Devoted to Love

Devoted to Love

by Shayla Black

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He was sent to guard her body… he didn’t expect her to steal his heart.
Her sister’s wedding was hardly the place to find a hook up, but after one look at friend-of-the-groom and special operative Josiah Grant, small-town Texas beauty Magnolia West immediately fell in lust. After a stunningly sensual night together, Maggie is prepared for the two of them to go their separate ways. After all, she’s not a happily-ever-after kind of girl. But Josiah—and danger—change her plans.
Josiah isn’t looking for love…but Maggie rouses his body and stirs his heart like no other woman. She’s got a rocky romantic past, and a smart man would steer clear. But when the murder quotient in Kendall County rises and all signs point to a mysterious group nearby who have been harassing Maggie’s family, he can’t leave her unprotected—especially when he realizes he’s fallen hard for her.
As tension mounts and the menace closes in, Josiah will do anything to prove to Maggie that their love is real…but can they stay alive long enough to share it?

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ISBN-13: 9780399587399
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 07/02/2019
Series: Devoted Lovers Series , #2
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 652
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Shayla Black is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than sixty novels, including the Wicked Lovers series. For twenty years, she's written contemporary, erotic, paranormal, and historical romances. Her books have sold a few million copies and have been published in a dozen languages.

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Devoted to Love 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
LynnLTX 17 days ago
3.5 Stars Magnolia West finds an unexpected and intense attraction to Josiah Grant while participating in her sister’s wedding held at the family’s ranch in rural Comfort, Texas. She is all too happy for a hookup since her luck at love has been less than stellar. Josiah Grant has his own issues when it comes to commitment hence his policies to never open his heart again. Josiah’s plans change when danger to Maggie and her grandparents becomes quite acute because a cult has owning the ranch in its sights with deadly intent. Their relationship goes into hyper drive as events force Maggie and Josiah in close contact, physically and emotionally. Maggie is determined to defend her family and their property refusing to run and hide while her Alpha protector deals with the threat much to Josiah’s frustration that she will not stay out of the front lines. The main part of this story deals with the extremist cult group that has been buying up land all around the ranch. People opposed to them have died under mysterious circumstances making it clear how dangerous the cult is to Maggie and her family. Not surprisingly, Josiah plans to infiltrate the cult spending time in their compound trying to get a fix on its leader and his minions. This trope is not one of my favorites so that figures into my rating; the cult’s methods of luring in members are fairly predictable, some of them just plan sad and very unpleasant. This book is the second in the Devoted Lovers series, but can be read as a standalone. Fans of Ms. Black will be familiar with her type of heroes and stories including the amount and length of steamy scenes. Though not mentioned in the synopsis, Josiah is a Dom and there are elements of that lifestyle in this story so be apprised if this is a new to you author.
MaimeosAngelsEL 17 days ago
5 Star reviews of Devoted To Love (Devoted Lovers #2) by Shayla Black I fell hard and fast for special operative and bodyguard Josiah Grant; he ticked all the boxes for me and I found him to be totally swoon worthy. Magnolia West has made mistakes in the past and hooking up at her sister’s wedding isn’t really the best idea, but when she meets Josiah, she cannot help herself, after all it’s only for the night. What's the worst that could happen?. The chemistry between Josiah and Maggie is of the charts and it burns brightly, although neither of them are looking for happily ever after which makes for a nice change. When these two meet you just know that they will be perfect for one another. If they can both move on from their pasts, then they may have a chance. When danger makes an appearance, will Josiah be able to protect and save Maggie, can he prove to her that his love is real and that it worth taking a chance? The suspense and intrigue led to quite a few unexpected twists and turns that had me guessing for much of the book. There is romance, drama, smoking hot scenes and anxious moments. As I have come to expect from Shayla Black, Devoted To Love is extremely well written and highly entertaining.
