travel so far from it shows how much she wanted to see her sister (or was it to spend more time with Alander). The story seemed frightfully simple despite my interest in it. And Esmerine has all these thoughts on finding her sister, but no real way to find her. She didn't really think it through. Sometimes it felt like she way saying to she would do something in hopes of getting Alander to help her. It was a little frustrating. In the end, the story wasn't all that I hoped that it would be. But, it wasn't all bad either.
CODI More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for a quick summer read, you should consider Between the Sea and the Sky. The plot is not overly complicated to follow but still ingenuous combining mermaid lore with the Fandarsee, winged-people. The story is about 160 pages on the nook so depending on how fast you read, this book could easily be read within a day. The romance between Esmerine and Alan in this book was like a breath of fresh air because it is more innocent and pure than many other romances in other YA fiction books. In addition, Esmerine is an endearing protagonist because of her big heart for her family and Alan. My biggest complaint is for $10.36, I would have liked a more plot and character development, particularily Alan and Dosinia. There are several loose ends left for potential sequels; however, they most likely will remain as loose ends. Another complaint is that I felt the ending was rushed. The story ended with a spur of the moment decision leaving the reader hanging on how this decision affected Esmerine, Alan, Dosinia, and their families. An epilogue would have made the ending more complete and satisfying by adding the needed closure to Esmerine's adventure. For this reason until there is positive news of a sequel, I recommend borrowing this book instead of purchasing it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I all ways love story about sirins and mermaids and sikies i all love the myth this about a mermaids that train to a sirin and sister one goes to land and merry a humen the mermaid in train get from a sirin to get her sister back but the sister does not want go back to the sea the mermaids stay to the sirin cute just must read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Charming & sweet. A quick read. Enjoyed the characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A cute story, the author does a nice job of character and worldbuilding. However, it was a bit plain for my tastes, and the climax felt a bit contrived. It was a little simple, but at times the simplicity was welcome. All in all, it was a refreshing read and it entertained.
BookPortrait More than 1 year ago
Really 3.5 stars First of all, how beautiful is this cover? I would have read this book without knowing anything about it based on the cover alone. But then you open the cover, and the story is beautiful as well. In Between Sea and Sky, Jaclyn Dolamore blends the lore of flying creatures and mermaids with siren mythology, creating a fairy tale that is all her own. Although a mermaid, Esmerine has always been fascinated with the surface world. She longed to become a siren, just like her older sister Dosia, and together they would explore the mainland and have adventures. After years of training, Esmerine is finally initiated as a siren. But on her first day in her new calling, her sister isn't there. Instead, Dosia has run away to the mainland - or maybe even been kidnapped and taken there. Esmerine's family searches for news, but they cannot learn anything for certain. Esmerine knows that she will have to go to the mainland and search for her sister herself. She transforms her tail into legs, enduring the pain each step causes her and making her way into the city. There she finds an old childhood friend, Alander, a winged creature who can help her search for her sister. But their search takes them far from the land that Esmerine has known, and it soon becomes a search for true self...and a quest for love. Between the Sea and Sky transports you into another world, one full of magic and enchantment. I really enjoyed the descriptions of Esmerine's life under the sea, the theatricals and dances of the merfolk and their time scavenging in sunken ships. Yet even more than other sirens, Esmerine is drawn to the surface world. She learned to read and write, and her passion for stories and fairy tales was one of the things I liked most about her. In addition to this, her loyalty and kindness make her a character that you want to see succeed in finding her happily ever after. When Esmerine ventures onto land, the story still maintains its "once upon a time, in a faraway land" feeling, which I appreciated. I also enjoyed watching Esmerine come to truly understand herself and come to realize that not one thing is right for everyone. However, I have to say that I did have some problems with the relationship between Esmerine and Alan. While at times it was very sweet, I would have liked to have seen it developed more. Even though I understood the reasoning behind it, I felt that they were both so distant from each other most of the time. In addition, a few scenes felt rushed or left me wanting more description. That being said, the descriptions that are given really make the story come alive; the reader lives along with Esmerine and Alan rather than simply following them. If you are a fan of fairy tales, be prepared to enchanted by this book. I will look forward to seeing what Dolamore writes next!
