Enchanted by the Highlander

Enchanted by the Highlander

by Lecia Cornwall

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Enchanted by the Highlander is the fourth book in a charming and enchanting Scottish series that reimagines fairytales by Lecia Cornwall.

Gillian MacLeod is shy and quiet, the least likely of all her sisters to seek out excitement and adventure. But on a moonlit night at a masquerade ball, Gillian steals a kiss from a mysterious stranger, knowing she’ll never see him again.

John Erly, disowned by his noble English father, started a new life in Scotland. Most people are suspicious of the foreign mercenary and he does everything is his power to avoid romantic entanglements. But he can’t forget the bewitching beauty who kissed him in the dark, and stole his heart, even though he has no idea who she might be.

A year later, John is given the duty of escorting Gillian to her wedding and immediately recognizes her as the temptress he’s dreamed of for months. There’s not much he can do when she's promised to another man, but fate intervenes and this time, passion—and adventure—can’t be denied. Honor demands he stay away from the MacLeod’s enchanting daughter, but love has a very different ending in mind...

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ISBN-13: 9781250156204
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 11/14/2017
Series: A Highland Fairytale
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 300
Sales rank: 65,237
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Lecia Cornwall is the author of Regency and Scottish romances, including Beauty and the Highland Beast and When a Laird Finds a Lass. Her books are known for their layered plots, humour, and intriguing characters. Lecia lives in Alberta, Canada with two adult children, four cats, a crazy chocolate Lab, the dozens of book characters who live in her head, and one very patient husband who endures it all with remarkable patience. Lecia is currently hard at work on her next book.
Lecia Cornwall is the author of Regency and Scottish romances, including Beauty and the Highland Beast and When a Laird Finds a Lass. Her books are known for their layered plots, humour, and intriguing characters. Lecia lives in Alberta, Canada with two adult children, four cats, a crazy chocolate Lab, the dozens of book characters who live in her head, and one very patient husband who endures it all with remarkable patience. Lecia is currently hard at work on her next book.

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He was late. John Erly spurred his horse harder, leaned low over the creature's neck and raced across the cliff top. The Virgin was already at anchor in the harbor below, and everyone was gathered to welcome the newly minted earl and his lovely countess.

There wasn't a Sinclair who'd admit it meant a thing, of course, but John knew they were proud their chief had been so honored — that they'd been so honored — by Queen Anne, a Stuart, and therefore a Scot and one of their own.

John wondered if Dair had seen the Earl of Clive in London, John's own father, the man who'd disowned his son without a farthing for his terrible sins. But that had been four years ago, and he had a different life now, here in Scotland. It wasn't the life he was born to, but it was his. He lived by his own rules, his own code of honor, free, and single. Not that there weren't women in his life, but he preferred the company of experienced women like Rhona Sinclair, a lusty widow with a taste for fun, or Effie Lyle, who was warm and welcoming, and did not expect marriage from him.

But it had been Elspeth Sinclair who'd made him late this morning, who wouldn't take no for an answer when he'd told her he had to leave her bed to meet Dair's ship. Once more had turned into twice before he'd left her well pleasured and exhausted with a promise that he'd be back. Eventually. He'd left his bow there, and he'd need to retrieve it at some point.

John galloped along the cliff path against the wind. In the bay below, Virgin's launches were already rowing ashore. He swore softly and wished he had time to go back to his own cottage and change his clothes. He looked like he'd slept in these. He grinned and kicked the horse again, coaxing more speed out of the beast.

When he reached top of the path that led to the beach, Fia was already there. She watched as John reined in and dismounted. He caught her hand and swept a low, elegant bow. "May I say how lovely you look, Countess Carrbry?"

She plucked her fingers out of his grip and stuck her nose in the air. "Your breeches are buttoned wrong, English John, and your shirt isn't laced. When was the last time you combed your hair?"

He did what he always did. He gave her his most charming grin — Countess or peasant lass, it never failed to melt the coldest female heart. Fia's sharp glare softened, and a dimple appeared in her cheek. "Slaightear," she murmured fondly. "Blaigeard — rogue, rascal."

He took her hand again and kissed the tips of her fingers with a laugh, denying none of it, and this time she gave his hand an affectionate squeeze.

"Who's this?" a gruff male voice asked.

John turned to see an older man standing behind Fia, wearing a MacLeod plaid. He looked John over with a deep scowl.

"Papa, this is John Erly," Fia said. "John, this is my father, Donal MacLeod, the Laird of Glen Iolair."