chrismom 17 hours ago
Josiah Grant attends his friend’s wedding and meets Magnolia “Maggie” West, the bride’s sister. Neither one is looking for a relationship, but a one- night stand is not out of the question. What started out as a night of lust becomes much more than either Josiah or Maggie anticipated. People were dying in Comfort, Texas and Maggie’s grandparents might be next. A cult has moved into the area and from most appearances, they preach harmony and being one with the earth and environment. But their real motives are much more insidious. Seems they are producing a drug that make people compliant and do whatever they are told. Along with producing the drug, there are kidnappings, rape, murders and weapon dealing. The face of the cult is there to spread the word and his seed, but Mercy is the woman who does his dirty work. In order to protect Maggie and her grandparents, Josiah goes to the commune to tell them to leave them alone. When he sees what is going on, he goes undercover as a potential new member and Mercy is more than happy to induct him. Along the way, Maggie and Josiah begin to realize that maybe a relationship might not be out of the question. Once again, Shayla Black has written an amazing story. What starts off as a one -night stand, turns into a relationship between Maggie and Josiah as they fight to keep her grandparents alive. The whole storyline about the cult and what they were actually doing was brilliant, especially the way they targeted new members. This story was full of suspenseful moments especially every time Josiah went into the compound. I really enjoyed this story and couldn’t put it down. The chemistry between Maggie and Josiah was hot. There were so many twists and turns, I couldn’t read fast enough to see what happened next. I look forward to other books in this series.
Anonymous 2 days ago
ReadingInPajamas 3 days ago
Review: DEVOTED TO LOVE: A Devoted Lovers Novel by Shayla Black Publication Date: July 2, 2019 Genre: Contemporary Romance Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Donna Rated 4.5 Stars This was my first Devoted Lovers book and I had no problems keeping up with the characters. The beginning started like any other “meet at a wedding” trope, but the hints of upcoming danger added a nice edge. The smoking hot sex scenes also built onto the growing tension. Josiah is a Dom, but that didn’t overshadow their relationship or the story, rather it added a lusty heat to the bedroom. I connected with both characters to a point – I didn’t quite feel the love between them, only the lust and like. That didn’t ruin the story for me as their relationship and trust did build despite Maggie’s on-again/off-again behavior. (The “due to their pasts, they were both leery of any type of relationship, but powerless to stay away from each other” angle.) As for the antagonists in the cult, thankfully they weren’t completely stereotypical, instead showing a nice depth to their evil. I enjoyed this read and can’t wait for the next installment. *Review copy provided by Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review. ~*~*~*~
S_Abrams 7 days ago
If there was a higher rating system then this book would qualify. Shayla Black never ceases to amaze with her talent and takes her readers on one heck of a ride with this storyline. As it is the second book in the Devoted Lovers series, it can be read as a standalone but I recommend reading the other books in this world as the author brings back some favorite characters. Here comes the bride….Magnolia is attending her sister’s wedding when she comes across Josiah, a good friend and colleague of the groom. As is customary at weddings, Magnolia and Josiah are on the same page as each one is willing to partake in a one-night stand due to their mutual attraction. However, there are games afoot and a new group in town is pressuring some of the owners to sell their land. All bets are off when Magnolia’s grandparents are being hassled and Josiah steps up to ascertain what is really going on. Can he keep himself, Magnolia and her family all safe? Like two peas in a pod filled with strength and the courage of their convictions, any reader cannot help but fall for Magnolia and Josiah. Ms. Black has flawlessly crafted these characters showing their growth and commitment to overcoming their obstacles to be together. Filled with action, suspense, steam and intrigue, this is one book that keeps one thoroughly entranced from beginning to end. Just when you think the plot will turn, the author throws in a few surprises. Shayla Black is one of my favorite authors and once again proves that she is a master at her craft. I look forward to reading the next book in this series….One-Mile and Brea perhaps? I highly recommend adding this to your tbr list asap. I volunteered to read an advance copy of this book provided by Netgalley.