bookworm-1023 More than 1 year ago
i personally liked the book..but it coulve been longewr and more detailed, especially for 10.36 dollars. i mean if you are going to pay that much for a book it has to be long and well explained if you are going to pay that much. but overall it was ok, much beter if it was longer and more details.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Regina_Linton More than 1 year ago
This story of a mermaid turned Siren looking to find her sister that she feared was kidnapped is fun and endearing. Esmerine is looking for her lost sister Dosiria who disappeared after becoming a Siren and talking about humans. The likely story of a human kidnapping a Siren and stealing her belt and making her their wife commonly happens. So Esmerine assumes the worst. She gains permission from her family to go out into the world of the humans to find out if her sister was kidnapped or went willingly. What she discovers truly throws her for a loop. When Esmerine first arrives in town, she runs across her old friend Alandare who now is going by the human name Alan Dare and rekindle their lost friendship and start a journey of their own discoveries. Alan agrees to help Esmerine find her sister and get word back to her family. Along the way she finds more than her sister. This story if full of ups and downs and a few twists and turns. Recommended for YA Paranormal lovers
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Unwasted_Words More than 1 year ago
Between the sea and sky a friendship was forged. Esmerine and Alandare became an odd couple of sorts, her being a mermaid and him a descendant of the winged people. When Esmerine's sister Dosina goes missing, Esmerine will stop at nothing to know the truth of her sister's fate. She will even enlist the help of a long lost friend, one who pushes her emotions and desires past the impossible. Jaclyn Dolamore constructs a sweet fairytale of overcoming the impossibilities of one's world. Love truly conquers all between the odd pairing of Esmerine and Alan. Their two worlds couldn't be more different, yet it's their differences that compliment one another so well. Each providing what the other is missing. While all this is terribly romantic, it was also extremely short. I would liked to have had the author spend more time developing the love story and drawing the reader into the romance, since it's really what this story is about. A love that transcends everything should be explored to beyond it's fullest extent. I also thought the romantic thread was resolved much too quickly, it was a tidy rushed resolution. I think Dolamore could have added a bit more angst, there was a quiet resistance in Alan but I would have liked a little louder section were the reader could really feel the loss of a love that could never be so we can appreciate what they accomplish in the end. With it's sweet love story and undertones of overcoming obstacles, Between the Sea and Sky is a nice quick romantic getaway that will have you believing that love will always find a way.
DaniRoo More than 1 year ago
Evoking the classic fairytale feel of Hans Christian Andersen, Jaclyn Dolamore has woven a beautiful tale about a fish who loved a bird. Esmerine, a mermaid on the cusp of adulthood, anxiously awaits her siren's initiation. For as long as she can remember, Esmerine and her sister Dosia have dreamed about being sirens together and a life beyond the confines of the sea. However, after Esmerine's siren ceremony, Dosia goes missing. Esmerine, terrified that her sister has been lured to the human world to an existence of pain and misery, leaves behind sea and family determined to find Dosia and save her. Along the way, Esmerine stumbles upon an old childhood friend, the winged man, Alander. Parted by circumstances beyond their control so many years before, Esmerine and Alander have never forgotten one another, and their friendship begins evolving into something more. Can there be a happily ever after for a love that exists between the sea and sky? As with her lovely debut, Magic Under Glass, Dolamore has once again demonstrated her incredible ability to craft beautiful fairytale worlds and characters. Mermaids who can transform their fins to legs. A race of winged people who harness the magic of the wind. Humans from exotic lands unknown. Medieval towns, cities on cliffs and craggy rocks where sirens sing to passing ships. A mysterious history,only hinted at, filled with ancient beings, knights and oracles. All these things combine to create a fantastic, dimensional canvas onto which Dolamore paints her story. Both main characters surprised me as they were somewhat different than what I was expecting, and pleasantly so. Esmerine was not at all what I imagined a siren to be - wild, free-spirited and perhaps a little impetuous or reckless. That description would more accurately be applied to Dosia. Instead Esmerine is cautious, mindful of consequences, responsible, and rather mature for her sixteen years. She adores the world of written stories ever since introduced to books by a much younger Alander who taught her to read. Because of her friendship with Alander, she's endured the stigma from her fellow Mer of being that "odd" girl who associated with "that winged boy." Alander was an interesting male lead. Bookish, serious, intense and straight-laced, he was a unique change from the alpha-male heroes that so often populate young adult romances. With his rigid ideals of the man he should be and bearing the weight of his father's disapproval, Alander is much different than the boy Esmerine once knew and watching his character develop as his friendship with her rekindles is one of my favorite parts of the story. I also love the descriptions of him and the Fandarsee, the winged people - what they looked like, their society and how their wings worked. It felt like a very creative, original concept. The romance. It's probably quite apparent by now that every book I pick up has some kind of romantic storyline. And this book is no exception. I just adore the concept of two totally different creatures falling in love with each other. Not only does their love face opposition by outside forces but because of what they are, it's also completely impractical. But when is passion or love ever practical? It's this wide gulf that separates them from being together - the crucial problem you don't know if they'll be able to find a way past - that drove this story for me.... Full review can be found at Refracted Light Reviews.