"The Sassenach," the Fearsome MacLeod grumbled. His eyes narrowed, and his hand went to the hilt of his dirk. The man certainly lived up to his fearsome nickname. He was tall, broad, and muscular despite the streaks of silver in his dark hair. John imagined facing him in battle — Donal MacLeod's enemies probably died of fright without his even having to draw his claymore, which was as famous as the man who wielded it.

Yet wee Fia took her father's arm and stood on her toes to kiss his cheek, and John watched the laird's iron glare melt like warm butter. "Now, Papa, John is Dair's very good friend, and the captain of our guards," she said. "He's the best swordsman I've ever seen."

Donal MacLeod looked at John again, but it was clear that his opinion hadn't budged.

"I had the honor of meeting one of your other daughters, Laird MacLeod," John said smoothly. "May I enquire after Mistress Meggie's health?"

The Highlander reddened and scowled. "My daughter is none of your —"

"Papa!" Fia said, shaking Donal's arm gently. "Meggie is well, John — or she was last time I heard from her. Papa brought me letters from all my sisters when we met in Edinburgh."

John tried a different smile, a polite one this time, with all the highborn, aristocratic charm of his youth behind it, but still the Fearsome MacLeod wasn't impressed.

Fia blushed and looked down at the people on the beach below. "Now where is Dair?"

John spotted Alasdair Og at once, by his height and his plaid. He was helping someone out of the launch, a slender woman. He grasped her waist and swung her out of the boat and onto the pebbled shore. The lass's skirts caught the wind, revealing shapely ankles, and her plaid blew back from her head. The breeze snatched the ribbon that bound her hair, and it flew out to sea and set free a cloud of glorious russet curls, nearly scarlet against the gray of the rocks and the sea.

John was too far away to see her face. But her body had a graceful delicacy of shape and height. Dair let her go once she had her balance back again.

"Who is the woman with —" John began, but both Fia and Donal rounded on him.

"That's my daughter," and "She's my sister," came out at the same moment, both voices sharp with identical warning: Stay away.

It felt as if the sun had gone behind a cloud. John had been at Carraig Brigh for almost four years. Folk were polite, sometimes almost friendly, but they never let him forget he was an outsider here. It didn't matter that he was Dair's friend and trusted captain, he was an Englishman, a Sassenach, a man cast out by his own kin for sins he didn't speak of. Despite his skills with a sword, or any kindness he might do, any noble deed, he'd never be good enough for men like Donal MacLeod.

John bowed again, crisply. "If you'll excuse me, I've duties to see to."

But he made the mistake of looking down over the cliff again. The lass was staring up at him now, her eyes wide, her face a pale oval against the swirling glory of her hair. He knew without even being close enough to see her features that she was beautiful. His chest tightened, and his mouth dried. He felt as if lightning had struck him, but the sky was clear. It was standing too close to the cliff top, he told himself. He hated the sea, hated ships, and even looking at the waves was enough to remind him of the last time he'd sailed, make him feel sick and regretful. He pushed the memory away. It was the sea, and only the sea, not the MacLeod's daughter, Fia's sister, the lass forbidden to the likes of him.

He turned and led the garron away. He caught up with some of the sailors, men he was acquainted with, and joked with them as if the snub didn't matter.

Gillian stood on the pebbled beach, still feeling the roll of the ship under the thin soles of her shoes. She shaded her eyes and looked up the steep path to where her father and sister waited and took note of the man standing next to Fia. The wind blew his fair hair, and the sun sparked on the stubble of his unshaven face, giving him a golden glow. He was tall, as tall as her father, but lean instead of broad, his legs long, clad in breeches and tall boots, not a kilt. She could tell — feel — that he was staring at her. The earth tilted in the oddest way.

She felt something stir in her breast, and her heart thumped. Then the ribbon in her hair broke free, and she lost sight of him in the wind-tossed cloud of her hair.

"Are ye steady, lass?" Alasdair Og asked kindly, his hand under her elbow. "It takes a few minutes to get your bearings on land after being in a ship."

The world righted itself again, and she felt the pebbles under her feet. She smelled the damp-earth-salt-scent of the cliff face. For a moment the stranger on the cliff stared down at her, his face in shadow now, his hair still sunlit. She leaned on Dair's arm and stared silently back at him, too shy to ask Dair the name of the man with her sister, yet unable to tear her gaze away. Then he turned and disappeared from view.

She caught her breath and let go of Dair. "Thank you. I'm well."

