Gluten-Free Brewing: Techniques, Processes, and Ingredients for Crafting Flavorful Beer

Gluten-Free Brewing: Techniques, Processes, and Ingredients for Crafting Flavorful Beer

by Robert Keifer
Gluten-Free Brewing: Techniques, Processes, and Ingredients for Crafting Flavorful Beer

Gluten-Free Brewing: Techniques, Processes, and Ingredients for Crafting Flavorful Beer

by Robert Keifer


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The ubiquity of gluten-containing grains, such as barley, wheat, and rye, in modern-day brewing has prevented many potential consumers from fully enjoying the craft beer revolution. Individuals who have celiac disease, nonceliac gluten intolerance, or gluten sensitivity (as well as those who simply feel better when they avoid gluten) have historically been unable to enjoy today’s characterful beers. But many other types of grain can be used to brew beer of all styles; such alternative grains greatly expand the options available to beer lovers and brewers who cannot or choose not to ingest gluten, or those who just want to experiment with new and interesting flavors. Gluten-Free Brewing includes a discussion of available gluten-free ingredients, how to source them, and how to malt them. Explore the world of ancient grains and adjuncts and learn how today’s malted and roasted varieties can be used to brew to-style beers. Learn about different mashing techniques, when to use them, what additional ingredients and enzymes can help throughout the brewing process, and how they can deliver specific flavors in your beer. Take a deep dive into recipe formulation and fermentation challenges, as well as flavor, body, head retention, and color considerations when using these not-so-alternative grains to create mainstream flavors. More than 30 tested recipes are included to help brewers explore British, German, Belgian, New World, and ancient-style beers. Gluten-Free Brewing will teach you how to brew full-flavored, world-class gluten-free beers.

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ISBN-13: 9781938469756
Publisher: Brewers Publications
Publication date: 09/26/2022
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 7.03(w) x 9.83(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

Robert Keifer discovered craft beer in his early 20s and started living a gluten-free lifestyle shortly thereafter. Dismayed by the lack of selection and choices for gluten-free beer, Robert’s friend taught him how to homebrew. His curiosity and quest for excellent gluten-free beer bordered on obsession and propelled Robert into teaching and sharing his knowledge of gluten-free brewing at the American Homebrewers Association® (AHA) Homebrew Con™ in 2018 and 2019. He is a frequent guest on podcasts and has written for Brew Your Own,, and; one of his recipes was featured in Zymurgy®, the AHA’s bimonthly magazine. Robert is a member of the Zero Tolerance Gluten-Free Homebrewing Club, and he co-founded a gluten-free brewery, Divine Science Brewing Company, with his wife, with whom he resides in Orange County, California.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction 1

