Gabriel: Zero Point

Gabriel: Zero Point

by Steve Umstead

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Evan Gabriel wasn’t always a feared and respected North American Federation Navy Commander. Before dangerous missions to the ice-bound planet of Poliahu, the deadly jungle world of Eden, and politically corrupt Mars, he was a simple recruit, fighting to make his mark in the elite Naval Special Forces…and was part of a top-secret military experiment that would change his life forever.

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BN ID: 2940033175635
Publisher: Steve Umstead
Publication date: 04/02/2012
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 492,997
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About the Author

Steve Umstead has been the owner of a Caribbean & Mexico travel company for the past ten years, but never forgot his lifelong dream of becoming an author. After a successful stab at National Novel Writing Month, he decided to pursue his dream more vigorously...but hasn't given up the traveling.

Steve lives in scenic (tongue-in-cheek) New Jersey with his wife, two kids, and several bookshelves full of other authors' science fiction novels. More information is at, and you can always find him on Twitter (@SteveUmstead).

Customer Reviews

Gabriel: Zero Point 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
WELinde More than 1 year ago
(Note: No spoilers). I was thrilled when I heard a few weeks ago that Steve Umstead had a prequel in the making for his popular and captivating Evan Gabriel scifi adventure trilogy. There’s always that element of sadness when a series comes to an end, so when Zero Point popped up unexpectedly on the literary horizon, I was eager to get my hands on it. I wasn’t disappointed. Gabriel: Zero Point, a novella, gives us the story of how a young Evan Gabriel came to be initiated into the dangerous and Machiavellian futuristic world of Naval Special Operations. (Keep in mind here that the Navy isn’t restricted to the Seven Seas. In Umstead’s world, the Navy is charged with projecting military power throughout the reaches of space). While in the Evan Gabriel Trilogy we were able to see the kind of brutal threats that thrive in the universe, in Zero Point we get to see what would make our protagonist embrace the harsh and often sacrificial life dedicated to combating them. Just as important as the solid plot delivered here, this prequel installment of the Gabriel story is filled with Umstead’s signature elements that bring his characters and his universe alive. The protagonists are relatable, and the futuristic world is believable in a smart, entertaining sort of way. The technology in the story is cool, high tech, and somehow plausible. Combine this with the small unit tactical action that has become a hallmark of the series, and you get an immensely satisfying novella. Great work on this. Now that a precedent has been set, I hope we can see other expansions on the Gabriel Universe.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Yea! A short and hopefully good read in the following books. What really stands out for me is you list the series order up front. A very sore point and dissapointing habit of most writers that drives me crazy! Hope that others will follow your lead! Thanks!
19269684 More than 1 year ago
An Awesome Introduction to What May Be A Totally Cool Series! First, I'd have chosen a better cover, but this is the cover of the audiobook and not the actual book series, that I hadn't known existed until I found this audiobook. Now the actual book- magnificent! So this story is the introduction to Evan and how he became the a Naval Special Forces Officer. His steely demeanor and unbelievable focus has made him number one, but at a cost... Picture I haven't read the series, but it's on my list to read, hopefully this year, since I'm focusing on knocking out as many book series reads as possible. I liked this listen- a lot!. The narrators voice seemed to fit and the story flowed nicely. There was only one or two spots that got a bit dry, but all in all, I think this may be a good read. The SciFi tech came off as real and nothing happened that was so unbelievable that you found yourself exasperated when the mention of a weapon came up. It was all futuristic so it was easy to imagine in my mind's eye. It was pretty cool and exciting. Especially the character development- you know who Gabriel is, why he is the way he is and how he becomes "The Man!" Check this out while I move on to the next book! For the full review: **eBook is from my personal audio-library.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Looking forward to reading the trilogy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
miztrebor More than 1 year ago
*Please note that I haven’t read the rest of this trilogy, so I went into this novella with a blank slate. The description mentions this could be read before or after reading the other. I’m sure my reaction would be a little different had I read it after the other books.* Gabriel: Zero Point was a pretty good novella. There isn’t that much to it in terms of building the futuristic world that it’s set in, but it does a great job of setting up Gabriel, the main character. Being that he is the main character of the trilogy that follows this novella, I think getting the story of where he started is probably better than getting the grander world view. The novels have more room for that. Still, this is only, for the most part, a small glimpse into what is to come and I felt like maybe just a little more info would have made it that much more enjoyable for me. Overall, it’s filled with action, there aren’t any lulls to the story, and it’s gotten me interested in the other books. I think Umstead has much in store for me, once I start the trilogy. I’m looking forward to it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was very much an origin story, setting up the other Evan Gabriel books, but it's clearly meant to introduce new readers to that world, so that works just fine. It's a good intro and, though short, lets you get a good feel for Steve Umstead's writing style and will let you know if you'll like the other books in the series, which I think I will.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Boston2 More than 1 year ago
This short story is a tease that doesn't quite fulfill its mission. It doesn't answer the question "Who is Evan Gabriel?" We jumpinto a point in his life with nothing to tell us how he reached the point where he is when the characters are introduced. Overall, well written with good action descriptions.
runnetib More than 1 year ago
Based on a sample, I knew I wanted to pick up the Gabriel books. By the time I found them, the prequel was already available, so I picked it up along with the collected trilogy. It's a great read, and does a nice job of setting up the main character and detailing the technology of the setting. Can't wait to continue the story of Evan Gabriel.
DJC73 More than 1 year ago
I wish I had seen this frist before reading first & second book it fiills in sgaps.
The_Nightguy More than 1 year ago
I you've read Steve Umstead's Evan Gabriel trilogy and wanted to know where Gabriel's "spring" got wound this is it! You MUSt be curious about the what, where, why, or when behind Gabriel's always impressive "Who"... so grab this one and strap yourself in!
ShayFabbro More than 1 year ago
Woohoo! Just got finished reading Umstead's prequel to his amazing Evan Gabriel trilogy. As a scientist I was curious about the methods used to create the super soldiers of the future. Umstead didn't disappoint! I was hooked from the first page to the last. I kinda wish this technology was actually possible. As a person with zero athletic prowess, the enhancements surely would come in handy! Hats off to Umstead for another winner! I highly recommend this to all fans of scifi. He even whets your appetite with the first chapters from the other books in the Evan Gabriel trilogy.