Her brother-in-law smiled. "Then let's go up, get ye settled. I'm sure Fia has a nice, quiet room already picked out for ye."


"He's Dair's captain, John Erly," Fia said when Gillian quietly asked the stranger's name as they rode up to the castle.

Gillian recalled Meggie mentioning him, calling him English John. What was it she'd said about him? That he was a Sassenach, but a handsome one. Meggie had doubted he had the cloven hooves or devil's horns that most Scots thought Englishmen possessed. In her sister's opinion, English John was well-mannered, chivalrous, and brave.

And Gillian's opinion — which she kept to herself — was that John Erly was the handsomest man she'd ever seen. When she saw him later that evening in the hall at supper, he seemed a cocksure, charming rogue, and he filled the room just by walking into it and stole all the air. She was not introduced to him. She was seated between her father and her sister, and she watched him from a distance. Men greeted him, and the women cast long looks of such smoldering, wicked suggestion in his direction, they made Gillian blush. He grinned at them and winked, and Gillian's heart did a slow roll in her breast, even though those looks weren't directed at her.

He did not so much as glance in her direction. Gillian had never felt quite this invisible. It was as if her chair stood empty, or she herself was of utterly no interest to him, even as a visitor and Fia's sister.

There was a place set for him at the table next to Dair, but he ate with the clansmen instead. Papa sat glaring at the Englishman as if he expected John Erly to leap to his feet and kill everyone in the room. The tension was so thick the weight of it was almost crushing — at least to Gillian. Fia scarcely seemed to notice. Her sister chattered happily about how good it was to be home, and the latest gossip she'd heard about local folk that Gillian didn't know. Gillian stopped listening and watched John Erly from under her lashes. She learned about people by watching and listening, since few folk made the effort to draw her into conversation. She noted that John had a ready grin and a quick wit when the men seated around him laughed often. The light gleamed on the gold of his hair as if he was burnished. He'd shaved for the meal and changed his clothes. He dressed as the clansmen did, in a linen shirt and a leather vest, but he wore boots and breeches instead of a kilt, which marked him as different. Did he have cloven hooves and a tail?

"Are you listening, Gilly?" Fia said, shaking her from her reverie. Caught staring, Gillian felt hot blood fill her cheeks. She smiled at her sister and took a sip of her wine. It was cold, clear, and sweet.

"I was telling you about one of the parties we attended in London — one of many, of course — but this was a masked ball." Fia cast a sideways look at their father, but he was busy scowling at English John. "Such parties are considered slightly wicked, even in England. All the lords and ladies in attendance were in disguise, wearing masks and costumes, and there was no way to know who you might be speaking to, or who was watching you." Fia grinned like a pirate. "It was great fun indeed. I thought we might have one at Carraig Brigh while you and Papa are here, to celebrate our new status. I intend to invite everyone we know — the captains of Dair's fleet, his city friends, all the lairds and chiefs of our allies."

Gillian scanned her sister's face. Was this another ploy to try to find her a husband? And yet, how could anyone choose a husband from a roomful of masked men?

"Do you think Papa would approve?" Fia asked.

"Approve of what?" Donal MacLeod asked.

"A masked ball, Papa," Fia said. "Everyone comes in disguise, unknown to their fellow guests until the unmasking at midnight."

Donal MacLeod frowned. "How will ye know who you're speaking to if everyone is wearing a disguise?"

Fia grinned. "That's the point. Folk say things when they're masked they wouldn't otherwise and show sides of themselves they usually keep hidden."

Gillian wondered just what kind of things people might be willing to reveal to strangers if they felt themselves anonymous. She glanced at English John again. To her surprise, he was staring at her.

Her breath caught in her throat as their eyes locked. He wasn't smiling now. His face was in shadow, and she wondered what he was thinking.

"Sounds dangerous to me. Ye might think ye're talking to a friend when it's your worst enemy listening to all your secrets," her father said.

"But they won't know you, either, Papa," Fia said.

"Then why would we talk at all if we're strangers?"

"But when you unmask, you might find you're friends," Fia tried.

"Or not," Donal grumbled.

Gillian was barely listening. She couldn't look away from John. She felt heat filling her face, and every nerve grew taut as the Englishman held her gaze. Usually, when someone met her eyes, Gillian looked away, but this time, she couldn't. She wished she were close enough to know what color the eyes were that stared into hers. It was impossible to tell across the hall by candlelight.

