Green-Eyed Demon (Sabina Kane Series #3)

Green-Eyed Demon (Sabina Kane Series #3)

by Jaye Wells

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Things to do:

1. Rescue sister.
2. Murder grandmother.
3. Don't upset the voodoo priestess.

The clock is ticking for Sabina Kane. Her sister has been kidnapped by her grandmother, the Dark Races are on the brink of war, and a mysterious order is manipulating everyone behind the scenes.

Working on information provided by an unlikely ally, Sabina and her trusty sidekicks—a sexy mage named Adam Lazarus and Giguhl, a Mischief demon—head to New Orleans to begin the hunt for her sister. Once there, they must contend with belligerent werewolves, magic-wielding vampires and—perhaps most frightening of all—humans.

But as much as Sabina is focused on surviving the present, the past won't be ignored. Before she can save those she cares about most, she must save herself from the ghosts of her past.

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ISBN-13: 9780316037778
Publisher: Orbit
Publication date: 03/01/2011
Series: Sabina Kane Series , #3
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 699,842
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.60(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

Raised in Texas, USA Today bestseller Jaye Wells grew up reading everything she could get her hands on. Her penchant for daydreaming was often noted by frustrated teachers. She embarked on a series of random career paths, including stints working for a motivational speaker and at an art museum. Jaye eventually realized that while she loved writing, she found facts boring. So, she left all that behind to indulge her overactive imagination and make stuff up for a living. Besides writing, she enjoys travel, art, history, and researching weird and arcane subjects. She lives in Texas with her saintly husband and devilish son. Find out more about Jaye Wells at

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Green-Eyed Demon

By Wells, Jaye


Copyright © 2011 Wells, Jaye
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780316037778


On my extensive list of enemies, the top two spots belonged to Lavinia Kane and time. One I planned to kill as soon as possible. That is, if I didn’t run out of the other one first.

The dashboard clock flipped to 10:01. The ones mocked me like two extended middle fingers. Impatience was my third enemy.

I’d already been sitting in the white van parked on a windy stretch of road near Pacific Palisades for twenty minutes. The hood of the van stood open, but the engine idled in preparation for the ambush.

“Giguhl, any visual on the car yet?”

“Negative.” His voice crackled through the earpiece, but his body was perched in a tree just outside the Dominae compound.

I sighed. “Okay, thanks.”

“Don’t you mean ‘roger’?” he responded.

“Whatever,” I said. “Let me know the minute the gates open.”

“Hey, Sabina?”

“Yeah?” I said a tad more impatiently than I intended.

“Why can’t I have a gun again?”

I rolled my eyes. “I might be crazy, but I’m not stupid, G. Now focus.”

“I live to serve,” he grumbled.

I settled back into the seat. Outside the van, the landscape offered little distraction from my impatience. Scrub brush, low stone walls, and roadkill speed bumps. Light from the City of Angels rose above the shadowed hilltops like a dusty halo.

Los Fucking Angeles.

Whoever said you couldn’t go home again was full of shit. The truth is you shouldn’t go home again. And when I’d left California, I’d promised myself that I wouldn’t return. Ever. But Fate—that fickle bitch—made a liar out of me. Again.

Three days earlier, my twin sister, Maisie, had been kidnapped from a mage estate in New York. Three weeks before that I hadn’t even known she’d existed. The long-story–short version is our vampire mother died in childbirth a few months after our mage father was murdered. Because mating between the races was forbidden, Maisie and I were separated at birth by our vampire and mage grandmothers to keep the peace. Maisie was raised by the mage side of the family in New York, and I got the short straw—a vampire upbringing in Los Angeles. The desire to meet my long-lost twin was one of the reasons I’d left Los Angeles.

The fact our vampire grandmother, Lavinia Kane, wanted me dead was the other.

But now the tables had turned. Lavinia had kidnapped Maisie in an effort to hurt me. So now I would do a little kidnapping of my own.

Giguhl’s voice bounced off my eardrum, making me jump. “Big Black is on the move. Should be on your tail in T minus sixty seconds.”

A sudden rush of blood. My hands tightened on the wheel. Showtime.

“Be ready when I summon you,” I replied in a calm tone.


In my previous life as an assassin, I’d disposed of problem vampires for the Dominae. Therefore, despite the personal stakes and the adrenaline surge, my body had kicked instinctively into mission mode.

I shifted the car into drive. The sweat on my palm meant it took two tries to manage.

“Hey, Red?” This from Adam Lazarus—hottie mage and the third member of our little team. We used to have a fourth—a Vanity demon—but she’d been kicked off the team twenty-four hours earlier after an unfortunate incident involving a vampire strip club, a large explosion, and a lover’s quarrel with Giguhl.


