Clarity (Clarity Series #1)

Clarity (Clarity Series #1)

by Kim Harrington

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When you can see things others can't, where do you look for the truth? This paranormal murder mystery will have teens reading on the edge of their seats. Clarity "Clare" Fern sees things. Things no one else can see. Things like stolen kisses and long-buried secrets. All she has to do is touch a certain object, and the visions come to her. It's a gift. And a curse. When a teenage girl is found murdered, Clare's ex-boyfriend wants her to help solve the case--but Clare is still furious at the cheating jerk. Then Clare's brother--who has supernatural gifts of his own--becomes the prime suspect, and Clare can no longer look away. Teaming up with Gabriel, the smoldering son of the new detective, Clare must venture into the depths of fear, revenge, and lust in order to track the killer. But will her sight fail her just when she needs it most?

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ISBN-13: 9780545341783
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Publication date: 03/01/2011
Series: Clarity Series , #1
Sold by: Scholastic, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
File size: 2 MB
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Kim Harrington is the acclaimed author of CLARITY, an ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant readers, and PERCEPTION, which Kirkus Reviews called "a smart, paranormal mystery ride." She is also the author of the middle-grade series Sleuth or Dare. Kim lives in Massachusetts with her husband and son. When not writing, she's most likely reading, watching one of her favorite TV shows, or fantasizing about her next vacation. Visit her online at

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Clarity 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 170 reviews.
pagese More than 1 year ago
I really had no expectations going into this book. The cover intrigued me and the description sounded like it might have something new to offer. I was so glad to get a chance to review it for Book It Forward Tours. I really enjoyed Clare's fresh voice. She's only 16, but I seriously had to remind myself of that constantly. It's not that she acted older than she is, because there's is definitely some teenage moments. It's all about her attitude and her sense of self. She's had to deal with everyone else thinking her family are freaks. It's made her a stronger person and it shows. I love her witty comebacks. Her family may be strange, but I actually really loved how each of them has their own talent. It made each of their personalities unique and how they functioned together as a whole really interesting. I also really enjoyed the who done it mystery. It was really well played out. I liked how the official investigation was different than the one going on behind the scenes. It had that Nancy Drew mystery feel with the teenagers being the ones to figure it out. Add in the paranormal elements, and it was just a lot of fun. I had no idea who the real killer was until the end, so that's always a plus! My only problem (and it's such a tiny complaint)... I wish it was longer! I didn't want it to end. So, fantastic and fun debut for Kim Harrington. I can't wait to read more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely enjoyed this book. It was incredibly phenomenal! I would enjoy a sequel or a series to this book. Note to Author: Keep writing books like this you'll make it big! Much love.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Definately a must read!! I read it in a day! Couldnt put it down! People of all ages would enjoy!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed the book, but thought it was geared to someone in their late teens.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thought it wouldnt be too good but i gave it a try. It turns oit it wasAMAZING!!!! It had u too the very end. Not only w as it about this girl with "un norml abilieties" but also aboit mystery case. Although i wont give out who the killer was, i defiantly didnt suspect tht pern. I had me right sown to the very end
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thought i knew who it was the whole time! i was so suprised by the outcome, i really didnt see it coming. It had so many clues that led to so many people, it was confuzing. i loved all the twists in plot and creepiness. really good!
raboyer on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Charming Clarity*I received this book via Different Area Codes toursThis book gets a clear 4 gnomes out of 5 gnomes for having an intriguing main character and a complex mystery to solve.Clare or Clarity Fern has a very unusual family. They all have some kind of psychic powers. Her brother is a medium, her mom is a telepath (which makes it really hard to keep secrets from her) and Clarity has the power of psychometry. I was familiar with psychometry already because of the Simon Canderous books by Anton Strout and so was curious to see how a teenage girl with this power would be portrayed. Clare's way of looking at the world and humor really make the story great. You'll find yourself rooting for her against the bullies and anticipating what she's going to do next.This story was a lot of fun to read and it's engaging from the very first chapter. Clare and her family may be thought of as freaks by most of the town but being an outcast has made her a stronger person. She's not close to a lot of people and has no girls as friends. Perry her brother is the person she's closest to and her only other friend is her brother's best friend.Even though Clare has this abnormal ability, her character is easy to relate to. She's a teenager who's stuck in the family business of giving psychic readings to tourists and trying to figure out the world. Being seen as a freak is never easy but then something happens that might just change the way that people approach her.There are a couple of love interests, Justin the ex-boyfriend and Gabriel the new love interest. These two are quite the pair. The reader can see easily why Clare could fall for either one of these guys. For most of the book though it's more about Clare then them and you're not sure which way she'll go.Among all the teenage angst, a tourist ends up murdered. A murder in a tourist town is not exactly good for business so it's important to solve the case as soon as possible. After the murder the tension really ratchets up. It seems that everyone could have been the murderer. The mystery is well done and will leave you questioning everyone right up until the end. This story is full of paranormal goodness but it's also a great look at what lengths characters will go through to protect themselves and their family.
