Conscious Nature: The Art and Neuroscience of Meditating In Nature

Conscious Nature: The Art and Neuroscience of Meditating In Nature

by Josh Lane


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"This book... has the capacity to transform lives, and connect people back to the state of mind that kept us joyful for thousands of generations." -Craig Foster, author of Sea Change: Primal Joy and the Art of Underwater Tracking

Nature, the original mindfulness teacher...

Amidst the stress and distraction of the Digital Age, it's easy to overlook the fact that our brains are adapted to thrive in close connection with the Earth, our senses keenly attuned to Nature's subtle signals. Meditating outdoors soothes the psyche, nourishes the body, and elevates creativity to new heights.

Meditation on Nature's patterns reawakens our deepest instinctive power and brightens our curiosity, as we journey into realizing our interdependence and connection with the larger web of life. Today, it's time for a reboot - and to once again invite the wisdom of the wild into our daily lives.

Through entertaining stories and over 36 engaging practices, expert outdoors mentor Josh Lane shares a pathway to exploring your own relationship with Nature for greater well-being and daily inspiration.

Drawing upon lessons from his ten-year apprenticeship in the ancient art of wildlife tracking, combined with insights gleaned from the latest research in brain-based learning and neuroscience, Josh demonstrates step-by-step how to develop your own complete practice of outdoor meditation, so that you can experience a richly rewarding personal connection with the world of Nature.

Journey with Josh on- and off-trail through the thickets and vistas of the inner and outer landscapes in this fun and highly practical guide to meditating in Nature.

Learn & Discover:

-How to find a Meditation Spot, your own "outdoor mindfulness studio"

-Transformational techniques for harnessing the Five Key Brain States of Awareness for more peace, joy, and well-being

-How to read the "secret" language of the animals, while blending in with the rhythms of Nature

-Why birdsong is Nature's original mantra: how skillful attunement to Nature's patterns can transform your consciousness, awakening renewed creativity and a deeper sense of grounding

-How to unlock the power of questioning and the art of journaling to expand your awareness in Nature

-The many health & cognitive benefits you can enjoy from meditating outdoors, and how these practices literally rewire your brain and reprogram your cells for greater wellness

-Learn a complete four-part meditation sequence that enlivens the mind, heart and senses

-Explore over 36 awareness practices and techniques you can apply around your home or in the deepest wilderness

Who This Book is For:

  • You want to learn how to bring mindfulness into your nature experience; learn techniques to ditch stress and enjoy the moment, with more peace and grounding in your life
  • You long to understand Nature's language, and feel more connected with all of your senses awakened
  • Perfect both for seasoned Outdoor Guides & also for new practitioners of nature connection, forest bathing (shinrin yoku) & forest therapy who want a deeper understanding of the beneficial changes arising in the brain and body through sensory awareness, meditation, and connection with the Nature within and around us

"...the new gold standard for the how and why of mindfulness. This book will help you achieve balance using simple techniques that are easily integrated into your every day life. Josh offers tangible takeaways for personal nature connection, helping relieve stress and increase health. Backed by science and story, Josh's writings are an easy, informative and fun read. This book is the perfect place to start your journey to true connection and happiness." - Nicole Apelian, Ph.D.

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ISBN-13: 9781733797108
Publisher: Conscious Nature LLC
Publication date: 06/18/2019
Pages: 330
Sales rank: 456,382
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.74(d)

About the Author

Author of the book, Conscious Nature: The Art & Neuroscience of Meditating in Nature, Josh has mentored and trained people of all ages around the world for the past twenty years in the inner and outer arts of mindful, whole-being connection with Nature. He is frequently seen practicing Tai Chi Ch'uan or playing various random stringed instruments, sleuthing forest mysteries, and generally mucking about on a little-known fringe planet called Earth, located somewhere in the western spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Bringing forward a depth of experience from his journeys in the realms of ancient Earth connection skills, Qi Gong, and meditation, Josh's vision is to help bridge the healing power of Nature into the modern experience, enlivening creativity and well-being through a conscious, primal connection with the Earth.

Table of Contents

Introduction ix


1. We Are Nature 3

2. Going Into Nature 26

3. How Meditating in Nature Helps Us Feel & Be Our Best 44

4. Finding a Meditation Spot in Nature 56

5. The Nature of Action & Stillness 77

6. Empowering Your Sensory Awareness 97

7. Flex Your Question Muscle 116

8. Moving Mindfully in Nature 132

9. The Great Dance & Trickster’s Cave 150

10. Getting Grounded 170


11. “I’m Here...” Arriving to Meditate 187

12. Tuning In 197

13. Expanding Through the Senses 204

14. Further Expansion into Nature’s Conversation 223

15. Gathering & Returning 234


16. Being Nature 247


Appendix A. List of All Practices 271

Appendix B. Practice Journal Template 275

Appendix C. Practices & Related Brain States 279 Appendix

D. Holistic Meditation Sequence 283

Acknowledgments 285

Notes 287

Continue Your Journey 299

About the Author 305

Thank You 307

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