Dancing with Cancer: Using Transformational Art, Meditation and a Joyous Mindset to Face the Challenge

Dancing with Cancer: Using Transformational Art, Meditation and a Joyous Mindset to Face the Challenge

by Judy Erel


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Combining the personal and the practical, this book mixes the author’s own cancer story with the tools she discovered and adapted to support her treatment.

The wisdom and knowledge that Judy has learned from her experience with cancer can be our guide and coach.' - Bernie Siegel MD, Author of Love, Medicine & Miracles and The Art of Healing.

Dancing with Cancer focuses on the creation of a positive and proactive mindset with which to face the specific challenges and stages of cancer. It combines the author’s own experience of using what she calls Thought Work (including creative self-expression, healing energy work and meditation) with conventional cancer treatment in order to connect her intentions for healing to the everyday reality of a diagnosis of incurable bone-marrow cancer. The book offers guidance and inspiration not only to cancer sufferers as they undergo the various stages of treatment but also to those supporting them, enabling them to understand better the experience of the cancer patient as well as the possibilities of mind–body empowerment.

Part I allows the reader to gain inspiration and reassurance from Judy’s personal cancer story, as well as put into practice her Thought Work suggestions, which include revelatory questionnaires and journaling, creative exercises (such as drawing healing mandalas) and guided meditations. Part II gives a more detailed description of the Thought Work tools, including instructions for setting healing intentions, for using mindful breathing and for cultivating an attitude of gratitude, as well as meditations for a range of cancer situations and step-by-step instructions for creating artworks. Throughout the book are examples of Judy’s own transformative artworks, which she offers along with the reminder that any creative self-expression can be healing – it is not the outcome but the physical process of doing that matters, enabling multi-level transformation.

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ISBN-13: 9781786781192
Publisher: Watkins Media
Publication date: 02/06/2018
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Judy Erel is a painter, a poet, an art teacher and a meditation guide. In 2009 she began providing guided meditations and mandala-drawing activities in the haematology and oncology departments of major Israeli hospitals supported by the Roche Pharmaceuticals ‘Roche Lends a Hand’ project. Her degrees include a BSc in human development from Cornell University, as well as a senior fine arts and art teachers degree. She has also completed MA studies in educational psychology.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations viii

Introduction - Beyond Wishful Thinking xi

Part 1 Dancing through the Storm

Chapter 1 The Storm 3

Practices: Using self-inquiry to find the calm within your storm 7

Chapter 2 Linking Thoughts and Actions 10

Practices: Creative expression exercises to develop a healing mindset 13

Chapter 3 Choice Is Where Power Lies 19

Practices: Starting self-inquiry 21

Chapter 4 Drama Turns to Adventure 23

Practices: Taking active responsibility 30

Chapter 5 A New Challenge: Ordinary 33

Practices: Journaling to gain insight 37

Chapter 6 A Labour of Empowerment 38

Practices: Che-mother-apy preparation review 47

Chapter 7 Seven Days of Moments 50

Practices: Practical doing and a che-mother-apy meditation 58

Chapter 8 April Realities 60

Practices: Gaining insights and creating intentions 63

Chapter 9 May Flowers, Routines and Realizations - Looking At What Is 65

Practices: Creating life routines 68

Chapter 10 Che-mother-apy II 70

Practices: Focusing on positive solutions 78

Chapter 11 Reality, Reflections and Mood Swings 80

Practices: Creating routines and overcoming overwhelming mood swings 84

Chapter 12 June Celebrations and Darkness 86

Chapter 13 Dragons of Doubt and Death 91

Chapter 14 Recuperation, Integration and Freedom 96

Practices: Finding joy, gentleness, diets and mandalas 101

Chapter 15 August: Collecting Joy and Harvesting Stem Cells 103

Practices: Making choices 108

Chapter 16 New Year, New Me 110

Practices: Some ideas for the battle of a lifetime 116

Chapter 17 Real Life Continues 118

Practices: Returning to life 127

Chapter 18 Two Out of the Blue 128

Practices: Preparing for medical procedures 131

Chapter 19 Finding the Right Lullabies 133

Practices: Tapping into your inner self 135

Epilogue - Uniting the Bodymind 137

Part 2 Thought Work Tool Box

Chapter 20 Thought Work 141

Chapter 21 Guided Meditations 153

1 Calm, Light and Joy 153

2 Uniting with Intentions 155

3 Che-mother-apy 157

4 Sea of Light 160

5 Che-mother-apy Farewell Party 161

6 A Personal Prayer 163

7 Choosing Life 164

8 Bone Marrow Transplant 166

9 Bone Marrow (or Any) Transplant from a Donor 167

10 Containing, Reducing, Erasing Tumours 169

11 Preparation for Surgery 171

12 Everyday Standard Cell Upgrade 172

Chapter 22 Creating Personalized Visualizations 175

Chapter 23 Creative Tips 178

Appendix I More on the Law of Attraction 188

Appendix II More About the Placebo and Nocebo Effects 189

Appendix III Organization Charts and Other Tips 191

Bibliography and Suggested Reading 192

Acknowledgements 194

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