NadineBookaholic 10 days ago
I absolutely love when I get sucked into a story and it doesn't let go until the very last word, and that is exactly what happened with this book. This book had everything from two likable characters, a whole lot of suspense, some crazy AF people to keep things interesting, the I'm supposed to protect you not fall for you drama, to a whole bunch of sexy time in and out of the bed! There is no question as to why Shayla Black is one of my absolute FAVORITE authors. When I start one of her books I have to be sure I have nothing planned otherwise I will definitely be cancelling because I don't want to put the book down once I have started it. In Devoted to Love Shealyn and Cutter are getting married, we met them in the first book of the series DEVOTED TO PLEASURE, and everyone is there to celebrate their nuptials which means Cutters hot co-workers are there to party as well as protect. When Josiah locks eyes with Maggie he was instantly attracted to her but he soon learned that one taste wouldn't be enough. As I mentioned before this story has a LOT going on and I really don't want to spoil anything so I am just going to say grab a copy for yourself, you wont be disappointed! Happy Reading!!! **I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for my Blog, Nadine's Obsessed with Books**
Cali-Jewel 12 days ago
Sexy, fun, witty and highly entertaining adventure filled with passion, intriguing charters and exciting twists and turns. Really enjoyed this reading experience and it kept me on the edge of my seat form beginning to end.
beausmommy 12 days ago
This is the second book in the Devoted Lovers series and it is everything I hoped it would be. Shayla Black can write. She can do it by herself, she can do it with a partner, she rocks her characters, her stories and my world!!!! This story follows Devoted to Pleasure. It isn’t a have-to-read the first book but if you follow Shayla, you will definitely want to read all you can. We even have some other familiar characters pop in…. Maggie and Josiah are thrown together at the wedding of her sister and his best friend and associate. The are both in it for a night of fun and passion. But when danger starts showing up around the little town of Comfort, Josiah is the one man who isn’t going to risk Maggie or the family farm. Evil is all around and the surprises just keep coming… Awesome read….definitely wanting more of this series….
szelisk 12 days ago
One word for this book...AMAZINGLY HOT (ok that was 2 words). Josiah Grant former CIA (now security expert) is managing security at Magnolia West (Maggie). Past experiences make Josiah and Maggie believe “forever” isn’t in their futures. Josiah took one look and knew he had to have her. The heat between Josiah and Maggie is SCORCHING! Shayla is fantastic at not only bringing a story to life and pulling you in with it. These stories keep getting better and better!! A MUST-READ SERIES!!!
Theresakerch-28 15 days ago
Great addition to great series Shayla Black did not disappoint with this addition to this awesome series. Josiah and Maggie are so great together the chemistry is off the charts. I could not put this book down, plus the twists and turns kept me guessing. I normally can figures out what will happen but this one i didn’t. Of course this series you get to see updates on many of the other characters from previous books and that never gets old. I cannot wait for any other books in this series.
PennieM 16 days ago
This is another sexy read by this author that had me captivated from page one! What was supposed to be a one-night stand turned into so much more when Josiah ends up staying and cannot seem to get enough of Maggie...and Maggie cannot seem to get enough of Josiah. This is another alpha male with an independent woman who both want to be in charge both in an out of the bedroom but who is going to win the battle of wills. Someone is threatening the neighbors and as the body count goes up, the danger does too. Lots of sexy banter and lots of sexy times round out this spectacular read. This can be read as a standalone if you want and not be lost with the continuing characters from the series. Definitely a recommendation from me. **Received this ARC for review**
EileenAW 17 days ago
What an amazing roller coaster ride Maggie and Josiah’s story took me on in Devoted to Love, book two in Shayla Black’s Devoted Lovers series. These two meet at Maggie’s sister wedding, fall in lust, and hook up afterward. Josiah is a special operative who was assigned to stay and protect Maggie and her grandparents from the danger inhabiting their ranching community. Despite Maggie and Josiah not looking for love they unearthed feelings long hidden to fall hard for each other as they spend some major sexy time between the sheets. Josiah is a dom (Dominant) and is determined to subdue Maggie to bend to his demands. The walls constructed around their hearts are thick and need to be broken down before either Josiah or Maggie is ready to accept the love they develop for each other. As the murder toll rises in their community, danger moves closer to Maggie’s family. All clues point to a mysterious group, think cult, which has been buying up land around the ranch. This group is determined to purchase Maggie’s family land, harassing and demanding they sell it to them. When the group turns to threats and using violence, Josiah must up his game in order to protect Maggie, her family and their ranch. Hopefully, he will live long enough so he and Maggie can get their well-deserved happy ever after. Ms. Black wrote a sexy, suspenseful, and emotional story that was moving and filled with sexual chemistry, wonderful dialogue, and troubled characters that should definitely not be missed. I highly recommend Devoted to Love to other readers.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 17 days ago
