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Epilogue: Selected and Last Poems

Epilogue: Selected and Last Poems

by Frederick Morgan, Paula Deitz (Editor)
Epilogue: Selected and Last Poems

Epilogue: Selected and Last Poems

by Frederick Morgan, Paula Deitz (Editor)


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In Epilogue: Selected and Last Poems, Frederick Morgan reworks and amplifies, in his extraordinary poetic range, the fundamental human themes that preoccupied him—love, death, pain, the nature and transcendence of the Self. In interweaving his many themes, he recaptures the past, the confrontation with the external world of nature and the internal world of dream, the oppositions and ambiguities of body and spirit, and the reduplications of meaning in legend and fable. Assembled from eight previous collections, and including his final poems, this profoundly moving book transcends individual expression to provide a powerful insight into universal human experience.

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ISBN-13: 9781636280424
Publisher: Red Hen Press
Publication date: 05/03/2022
Pages: 406
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Frederick Morgan (1922–2004), a native New Yorker and graduate of Princeton University, served during WWII in the US Army’s Tank Destroyer Corps. A founder of The Hudson Review in 1947, he edited it for fifty years, remaining affiliated until his death as Founding Editor. He published eleven books of poems, two collections of prose fables, and two books of translations. In 1984, he was made Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government. In 2001, he won the Aiken Taylor Award for poetry. Morgan lived in New York City, with summers in Blue Hill, Maine.

Paula Deitz joined The Hudson Review in 1967 and succeeded her husband Frederick Morgan as editor in 1998. She is also a cultural critic who writes about art, architecture and landscape design for newspapers and magazines in the United States and abroad. In addition to her book titled Of Gardens: Selected Essays, she edited two Hudson Review anthologies, Writes of Passage: Coming-of-Age Stories and Memoirs from The Hudson Review and Poets Translate Poets: A Hudson Review Anthology. She resides in New York.

Read an Excerpt

The Step

From where you are at any moment you may step off into death.
Is it not a clinching thought?
I do not mean a stoical bravado of making the great decision blade in hand but the awareness, all so simple, that right in the middle of the day you may be called to an adjoining room.


After the last battle,
the enemy having been cut to pieces,
he rode a short distance from the field and dismounted.

Sat in his armor on the grass and gave word to his staff that he wished to make a flower-arrangement—
they, however, lacked the equipment.

So he took a bucket, and his horse’s bit
(which he hung by one ring from the bucket-handle)
and rigged them into a flower-holder,

then with his bloody sword cut wild blossoms and grasses and in an hour’s silence composed a subtle and delicate combination . . .

Those whom he had conquered he now must judge.

Table of Contents


A Being in Time: On the Poetry of Frederick Morgan 15

A Book of Change (1972)

Port Caradoc 33

Scotch Mary 34

"Sometimes I hear…" 35

Poem of the Self 36

The World of Purple Light 37

Then 38

The Oppositions 39

Etude 40

The Reprieve 41

The Way 42

Nocturne 43

Song 44

The Vantage 45

Poems of the Two Worlds (1977)


In Silence 51

"When it rained and rained …" 52

Poem of the Gold Coin 53

The Past 54

Memories 55

The Door 59

1949 61

The Letter 62

From a Diary 63

Exotica 65


From a Forgotten Book 71

Centaurs 72

Bianca 74

Mary 75

Hideyoshi 76

Pirate Poem 77

The Rescue 78

The Exiles 80

Autobiographies 81


Two Poems to a Dead Woman 87

Grandfather Poem 89

Enigmas 90

The Closed House 92

Bones 93

Maitreya 94


Poems of the Two Worlds 97


Saying 107

Blue Hill Poems 108

Whale Poem 114

"Anger at my heart one April morning…" 116

Being, I 118

Being, II 119

"In a five-minute stillness in September…" 120

Music 121

Winter Poem 122

First of May 123

From the Kuan-Tzu 125

The Step 127

Death Mother and Other Poems (1979)