Her father and Fia were leaning across her, and Fia was still trying to explain the point of a masked ball to their father.

"Sometimes it's not about talking. Sometimes it's a look or a touch, and not knowing who might be behind the mask," Fia said.

Gillian watched John Erly raise his cup to his lips and drink, his eyes still holding hers, and she swallowed with him, her mouth watering.

"D'ye mean to tell me ye wouldn't know Dair no matter how canny the disguise he wore, or he wouldn't know ye?" her father asked Fia.

"Well, of course I would, but —"

"Then if ye know the ones ye know, and have no care about the ones ye don't, it makes no sense to go about in disguise," Donal said stubbornly.

"Oh, Papa," Fia said. "We shall have to find very clever costumes to fool you."

The sound of their voices drifted away, and Gillian was only aware of the sound of her own breath, the beating of her heart — and John Erly.

Then Fia nudged her and broke the spell. "You were a thousand miles away again — I've asked you twice what costume you might wear to my masked ball. What on earth are you thinking about?" She followed the direction of Gillian's gaze to John Erly and gave a little gasp of surprise. "Were you staring at English John?" she whispered, casting a quick glance at their father, but he'd turned to converse with Dair. Fia squeezed Gillian's arm. "Oh no, sweeting — John's not for you. He's a rogue of the worst sort."

"Is he unkind to women?" Gillian asked, surprised.

Fia's lips tightened. "No, worse — he's charming. There's not a lass at Carraig who hasn't had her head turned by English John. Flattery gets him everything, and he knows just what to say to win a lass's heart and her — Well, he isn't for novices, Gilly, and he certainly isn't for you. Stay away from him while you're here."

"But how did an Englishman come to be at Carraig Brigh, serving as captain of the guard?" Gillian asked, curious.

Fia sipped her wine. "He's the son of an English earl, but his father disowned him."

"Why?" Gillian asked.

Fia's eyes slid away. "Something about a lady, or a series of ladies, that's all I know. John was in gaol in England when the English captured Dair's ship, tortured Dair half to death, and murdered his cousin. If English John hadn't convinced the guards to let them both go, Dair would be dead." Fia regarded the Englishman with gratitude. "John brought him home, Gillian. He's as brave as a lion and a very fine swordsman." She blinked back a tear, then straightened her spine and gave Gillian a sharp look. "Don't mistake me. In many ways John is a wonderful man, just not in love. He'd make a dreadful husband, even if a lass could catch him. Many have tried. I've tried myself to find him a bride, but he'll have none of it. He likes widows, women with experience, the kind who want nothing more than —" Fia blushed. "Well, they don't want a husband."

"I see," Gillian said.

Fia frowned. "Do you? Then you'll take my advice and stay away from him." She patted Gillian's hand. "Don't worry — I'll invite lots of fine, eligible gentlemen to the ball, and you'll have a chance to meet them all. You will take advantage of the opportunity, won't you, Gilly? There'll be no need to feel shy if no one knows you."