skaohee on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars Clarity is about a girl who has supernatural powers and then, gasp, has to use them to help solve a murder mystery, in which her brother is the prime suspect. I don¿t know what I was expecting when I sat down to read this book, but I was pleasantly surprised when I found that it was fresh and fun and I liked it a lot!It¿s plot driven, so maybe that¿s what got me the most. Clare is playing a game of Who-Done-It with her ex-boyfriend, Justin, and a potential new love interest, Gabriel. It was a really fun adventure and I actually did NOT see the ending coming. The supernatural aspect of it was semi-believable and I actually liked how the family (her mom and her brother) played a more active role in the book. (Most of the time I feel like the family gets cut out of the book.)This book was cute and a very quick read. I finished it in one sitting. PS ¿ Definitely like the paperback cover more than the hardback one.If you liked Deadly Cool by Gemma Halliday, I think you¿ll enjoy this one as well.
gildedspine on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
First of all, I have a small confession. You know that saying "Don't judge a book by its cover"? That totally doesn't adhere to me - at least, with real books. (Don't worry, guys, I don't stick stereotypes on new people I meet or any of that nonsense.) As a rule, I'm not fond of models on covers - they just look so...fake and unlike real teens that it's hard to attach myself to the storyline or the character inside, because that image is already stuck in my mind.Clarity's cover is digitally created, which is just as bad because it's...just bad. At least to me. I currently have the book next to me, face down, because I can't stand the girl on the cover staring at me. Paranoid much? I don't think so.The book covers...they always watch you. *cue creepy music*Alright. Clarity is one of those reads I wish I had more good things to say about, because I was really looking forward to it. The first chapter starts out well enough. We meet Clarity "Clare" Fern. She, her brother and her mom are psychics by trade. Unlike most night crawlers with neon signs and crystal balls, however, they really do have special abilities. Mommy Fern can read minds; Perry can conjure up spirits; and the heroine herself can read the memories left behind on objects.Convenient, right? Especially when a killer strikes, leaving a young tourist dead in a motel room with a lack of evidence and too many questions. To me, this was the part when the novel started to make its descent into "Kaye does not approve" territory. Perry is a total womanizer. His own sister makes it clear from the moment that he enters the novel. Unfortunately for him - and the reader - it isn't the last we hear of it. The woman who died was his last fling, and he's the number one suspect. The author tries to drum up sympathy for him throughout the plot, but really...I cannot tolerate a guy with a lack of morals. Call me old-fashioned, but isn't there still a guy out there who believes in monogamy and fidelity and all that good stuff?Of course, there is also the (rather weak, in my opinion) love triangle tossed in as well - Clare's ex-boyfriend Justin who cheated on her and realized he can't live without her, so he wants her to take him back (gag) and the new detective's "smoldering" son who apparently attracts her with his constant mysterious "I like you, but I can't because you're a phony past...I just...I can't" (chokes up manfully).As you can see, I don't go easy on male characters in novels. YOU CAN LIVE WITHOUT HIM, GIRLS. WAIT FOR THE ONE WHO HOLDS OPEN YOUR DOOR AND DOESN'T EYE THE WAITRESS OVER THE ENTREES. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!Warnings: Perry and his womanizing ways. The mayoral candidate is equally bad. And Justin. I do not want to live in Clare's town. None of their relationships seem to be working out. And of course, seeing as this is a teen novel, there is some language involved as well.
