BURY ME A G 2: Marked For Death

BURY ME A G 2: Marked For Death



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ISBN-13: 9781732792210
Publisher: Travien Wedlow
Publication date: 09/12/2018
Series: BURY ME A G , #2
Pages: 220
Sales rank: 892,293
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.46(d)

Table of Contents

Baby Wicked stood before the nightstand mirror practicing drawing his .38 special from his waistline that his brother had given him before he’d gotten locked up. He’d pull the pistol from his waistline and point it at the mirror. He did this several times, trying to shorten the draw time with every try. He wanted to be swift on the draw when Maniac and Time Bomb came back around. The Crips had caught him and Te’Qui off guard when they rolled up on them while they were posted up trying to get it. They warned them to stay out of their territory and threatened to murder them if they ever caught them on their soil again. Baby Wicked felt like they got marked out. The way the young Locs got at them had him feeling like a straight up bitch. He hated that shit and he wasn’t gone let it happen again. Shit, he couldn’t let it happen again, because next time they could possibly end up dead.

Baby Wicked had to be ready when that beef came his way. He was dealing with killers who were in a league of their own. They’d murdered more men than he could count on the fingers of both of his hands. They’d perfected the art of murder, while he wasn’t even a novice. So he had to be on point when the drama jumped off again. His and Te’Qui’s lives depended on it.

“How long are you going to keep that up?” Te’Qui asked as he broke down Kush buds upon a Source magazine. The juveniles were free to get as high as they wanted off of Baby Wicked’s older brother’s stash. Aunt Helen was in the living room entertaining company and she’d never enter her nephew’s bedroom without knocking first. Not to mention, they were burning a fragranced oil called Butt Naked which had a wonderfully strong scent of its own.

“‘Til I’m the fastest gun on the Eastside,” Baby Wicked answered. “You need to practice too, since we’re going to be trading places back and forth while we’re out there.”

“I will.” Te’Qui sprinkled the Kush inside of the blunt and licked it closed.

“Moms know that you’re spending the night?”

“Yeah, she went out to some club with Tiaz and his homie, Threat,” he replied, taking a pull from the blunt.

“Here, nigga, you try it.” Baby Wicked passed him the .38 and took the blunt from him. He watched Te’Qui practice his drawing while he smoked on the blunt.

They had to be ready for the Avalon’s this time, their lives would be at stake.

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