Broken Angels

Broken Angels

by Gemma Liviero


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ISBN-13: 9781503934863
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 04/26/2016
Pages: 438
Sales rank: 133,451
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Gemma Liviero holds an advanced diploma of arts in professional writing, and she has worked as a copywriter, a corporate writer, and a magazine feature writer and editor. Liviero is the author of two gothic fantasies, Lilah and Marek. Broken Angels is her second historical novel. She now lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her husband and two children.

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Broken Angels 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Sam1219 More than 1 year ago
Elsi's discovery of the aftermath of her mother's desperate attempt to abort an unwanted pregnancy that resulted from her desperate attempt to survive in the Lodz Ghetto led to her decision to join a resistance group. This fateful decision leads to a shocking betrayal that will alter her life in ways she could never imagine. Willem, a high-ranking Nazi doctor and son of one of Himmler's closest officials, planned to study obstetrics and gynecology in order to save lives when he was in college. Now in the war years, he finds himself thrust into the unsavory role of performing quiet abortions on women Nazi officers have abused and conducting experiments on prisoners in the ghetto and at Auschwitz. In light of what he is forced to do in the line of duty, he is forced to re-examine his entire code of ethics and doesn't like what he sees. He begins secretly helping "the enemy," but his actions will have consequences that will transform his entire life. Blonde, blue-eyed Matilda is stolen from her family's farm in Romania and taken to a camp to be "re-educated" into a perfect German child. But her inner strength and stubborn streak leads her captors to utilize heinous abuses to break her spirit and bend her to their will. The stories of all three people are brilliantly intertwined in this heartbreaking historical novel about Nazi Germany. I have read many accounts of Nazi atrocities, all of them tragic, but what makes Broken Angels unique is its focus on the devastating consequences the war had on Jewish women and displaced children. Liviero does a particularly impressive job capturing the voice of a scared child in the passages narrated from Matilda's point of view. The details of the abuses these women and children suffered are difficult to hear, as the accounts are honest and blunt--often brutally so--but the details are important both historically and to the story. It is not just gratuitous violence. It is important that we remember the horrors the Nazi regime inflicted upon their victims if we are to properly honor the spirit of the dead and the strength of the survivors. I listened to this book on audible, and I have to add that the performance quality of this book was outstanding. The narrators added a depth of feeling to the first-person accounts that enhanced the story greatly, and I think lending their voices to the book made it easier for the listener to transition from narrator to narrator as the story progressed.
Dblivy More than 1 year ago
I received Broken Angels by Gemma Liviero as a contest winner of a random drawing. What an incredible journey I have just experienced. A heartbreaking, sad journey but a beautifully written one all the same. From the moment I read the first few pages, I knew I couldn’t put it down until the last one. It centers around three characters and is written from each of their perspectives. Each chapter dedicated to one character building on their life during an occupied Germany. While it is focus on Hitler’s Germany and the descriptions are horribly realistic, the characters are not one dimensional. The little girl, the teenager, and the Nazi doctor blur the lines between good and evil and morally test the readers’ beliefs. At times the book is predictable but then veers in a direction the reader is not expecting. It is hard to say who should read this book. Maybe it is best for those who judge others to perhaps realize it is impossible to do so if you haven’t been in their shoes. Maybe it is best for those who have hatred in their heart to perhaps realize what consequences it breeds. Maybe it is best for those who ask why me to perhaps realize others have also had it equally bad or worse. Maybe everyone should read it to remember a time that must never be repeated and perhaps evaluate their own prejudices and consider the consequences of their actions.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Knowing that this book takes place during World War II, I expected a fair amount of heartbreak and struggle. What I didn't expect was the utter shock in some of the situations. The story beautifully intertwines the events of three characters to illustrate how important people and family can be in such difficult times. I ended the book with chills over my body and tears in my eyes. Easily a 5/5!