thehidingspot on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
CLARITY starts with a bang - literally. Kim Harrington doesn't waste any time with introductions, instead she starts at the end, with Clare in a sticky situation involving a gun and someone who's definitely not afraid to use it. From there, Harrington takes the reader back to the beginning, slowing things down and introducing a colorful cast of characters, but by the that point the reader is hooked and they uncover how Clare finds herself in this rather unfortunate situation.I really liked the pacing of CLARITY. It clipped along at a fairly rapid pace, but I never felt like I was missing anything or like I was being pushed towards a conclusion. At less than 250 pages, Harrington successfully packs in romance, mystery, and action, which doesn't leave a lot of down time for Clare... or the reader. The only negative is that I didn't particularly want to devour this novel as quickly as I did... it makes the wait for book two seem even longer.I thought the mystery element was well executed. It was fairly obvious that the main suspect wasn't the actual killer, but I took me quite some time to figure out who actually did the deed. I definitely knew who I didn't want the killer to be... Apparently boys aren't dissuaded by Clare's unique abilities because they're all over her. Each of them have something different to offer Clare in terms of personality, but they all seem to have one common trait: good looks. I know who I think Clare should choose - I love "smoldering detectives" - and I'm really hoping she'll see things my way in the next installment, PERCEPTION.CLARITY is a action packed debut and has landed Harrington's upcoming novels, including the sequel, PERCEPTION, on my list of must reads. Don't miss this action packed first installment to what could easily shape up to be a new paranormal series favorite for many YA readers.
kissedbyink on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I really needed a break from some heavy-hitting novels I have been reading of late. Clarity did the trick. Written in first person; which I am partial to, Kim Harrington weaves a story about Clare and her life as a psychic. Clare is not your ordinary psychic, however. She has the ability to touch an object and see the actions of a person. This comes in handy as a tourist is found murdered in her hotel room. Along the way, Clare finds out a little about love and friendship. I love how the story is wrapped-up, but leaves room for another Clarity story. Many series make you wait for the ending of the mystery until book 4, but Harrington makes you like Clarity enough to want to read another story about her adventures. Great read!
SmashAttack on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Clarity is a psychic, which means she can touch items and see visions of the history of the item, so to speak. Her mother, Starla, is a telepath, which means she can read minds. This is definitely not a character trait any teenager wishes for in a parent. And her older brother Perry is a medium, which means he can communicate with the dead. Fun, interesting family, really. Too bad the town doesn¿t see it that way¿Clarity and her family run a psychic business out of their Victorian home, and while Clarity would rather not be psychic to begin with, she enjoys the bond she shares with her mother and brother and pitches in with the family business. I admire her for thinking of others during a period of life ¿adolescence- when you usually only think of yourself. Her compassionate, protective, fun-loving, responsible, determined-to-no-longer-be-the-town-freak personality makes her a character that you wish you knew in real life. I adored her as a narrator due to her sarcastic explanations and snarky comebacks. She had me laugh out loud on many occasions. Great writing.Clarity is still coping with heartbreak, as her ex-boyfriend and the only person to show her any bit of kindness, has trampled all over her heart. It is quite obvious that Justin still loves Clarity. He is quite sorry about his mistakes and aches for Clarity to return the sentiment. And, in walks Gabriel Toscano. I just have to say his name again. Gabriel Toscano. So sexy. :) Clarity is quite taken by Gabriel, but he quickly lets her know he isn¿t a fan of her supposed skill.Gabriel is the son of the new police detective, who just so happened to arrive in town right around the murder of a young female tourist. Justin is the son of the mayor, and urges Clarity to use her talent to help the police uncover the killer - which means she has to work with Gabriel. Oh, joyous days ahead¿.I¿m not a big mystery/sleuth reader, although there is mystery in pretty much every book. I read glowing reviews and knew I had to find out what the fuss was about. I¿m glad I did because Clarity was a quick, fun, engaging, interesting story. With my hectic schedule, I still finished it in 24 hours. I honestly did not want to put it down. It was that fun. And the setting is very realistic, and the characters are ones you would love to live next door too. At least, I would. It was a great little whodunit mystery and I look forward to the next installment!
ccourtland on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Clarity is a paranormal Nancy Drew accompanied by a cast of Scooby Doo-like meddling kids. This just might be the book that gets teens on the younger side reading more. Clean and easy, the narrative sails along carried by a plucky main character and set against a New England backdrop. Although the synopsis promises lust and revenge, the context is fairly PJ. However, just because its a teen read don't think you'll have it all figured out early. Several twists and new information about the case is presented along the way and will have a reader changing their mind about who the killer really is. Also, Harrington masterfully ties up this mystery and doesn't leave the reader hanging, but a few things are left open, which leads to the belief this is just the beginning. The reader will be satisfied, and wanting more, namely when it comes to Gabriel and Justin. Clarity is perfectly executed with a delightful set up to a sequel. I have a feeling there is more in store for Miss Clarity Fern. Absolutely loved the cozy Cape Cod mystery and can't wait for the next book by this debut author.
