Contemporary Issues in Mathematics Education

Contemporary Issues in Mathematics Education



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Contemporary Issues in Mathematics Education by Estela A. Gavosto

During the past decade, mathematics education has changed rapidly, giving rise to a polarization of opinions among the community of research mathematicians. What is the appropriate balance among theory, technique, and applications? What is the role of technology? How do we fulfill the needs of students entering other fields? The purpose of this volume, the proceedings of a conference held at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley in 1996, is to present a serious discussion of these educational issues, with a balanced representation of opposing ideas. Part I deals with general issues in university mathematics education; Part II presents case studies on particular projects; Part III presents a range of opinions on mathematics education in elementary and secondary schools; and Part IV presents the reports of the working groups.

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ISBN-13: 9780521652551
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 06/28/1999
Series: Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.67(d)

Table of Contents

Preface; Keynote address: mathematicians as educators Hyman Bass; Part I. Mathematics Education at the University: 1. On the education of mathematics majors Hung-Hsi Wu; 2. The mathematics major at research universities Peter G. Hinman and B. Alan Taylor; 3. On the role of proof in calculus courses Thomas W. Tucker; Part II. Case Studies in Mathematics Education: 4. If I could talk to the animals Dorothy Wallace; 5. The research mathematician as storyteller William Yslas Vélez and Joseph C. Watkins; 6. Redesigning the calculus sequence at a research university: issues, implementation, and objectives Harvey B. Keynes, Andrea Olson, Douglas Shaw and Frederick J. Wicklin; 7. Is the mathematics we do the mathematics we teach? Jerry Uhl and William Davis; 8. Japan: a different model of mathematics education Thomas W. Judson; Part III. The Debate over School Mathematics Education: 9. Reflections on teacher education Anneli Lax; 10. The third mathematics education revolution Richard Askey; 11. Instructional materials for K-8 mathematics classrooms: the California adoption, 1997 Bill Jacob; 12. Beyond the math wars Judith Roitman; Afterword William G. McCallum; Part IV. Reports from the Working Groups: 13. How the working groups worked; 14. The renewal of teaching in research departments Harvey Keynes, Al Taylor, Richard Falk, Leon Henkin, Lars-Ake Lindahl, Richard Montgomery, Dan Shapiro, Donald St. Mary, Donald Martin and Susan Montgomery; 15. The use of technology in the teaching of mathematics Peter Alfeld, Kirby Baker, Angela Cheer, Estela Gavosto, Ben Halperin, Tom Judson, Abel Klein, Gerardo Lafferriere, Charles Lamb, John Orr and Bob Welland; 16. Different teaching methods Greg Baker, David Epstein, Ted Gamelin, Sid Graham, Ole Hald, Delphine Hwang, Suzanne Lewis, Randy McCarthy, Brad Shelton, John Sims and Robert Underwood; 17. The first two years of university mathematics Joseph Ball, Christopher Grant, Peter Lax, Robert Megginson, Kenneth Millett, Wayne Raskind, Thomas Tucker, Joseph Watkins and Hung-Hsi Wu; 18. The mathematics major Jorgen Andersen, John Brothers, Ralph Cohen, Stephen Fisher, Andrew Gleason, James Lin, Lea Murphy, Richard Montgomery, Y. S. Poon, Ken Ross and Anthony Tromba; 19. The education of non-mathematics majors Adeniran Adeboye, Stephen Greenfield, Jean Larson, Ashley Reiter and Dorothy Wallace; 20. Outreach to other departments Chris Anderson, Barbara Bath, Marjorie Enneking, Terry Herdman and Paul M. Weichsel; 21. Outreach to high schools Gunnar Carlsson, Phil Curtis, Dan Fendel, Neal Koblitz, Anneli Lax, Judith Roitman, Tom Sallee, Martin Scharlemann, Alina Stancu, Abigail Thompson, David Wright and William Yslas Vélez; 22. Research mathematicians and research in mathematics education Hyman Bass, Kenneth Bogart, Michael Fried, Cathy Kessell, Alfred Manaster, Steve Monk and Blake Peterson; 23. Afterword William G. McCallum; Appendix: internet resources in mathematics education.

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