Daughter Of Isis (Descendants of Isis #1)

Daughter Of Isis (Descendants of Isis #1)

by Kelsey Ketch

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BN ID: 2940148552321
Publisher: Kelsey Ketch
Publication date: 10/19/2013
Series: Descendants of Isis , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 292
Sales rank: 612,642
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

During her high school years, Kelsey Ketch could always be found tucked away in a little corner of the hall or classroom, writing her fantasy worlds and creating illustrations and maps. Today is no different, except now she’s writing in the break room at her office building or at the tables of the Barnes and Noble Café in Cary, North Carolina. She is also an avid reader, a part-time book blogger at Ketch’s Book Nook, and lives with her two orange tabbies and awesome and humorous flat-mate. Daughter of Isis is her debut novel.

For more information, please visit her site at kelseyketch.com.

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Daughter of Isis 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
MzRia More than 1 year ago
The way I see it Daughter of Isis was an interesting and CHARMING ;) read. I am a huge fan of Egypt culture so it was nice seeing names and bits of lore that I recognized. The book kept me engaged and it flowed nicely. I read Daughter of Isis really really quickly because I was dying to know what was going to happen.   D-aring, a move or an escape? Natti and her father move away from London to stay safe. A-rrangement, everyone at Setemple High has their place. Natti refuses to take hers beneath Seth. U-rges, something dark and destructive pulls on Seth’s emotions.  G-uilt, just when Natti feels she has Seth figured out he does something that is quite opposite. H-elp, together Natti and her friends take a stand against the jerks of Setemple High. T-emper, Ky one of Seths brothers seems to be more braun than anything else.  E-yes, Seth is very hypnotizing and it seems no one else sees it but Natti. R-esigned, surrounded by the oddities of Natti’s strange new town so consistantly it’s seemed to become her norm. O-ffspring, Seth and his buddy’s are sweet innocent lambs compared to Sean the Son’s of Set Hem-netjer. F-rustration, as much as Netti has fought her feelings she can’t deny that something is developing between her and Seth. I-mages and dreams, Natti knows there is more but it remains slightly out of her reach. S-eth, is faced with a difficult decission and realizes his heart. He will do something no one expects. I-nstantly, things have come to a head nothing can ever remain the same, the town structure will shatter. S-urprise, no one could see this coming Set seems to have won. Now for the... *Hard Facts* All of the Sons of Set are A Holes. I want to create chaos in the temple of the chaos god. During 90% of the book I was yelling at either Natti or the SoS. The ending is INTENSE(Amazing!!) BUT also a CLIFFHANGER!! Gah! Insert red puffy tantrum face here____!! OBVIOUSLY. I must READ book 2 SOON! The characters have some growing to do and I’m sure they will. Seth proves himself to me! He’s got some butt kissin to do but I’m all in! Now that Natti FINALLY KNOWS!! She’s gonna embrace who she is and GET-ER-DUN I enjoyed this book throughly and I have a feeling its only going to get better!  My Rating 4.0 London, Bas, Cooper, Pyramid, Tennis, Charm, Truth, Feather, Kiss, Slave, Isis, Set, Priests, Daring to lose it all filled stars! For those that like fantasy and legends, Egypt and Cali collide to bring you a story full of frustration, angst, and mystery!
taraletsbehappy More than 1 year ago
The story takes you on a journey where Egyptian gods and magic exists. I'm due for a Fantasy YA and this one is really worth the read. Natara "Natti" Stone is a teenage British girl who after an unfortunate incident had to move to California with her dad. Seth O'Keefe on the other hand is a devoted son set to follow his father's footstep as a member of the Sons of Set. It starts off a bit slow, but good slow. What do I mean? It means I didn't mind slowing down a bit while she establishes Natti's character and background. I was okay with how she described Natti. It established she was beautiful but it didn't go over the top. Now, Seth O'Keefe is a different story. When he was introduced in the story, I can't believe he was one of the leads. Yes, he's hot. He's probably ripped in all the right places. But man, do I want to slap his face! He is a major jerk. And all the girls falling over their asses to get in line for Seth's affection was cringe-worthy. The setting was a typical high school. We have the cheerleaders (aka Seth's conquest) the jocks (Seth's posse) and the people in between. It provides a good background for the little tension between these two. Oh hell, what am I saying. There were A LOT of tension filled moments between Natti & Seth. One of the good things I like about this book, is how it catered to my love-hate relationship weakness. I always want to know how two people who hate each other end up falling in love. I also love how these two characters have to go against their nature to consider each other as love interests. I don't want to give too much spoilers but this is a perfect read to those who love strong-willed stubborn women vs. mega-hot with powers "are-you-for-real" bad boys. I also recommend it to people who HATE insta-love. There is no such thing here. Everything is laid out with the hopes of luring you with the plot or the characters charm. Kelsey Ketch doesn't need romance to sustain this novel. By the last 5 chapters, I was speed reading as if my life depended on it.