BookAddictDiary on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Clare "Clarity" Fern has always known she was a freak. Not only that, but she comes from a family of freaks who have made solid efforts to genetically cultivate special abilities throughout the generations. Clarity has the ability to sense things about people -secrets -just from touching things. Clarity's family has been able to use their abilities to make money off tourists who come through their small town. That is, until a young girl turns up dead. Clare teams up with the police to solve the case using her abilities, but as she gets deeper into the mystery, it appears that those closest to her may be the culprits.Clarity is an exciting, fun new mystery from debut author Kim Harrington with a paranormal edge. Told in a wonderful voice, Harrington does an excellent job of bringing readers into the world -and mind -of Clarity. From the very first sentence up until the very end, I had a clear sense of who Clarity was and the issues that she dealt with daily. Harrington's prose feels like it was genuinely from the point of view of a teenager, complete with teen sass, a dash of angst and plenty of down-to-earth commentary that made me fall in love with Clarity. I was cheering for her the entire time and took joy in her triumphs and was sad when she failed. Thankfully, Clarity' herself didn't overwhelm the other characters. Harrington constructed a fully developed and fascinating supporting cast, complete with some of the best, snappiest and most believable dialog I've read in a YA novel so far this year.Aside from being a tiny bit slow at the beginning and having a few small pacing issues throughout, Clarity was an enjoyable, worthwhile read that infused the teen paranormal genre with something original and new -not to mention introducing some wonderful characters. Clarity is a promising first book in a new trilogy that'll make readers want to come back for more.
silenceiseverything on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I¿ll admit it. When I first started Clarity, I assumed it was going to be like EVERY OTHER paranormal young-adult romance: shallow, with an annoying heroine, and a controlling alpha male guy. But Clarity wasn¿t like that at all. I actually found it a bit different from the other paranormal young adult romances (you know, the ones that are trying to capitalize on Twilight¿s fame of having a very unoriginal premise) and enjoyable. I liked that the book wasn¿t mainly about the romance. It actually had a plot and wasn¿t all mushy-mushy ¿I love yous¿ with an itty bitty resolution at the end to make it seem like it had a plot when it really doesn`t. The mystery in Clarity was also very intriguing. It made sense and bonus points to the author for keeping me guessing most of the way. I usually figure out the whodunit at the very beginning or by the middle, but with Clarity I kept thinking ¿No, it was this person. Wait, no! It was that person! No, no, no, it was THAT person!¿ As for the romance, I didn¿t really like Gabriel all that much. He reminded me of Jess from Gilmore Girls and I loathed Jess. I like Justin way more (which is shocking considering what happened in their relationship). I basically liked EVERY OTHER guy more than Gabriel. I guess I found him a bit standoffish. But the romance didn¿t make me roll my eyes the way it usually does, so again, I award the author bonus points for that. Oh, and I really liked Clarity (the character). She was feisty and spoke her mind often. That¿s what I want in a young adult heroine. Someone strong-headed and logical. Not just someone who follows a guy blindly. However, not all of Clarity was good. I had a very big ¿suspend belief (or disbelief)¿ moment. No detective in his right mind is going to employ teenagers in the case no matter how unofficial it is (or at least partake in the case as much as Clarity and Gabriel did). It just doesn¿t happen. If you add in the fact that one of those teenagers is a psychic and the other is his offspring then you pretty much have me ranting ¿this just doesn¿t happen.¿ First of all, a good detective wouldn¿t want to put minors in any unnecessary danger. Secondly, any evidence obtained would be debunked by any good defense attorney. They could argue that the evidence (not counting the premonitions because that¿s a whole other topic) was tainted or that there is a conflict of interest with the detective¿s son finding the evidence and so on. Any evidence obtained by those means would be thrown out by whatever judge assigned to the case. Or so I believe by my many Law and Order: SVU marathons that I¿ve been watching this week. That was my main gripe with Clarity. Besides that, I did really enjoy Clarity. It was a pretty unique paranormal romance (I.e. not a Twilight knock-off) and it was a quick, breezy read. I just could not put this book down (I ended up reading it in one sitting). So, Clarity is highly recommended.
