Claiming His Virgin

Claiming His Virgin

by Grace Goodwin


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Elite Hunter Zee is scarred from his time in the Hive war leaving him too much of a monster to seduce a beautiful, innocent virgin. Even if his Mark calls to hers, connecting them body and soul, he knows that after just one look at him she will never surrender the three sacred virginities. Never accept him as a mate.

Blindfolded and seduced, Helen has never seen the Hunter whose voice makes her tremble. She knows something isn't right, but she can't say no to the mysterious and demanding Hunter whose kiss makes her burn, and whose touch makes her beg in the darkness of night.

Zee has everything he thinks he needs, until another takes advantage of his new mate's innocence... and tries to claim Zee's Interstellar Bride for his own.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781795901703
Publisher: Ksa Publishing Consultants Inc
Publication date: 02/26/2019
Series: Interstellar Brides: The Virgins Series , #4
Pages: 82
Sales rank: 664,918
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.17(d)

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Claiming His Virgin 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Redrabbitt More than 1 year ago
THE EYES WERE THE GATEWAY TO THE SOUL I enjoyed this fourth book in the Interstellar Brides: The Virgins series but can attest that it will read well as a stand-alone and the reader will not feel lost or unable to follow the story. While a group of women came from Earth to become brides in the Interstellar Brides Program, not all will meet their Marked Mate, a rare occurrence that only happens every now and then. But for Helen of Earth, and Everian Hunter Zee, they are Marked Mates. “I’d been told only Marked Mates would dream share. Only Marked Mates would have the marks on the palms awaken. That it was a true gift because only a small number found their other half. I had. A woman from Earth who somehow was an Everian descendent. The mark on my palm proved it.” Helen is a beautiful woman and so excited to meet and be claimed by her Marked Mate, but he has an odd request for her, that she must be blindfolded, and remain that way. She will accept his terms, but with the help of some of the other Earth women, she will come up with a plan to see her mate, the one who refuses to give her his name and insist she calls him Master. “To you, and you alone, my name is Master. Your Master.” “The only thing I wanted was a man strong enough to rule me. As instructed, I folded my hands together demurely and sat with my spine straight and my head bent, waiting for my master to come claim me. He was my Marked Mate, my perfect match, a one in a hundred chance.” Hunter Zee is a scarred warrior from his battles and has seen how his appearance repulses women; they only see what is on the surface. Then for his mark to come alive indicating he had a Marked Mate coming to him has him both excited but dreading the encounter. Then upon seeing her, he decides she must be blindfolded, he doesn’t know what he will do if she rejects him. “Everything about her was perfect. Passionate. Obedient. Submissive. Beautiful. I was scary looking. Dangerous in appearance. Ruthless. It mattered not how I’d come by the injuries. It matters not that, among other fighters, the scars were proof of bravery, of service. But with the females, with my mate? It wasn’t a badge of honor but a mottling of skin that caused revulsion and disgust.” The plot will have Helen and Zee meeting, but his orders always required her to have a blindfold. She will finally be able to see him and what she sees is a man who valiantly fought, received battle wounds, but she craves him completely, heart, body, and soul. How far is Helen willing to go to have Zee make a stand for her? Is a bit of trickery worth the cost? “I needed to know what he was hiding. No—why he was hiding from me. Disobeying? Definitely, but I considered it more bending his request to fit my needs, too.” “My mark aches for you. Claim me, Master. Make me yours forever.” The story appeared in the Alien Alphas-- Twenty-Three Naughty Sci-Fi Romance Novellas from last year and is no longer available. The story has been altered, expanded, and is now a longer story than from the box set.
Anonymous 8 months ago
I love that Grace writes very strong women in her books and Helen is one of those women. Great story.
Robin_Manor More than 1 year ago
Grace Goodwin- Claiming His Virgin(Interstellar Brides: The Virgins Book 4) This is the 4th book of the Virgins spinoff of the Interstellar Brides. Helen has been matched at the Interstellar Brides to a dominant Evarian Hunter, Zee, who meets her sexually submissive needs. Her mating mark burns for its Evarian mate, and his burns for her, a special and rare gift when they find each other. Helen is confused and frustrated my the male she has been matched to, Zee. He insists she be blindfolded during their meetings where he fills all her dreams of a dominant/submissive relationship. The scenes are hot and sexually charged as Zee begins the three steps to the Evarian Claiming. Frustrated and desperate Helen, along with the help of the other “Brides”,finds a way to see her mysterious mate through the blindfold. When she gets a peek at Zee sees way beyond the scars which she feels even more attracted to the brave warrior. Zee, has been scarred while fighting in the Hive Wars and believes he now looks like a monster no woman will have. Stubborn and fearful he will lose the female he has surprisingly been matched to, Zee continues to insist Helen not be able to see him. Somehow she must devise a plan to show Zee that love goes way beyond what is on the outside. Besides the very sizzling scenes there is a very important message about seeing and perspective that pulls at our heartstrings. A great novella sized story that can be read as stand alone but I find much more enjoyable in series order.
BookObsession07 More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed this revised and expanded version of this novella a lot. A good way to 'dip your toe' into the Interstellar Bride series to give you a taste and see if it's for you! I read the original version but enjoyed this one a lot more - more info, more detail and more steam!! Great quick read.
JEA2 More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed reading this book , it has a good storyline. I can't wait for more from this author. I received this book as a FREE ARC copy to read and I voluntarily leave this review.