xCynyx More than 1 year ago
Kelsey Ketch's debut novel will keep you reading from start to finish. I reallly didn't want to put it down for sleep.  Natara "Natti" Stone just moved to the United States from London after her grandmother is murder. Her father planned to live in a small town to let them both recover from the lost of their beloved but what they didn't know is that this little town in sunny California loves Egypt. After how much Egypt meant to her mother and grandmother and how they both died, this is the last thing they want but is too late to go back.  On her first day of school Natti meets Seth, charming, confident and don't takes no for an answer. Seth is used to getting what he wants with a simple look and a smile. He has all the girls in the school wanting to be his and he takes advantage of it. But Natti is immune to his charm and something inside Seth wants to control her and keep her all to himself.  I loved Natti's personallity. She's a strong and caring, she stands up for her friends and sometimes she just wants to fit in. I felt she was a very real character strugling to fit in not in just a new school but in a new country. She has a love-hate relationship with everything Egyptian, it conects her to her family but at the same time reminds her of their deaths. Seth on the other hand loves it.  The way Kelsey explains the myths and legends from Egypt makes it easy for the reader to understand and follow the story without needing Google to come to the rescue. The story is paced almost perfectly, while some moments felt a bit slow for my taste, I was never bored. The last part of the book specially keeps you on your toes.  What I really liked about it was the Seth's POV, they allows us to understand the in and outs of this secrets societies and how much pressure he's under from his father and order. It makes is easier to understand his character because he doesn't tell Natti much. For me, Seth grows a lot in this book. He learns about himself, about what he wants from life and what he's willing to risk to get it, even when that means going against everything he was ever told. Natti on the other hand is already a strong person but she discovers more about her heritage than herself.  As the blurb states, this book is better for mature teens, it contains drug use, alcohol, murders and some mention of rape.  Overall, I really Enjoyed Daughter of Isis and I can't wait to read the next book and see how it all continues.
Chanzie More than 1 year ago
Rating 4.5/5 stars Wow what a book! I first saw The Daughter of Isis a while ago and though, I must try read this book sometime. I love books with strong Egyptian themes and this book did not disappoint. Characters & Story line: 4/5 Kelsey does a wonderful job creating unique, strong and interesting characters. Natti & Seth were the most well developed out of all the characters. They were easy to connect to and care about. I enjoyed the fact that Natti could resist Seth's charm and see what a jerk he was initially, but I also enjoyed the fact that she could see the person beyond the facade. I was initially a bit frustrated that Natti knew so little about her heritage but it is definitely worth the wait to find out more. I do wonder why her grandmother did not leave her more answers and hope to find out more in the next book. Seth is totally swoon-worthy and the story has so many memorable moments. Natti is feisty - I love british persona and humor that she brings to the story. She is smart, quick and observant. The story line was captivating and you couldn't help but get caught up in the story! Plot, Pace, Writing style: 4/5 The plot was great and the pace was perfect. Kelsey has an easy and enticing writing style and really does a great job bringing this story to life. Kelsey ends with so much suspense that I am so glad i can just pick up Son of Set and see what happens next! Cover talk: 5/5 What a gorgeous cover! It did catch my attention when I first saw it and I definitely would have picked this one up in a book store! Final Thoughts: This is possible the best Egyptian theme book I have read so far and that is huge since I really have high expectations from books like this. If you love mythology.. get this book now!