idroskicinia on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Clarity is the first book of a series by Kim Harrington, and I'm glad to say I'm dying to read the next one, even thought, there is some stuff in the book that are kind of crazy. Ok, the story is about Clarity known also as "Clare" is a girl who can see things others can't. Her family is quite strange like her. They have special abilities, so they have a business at home doing that kind of thing. But everything changes when a teenage girl is found murdered. Now, Clare is going to help solve the case.The plot made me remember "The Body Finder" by Kimberly Derting. It's almost the same thing; a girl with special abilities who helps police to find a killer or a serial killer, who at the end is going after her. But even though both stories seem very similar, there are a lot of differences. There is a lot of mystery and twists,(I was all the time bitting my nails) although the story is really simple (only 242 pages) and easy to read. I really enjoyed it. I really liked the characters, they are nice, specially Clare's mother. ( I couldn't stop laughing with her crazy comments about people's thoughts) Her brother's name, is kind of¿. weird¿ you need to read it!! ahhaha! Like I said before, this is really nice book, with a simple story, with funny characters. It's not the best book ever, but I was happy to read it. Hope to see something more stunning in the next one; Perception.4/5 I really liked it.
booktwirps on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Clarity (Clare) Fern is considered a freak. Everyone in her small coastal New England town knows that her family "sees things". Clarity is a psychic (she can see things by touching objects), her brother, Perry, is a medium (he can talk to the dead) and her mother is a telepath (she can read people's thoughts). Together they entertain the tourists in their home be giving family "readings".Clarity is looking forward to the day when she leaves for college, so she can start fresh with a clean slate. She will go far away from her hometown where no one knows about her or her "gift". Until then, she has resigned herself to sit at home, do her readings and wait for high school to end. Clarity's summer is about to be turned on end, though. A teenage girl has been found murdered in a hotel, and the last person to see her was Perry (he's a bit of a man-whore). Soon, her ex-boyfriend (and son of the mayor) asks for her help in solving the case. She joins him, and the son of the new police detective to track down the killer. When more people wind up dead, Clairty has a feeling that she may be next.I enjoyed the book, and read it quickly. It's an easy read, and follows the typical "whodunnit" path. Something about it didn't totally suck me in, though. As much as I tried, I just couldn't buy in to some of the twists, and the resolve was only ho-hum to me. The characters were fairly well-drawn, though some of the supporting characters seemed erratic in their behavior. The most consistent characters were Clarity and her family. If you like mysteries, you will probably really like this book. For me, it was just okay.
titania86 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Clarity Fern doesn't have the most normal family. Around her school and to the locals, they are known as freaks because of their special abilities. She can see situations through one person's perspective by touching objects they touched. It's not always the most pleasant thing to know the secrets of many of the people around her. Her mother is a telepath and her brother is a medium. Together, they conduct psychic readings for tourists in Eastport and are doing pretty well. That is, until a tourist girl is murdered in a local hotel. Clare's ex-boyfriend entreats her to use her ability to help in the murder investigation and she reluctantly agrees. Things get complicated when Clare finds out that her brother was the last person to see the girl alive. Convinced of her brother's innocence, she works hard to solve the crime, but she also puts herself in danger. Can she catch the killer before she becomes the next victim?When I picked up Clarity, I was expecting a cliche, angsty teen novel that would bore me. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was more of a murder mystery than a paranormal romance with believable, realistic characters. Clare is a great narrator and I immediately liked her from the very first page. Unlike many female protagonists in YA fiction, she isn't weak or whiny or annoying, but strong and assertive. The scene where she dumps a soda on her rival's head is truly awesome. There are many YA heroines that don't have the guts to do something like that. Her narration is filled with humor, wit, and intelligence. There is just the right balance of levity and darkness. The strained relationship with her ex-boyfriend and the arrival of the new detective's hot son are the perfect recipe for an angst ridden love triangle, but Kim Harrington surprisingly steers clear of excessive teen angst. Clare and her ex are very civil with each other. She tries to move on with her life because she accepts her inability to get past his betrayal. I am so relieved that she didn't agonize over it for any length of time. I really respect her and I think she would actually be pretty cool to meet in real life. Clare proved to be one of the most interesting and realistic heroines in all of YA fiction.In teen fiction, any sort of mysteries are usually thinly veiled and really easy to predict. This isn't the case with Clarity. In the course of the investigation, Clare doesn't always rely on her powers, but also on her own intelligence and powers of reasoning. I had no idea about who the killer was throughout the novel until it was finally revealed. I also liked that the paranormal powers aren't completely ridiculous and overpowered. Each of their powers has its limitations and variables.Clarity is a fast paced and enjoyable read with a kick-ass heroine and a twisty mystery. I would highly recommend this book to just about everyone.
