by John H. Carroll

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Circumstances force Tathan of the Shadows out of his comfortable lifestyle in the palace of Mayncal. With no other plans, he accepts a job from an old friend that sends him into the Western Kingdoms where bounties on his head make travel a dangerous game.

Obsession of Tathan’s habits and deeds has made one bounty hunter an expert on the infamous rogue. Using deadly magic and an unusual companion, the bounty hunter has set a trap for Tathan that even he will have a difficult time overcoming. But can the bounty hunter survive their own insanity long enough to accomplish the mission?

The cursed fortress town of Coomican was one of the most disturbing places Tathan had ever visited. The Zombie Duke Yabert Matho controls an army of necromancers and undead who keep the corrupt city free from the control of any country. Dangerous and powerful individuals have gathered there to collect on the one who caused them trouble.

Cows once spent their lives chewing cud and mooing casually about things no one cared about. All that has changed. Their greatest hatred in all of Ryallon is the one called Tathan of the Shadows. Will they ruin everyone’s plans?

And what of the flowers?

Join Tathan and enemies in their quest to survive in a world of magic, zombies, cows, a big squirrel and other dangers.

The Crazed Series is the continuation of the Willden and Wyvern Trilogies. Beings of great power manipulate the world, sometimes to the benefit of mere mortals, but more often to their detriment. Join the odd and often unwilling heroes of Ryallon as they face threats to humanity.

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BN ID: 2940155943068
Publisher: John H. Carroll
Publication date: 01/13/2019
Series: Crazed Series , #12
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 367,128
File size: 721 KB

About the Author

John H. Carroll was the youngest of seven children and was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1970 where he was kept in a dresser drawer with the clean socks. Luckily, he wasn’t kept with the dirty socks or else he might have grown up to become slightly warped.
As a child, John spent most of his time wandering through the Mojave Desert in an attempt to avoid people. He would stare at the sky, imagining what it would be like to explore different worlds. One of his favorite memories is watching his dad build the fuselage of Evel Kneivel’s skycycle in their garage. One of his least favorite moments was watching that skycycle fall into the Snake River. (Not his dad’s fault and he has documentation to prove it, so nyah)
As a teenager, John spent most of his time driving wherever he could in an attempt to avoid people. He would stare at the road, imagining what it would be like to explore different worlds. He was the captain of the chess team, lettered in golf and band while in high school, and wasn’t beaten up anywhere near as much as one might imagine.
As an adult, John spends most of his time staring at a computer screen in an attempt to avoid people. He stares at the monitor for hours, imagining what it would be like to explore different worlds. Occasionally, he looks around to see what’s happening on planet Earth. Quite frankly, it frightens him. He’s just going to do his best to write as many books as he can before aliens disintegrate humanity for being so irritating.
Emo bunny minions surround John at most times. He is their imaginary friend and they look to him for guidance. At one point, they took over the world. No one noticed because they left everything exactly as it was. They gave the world back after a week because it was depressing.
The Ryallon Series is his most popular endeavor into the field of writing. His Stories for Demented Children have lightened the hearts of many strange children and adults. He writes in the evenings and weekends whenever possible.

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