Jay_Riv More than 1 year ago
This was a fantastic read! When I choose to read this book, it sounded intriguing and I figured I would enjoy it. However, it turns out that this novel was better than I had anticipated! It starts of with teenager Natara Stone (Natti) moves to America with her father. They leave their home in London after the tragic murder of her grandmother. The come to the small town of Setemple only to learn in it has very strong Egyptian theme (including a pyramid). This sets the pair off as it reminds them of Natti's mother who died. Upon arriving at their new home and unpacking, Natti comes across a box her grandmother had given her and in the box was a mysterious letter her grandmother had left for her to find. This is when my interest really picked up. I quickly wanted to unravel the hints of the letter. The other character we meet is Seth. At first I could not stand him! He charms his way through school and sleeps his way through most of the female population there. Although I loved seeing how he keeps chasing after strong-willed Natti! While is character is sleazy at first once I started reading more from his perspective I actually felt sorry for him. He is a tricky one to peg down. His best friends, Q and Ky, I hate. Nothing nice to say about them. Natti, on the other hand, I LOVED. She is spirited, caring, witty and full of life! She is very easy to like and I enjoyed seeing her British backround show up now and then. Overall, Kelsey Ketch did a good good with blending in some Egyptian style and lore into this book. It is easy to follow and she explains things well. The book has a great pace to it. Brisk enough to keep things going but paced enough to draw the reader in. This book has some very mature themes in it. Lots of sexual references, drugs, human sacrifice, mind control, etc. Nothing too strong of over the top, but dark enough that I encourage this more for older teens and adults only. It starts off light but as the story delves deeper it also gets darker. So readers be warned! There is a romantic element here, but it is mixed with possession, fear, hate and confusion that it by no means is a main focus. It has just enough to have you wonder about the pair but nothing more. This was a nice change in a young adult novel that focuses on a male/female lead combo. This is a great read for fantasy or mythology fans! The book draws you in and keeps you wondering the outcome every step of the way.
skizzles22 More than 1 year ago
3.5 Egyptian Mythological Stars! As soon as I heard that this book was about Egyptian mythology, I knew I had to have it. I've been wanting to read more books like this, and I'm glad to say that Daughter of Isis was an enjoyable read, suspenseful and enchanting until the very end.  In the beginning, we meet Natara "Natti" Stone, a British girl with Egyptian ancestry. After her grandmother died, her father relocated them to Setemple, California. Ever since her mother died, Natti has grown tired of anything to do with Egypt, and so has her father. So imagine her surprise when they arrive in town and see a pyramid statue outside the town hall. The school's mascot is a Pharaoh. The town even has a Pharaoh's Festival. She's surrounded by her ancestry, even more so when she finds a letter by her grandmother and a box containing an Eye of Horus necklace. And a secret that's been passed down from mother to daughter over the centuries. As to the secret, the author keeps us in suspense throughout the book. Much of what is happening revolves around Natti trying to stop the advances of Seth. Now, I'm leery of Seth. Honestly, what he and his friends do is disgusting. Though when you learn why, when you learn that Seth is a Son of Set, much of his attitude makes absolute sense. For Set is the God of chaos and destruction. And Seth and his friends worship this God. I got more of the Egyptian mythology when it came to Seth's POV than in Natti's. It's ingrained in him; it's his way of life and how he's been taught. But Seth is more than a Son of Set; out of all of them, he has a conscience. And a heart. I enjoyed the interactions between Natti and Seth, although sometimes it became too repetitive and too high school. I also thought Natti would be better able to resist Seth's charm. As a Daughter of Isis, I was hoping to see that she had more power than truth. That she could stop his advances much easier. But I also loved seeing her resistance, her strength. I thought Natti was a strong character, although I wanted to shake her sometimes and make her see the truth that she'd been ignoring. It takes her a long time to realize something isn't right with Seth. But there's more to this guy than wanting to please his father and keep wreaking havoc and chaos for his God. Seth starts questioning everything about his life when he meets Natti. The character development he goes through was interesting to watch unfold.  I would have loved more of the Egyptian mythology. Much of what it's about is unveiled in random places throughout the story. Not random so much as it just made me want to know everything, so I became impatient to find out why Natti is so different. But the dangerous and intense sacrificial ceremony for Set by his followers near the end made up for that. This book had me hooked from the beginning with its underlying mystery, and it didn't disappoint. And that cliffhanger ending left me wanting more of the story and more of these characters. :) As a debut novel and as the start to a new series, Daughter of Isis was so good! It snared my attention from the very beginning, and I loved how the story-line was intertwined with a little romance, a little Egyptian mythology, a little bit of suspense, and a whole lot of mystery and intrigue.