DarkFaerieTales on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Quick & Dirty: This wonderful book will keep readers engaged with a carefully crafted plot that seamlessly weaves mystery, suspense and the supernatural.Opening Sentence: ¿You don¿t want to kill me,¿ I said.The Review:Clarity (Clare) and her family have special abilities. Unfortunately, this doesn¿t make Clare part of the cool crowd. Clare is a psychic, while her mother is a telepath and her brother is a medium. The local townies may think that Clare and her family are freaks, but tourists love the services that her family provides. Clare¿s family relies on tourists to keep their family business going and to survive financially. Using their special abilities, the Fern family entertains tourists with readings. On a hot summer night, the peaceful town of Eastport soon finds itself faced with a murder mystery. With little clues to go on, Clare is asked to use her psychic abilities to help solve the crime. As if working with Gabriel, the son of the new police chief wasn¿t difficult enough, Clare has to worry about the prime murder suspect ¿ her brother, Perry. Clare diligently works to catch a killer and clear Perry¿s name.I had a lot of fun reading this book. In fact, I read this book with a smile on my face. I immediately took a liking to Clare. She¿s really your average teenager struggling through her high school years. It does bother Clare that people judge her without getting to know her, but she takes her unique ability in stride. Clare is smart, funny, responsible, and above all else grounded. She has a good head on her shoulders and she thinks her way through tough situations.Clare¿s romantic life isn¿t exactly dreamy. She¿s still struggling with how to handle Justin, her ex-boyfriend. Justin realizes that he¿s made some mistakes, but he wants a second chance to redeem himself and possibly reignite their relationship. After his betrayal, Clare isn¿t sure that she wants to give him a second chance. Gabriel is the new kid in town and also happens to be the new police detective¿s son. He¿s skeptical of Clare¿s ability and isn¿t exactly a gentleman. Even though he treats her poorly sometimes, he can¿t stop developing feelings for her.Don¿t let the slim size of this novel fool you. Ms. Harrington packs a lot punch, not wasting any of the pages on filler. On the contrary, there¿s a fair amount of depth. Clarity is an exciting read with a gripping mystery plot and compelling characters. The subtle romance is filled with realistic characters, dealing with real life situations, making it a story with which readers will easily identify.Overall, Clarity is a very enjoyable read with perfect pacing, enjoyable characters and a breathless summer romance. The mystery isn¿t easy to figure out and the story is full of suspense and supernatural elements. It¿s a blockbuster combination that shouldn¿t be missed.Notable Scene:My mind screamed at myself to turn away, look away, run away, but my muscles wouldn¿t comply. I could only stare. It was a female, her face covered in seaweed. She wore jean shorts and a T-shirt. Where her skin showed, her body was discolored and bloated. I needed to know who she was. While everyone else stood and stared, I knelt onto the sand and reached forward to slide the seaweed off her face.I¿m sitting on the beach, staring at the black expanse of the ocean. It must be the middle of the night because it¿s dark and deserted. But I sense movement. I turn around and see a shadow. Someone¿s coming toward me.¿Hello,¿ I call out.Whoever it is doesn¿t answer, but speeds up, coming at me with determination. I¿m suddenly scared. A trickle of sweat slips down my back.My instincts kick in. I leap up and run for the boardwalk. I risk a glance over my shoulder. The shadow is charging after me. Getting closer. The stairs are too far away; I¿ll never make it. I dash under the boardwalk, hoping to become invisible in the darkness.The shadow enters. I creep farther down. It¿s like a
storiesandsweeties on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This was a fun read. Lots of really good memorable moments and great characters. Some YA cliches, like the girl with special powers being shunned by her classmates and called "freak", and every boy she comes in contact with being stunningly handsome, but despite all that, Harrington's fresh twist on things and great writing style make it a solidly entertaining and very quick read.I loved Clarity. She is funny and sharp, with a good head on her shoulders when it comes to boys. None of this 'he's gorgeous, I must have him" without a thought or solid reason. Face with a cheating ex, she holds on pretty tightly to her convictions. Faced with a swoon-worthy new guy in town who at first seems to connect with her and then shuns her because of her gifts, she stands up and shows that she's got a spine. I also loved her relationship with her mother and her brother. They were loyal and supportive of each other. It was a great dynamic. This plot had a lot of that theme woven throughout each, how each is different, and how far someone will go to protect theirs. It really made this story stand apart.Even more than being a paranormal story, this was a fantastic murder mystery. A tourist has died in a small beach town and the suspicions start flying. With the whole incident centering around a popular town hangout, the finger could point at anyone. The investigation twists and turns and my prediction for who the killer was must have changed a dozen times. Even in the very end, I was pretty surprised! Always a good thing---there is nothing worse than a predictable mystery! Well, this one was far from that.Definitely check this one out for a fun, twisty paranormal mystery! I think fans of The Body Finder and even those who enjoy a good Agatha Christie "who-done-it" story will really enjoy this one!
