Experiments With People: Revelations From Social Psychology, 2nd Edition

Experiments With People: Revelations From Social Psychology, 2nd Edition

by Kurt P. Frey, Aiden P. Gregg


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This book showcases 28 intriguing social psychological experiments that have significantly advanced our understanding of human social thinking and behavior. Each chapter focuses on the details and implications of a single study, while citing related research and real-life examples along the way. All the chapters are fully self-contained, allowing them to be read in any order without loss of coherence. This 2nd Edition contains a number of new studies and, together with its lively, conversational tone, it makes an ideal text for courses in social psychology, introductory psychology, or research design.

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ISBN-13: 9781138282100
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 09/20/2017
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 274
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Kurt Frey is Adjunct Professor of Psychology at the College of New Rochelle, having received his Ph.D. in Social/Personality Psychology at Purdue University in 1993. He has had an extensive teaching career, in addition to publishing articles in premier journals.

Aiden Gregg is Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Southampton, having received his Ph.D. in Psychology from Yale University in 2000. He has published extensively in premier scholarly journals.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii

Introduction 1

1 Going Along to Get Along: Conforming to Group Norms 5

2 Clashing Cognitions: When Actions Prompt Attitudes 15

3 Baptism of Fire: When Suffering Leads to Liking 26

4 Just Following Orders: A Shocking Demonstration of Obedience to Authority 34

5 "Who, Me?": The Failure of Bystanders to Intervene in Emergencies 45

6 Of Roaches and Men: Social Enhancement and Inhibition of Performance 54

7 Us and Them: Discrimination on the Basis of Trivial Social Categorization 61

8 The Sauntering Samaritan: When Context Conquers Character 69

9 Taking the Magic Out of the Markers: The Hidden Cost of Rewards 76

10 The Burglar's Situation: Actor-Observer Differences in Explaining Behavior 85

11 We're Number One!: Basking in Others' Glory 94

12 Hooded Hoodlums: The Role of Deindividuation in Antisocial Behavior 102

13 Familiarity Breeds Liking: The Endearing Effects of Mere Exposure 109

14 Strangers to Ourselves: The Shortcomings of Introspection 117

15 What Did You Expect?: The Behavioral Confirmation of the Physical Attractiveness Stereotype 126

16 The Calvinist's Conundrum: Unconsciously Engineering Good Omens 135

17 Believing Is Seeing: Partisan Perceptions of Media Bias 143

18 Love Thy Neighbor or Thyself?: Empathy as a Source of Altruism 153

19 When Two Become One: Expanding the Self to Include the Other 162

20 The Eye Is Quicker Than the Mind: Believing Precedes Disbelieving 172

21 Mythical Memories: Reconstructing the Past in the Present 181

22 Pitfalls of Purpose: Ironic Processes in Mood Control 191

23 Digital Diagnosis: Technical Tools for Unearthing the Unconscious 202

24 Frames of Mind: Taking Risks or Playing Safe? 215

25 The Wrath of the Rejected: Being Shut Out Makes One Lash Out 224

26 Prosocial Scuttlebutt: Sharing the Bad to Promote the Good 233

27 Loving Regards: Antidote to Existential Terror 240

28 Punishing Perpetrators: Motivated Belief in Free Will 248

Revelations 257

Index 261

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