Finding Kali: Synchronicity in the 6 and Learning to Swim Good

Finding Kali: Synchronicity in the 6 and Learning to Swim Good

by Kali Rae Wheeler


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Finding Kali: Synchronicity in the 6 and Learning to Swim Good by Kali Rae Wheeler

In Book 3 of the Finding Kali Trilogy, Kali struggles to sort out a mess of feelings. She previously held herself down under the weight of the story that her doctors told her. So much so, that Kali lost the ability to judge her own feelings. When she meets Andriy, a Canadian boy who went to Beverly Hills High School, she finds that she is in over her head. The feelings she’s always wanted to have are there, but they bring with them a bunch of new emotions to sort through as well as the inevitable drop-out of the ecstatic (literally) feelings she had at first.

After three increasingly mellow trips to the North, she finds herself in a new world of producers and recording artists. Her audio school is in Hollywood and the process of learning this brand-new craft of engineering is looming. With internal conflict around self-worth and amongst veterans of the music industry, Kali struggles to keep her head above water: choking on the in between of trying to be professional and talented but continue to decipher who wants something other than music from her. It is harder for Kali than any of the other conflicts she conquered.

When things aren’t as high, to feel alive again, Kali runs. She is coming down hard and this time there won’t be a trampoline to break her fall.

Per her usual routine, Kali sabotages her dream romance with Andriy. Meanwhile, she is in the studio, singing a song about her times with him, begging the universe to give her something like the feeling of booking that first flight, against her mother’s wishes, into a whole new world. It felt so good to throw herself so completely into the void, but now she can’t seem to satiate her hunger for the feeling she so treasured.

The music industry is not free of leeches, nor is it a place to find feminism or even protection against the misogynistic undertones that sweep through the recording sessions.

She throws herself into learning her craft and in doing so falls upon a fellow indigo child, the first she’d met EVER, Christian. They spend hours upon hours laughing and drinking absorbent amounts of wine, reminiscing on his childhood raised in the industry and by a mother who had taught him what he already knew: the ways of the spirit they both inherently understood. The summer is filled with days learning how to engineer and nights testing Christian’s mother’s concoction of kumquat liquor from Shasta while writing songs into the early hours of the morning. Christian’s mom, a sound healer, continues her healing sessions with Kali and offers up their grand piano to practice on when Christian moves away. The two of them introduce Kali to one of the most important people in her life today: a doctor that would change her direction completely.

In the end, Kali Rae walks onto the stage, center stage and into the accomplishment of not only making it through a pharmaceutical hell but maneuvering through all of the people that tried to take what wasn’t theirs.

In that moment, all of the treachery flashes before her eyes. But, this time, it makes her smile a smile that no one could mistake for anything other than overwhelming bliss. The crowd goes nuts.

It was all for this.

For this moment.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781629670980
Publisher: Kali Rae Wheeler
Publication date: 05/16/2017
Series: Finding Kali Trilogy , #3
Pages: 314
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

Preface ii

Thank You iv

Introduction v

Here’s to the Brave Ones, the Light Workers, the Warriors… xi

Abbreviations and Terms xii

List Of Doctors xv

1 Days in the East 1

The Cast Party 2

A Rescue Attempt 4

The Hearing 7

Blue Heights: Intro to New Heights 10

Bring the 7-0-7 Out 12

Confirming the Ticket 16

Near-Death Preludes 18

Reaching Out, The Hallway: August 29, 2011 25

Falling Faster with Big Pharma 28

The "Fuck It" Magic, Ascending North 30

Things Make Sense: The Jack Layton Memorial 32

A Painful Realization above a New City 34

Poems from the Flight Back to Lalaland 36

2 Returning to Face a Different Side of the Same City 44

Reeling on the West Coast 45

It’s Happened 46

And I can’t say 47

I Don’t Have to Be Near 48

Notes from Inspiration Point 51

Birds: September 18, 2011 52

Crashing down in November 54

November Notes 59

Inspiration Following Trip #2 to the 6 Side 70

Queen Street Anthem 71

Promises 80

All Right: March 4, 2012: 82

Mind-Chatter Malaise, Attempts to Reconfigure it 84

Losing the Key 87

The Rose-Patterned Leather Journal: April Showers Bring May Flowers...Right? Please? 88

Cold Feet, Dropping the Ball, Wanting to Be Free 95

Jamison’s Place in Noho 101

Anything to Feel Alive Again 103

Even Though I Begged to Forget 107

The Universe: May 09, 2012 108

The First Lesson with Daniel 109

Shedding Feathers: May 16, 2012 111

A Scumbag in Sheep’s Clothing, Holding a Guitar 113

Nightmare in the Hills 115

Unreachable: May 17, 2012 117

Go Ask Alice: May 17, 2012: 118

Law of Attraction 119

Manifesting a Helicopter 121

Azad the “Producer 124

Asheghetam 126

Indigo Much 128

June 6, 2012 130

Bill the Retired Film Editor 131

Bill’s Hand 133

Uncomfortably Numb: Spring Turns into Summer 137

3 Finding Kali in the Valley 151

Give It Up: September 03, 2012 152

Trip #3 to the 6 Side 153

The Rose-Textured Leather Journal: Entries from Trip #3 to the 6 155

September 14, 2012 156

September 15, 2012: 157

Search History 161

September 17, 2012 163

Just to Feel Alive Tonight: September 24, 2012 164

October 8, 2012 165

November 9, 2012 166

I Own the Label 167

Tonight’s Calichristmas 170

Not the One: December 20, 2012 (Christian) 172

Christmas Without You: December 23, 2012 (Mikah) 173

But I Watched Him the Whole Night 177

January 03, 2013 179

March 22, 2013 180

Poems from the Loneliest Summer: Spring 2013 181

A Kind Face 196

Kidnapped: Blacking Out, Dropping Names 199

Is This a Home? 202

It’s Alright; A Woman Will Understand: NOT 204

I Swear I Won’t Touch You 207

Wendy’s and a Business Card 209

Try: December 20, 2013, 214

Hungover at The Grammys: February 2013 216

Aubrey 218

4 Epilogue 220

Under the Lights: They’re Chanting My Name 221

Afterword 224

Moving Forward, Battles & Being Alone 226

Stealing My Adolescence 230

Having No Interest in Drugs or Alcohol 232

On Life as a Task 234




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