Everyday Optimism: How to be Positive and Present at Work, at Home and in Love

Everyday Optimism: How to be Positive and Present at Work, at Home and in Love

by Dani DiPirro


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An uplifting handbook for living in each moment as positively and presently as possible - written and illustrated by Instagram sensation Dani DiPirro, who, after years of struggling, figured out how to make the most of each day and now shares her tips with others to help them enjoy life more, too.

'Happiness is available to us right now, and Positively Present helps us shift our thinking and awareness to access it. I'm a huge fan of Dani's work.'
Lori Deschene, author and founder of tinybuddha.com (close to 3 million monthly readers)

In this practical guide to remaining optimistic in tough times, social media hit Dani DiPirro expands on content from her popular online platforms, exploring how to be more 'positively present' in all aspects of life and providing specific, action-oriented suggestions to help achieve goals such as creating a nurturing home, building a fulfilling career, developing great relationships, learning to appreciate true love and having the courage to really embrace change.

The book contains more than 30 practical activities relating to the key themes of home, work, friendship, love and change, which form the five main chapters in the book. There are also special features such as 'Positively Present Principles', a list of '52 Ways to Live in the Moment' and a range of typographic-led, mono illustrations that playfully highlight key messages.

All in all, this insightful guide provides a programme for increased everyday optimism that will help readers achieve an all-round more positively framed, 'glass half-full' kind of life.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781786783394
Publisher: Watkins Media
Publication date: 03/23/2020
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 801,315
Product dimensions: 5.73(w) x 7.87(h) x 0.59(d)

About the Author

Dani DiPirro is the founder of highly popular website PositivelyPresent.com, dedicated to helping others live positively in the present moment by providing them with fresh ideas and innovative insights for making the most of each and every day. Her associated Instagram account (@positivelypresent) has over 386,000 followers and is growing fast. She is also the author of the Every Day Matters diaries and the Effortless Inspiration series by Watkins Publishing, as well as a variety of workbooks and e-books. Dani has been featured on sites such as The Happiness Project, Forbes, Glamour, The Huffington Post and The Washington Post Express.

Table of Contents

Before you begin 8

Introduction 10

The Positively Present Principles 18

Chapter 1 Being positively present at home 22

Creating a positive living space 26

Decluttering to clear mental stress 32

Making the most of at-home moments 40

Finding tranquillity at home 44

Living with crankiness 50

Having a home-based hobby 54

Chapter 2 Being positively present at work 60

Making the most of what you do 64

Dealing with challenging personalities 70

Surviving a stressful week 76

Showcasing your talents 82

Using the present to carve your career 86

Making what you love what you do 90

Chapter 3 Being positively present in relationships 94

Communicating effectively 98

Learning to let go 104

Embracing solitude and sociability 108

Surviving relationship storms 114

Learning to say no 118

Comparing less, loving more 122

Chapter 4 Being positively present in love 128

Falling in love with yourself 132

Batting away negativity 140

Keeping the butterflies fluttering 144

Maintaining your happily ever after 148

Unlocking your heart to love 152

Healing a broken heart 158

Chapter 5 Being positively present during change 162

Change your attitude, change your life 168

Coping with unexpected change 172

Handling change on a daily basis 178

Conquering your fear of change 180

Breaking bad habits 184

Using change to become your best self 190

Conclusion 194

52 ways to be optimistic every day 196

Further reading 204

Acknowledgements 205

About the author 206

About PositivelyPresent.com 207

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