Facts Of Life According To The Word

Facts Of Life According To The Word

by Ms Carol Beck


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ISBN-13: 9780971717305
Publisher: Godz Bizzy Publications
Publication date: 02/15/2014
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.47(d)

About the Author

Although, I was aware of the amazing intervention coming into my life; inspiring the writing of Facts Of Life According to the Word, I still questioned it. The feeling that was upon me appeared strange seeing that I felt I was not, in any way, qualified to be used by God. I had not lived a saintly lifestyle, and was not acknowledging the Golden Rule.

I was a practicing Buddhist for 5 years; diligently devoting my life to one and a half hours every morning, and forty five minutes every evening kneeling before a small wooden shine that contained a scroll of a dead language.

This had become my routine after being introduced by a new acquaintance attempting to reach out offering me help in my time of anguish. I had fallen into a state of despair because of the loss of my business, cars, and home. All my worldly goods were gone. My thoughts were, "What else can possibly happen."

Being a person who has displayed the strength to lead throughout her entire life, I never figured myself to be one that could be taken to such an extreme as practicing Buddhism. I know my cut off points, and will generally not let anyone take me beyond them. However, my strength is that of a human. My power does not exceed the power of Him who created me. With that said, I found myself in a yielding position.

At what I felt was the height of my disillusionment, a sudden feeling, came over me. It was solid. An unwavering transformation was taking place. A voice was speaking to me, but the voice was silent. I could only hear it on the inside of me. There was a soft shoving with no feeling of physical contact. It was a motivation that moved me to another level of life. It was God working through me. It was most astonishing.

Being raised in the Hebrew faith gave me some enlightenment. However, as is with many young people being forced to attend church, the information went into one ear, and out of the other....'so I thought'. It was not until the period during the writing of Facts Of Life According To The Word that I realized quite a bit of what I had learned was trapped inside. It could have been Gods' way of preparing me for this journey in my life. The file cabinet has opened and the Good News is pouring out.

That is my motivation and my mission. That is who I am today.

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