DEVOTED TO LOVE is the second full-length instalment in Shayla Black’s contemporary, adult DEVOTED LOVERS erotic, romantic suspense series. This is former CIA agent and EM Security special operative Josiah Grant, and rancher Magnolia ‘Maggie’ West’s story line. DEVOTED TO LOVE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary. Told from dual third person perspectives (Maggie and Josiah) DEVOTED TO LOVE follows the building relationship between former CIA agent and EM Security special operative Josiah Grant, and rancher Magnolia ‘Maggie’ West. Josiah and Maggie met at the wedding of Maggie’s sister Shealyn West and Josiah’s friend Cutter Bryant. A one-night stand leads to something more when the suspicious murder of a neighbor leads to the investigation of a cult known as the Enlightenment Fields and its’ leader Adam Coleman. Enlightenment Fields is amassing land in and around Comfort, Texas, and the West Family ranch stands in their way. What ensues is the growing love and relationship between Maggie and Josiah, and the potential fall-out as Enlightenment Fields targets Josiah and Maggie, and Maggie’s family ranch. Maggie West struggles to accept that Josiah wants anything beyond a one-night stand. Prickly, petulant, defensive and stubborn Maggie’s attitude reflects her fear of abandonment and never finding love. Josiah Grant doesn’t waste any time pushing all of Maggie’s buttons but our hero is determined to claim Maggie as his own. With the Enlightenment Fields cult threatening anyone who refuses to cede, Josiah and the security specialists from EM Security must take precautions to take down the people involved. The relationship between Josiah and Maggie is one of immediate attraction but Maggie is headstrong and refuses to accept that their is a happily ever after in her future. Josiah Grant is a Dominant in the bedroom but Maggie refuses to give up control. The $ex scenes are intimate, passionate, and erotic with some mild scenes of spanking and discipline. There is a large ensemble case of colorful and energetic secondary and supporting characters including Shealyn West and Cutter Bryant; EM Security co-owner Logan Edgington; security agents Zyron and Trees; Pierce ‘One-Mile’ Walker and Brea Bell; Maggie and Shealyn’s grandparents Glenda and Jim West; deputy Kane Preston; 911 operator Dixie Hill; ranch foreman Sawyer; and several members of the Enlightenment Fields including Mercy, Marcus, Michael and Adam Coleman. DEVOTED TO LOVE is a story of family, friendship, betrayal and love. The fast paced premise is engaging, entertaining, and captivating; the characters are numerous, dynamic and determined; the romance is seductive and steamy. DEVOTED TO LOVE is a suspense filled that is sure to catch your attention.
nku 17 days ago
Devoted to Love (Devoted Lovers, #2 ) Shayla Black ... Thanks to the publisher and #NetGalley for allowing me to preview this book. Josiah Grand( Ex CIA now bodyguard) Magnolia West ( doesn't believe in love..wild past) I enjoyed it but I could have done with a little less graphic violence.. There was plenty of that as well as laughs, tears, fear, suspense, plenty of emotions and LOTS of steamy sex that did get us to a very HEA. Reasons I enjoyed this book: Scary Unpredictable Action-packed Happily Ever After Romantic Page-turner Steamy Informative Witty Great world building Wonderful characters Twisted
Evampire9 17 days ago
Her sister’s wedding is hardly the place to find a hook up, but after a stunningly sensual night together, Magnolia West is prepared for them to go their separate ways. He isn’t looking for love, but Maggie rouses Josiah Grant’s body and stirs his heart. A smart man would steer clear, but the murder quotient in Kendall County is rising and all signs point to a mysterious group who have been harassing Maggie’s family, so he can’t leave her unprotected. Following these two strong, vivid characters on their tempestuous journey to their ‘happily ever after’ is one entertaining read that stirs passions, stimulates the mind, arouses emotions and captivates hearts. The chemistry between Josiah and Maggie sizzles with electricity from every page and makes for a lot feisty and fiery encounters whether they butting heads or engaging in steamy intimate moments which keeps things real interesting throughout this volcanic romance. The plots is fast paced and full of thrilling ‘keep turning the pages’ suspense that keeps readers glued to those pages. The group that Josiah feels is responsible for the deaths in the County gives off some seriously freaky and slimy vibes that readers can practically feel radiating from the pages (good thing good vibrations from Josiah and Maggie eclipse those) and readers really become caught up in all the intrigue. Rollicking emotions, passionate encounters, stunning twists, fancy footwork and a sexy overprotective male ensures that readers can’t put this stimulating and entertaining read down.
