Existential Psychology East-West (Revised and Expanded Edition)

Existential Psychology East-West (Revised and Expanded Edition)

Paperback(Volume 1 (Revised and Expanded Edition) ed.)

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Existential Psychology East-Westis a collection of chapters exploring existential psychology in a cross-cultural context. The original version was published in preparation for the First International Conference on Existential Psychology held in Nanjing, China in 2010. This revised and expanded edition includes several updated chapters as well as four new chapters. The book consists of three sections. The first section provides an introduction to existential-humanistic psychotherapy along with a case illustration. Section two contains 13 chapters from Eastern and Western scholars exploring the theory of existential psychology. The third section contains 10 chapters building from Rollo May’s work on myth. Each chapter explores the existential themes of a myth embedded within a particular cultural context. The book concludes with an Annotated Bibliography of important works in existential psychology. Existential Psychology East-Westis an important contribution to the field with many influential Eastern and Western scholars including Kirk Schneider, Xuefu Wang, Ilene Serlin, Mark Yang, Ed Mendelowitz, Heyong Shen, Erik Craig, Myrtle Heery, Alan G. Vaughan, Louis Hoffman, and Nathaniel Granger, Jr.

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ISBN-13: 9781939686237
Publisher: University Professors Press
Publication date: 02/18/2019
Edition description: Volume 1 (Revised and Expanded Edition) ed.
Pages: 464
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 0.94(d)

Table of Contents


Poetic Preface - Tom Greening

Foreword - Donadrian L. Rice

Inroduction to the First Edition - Louis Hoffman, Mark Yang, Albert Chan, & Francis J. Kaklauskas

Introduction to the Second Edition - Louis Hoffman, Mark Yang, Francis J. Kaklauskas, Albert Chan, & Monica Mansilla

Part 1: Overview of Existential-Humanistic Theory & Practice - Louis Hoffman

Chapter 1: Introduction to Existential-Humanistic Psychology in a Cross-Cultural Context - Louis Hoffman

Chapter 2: An Existential-Humanistic Case Conceptualization - Louis Hoffman & Nathaniel Granger, Jr.

Part 2: East and West Perspecties on Existential Psychology

Chapter 3: Existential-Humanistic Psychology Dialogues in China: Beginning the Conversation - J. Christy Thrash, Francis J. Kaklauskas, Michael M. Dow, Elizabeth Saxon, Albert Chan, Mark Yang, & Louis Hoffman

Chapter 4: Further Development of Existential-Humanistic Dialogues in Southeast Asia - Anne Hsu, Rodger Broomé, Monica Mansilla, Evonne Phoo, Jason Dias, Michael Moats, Louis Hoffman, & Mark Yang

Chapter 5: Tao, Daesin, and Psyche: Shared Grounds for Depth Psychotherapy - Erik Craig

Chapter 6: Spiriutal Warrior in Search of Meaning: An Existential View of Lu Xun through His Life Incidences and Analogies - Xuefu Wang

Chapter 7: Existentialism, Taoism, and Buddhism: Two Views - Kirk J. Schneider & Benjamin Tong

Chapter 8: Existential Themes in the Parables of Jesus - Mark Yang

Chapter 9: The Heart of Jungian Analysis and Existential Psychotherapy - Heyong Shen

Chapter 10: Global Authenticity - Myrtle Heery

Chapter 11: Zhuangzi's View of Freedom - Zhaohui Bao

Chapter 12: A Contemplative Approach to Existential Psychotherapy: Mindfulness as Existential Praxis - Michael M. Dow

Chapter 13: In and Out of the Distress: A Survival Philosophy of Shi Tie-Sheng - Wensheng Wang

Chapter 14: Dream Idioms: Using Chengyu, Idioms, and Proverbs to Interpret Dreams

Chapter 15: The African Use of Existential Psychotherapy - Anthony K. Nkyi

Part 3: Existential-Humanistic Perspectives on Culture and Myths

Chapter 16: Gordo's Ghost: An Introduction to Existential-Humanistic Perspectives on Myth - Louis Hoffman

Chapter 17: The Kemet-Egyptian Myth of Osiris and Isis: The Eternal Drama of Creation, Generativity, Destruction, Death, Rebirth, and Ressurrection of the Human Spirit - Alan G. Vaughan

Chapter 18: On Existential Aloneness: The Earthly Pilgrimage - Emory G. Cowan, Jr.

Chapter 19: In Harmony with the Sky: Implications for Existential Psychotherapy - Albert Chan

Chapter 20: The Myth of Obeditence: An Existential Analysis of American Beauty - Cathy Calvert, Kate Calhoon, Steve Fehl, & Christine Gregory

Chapter 21: Funerary Rituals in China, Confucianism, and the Existential Issues of Death and Meaning - Bohan Zhang

Chapter 22: Brokeback Mountain: A Gay and Universal Love Story - Ilene Serlin

Chapter 23: Building the Great Wall of China: Postmodern Reverie and the Breakdown of Meanings - Ed Mendelowitz

Chapter 24: Kisagotami, Buddha, and Mustard Seeds: An Existential Psychological Perspective - Francis J. Kaklauskas & Elizabeth Olson

Chpater 25: Junkanoo: A Bahamian Cultural Myth by Heatherlyn Cleare-Hoffman

Annotated Bibliography - Christopoher S. M. Grimes, Ashley Whitaker, Matthew Thelen, Erica Palmer, Michael Moats, J. M. Chavis, Ellen Marsalis, Barbara Dobson, Geneva Shewmaker, Kirk J. Schneider, Tori Bowers, & Louis Hoffman

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