Kelly_Hashway More than 1 year ago
This is definitely for upper YA. There is sexual content and drug use in this novel, so it's better suited for older teens. Having said that, Natti is new in town and she immediately notices Seth O'Keefe—or more like she runs into him in several situations where he is all over girls at school. Every girl is obsessed with Seth and wants to become his next "play thing". Every girl except Natti. She feels weird when Seth is around and gets a lot of headaches, which (thanks to the third person narration) the reader knows is a result of Seth trying to "charm" Natti. She's not like other girls Seth has met and he can't seem to win her over. Or so he thinks. Despite Natti trying to avoid Seth, she finds herself wanting to be around him just as much as she wants to avoid him. Their relationship is extremely complicated, and as Natti learns more about her grandmother's death and what it means for Natti, her relationship with Seth becomes even more complicated and intense.  I liked the dynamic between Natti and Seth because Ketch does a very good job of showing how Natti tries to resist Seth and how Seth tries to resist his urges to "charm" Natti once he begins to develop real feelings for her. My only negative with this book was the use of exclamation points. There were some points where several sentences in a row ended with exclamation points. This is a personal pet peeve of mine, so I'm sure most people wouldn't even notice this. Overall, it's a quick read that keep my attention. I'm looking forward to reading the second book in the series.
sfrost More than 1 year ago
Kelsey Ketch’s Daughter of Isis wraps around an ancient secret that ensnares two people who under any other circumstance would not be together, and catapults them into the middle of a war between two Egyptian cults. This is truly a gripping novel!
WorldsCollide More than 1 year ago
Started off shaky, but ended with a bang, Daughter of Isis was a great YA paranormal romance. I am apologetically obsessed with Ancient Egypt, so I had high expectations for this book. While it didn't meet all of them, I really enjoyed it. I'm going to start off with the good, since the bad are just minor gripes. Natti was a tough heroine. She knew something was off and nothing was going to stop her from figuring it out. I liked her. She was a force to be reckoned with, which I like in a heroine. I thought she was great. Seth was a villain at first. There's no sugar-coating it. He worshiped Set, who was a god of chaos, so his mission in life was to cause chaos-AKA ruin people's lives. But, over the course of the book, he starts to see things from a new perspective and that allowed him to see the horror of what he was doing. He proved that he could be strong, sweet, and willing to fight for what he cared about. He might not have had the best start, but, by the end, I really liked him. The plot was well paced and I was interested the entire way through. I enjoyed the story and I'm curious about what happens next after that game-changer ending. So, now to the bad. Natti was strong, but occasionally that strength crossed the line into being shrewish, which was annoying. Also, she was constantly hating of Ancient Egypt, something about the mummies, curses, and magic creeping her out. But, I love Ancient Egypt and those mummies, curses, and magic fascinate me, so I was a bit miffed that she was being a hater.   Seth did change over the course of the book, but it was slow going. This is kind of a complaint and kind of not. On one hand, it was only realistic that changing his entire perspective that he had been taught his entire life would take time. On the other hand, I started to get annoyed with the terrible things he was doing. But, I had to admit that is was only realistic.  The plot was slow in places because of the slow transformation. But, the ending was such a huge game-changer, it made up for any pacing problems. After that ending, I expect book 2 will be much more epic, so I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next. Daughter of Isis was a lovely YA read. It was thrilling, romantic, and full of delightful Egyptian mythology. I really enjoyed reading it. Lovers of YA romance, if you want something different, then this is a book you'll want to check out. *I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review
LovinLosLibros More than 1 year ago