Excerpted from "Enchanted By The Highlander"
by .
Copyright © 2017 Lecia Cornwall.
Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
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Enchanted by the Highlander 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am happy this series is finished...all were disappointing.
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading Gillian and John's story! John and Gillian spend one romantic evening together and both are smitten. Too bad John has no idea who his mystery woman was. When he does learn her identity, he is escorting her to her betrothed! Can he give her up with they reach their destination? It was awesome to see Gillian break out of her shell one she was away from her sisters. She was another person without them "interferring" in her life. I really liked John too. I liked watching him get out from under the guilt of what got him banished from England. Definitely one of the best ones of the series!! I'm excited to continue on with the rest of the MacLeod sister!!
Crystal61 More than 1 year ago
Gillian is a misunderstood woman. I enjoyed her infinite patience with her family as well as her curiosity and love for nature's beauty. Her talents were surprising, but it just showed how strong she really was. I was drawn to John because of his selflessness in helping others without needing recognition. The two complimented and surprised each other which made this a fun read for me. I received a copy of this story through Netgalley, and this is my unsolicited review.
TamWindsor_69 More than 1 year ago
The title says it all -- This book was completely enchanting! I loved this Cinderella-esque retelling with a Scottish Highland flair. It combined the best of historical romance and fairy tales. Cornwall put in just enough twists to put her original stamp on the fairy tale theme. *I received a complimentary ARC of this story from NetGalley & St. Martin's Press in order to read and provide a voluntary, unbiased and honest review, should I choose to do so.
Brigittehf More than 1 year ago
This is truly an enchanting tale. A timid Scottish lass and a bold and charming Englishman with a reputation. John Erly is an outstanding swordsman and captain to one of the Scottish Lairds. His whole life has been a run of bad luck and living in Scotland, he is looked upon as being an outsider. He takes it all in his stride and doesn't show any sign of bitterness. He came to Scotland after being disinherited for something which was not his fault. He doesn't believe that he can find happiness because of his sins, and sticks to casual relationships. He has no intention of changing his ways. Gillian is one of twelve sisters. She hardly speaks her mind and is overprotected by her family. Quite overbearing at times. Despite, what everyone thinks, she is observant and more capable that they believe. The first time that she sets eyes on John, something changes, but she is warned to keep away from him. During one of her secret persuits, she witnesses something about John that makes her even more curious. He can't be as bad as everyone suggests. When her sister Fia organises a masquerade ball, she does something completely out of character. John is intrigued by this elegant masked beauty who disappears after one kiss. She has the advantage of knowing who he is, but even he wants to seek her out, he doesn't know who she is. On her way to her wedding, Gillian stops to pay her sister a visit and upon seeing her, John comes to the realisation of what's been bugging him for a year. Nothing he can do about it now. They acknowledge each other and have to fight hard against the attraction. He is tasked with accompanying her on her journey to Edinburgh and this is where fate comes into play. They face a dangerous situation and Gillian's strength of character shines. For the first time in six years, John talks about his past and the guilt that he carries with him. Gillian sees the good in him, but he doesn't believe that they have a future. He can't seem to put a foot right and the animosity from the Scots makes his life difficult. She continues to show her strength and determination. It's a captivating story with twists and turns throughout. It's full of danger and surprises. There is a lot of sufferings, but love prevails. The storyline is complex and intriguing. The characters are very well portrayed and I became completely involved. A fascinating and exciting read. I was kindly issued with an eARC from the publisher via NetGalley and the views expressed are my personal opinion.
FromTheSouth More than 1 year ago
Cruelly turned out by his own family, English John, the hero, was forced to embrace a new life and homeland on the soils of Scotland. Unfortunately, many Scots could not overlook his origins, and he remained still mostly an outcast. There he eventually earned and embraced a womanizing reputation as a “Good Time Charlie”, as he certainly had bonny widow lasses lining up to make him feel welcome in their beds. In fact, he had at least three he frequented on and off before meeting Gillian, the heroine. Fortunately, they were only referenced from time to time, but no cameo appearances. For this avid romantic at heart, it wasn’t an appealing setup to have him show up disheveled from just rolling around between the sheets with one of them then looking into the eyes of the heroine for the first time. It had me questioning if I was going to be a fan of him myself, folks. Later I did get his full history and thankfully discovered he did have a kind, compassionate heart, under that overly used flirtatious facade, even tons of honor stashed away hidden from view, as well. Yes, there was more to this man than meets the overly exaggerated reputation he hid behind. The writing flowed though large parts of it, but a couple of times it felt like it could be wrapped up but surprisingly continued. Likely because I was growing impatient for this manly man to man up and fight to keep his girl. Sure, he fought bravely with swords, but he turned tail and ran when he had to battle emotions, while Gillian seemed to