katrinasoper on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Im not much of a mystery murder reader, but this was an exeption because it sounded cool. Clarity, i think, is a strong female character, and the boys in it kept you guessing. But what annoyed me was the summer setting, like so many other books, and Clarity can't figure out which guy she wants. Sigh! How many times have I heard this? It is getting a little old. But the guys in it were interesting.. And this book did a very good job keeping me guessing who was the murderer till the very end!I recommend it. And i don't get the cover, 1. she has red hair in the book. 2. Doesn't it look computerized? Is it taken from a photograph?It looks good though.
dukesangel002 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Clarity is great mystery that kept me on the edge of my seat, guessing, until the satisfying end. It's a modern book, full of psychics and teenage crushes, but it really had the feel of the old true mysteries. A great blend of imagination, well-rounded characters, and an intriguing storyline.Clare and her family are freaks. Her brother, mother, and herself do psychic readings in the parlor of their home for a living, but while they glam it up, it's not a hat trick. Clare's ex, who always believed in her ability, shows up asking Clare to use her gift to help solve the murder of a tourist. Clare agrees, but since she can't control her powers, she feels like she isn't being much of a help. But, it won't be long until Clare's gift becomes the only thing that might save her and solve the string of murders happening in her tourist town. I really enjoyed all of the characters in this book. Clare was smart and funny. She was a strong girl that knew who she was and didn't try to pretend to be something else just to please others. There are also great love interests, a unique and funny family, and an interesting cast of side characters. I loved that Clare had such a close relationship with her mother and brother. I enjoy seeing a family dynamic where they have their problems, but they are still close and still rely on each other.The story had a great flow to it. I never hit a spot in the book where I thought the story was dragging. The mystery was revealed at a steady pace and I was never able to guess the surprise ending. I enjoyed every part of this book, but I think I enjoyed getting to read a real mystery book in the YA genre the most.This is Kim Harrington's debut novel, but I never would have guessed it. She writes like a seasoned vet, and I will definitely be picking up anything this author puts out! I hope you all go out and get yourselves a copy, I'm sure you will all love it as well.
Kaydence on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Clarity by Kim Harrington Product DetailsPub. Date: March 2011 Publisher: Scholastic, Inc. Format: Hardcover , 256pp Sales Rank: 48,497 Age Range: Young Adult Lexile: HL580L ISBN-13: 9780545230506 ISBN: 0545230500Clarity is about a young girl named Clarity (Clare) who has a special ability. Actually, her whole family has special abilities. Her mom can read people¿s minds, her brother can talk to the dead, and she can tell what has happened to someone by touching an object they have touched. It¿s almost like she can live part of their lives while she is grasping something that they held. Living in a tourist town, you would think that these would be excellent abilities to have. It¿s a family business. The problem is, Clare is consistently made fun of and a new person has come to town who claims to be able to tell the future. This coupled with a murder that happened to a tourist in a local hotel has really taken a chunk out of business.The only good thing is that a detective has come to town, bringing with him a very yummy boy that happens to be around Clare¿s age. While the case is being worked, Clare begins to be heavily involved with the police and attempts to help to solve who the murderer is. Someone very close to her becomes one of the top suspects and two more murders turn up. What is a psychic to do?Overall, this was a very fun book to read. The mystery kept me guessing through about ¾ of the book. Then I was pretty sure what was going to happen. I wish there was a little more description of Clare¿s visions. She is obviously put into these situations because of those visions, but Harrington seems to rush through her visions instead of describing them as thoroughly as the scenes when Clare is being made fun of. As a reader, I would have liked to see more of what she was going through. Also, I would¿ve liked to have a bit more development between Clare and her family. Why are they so important to her, other than they are her family? Was there something that drew them together so closely? It seems like if I had a mother that could read my mind; I would rather spend my time away from her. These aspects didn¿t take away from the read; they just would have made it more interesting to me. I like stories where the character is bared to me completely, and Clare was just not really like that. I hope that Harrington writes another story with these characters so I can get to know them better.