Icecream18 More than 1 year ago
This is the perfect love story between a winged boy and a mermaid. The reader can expect to be transported into a different land where many things are possible. Who knows? Mermaids can even read books! Esmerine is a great character to read about. She is inquisitive, almost remniscent of Disney's Ariel, as well as compassionate and has a capacity for bravery and stoicism that is amazing for a mermaid. Alandare is far more staid, slightly too intellectual, and sometimes tries to become something he is not. They used to be friends when they were children, but Alandare left Esmerine when he believed that a winged boy and mermaid could never remain friends. Esmerine must leave the ocean to search for her sister not long after her sirens' induction. She was looking towards a life of being a siren, slightly boring, but expected. Now she has the chance to discover more of the world and get back in touch with one of her lovely books. I really enjoyed this story. I loved Esmerine's character, she really held my attention. Alandare was a good character, a little too stuffy, but he needed Esmerine to loosen him up. I enjoyed watching their relationship grow and develop. The events were exciting, the reader never knows quite what to expect. The author writes very fluidly, the transitions are smooth. This book is highly recommended to anyone who is young at heart.
Amabe421 More than 1 year ago
This book caught my interest because it's about mermaids, and I love mermaid stories. The whole idea of being able to transform at will to have legs, and then back to a mermaid tail is an interesting concept too.This story was so interesting in how Mermaids, Winged People, and Humans all have a set way they think of each other. This is a relatively short book, and it a quick easy read. It's a beautiful story about overcoming stereotypes and doing what is right for you. Esmarine is 16 years old and has been dreaming of becoming a Siren with her older sister Dosinia. She takes her oath, and will finally join her sister. When Dosinia goes missing, she knows that she has gone to land and fears that she has been kidnapped. Esmarine knows that no one else will be able to do what is needed to find her, and she decides she will go to land and try to find her long lost friend Alander. He is a winged person, and he may be able to help her. Alander used to come to the island and play with Esmarine, and teach her to read and write when they were younger, but she hasn't seen him in years. She knows the journey will be hard, mermaids can turn their tails into legs, but every step is very painful. She finds Alander (who now goes by Alan) and after a while he decides to help her find her sister. Esmarine and Alander begin to open up to each other and be friends again. Their journey helps them to understand more about each other, learn that things are not always as they seem, and discover a love for each other that is very touching and sweet. It's a story about love, and that is what you get, so if you are looking for action or something more upbeat, I would skip it. I enjoyed the story for what it was. I found myself smiling a lot while reading. It was a wonderful, make you happy story. It has that happily ever after that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Overall I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.
ChelseaW More than 1 year ago
Dosinia and Esmerine are sisters and sirens - the highest calling a mermaid can have. Life under the sea is carefree and fun. Dosinia, however, longs for something more, and one day disappears to the lands above. Esmerine has been warned of the evils humans do to to her kind all her life, but still feels she must go rescue her sister. Once on land, she finds her childhood friend Alandare, an angel who used to read to her when she was little, and asks for his help in finding Dosinia. As Esmerine navigates the sometimes beautiful, sometime ugly land of humans, she and Alandare rediscover their friendship from before. Yummy, a mermaid book! Followers of this blog will know these are near and dear to my heart. Jaclyn Dolamore wrote such an awesome book with Magic Under Glass that I may have had really high hopes for this second novel. This effort by Dolamore was not nearly what I had hoped it would be. The action was very slow. Most disappointing of all was finding the life of the mermaids to be plain and boring. Stuffy, upper-crust. I would long for something else, too! The other element I felt took away from my enjoyment was the preachy feel of the "message" of the book. It wasn't all bad, though. There were many good things as well. The clash of mermaids and angels was utterly tantalizing. Esmerine was a brave heroine and I found myself looking up to her goodwill and courage in venturing out on her own. Alan is super sweet and romantic, too. When all is said and done, this is a fun fish-out-of-water story and a great addition for mermaid story collectors.
AcesMommy More than 1 year ago
Between Sea and Sky by Jaclyn Dolamore brought me back to an old time favorite fairy-tale, The Little Mermaid. I couldn't help but have that story in the back of my mind while I read all the way through. Though this story can greatly stand alone! Just like Hans Christian Anderson, Jaclyn Dolamore has a pleasantly smooth and whimsical voice. A fanciful fairy-tale that's sure to take its place among the other delightful stories and twist of Mer folk lore. I really liked how Jaclyn Dolamore made mermaids have the ability of willing themselves to have legs if they chose to take human form, but with the complication of having/baring pain in their feet each step they took. And how not all mermaids become sirens, and to those who do become a siren will always have the compulsions of venturing into the surface world and be drawn to its humans. I adored how she made a world where humans are well aware of mermaids and interact with them as well as the 'winged people.' The combination of having two worlds, the floating city for the Fandarsee people and the sea for the Mermaids, intricately weaves with each other along with the human world flawlessly as if it can be possible in today's modern time. Between Sea and Sky is a fast read and not as challenging/require much in depth thought. The ending was very pleasing and I am so happy that it won't have me up all night fretting on a follow-up. It read like a stand alone novel, but I would not mind the least if there would be a sequel. But if it is a stand alone, I LOVED the ending!