always hold her ground and fight regardless of the circumstances. At times it felt she was chasing after him when it should have been vice versa. Of course, eventually he comes to his senses. By the time I got to the end, I definitely felt it was overly lengthy with too many characters squabbling. I also needed the never ending perilous situations to cease, as well. It was like the author wasn’t sure the best way to wrap it up, so she lost her focus and added too much. If you are a lover of relationship angst, a stubborn/thinks he isn’t good enough hero who drags his feet in going after his woman but would give his life to protect her, you’ll likely enjoy several parts of the storyline. You’ll need to be in the mood for a lass that fights like a warrior when necessary, but usually shy, demure, and blushes “constantly”. Except for the mental image of his previous Casanova ways, I did want them to have a HEA, but I was exhausted by the end. So, yeah, I enjoyed most of it until it began to lose its mojo. Again, I’m not big on repeated start/stop wrap up conclusions. Go out with a bang and leave it that way is what I find verra appealing. Title: Enchanted by the Highlander, Series: A Highland Fairy Tale (Book 4), Author: Lecia Cornwall, stand-alone but part of series, fighter under her pretty, mousy demeanor who blushes “a lot”, some violence, attempted rape, no cheating, both celibate during separation, no OW drama after meeting, OM want to marry her, didn’t think it would ever end. (I received a free advanced reader copy provided via NetGalley. This is my honest, unbiased opinion. No type of compensation was given to this reviewer. There is no relationship or affiliation between the reviewer and the author/publisher/NetGalley.)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ms Cornwall has concocted a charming and well-written version of the familiar tale of Cinderella. She managed to do it without any "bibbety, bobetty, boo!" and added a nice degee of heat into the bargain. And if the complexity of the hero's past strains credulity, so what? It is a fairy tale, after all.
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
I really liked this highland fairy tale read. Loosely based on Cinderella, Gillian is typically the shy and quiet one in her family but one night she takes a chance and kisses a stranger at a masked ball. John has been disowned by his English father and can’t forget the kiss he shared with the masked woman. Months later when they meet again, will either be able to let go again? Fast-paced, fun, and entertaining. I liked the characters as well as the story. A good read.
gigiluvsbooks2 More than 1 year ago
Gillian MacLeod is shy and quiet, the least likely of all her sisters to seek out excitement and adventure. But on a moonlit night at a masquerade ball, Gillian steals a kiss from a mysterious stranger, knowing she’ll never see him again. John Erly, disowned by his noble English father, started a new life in Scotland. Most people are suspicious of the foreign mercenary and he does everything is his power to avoid romantic entanglements. But he can’t forget the bewitching beauty who kissed him in the dark, and stole his heart, even though he has no idea who she might be. A year later, John is given the duty of escorting Gillian to her wedding and immediately recognizes her as the temptress he’s dreamed of for months. There’s not much he can do when she's promised to another man, but fate intervenes and this time, passion—and adventure—can’t be denied. Honor demands he stay away from the MacLeod’s enchanting daughter, but love has a very different ending in mind... Review: Watch out for the quiet ones! Another new to me Author and another historical romance that I really enjoyed. I really did enjoy this story where the shy quiet girl is not what she seems. No wonder being one of 12 for goodness sakes I am sure it was hard to get in a word, so she just kind of gave up. That is until she falls in love and loses him and then is betrothed to another. It gets really interesting from there. Lots of action and adventure, plus a good old sexy romance. I liked that Gillian is not typical, or at least you might think she is at first but watch out. John seems like the perfect rake too, but there is more below his surface too. That they are multi-faceted makes them and the story so engrossing and engaging. One of things I liked the most was when all the suitors started showing up at the castle to claim Gilly's hand and her families reaction. Another thing I liked was the witty dialogue. This was book four in the series, so now I need to go back and read the others because you know I did not read them in order. Then I will be all caught up when the next book comes out. 4.5Stars *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book provided by the publisher.*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received an advance copy of this book and agreed to give an honest review. I've read every book that Lecia Cornwall has written, and look forward to the next in this series. Like the first three books in the Highland Fairytale series, this is a reimagining of a fairy tale. In this case, Cinderella. Gillian is shy, quiet, and ill at ease in public. Unlike her sisters, she'd much prefer to stay home and read a book. That is, until she spots John Erly. She has no idea how to get his attention, and she's too shy to try. An Englishman and one of the MacLeod guards, he, too, is enchanted when he sees Gillian. She is far above his station, however, and he vows to stay away from her. He can't seem to get her out of his mind, though. When a masked ball is announced, neither Gillian or John is interested in attending. Both are talked into it, though, and that's where a mutual attraction becomes undeniable. With their identities hidden, they sneak into the garden and share a kiss at midnight. Unfortunately, they're interrupted and Gillian flees. John finds her mask, but cannot find her. After she leaves the castle, Gillian is sure she'll never see John again. Will they ever find a happily ever after?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You can’t go wrong with this author!!!!