My first introduction to Egyptian mythology came from Rick Riordan's Kane Chronicles series. I was immediately pulled in and intrigued, as I had really only been familiar with Greek and Roman mythology before. When I saw Kelsey was writing a young adult book that incorporated Egyptian mythology, I was really excited. Finally another look into the lore surrounding Isis, Osiris, Horus, Set, etc! I feel like Kelsey did a great job of weaving Egyptian mythology into a contemporary setting. Our main character Natti, has just moved from London to small town California with her father. She is definitely not happy with the move and even though she seemed a bit whiny at first, she sounded just like any other teenager who had been transplanted into a new life. Setemple, California is definitely on the stranger side. It clearly has a fascination with Egyptian culture, it has a fake pyramid structure and the high school is known as The Pharaohs. Natti is familiar with Egyptian culture thanks to her grandmother, but due to what happened to her mother, her father is not a fan. I felt for Natti- it's never easy being the new kid and to make matters worse, there is a senior boy by the name of Seth O'Keefe, that keeps trying to interact with her. Oh, Seth. I really can't say I liked Seth very much. He did eventually grow on me, but for a good portion of the book, I wanted to throttle him for being such a jerk. He is a total player and Natti finds him in some rather compromising positions on several occasions. His treatment of females was abhorrent, and his two lackeys, Q and Ky, were no better than him. Seth, along with his friends, are part of an order called the Sons of Set, which are dedicated to worshipping the evil god Set. Set is all about chaos and destruction and does not believe in love- only lust. Seth has the ability to charm others and he often uses that to his sexual advantage- making girls unable to resist his charm and then letting the beast within feed off their energy. However, when it comes to Natti, he finds her immune to his charms- thus throwing him into a spiral of confusion. Why would his powers not work on her? Naturally, for someone like Seth who is used to getting what he wants, he is determined to pursue her and find out why she is able to resist him. Natti is pretty strong-willed against Seth. Sure, she has moments where she wants to fall prey to his charms, yet she remains resilient. It also helps that every time Seth tries to use his mojo on her, she finds herself in the midst of a headache. Natti, like every other girl, can't help but find Seth attractive. This frustrates her to no end, because she also finds his behavior despicable. Yet, as Ketch takes us deeper into the world of the Sons of Set, we realize that things are not as black and white as one may think. Seth begins struggling with his feelings for Natti, as well as his obsession to make her his. He won't let his father take what belongs to him and he is determined to keep Natti far away from him. Seth's father is definitely no good and his treatment of his wife and others is horrendous. He made my skin crawl and I definitely wanted him to get his comeuppance before the novel was through. One of my favorite characters was Wanda. She was that nerdy, sweet friend who really made life easier for Natti. She was not one of the beautiful, popular girls so she was never on Seth, Q, or Ky's radars luckily. She was shy and even described herself as Trekie, which I thought was great. Yet, Wanda also longs for Seth to look at her the way he does the other girls and I couldn't help but feel bad for her. Seth's road to redemption is a long one. I like that Kelsey didn't just transform him from a bad boy to a good, sweet guy. I was questioning his motives and intentions up to the very end, even after he had shown glimpses of vulnerability and really seemed like he was starting to care for Natti. Seth makes his decision at the end of the book and I am quite curious to see how his decision will impact the next book, Son of Set. It really is the true battle of good versus evil and I have to say- I'm ready for Isis to step in and kick a little ass! There are several elements that have not been concluded in this first book, so I can't wait to see the role they are going to play in the next one. This book is definitely meant for Upper YA. Like I said, Set is the god of chaos and destruction. He is pure evil and Ketch really doesn't hold back from showing us that side of Egyptian mythology. Sex, enslavement, and human sacrifice are very present in this book and while I found myself getting a bit upset at times, it is realistic of cult practices and I like that Kelsey doesn't hold back in her writing for fear of controversy. Overall, if you can look past some of those controversial things I mentioned- sex being used for manipulation and power, enslavement of both mind and body, and human sacrifice- and remember those elements are for a purpose, you will find this to be an entertaining read. It is definitely darker subject matter than one is probably accustomed to while reading about high schoolers, but Kelsey manages to make it work and I love that she wasn't afraid to take that plunge.