Divan of Ghalib

Divan of Ghalib


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Divan of Ghalib by Nachoem Wijnberg

"Wijinberg reveals that the spirit guiding his hand, in poems at once witty and wise, is none other than the great Mughal poet and the beloved is everywhere on display in this highly original, and angelic, book."—Christopher Merrill

The Divan of Ghalib by Dutch poet Nachoem Wijnberg is not an imitation of Ghalib, but written in a form that adopts some core characteristics of the ghazal. Like Ghalib, he is not afraid of simple words and often-used symbols but uses them afresh.

Nachoem Wijnberg has published sixteen books of poetry and five novels.

David Colmer's translations include Advance Payment by Wijnberg and Even Now, poems by Hugo Claus.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781935210856
Publisher: White Pine Press
Publication date: 07/12/2016
Pages: 156
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Nachoem Wijnberg: Nachoem Wijnberg (Amsterdam, 1961) published 16 books of poetry and 5 novels. His work is translated in many languages. An earlier collection of English translations – by David Colmer – was published by Anvil Poetry Press in the U.K. under the title Advance Payment (2013).
David Colmer: David Colmer is an Australian translator of Dutch literature based in Amsterdam. He has won many translation prizes, including the Impac prize for his 2010 translation of Gerbrand Bakker’s The Twin and the Independent Foreign Fiction award for his 2012 rendering of Bakker’s The Detour.

Table of Contents

Foreword 9

The Beginning 13

Ghalib 15

If the King Pays Me 16

Ghalib and One More 17

Ghalib and the Angel 18

There's Not Much I Need to Know 19

Ghalib and God 20

Advantage 21

Ghalib and the Angel of Death 22

By Heart 23

Write Down What I Owe You 24

More and More Freedom 25

Ghalib and Mir 26

Ghalib and Hafiz 28

A Plan 30

Question and Answer, How We Do It 32

Too Much, This Much 33

In the Desert 34

Fire 35

In the Desert 36

The Difference 37

What's Your name again, the only one who doesn't have any plans for when evening comes? 38

Traveling to India 39

A Joke of Ghalib's 40

Arranging to Meet 41

A Joke of God's 42

I Know Enough for a Novel 44

Smash Something on the Ground 46

By the Door 47

When I Hear Shouting I Can Shout Too 49

Clothes 50

Difficult, Possible 51

Giving It Away 53

Last Year There Were Three of Us 54

How It Goes 55

A Storm 57

Ghalib and Muhammad 59

Free 61

Here or There 62

Also Good 63

Hey, there's a difference between the chance afterwards and the chance beforehand. Oh, you mean you've done an experiment? 64

Words 65

And What We Do Then 66

Pretty Boy 67

Abraham and Two Angels 69

Which Mountain? 70

Abraham and Isaac 71

Abraham 72

Leah Does with Her Tears What Rachel Does With Her Laughter 73

Joseph 74

Joseph 75

Joseph and Jesus 77

Drinks All Round 78

Leaving Egypt 79

Nothing is Mine for Long 81

Making Money 83

Later You Can Say You Shook His Hand 85

In the Distance 86

Ghalib at Work 87

Ghalib and His Career 89

Practicing 91

Another Angel That Works Every Day 92

Do You Want to Hear This? 93

Water 94

And What Are We Going to Do Then? Can I Write That on the Wall? 95

How Someone is Made Whole Again 96

Standing Just in Front of a Wall to Ask Questions 97

Investigated and Confirmed 98

Enough 99

Mirrors 100

Ghalib and Jesus 101

Excuse 103

The Old Man with a Dog 104

Something Else 105

Any News? 106

In Paradise 107

You Know 109

Welcome HO Flowers 111

On this Day a Year from Now 113

What Kind, of Day 114

Because Ghalib is What? 115

Ghalib, would you like to know how India is governed? 116

The King When It is Already Dark 117

Waiting 119

Night 120

Work for Me 121

The Last Day 122

Another Way 123

Come and See 126

Ghalib and God 127

Night and Morning 128

In the Dark 129

End of the Night 130

A Joke of Ghalib's 132

Ghalib Knows So Much 134

Victory 136

Showing What I Am Hoping For 137

Just Say Yes, I Promise I Will Do All the Work 138

What an Idiotic Idea, My Being the First to Start Work If I Start in the Dark 139

Ghalib Thought of This 140

On a Horse 141

Desire 142

Desire 143

The News of the Day 144

Exactly that Much 146

It Would Be a Good Joke If Ghalib Was the Only Good Poet 147

Another of Ghalib's Jokes 148

Like This 150

Desire 151

Here I Am 152

Later 153

Skipping 155

Bed, Tree, Heart 157

Letters 158

Letters 159

Can You Do That for Me? 161

This Evening's Question 163

Giving Up 164

Asking for Something 165

Any More Questions? 168

Bird 169

Biographies 171

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