grammyx3 More than 1 year ago
Lecia Cornwall has another winner with her latest release, Enchanted by the Highlander. This story is very well-written, contains witty dialogue, a fun plot and three-dimensional characters who appeal to the reader. I especially liked Moire, the healer who seemed to have a touch of "the sight" and always was there when she was needed. The main characters Gillian MacLeod and John Early made for a fascinating couple. They were able to overcome all the stumbling blocks placed in their way to their happily ever after. This is a fun read for all Scottish Highlander fans.
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
Enchanted by the Highlander by Lecia Cornwall is Book Four in the "A Highland Fairy Tale" Series. This is the story of Gillian MacLeod and John Erly. I have read the other books in this series (and loved them) but feel this can be a standalone book. Donal MacLeod has loved all his wives and all his daughters but they do try to out smart him sometimes. Gillian is the shyest and quietest one of the family. Gillian seems to prefer to listing along with watching others. Gillian family has taken it among themselves to talk, think and answer for her leaving Gillian without a voice really. But Gillian does dream of having the relationship her sister's have with their husbands. Gillian is warned away from John who is an outsider to Scotland and only been there a few years. Everyone goes to John when they need something and counts on him but he is still thought of as an outsider. John was the son of a Noble Englishman but was disowned by his father and started a new life in Scotland. One night Gillian and John steal a kiss at a masquerade ball where they both are strongly affected by the kiss. But John didn't know who Gillian was and wasn't able to find her and almost a year passed since that kiss. But when John is asked to escort Gillian to a man that is to be her husband he starts to learn that it was Gillian who gave him that kissed. But along they way to their destination they run into danger and that makes for them to have more time together. Really enjoyed their story!
DebDiem More than 1 year ago
Enchanted By The Highlander by Lecia Cornwall is a phenomenal read and makes me wonder why I haven't read more by this author. Ms Cornwall has given us a well-written book. Gillian is the shy, quiet sister of the MacLeods clan. John is a disowned Englishman and captain of the guards for Gillian's brother-in-law. Let me stop here and say, Ms Cornwall has created an amazing cast of characters for this book. John and Gillian's story is loaded with action, adventure, drama, humor and sizzling hot sexy bits. This is a fun book and I enjoyed every page. I look forward to reading more from Lecia Cornwall in the future. Enchanted By The Highlander is book 4 of A Highland Fairytale Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I voluntarily read an Advance Reader Copy of this book that I received from NetGalley.
Rita0285 More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful book. It’s full of adventure, suspense and romance. John and Gillian had a tough time getting passed all the obstacles in there way. But Gillian got her adventure and her man.
def618 More than 1 year ago
I have read and enjoyed all the Highland Fairy Tales books and novellas, but this one is my favorite so far. Gillian MacLeod is the quiet, invisible sister who usually goes along with what she’s told. While visiting her sister Fia and brother-in-law Dair she meets John Erly, aka English John, the disowned son of an Earl and Dair’s friend. He is the captain of the guards and trains the men and boys, but he’s still considered an outsider. Gilly thinks he’s the handsomest man she’s ever seen. Gillian is restless and hunts at night to be on her own. She observes John hunting and leaving his kill at the doors of the needy. He’s the most interesting man she knows although Fia warns her away from him. Fia and Dair are hosting a masked ball, inviting several single men for her to meet. Gilly’s costume is supposed to be a shepherdess, but she decides on something else and decides to have an adventure. John has a good reason for hating masked balls. However, when he sees the woman in pink and gold his heart leaps. They walk outside, and he kisses her. They are interrupted, and she runs to her room losing her mask which he picks up. Shortly after, she returns to her home. Ten months later her father has arranged a marriage to an older man in Edinburgh. He is unable to travel, so sends her to Fia’s as Dair will escort her to Edinburgh and give her away. She doesn’t want to marry this man, but John never contacted her, so she gave in to her father’s wishes. Dair has been delayed so Fia asks John, with a group of their men, to escort her overland to Edinburgh. As they ride, he realizes she is his masked woman. The trip is dangerous and John a hero. The wedding in Edinburgh is called off and she returns home to Glen Iolair hoping John will follow her there. Since I hate to write spoilers, I’ll leave it to you to discover all that happens after she returns home. This is a very good book and I can easily recommend it. Thanks to the publisher for allowing me this ARC. No one asked for or influenced my review.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