renkellym on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Summary: Clarity ¿Clare¿ Fern is a psychic¿kind of. By touching objects, she can see where they¿ve been and who has touched them last. Clare uses her ability to help with the family business¿her mom can hear people¿s thoughts and her brother can talk to dead people, making them the kitschiest tourist attraction in town. But when a young tourist is murdered, Clare is roped in to help with the investigation. Though the detective on the case and his hot son don¿t believe in psychics, they¿re willing to take a chance on Clare¿s ability. Will she be able to solve the case before more people are killed?My thoughts: Clarity pretty much represents everything I love about young adult literature. It has a likable heroine, believable love interests, and an engaging story. Mad props to Kim Harrington!The best part of Clarity, I think, is the mystery. Clare¿s abilities make for extremely interesting sleuthing, and I really enjoyed trying to figure out the identity of the killer. And let me tell you¿I couldn¿t guess! Usually I¿m able to predict whodunit, but with Clarity I was completely blindsided. I love unpredictability! The mystery was developed really well; Kim Harrington is definitely a writer to watch!Another awesome aspect of Clarity is the titular character herself. Clare is funny, intelligent, and someone I would love to be buds with. She doesn¿t take anyone¿s crap and is almost completely comfortable with herself (she dumped a friggin¿ soda on a mean girl. I literally shouted in triumph!). Her quirky personality really made the book really fun¿I loved reading the murder mystery through her perspective.Though Clare is usually sassy, the moments when she let her softer side show were great, too. I definitely couldn¿t say that Clare was a one-dimensional character¿she was very dynamic, and I could easily feel every feeling she felt.Let¿s talk love interests. Clare is seriously fending off dudes with a stick, the lucky girl¿she has two serious love interests and one sort-of love interest. Usually I¿d call that overkill, but it really worked in Clarity. Justin, Clare¿s ex, was a really sweet dude, and though he made a big mistake in the past, I still found him adorable. Then there¿s Gabriel, the sexy boy detective (an oxymoron? Nay!). I loved his banter with Clare. It was so difficult for me to choose who to root for! I wasn¿t too happy with where the book left off in terms of Clare¿s love life, but I can¿t wait to see what happens in book two!I¿d recommend Clarity to anyone. I¿d consider it a good gateway book for those uncertain about YA¿it proves that yes, teens have decent murder mysteries, too! Seriously, guys, you need to pick up this book. Go! Get thee to a bookstore! I can almost guarantee that you¿ll love Clarity as much as I did.
katiedoll on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I think I expected Clarity to be this heavy on the paranormal story where the plot focuses on the main character¿s powers and not much else. I couldn¿t be any more far off. Clarity is a hooking murder mystery that despite the family's abilities, reads like a contemporary and keeps you in as much suspense as the characters themselves. Reading it was almost an experience and I loved every minute of it.First off, let me just state that Clarity is going on my list of all-time favorite female characters. She¿s quirky, comical, random, sarcastic and narrates the story sounding like a genuine teenager. Even with the more intense scenes, her thought process and banter with Gabriel was enough to make me laugh, even if I did want to be serious.What I loved most is how unpredictable it was. Normally with books like these, I can pick the most unexpected person as the culprit and I¿m usually right, but I was all over the place with Clarity. It unfolds slowly and appropriately, like CSI and The Medium with a paranormal twist and more entertaining characters that don't put you to sleep.Overall, I loved Clarity. It¿s a quick but engaging read that had me absolutely absorbed and I¿ll be twitching impatiently for the second book. I definitely recommend that you run to your nearest bookstore and pick this one up!