Canandaigua 133

Moments 136

As It Was 137

The Touch 138

The Turtle 139

"We took a room at the Westbury…" 141

The Turn 143

February 11, 1977 145


Orpheus to Eurydice 149


Samson 157

History 158

The Trader 159

In Mexico 163

Abenaki Poem 164

The Promise 165


Death Mother 169


The End 177

The Wrong Side 178

The Ghost 179

President Poem 181

"Lucky black man in my dream…" 183

Three Children Looking over the Edge of the World 185

The Summit 186

Refractions & Seven Poems by Mallarme (1981)

Euripides: Choral Passage from Hippolytos 191

Catullus: Carmen v 192

Catullus: Carmen xi 193

Catullus: Carmen xli 194

Catullus: Carmen ci 195

Horace: Liber iv, Carmen vii 196

The Emperor Hadrian: "Animula, vagula, blandula…" 197

Asklepiades: Greek Anthology (v, 158) 198

Asklepiades: Greek Anthology (vii, 217) 199

Dante: "Spesse fiate vegnonmi a la mente…" 200

Anonymous (Spanish, fifteenth century): The Prisoner 201

Leconte De Lisle: In Excelsis 202

Baudelaire: "Je n'aipas oublié, voisine de la ville…" 203

Baudelaire: A Voyage to Cythera 204

Mallarmé: Sigh 207

Maliarmé: Saint 208

Supervielle: In the Forest 209

from Northbook (1982)


The Tree 215

Odin 216

Odin's Song 217

Heimdall 218

Freya 219

Njord 220

Aegir 221

Ran 222

Jormungand 223

Thor 224

Frigg 225

Tyr 227

Loki 228

Loki's Song 230

Balder 231


The Murder 235

His Last Case 237

Captain Blaze 239

Omen 242

The Skulls 243


"I remember the sea when I was six…" 247

Alexander 248

After 249

Metamorphosis 250

Interiorly 251

Exile 252

Castle Rock 253

Encounter 254

The Master 255

"Now that at last I must forego…" 256

IV Seven Dream Poems

Gawain 259

The Demonstration 261

The Adventure 263

The Reflection 264

The Choice 266

From the Terrace 267

The Diagrams 268


The River 273

New Poems (1987)

The Christmas Tree 279

Irvington 280

Greenwich 1930s, I 282

Greenwich 1930s, II 284

Mr. Boyd 286

1904 287

Anaktoria 288

The Night Skater 289

The Body 290

Eight Triolets 292

The Gorge 295

Poems for Paula (1995)

Words 301

I Maine

The Hummingbird 305

August 306

Nightwatchers 307

Autumn Moments 308

II New York

The Breathing Space 311

"I love grim autumn days…" 313

"I call it back…" 315

First Snow 316

New Year's Poem 317

The Busses 318

The Depths 319

The Mermaid 320

The Smile 321

Envoi 322

The One Abiding (2003)


Washington Square 327

Eleventh Street 331

The Clock 331

1932 333


May Night 337

Dolores 338

September 1957 340

The Recreant 341

The Parting 342


"I called up Myrtis from the dead…" 345

Actaeon 346

Hypatia 347

In the Private Hospital 349

The Tower 351


The Sign 355

The Burial 358

The Shamrock 359

Recollections of Japan 360

Meditation at Sundown 362


The Watcher 367

The Priest 368

Nothing 370

Rain 371

"When I awoke at last…" 372

After Shen Zhou 374

Last Poems

Season of Advent 377

"The scene in the stable…" 379

The Soldier 380

Remember Waco 382

Primer 383

The Voice 385

Chloris 386

Encounter 387

The Thaw 388

Bank Street 389

To Nancy 390

On Madison 391

Barbara 392

"Did you see that blonde we passed back there-" 393

The Garden 394

Song 395

Alison 396

Two Songs 397

Sub Rosa 399

Tomorrow 400

"A small apple orchard…" 401

Perfection 402

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