Take a fairy tale then set it in the Highlands of Scotland at some time in the past and add a lot of twists to the story along the way . . . . what a great idea this proved to be! In this case Cinderella is Gillian MacLeod and she doesn’t have two ugly sisters or a wicked stepmother, instead she’s one of a dozen sisters and the one who usually watches and fades into the background - so much so that her sisters tend to speak for her without asking what she thinks or wants! They don’t do it to be cruel, they’re convinced she’s very shy and reticent with strangers…..but they couldn’t be more wrong! She proves this when visiting one of her married sisters. She has spent time in Edinburgh with her father and been introduced to lots of potential suitors but not one appealed to her. When she arrives at her sisters she is drawn to John Erly, the disowned son of an English nobleman, the man who was instrumental in rescuing her brother-in-law from imprisonment and now is Captain of his guard. Gillian is too reticent to approach the handsome sassenach but seizes the opportunity to do so during a masquerade ball hosted by her sister during which she steals a kiss from him before disappearing back to her room. That kiss seals their fate but there will be adventures a plenty before they have any chance of attaining their fairytale ending! This is an action packed historical romance involving everything from midnight hunts, spying, a journey to marry, attacks en route and an unexpected heroine before family beliefs, relationships and dogged determination all have their role to play. The family’s image of Gillian is going to be totally revised during her adventurous escapades and her stubborn refusal to take no for an answer. She proves a strong opponent to anyone seeking to harm her or those she loves, not the whimpering, overlooked young girl they thought she was. She is willing to fight for what is right, defend those in need and still remains a sweet, quiet young lady for most of the time! English John is not worried what others think of him most of the time. He has an unearned reputation that he doesn’t dispute but is really a very kind and understanding gentleman who wants to do things the right way to make things better in the long run for all concerned. He is willing to fight for what’s right, too, and is even willing to face Gillian’s father! They make a great couple. I found the author’s descriptions of events and scenes brought them to life in my imagination. The plot isn’t a straightforward one, there are plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader engaged and I thoroughly enjoyed escaping into this historical romance! I requested and received a copy of this novel, via NetGalley. This is my honest review after choosing to read it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story is about trusting yourself and not to be afraid to speak up. Don’t let people run all over you Hero is John . Heroine is Gillian. Gillian and her father are going to her sisters keep in Scotland. Her father and sister think that Gillian is a shy meek young lady . When someone asks Gillian an question her family answer for her. Gillian arrives in Scotland and one man catches her Eye. John. But everyone warns Gillian away from John. They call him a rake . A Rouge a player . Little do they know what John does in the dead of night . Gillian sister wants to hold a masquerade ball so Gillian can meet eligible men for her hand Gillian doesn’t ware the costume her sister picked tor her but one of her own with a mask. After some time in the hall Gillian approached John. They go outside. Gillian knows who John is but John has no idea who the lady in the mask is After a deep kiss , John and Gillian need to break apart because there are lanterns coming into the garden. Gillian runs but she drops her mask. John finds it and he wants to find the lady behind the mask. Will he. There is more but you need to read it and see if an English man wins a Scottish lass
stanhope3234 More than 1 year ago
3.75* This is the fourth book in the series and I enjoyed it with that being said it did not start out well. It took quite some time for the story to get going but when it did I could not put it down. John “English John” Erly has many secrets that he keeps to himself, an English man in Scotland does not have it easy. Saving Alasdair Og from imprisonment and becoming his friend has in away given John a purpose and a job, Dair’s captain. Everyone thinks John is a rogue and he does nothing to to stop the rumors. Gillian MacLeod is one of the many daughters of Laird Donal MacLeod. Being the quite daughter, her sisters and everyone else talk for her and for the most part she allows it. The only problem is it’s getting out of hand and everyone thinks they know what she should do and what she wants out of life. She wants adventure and freedom to do what she wants and to find a great love like her other sisters. When Gillian meets John she sees the man he truly is, a caring and honorable man. John knows he’s not good enough for Gillian and does everything he can to push her way. When he sees the life he never knew he wanted slip away he needs a make a decision. This book had great dialogue, sweet romance and great sexual tension and nail biting suspense. I can’t wait for the next book.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Enchanted by the Highlander by Lecia Cornwall A Highland Fairy Tale #4 With elements of Cinderella and a few other fairy tales I remember from childhood I have to say this was a thoroughly enjoyable story! Gilllian McLeod, one of twelve daughters, is the quietest and least understood of the sisters. She steps outside of her usual boundaries to kiss a man she finds attractive while at a masked ball only to not hear from him again for so long that she finds herself engaged to another man. When Gilly meets again with John Erly, the man she kissed, he realizes who she is but believes there is no hope for the two of them. He is entrusted with her safety to get her to the wedding on time and the story at that point begins to pick up. This story has a masked ball, a secret kiss, an overland journey, bad men to thwart, proposals aplenty, a coming into one’s own, a competition among worthy opponents and eventually true love’s kiss and true love to be found. I enjoyed this book – perhaps not quite as much as some of the previous stories – but could not put it down once I began. I am eager to read about each and every one of the sisters and who they will end up with (8 more to go?) and also wouldn’t mind knowing what happens to some of the warriors mentioned in the story as well as the men who proposed to but did not win Gilly. Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the ARC – This is my honest review. 4.5 Stars