No Barley, No Wheat, No Rye? No Problem! 1

Gluten-Free Brewing Today 3

Back to the Future 4

About the Book 6

1 Gluten: A Multifaceted View 9

What Is Gluten? 9

What Is Celiac Disease? 10

Celiac Disease Entails Going Gluten Free 11

Gluten Free Is NOT Garb Free! 12

Gluten-Free versus "Gluten-Reduced" Brewing 12

Enzymatic Reduction of Gluten 13

Problems with the "Gluten-Free" Label 15

Truly Gluten-Free Brewing 17

Considerations When Using Gluten-Free Grains 17

Ensuring You Brew Gluten Free 17

Dedicated Gluten-Free versus 100% Gluten-Free 17

2 Available ingredients: An Overview 21

Sourcing Ingredients 21

Which Grains Make It Beer Anyway? 26

Commonly Available Ingredients 27

Cereal Grains 27

Pseudocereals 31

Additional Adjuncts 32

Unexpected Treasure Troves 34

Seed Companies and Farm Supply 35

Making Your Own Malt 35

A Preface on Recipe Formulation 35

Entering Competitions 35

Gluten-Free Beer Can Be Its Own Thing 36

General Considerations for Brewing Gluten Free 37

3 Base and Character Malts and Adjuncts 39

Sorghum 40

Rice 42

Malted Rice 43

Millet 45

Buckwheat 50

Corn (Maize) 51

Quinoa 52

Amaranth 53

Sunflower Seeds 53

Unusual Adjuncts 53

4 Recipe Formulation 57

Recipe Basics 58

Water 58

Malt 59

Milling 60

Hopping Gluten-Free Beer 60

Beer Style Considerations 60

Wheat Beers 61

Comparing Gose and Berliner Weisse 62

Pumpkin/Squash Spice Beer 63

American-Style Blonde Ale 63

American Cream Ale 63

Pale Ale (British and American) 64

American-Style IPA 65

Juicy, or Hazy IPA 65

American Amber and Red Ales 65

Dark Mild 66

Scottish-Style Export Ale 66

Strong Ale and Ale Wine (or "Barley" Wine) 66

Porter 67

Stout 68

Belgian and French Ale 69

German-Style Kölsch 71

American Light Lager 71

Pilsner 72

Amber Lager 73

Bock 73

Dark Lager 74

Traditional or Historical Styles 74

5 Mashing Techniques 77

Overview of Mashing 78

Brewhouse Considerations 79

Equipment 79

Gelatinizing Gluten-Free Grains 82

Targeting Mash pH 82

Mash Enzymes in Gluten-Free Brewing 83

Debranching Enzymes 83

Maltogenic and Glucogenic Enzymes 84

Using Exogenous Enzymes 84

Commonly Available Exogenous Enzyme Brands 85

Mash Methods 89

Decantation Method 89

Single-Infusion Mash 91

Step Mashes 91

6 British and Irish Styles 97

Hooligan's English Bitter: Gluten-Free English Bitter 98

Dark and Mild: Gluten-Free Dark Mild 100

Burton's Beast English IPA: Gluten-Free English-Style India Pale Ale 101

Hello Darkness Dry Oat Stout: Gluten-Free Dry Irish Stout 103

Sturdy Ale Wine: Gluten-Free Ale (or "Barley-") Wine 104

Millet Wine: Gluten-Free Ale Wine 106

7 Continental European Styles 109

Hefelinsen: Gluten-Free Hefeweisen 110

To Helles and Back: Gluten-Free German Helles Exportbier 111

Circuit Breaker Millet Lager: Gluten-Free Lager 113

Baker's Kölsch: Gluten-Free Kölsch 114

Henry's Vienna Lager: Gluten-Free Vienna Lager 115

Darkness Takes Flight: Gluten-Free Dark Czech Lager 116

Devil's in the DoppelBock: Gluten-Free Doppelbock 117

8 Belgian and French Styles 119

Mango Wit: Gluten-Free Fruited Belgian Witbier 120

Tripel, Your Pleasure: Gluten-Free Belgian Tripel 121

Biere De Garde: Gluten-Free Bière de Garde 123

Brett Saison: Gluten-Free Saison with Secondary Fermentation 125

Flanders Brown Sour: Gluten-Free Oud Bruin 127

Farmhouse Saison: Gluten-Free Classic Saison 129

Sweet Potatoes & Rice & Belgian Spice: Gluten-Free Belgian Spiced Ale 131

Mosaic Saison: Gluten-Free Hoppy Saison 132

9 Modern New World Beers 135

James Blonde: Gluten-Free American Blonde Ale 136

4-Grain Cream Ale: Gluten-Free American Cream Ale 137

Inclusion Pale Ale: Gluten-Free American Pale Ale 138

Chico Pale Ale: Gluten-Free American Pale Ale 139

Zero Tolerance GF Calibration Pale Ale: Gluten-Free American Pale Ale 140

Easy Does It Pale Ale: Gluten-Free West Coast American Pale Ale 142

Ghost In the Fog: Gluten-Free American Hazy IPA 143

Fool's Gold NEIPA: Gluten-Free Hazy/Juicy IPA 144

Hazy IPA: Gluten-Free Hazy IPA 146

Boombastic Hazy IPA Homebrew: Gluten-Free Hazy IPA 148

Buck Wild New Zealand Lager: Gluten-Free NZ-Style Lager 150

Smoked Amber: Gluten-Free American Amber Ale 151

India Pale Lager: Gluten-Free Lager 152

Dad's Red Ale: Gluten-Free American Red Ale 154

End Game IPA: Gluten-Free American IPA 156

Chocolate Taco Stout: Gluten-Free American Stout 158

Sue's Brew Hawaiian Stout: Gluten-Free Specialty American Stout 159

10 Historical Styles 163

Chicha: Fermented Maize Beer 164

Old Man Sage Gruit: Gluten-Free Gruit 166

Umqombothi: Traditional Fermented Sorghum Beer 167

Bochet Braggot: Gluten-Free Ale Mead with Caramelized Honey 168

Heather Scotch Ale: Gluten-Free "Wee Heavy" 170

Semilla: South American Amaranth Beer 171

Appendix A 173

Bibliography 179

Index 185

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