MaryJoMI 17 days ago
Sultry, sexy, down-right panty-melting. Josiah loves to be a Dom but has sworn off on relationships after getting burned at the altar. When he attends a co-workers wedding, he is captivated by the bride’s sister, Maggie. What starts out as a one-night, no holds barred, sexy fantasy leads him into a mystery at Maggie’s family ranch. Now that he has to stay and unravel the cult that wants her grandparent’s property, will he be able to stick to his one-night plan. Or will she captivate more than his body? Maggie struggles with love after her mother left her as a toddler with her grandparents. She has learned to use and control sex for her pleasure but meeting Josiah, she finds a man that opens up experiences she never dreamed of. When he decides to help her family, she experiences feelings and desires that she thought weren’t possible. Will she realize that love is possible? Josiah and Maggie deliver a hot, steamy romance with a great mystery that kept me guessing. I voluntarily read an ARC of this book and this is my honest review.
mamalovestoread22 17 days ago
Josiah Grant doesn't do love or relationships, he traveled down that path once and he still feels the burn from it every once in a while... and it's not something he wants to try a second time. But after a chance meeting at a clients wedding he begins to rethink his stance on relationships, the moment Maggie wanders into his view, he is completely taken with her and her feisty attitude. But she too has her hang-ups about love, and swears she just wasn't cut out for it... But when danger strikes in Maggie's little town, and Josiah insists on sticking around to protect her family, they can't help but be thrown together. And before long they can't imagine not being in each others lives after it's all said and done... but are they ready for what that little fact means? Within the pages of Devoted to Love readers will meet two stubborn souls who have serious hang-ups about love and relationships. But as we all know love knows no bounds, and they are about to find out that the harder they try to resist it, the harder it is for them to deny! These two were meant for one another, and while their bodies seemed to agree on that little fact, their minds and hearts were a little slow to catch up, so the angst is a little high with this one. While they were fighting their feelings for one another there was also danger lurking, so there was a bit of suspense and excitement to be found amongst the pages too. I really enjoyed this newest installment in the Devoted Lovers series, it had everything you could want in a romance, and the steam level was off the charts... these two had me blushing more than a few times!! Highly recommend!! I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.
MBurton 17 days ago
Devoted to Love is a standalone book in the Devoted Lovers series. First two books in the series focus on the guys at the EM Security company. First book is focused on Cutter Bryant and actress, Shealyn West. Book 2 is Josiah Grant and Magnolia West's story. Maggie is Shealyns sister. The book starts out right with Maggie and Josiah meeting at her sisters wedding to Cutter. As the wedding is located at Maggie and Shealyns grandparents farm, The guys of EM Security learn of the Enlightenment Fields people. These cult-like neighbors have been harassing the farmers to sell their lands next to them and there is some suspicion of foul play involved. Josiah agrees to stick around after the wedding to look into this cult. If that gives him some time with Maggie, all the better. One look at Maggie and he was completely smitten. A few days and nights with her is just what he needs. While Josiah tries to figure out what's going on with the cult, his crush on Maggie grows expediently. It's the last thing he wants or needs, but Maggie has gotten under his skin and he can't get her out. The same can be said for Maggie. Maggie has trust and commitment issues but Josiah may be the one man who can earn that trust. With any small town setting, there are a lot of side characters that bring a lot to the story. With the danger that increases as the cult gets desperate for the neighboring lands, more EM security men come to lend a hand in Josiah's investigation into the cult. We get a few hints to possible new books in the series. What to expect in Devoted to Love? Intrigue, suspense, and a wild heroine who needs tamed and a hero who looks forward to taming her.
Anonymous 15 days ago