“Are you ready?” The mage always had a frustrating knack for breaking through the insulating layers I’d built around my feelings. Damn him.

Two pinpoints of light turned onto the road several blocks back. I took a deep breath and willed my heart to slow. “Are you kidding?” I snorted. “Totally.”

He knew me too well to buy that. “We’ll get her back, Sabina.” His tone had a hint of unwelcome pity.

I ignored the spark of fear that flared at his words. “Of course we will.” Not getting Maisie back was not an option. “Okay, everyone, switching to radio silence. Let’s do this.”

My hands contracted on the steering wheel, my knuckles pale in the dim light. I tried not to focus on the only glitch in our plan: We were about to kidnap the wrong Domina.

In a perfect world, the vampire in that Mercedes would be my grandmother. When she’d taken Maisie, she’d sealed her fate with me. Although, to be honest, she was pretty much at the top of my “must-kill list” for a host of other reasons that included manipulation, lying, kidnapping, attempted murder, and the destruction of my prized Ducati.

Yeah, I know. We make the Manson Family look like the Brady Bunch.

Anyway, Lavinia wasn’t an option for the kidnapping plan, because she rarely left the Dominae compound. But Persephone left the grounds each Tuesday to host a mass for the plebian vamps at a temple located in Santa Monica. And with the war between vampires and mages looming, the Dominae needed to spread anti-mage propaganda to strengthen support for the war. Where better to do that than at a religious service?

Besides, of the three Dominae who ruled the vampire race, Persephone was the weakest. Weak is relative when discussing ancient female vampires, of course. But Persephone tended to be more interested in preserving history and promoting spiritualism among the vampire bourgeoisie than in crushing opposition or amassing obscene fortunes like the other two Dominae. That meant she’d be far easier to manipulate than Lavinia or Tanith—the Beta Domina, who controlled their business interests. The plan was to nab Persephone and deliver her to the faery and mage leaders for interrogation and a possible hostage exchange. Simple.

If we survived.

The Mercedes was about two blocks back now. A few car lengths behind that, I spied the headlights of the beater pickup we’d boosted. Adam held the truck back at a conservative distance as he waited for my signal.

“Wait for it,” I said, my eyes glued to the mirror. When the target was a block back, I tensed my foot over the gas pedal. “Nothing to see here.” With each turn of the sedan’s wheels, my heart picked up speed. “Just a broken-down van.”

Almost there.

The Mercedes’ dark-as-midnight windows prevented me from counting heads. Looked like we were going to have to do this the hard way, as usual.


I punched the accelerator. The tires spun for a moment on gravel before jumping out onto the road. Squealing brakes and a blaring horn. Every muscle rigid as I braced for impact. The scream of crunching metal. Vertigo and pain as the van tipped and slid several hundred feet. The seat belt dug into my skin but kept me from being tossed around like loose change in a dryer. When the world stilled again, ominous silence reigned. Scratch that, not silence exactly. The van’s radiator hissed, and someone was groaning.

Oh, right. That was me.

“Now, Giguhl!” I grunted. With a punch of the button, my seat belt spat me at the passenger’s door.

A burst of light flashed outside the van, signaling Giguhl’s arrival. Shouting and gunfire commenced on the road. I crawled into the van’s cargo area. The cooler I’d stashed earlier lay near the door. I wrenched it open and grabbed a bag of blood. My fangs made quick work of the silicone casing. For once, the chemical taste of the blood didn’t bother me as I gulped down the vampire version of a healing potion and energy drink in one.

The van’s back doors wrenched open. I tumbled out and landed at Giguhl’s hooves. He didn’t waste time asking if I was okay. Instead, he hooked his claws under my arms and lifted. When my feet hit pavement and I swayed, he steadied me. Nodding my thanks, I pulled a gun from my waistband.

I turned to survey the scene. The Mercedes was trapped between the van and the pickup, which now sported an accordion for a fender. Just beyond, Adam approached the Mercedes from the rear.

“Go,” I said to Giguhl. He moved so fast I could barely track his movement. The next thing I knew, he was crouched next to the Mercedes. I aimed my gun at the driver’s side and pulled off two rounds. Only instead of shattering the windshield, the bullets left spiderwebs on the bulletproof glass.

The Mercedes’ engine roared and the van lurched a few inches forward. The car’s wheels spun, kicking up a plume of smoke and gravel. “Adam?” I called.

“I’m on it!” The hair on the back of my neck prickled as he cast a spell over the lurching car. The engine emitted a loud death rattle before finally dying.

“Look alive, that’s probably one-way gla—”

A bullet exploded from the passenger’s side of the windshield. I ducked and rolled, coming up in a crouch near the intersection of the Mercedes and the van’s undercarriage. “Now, G!”

With a predatory smile, the demon punched a hole through the driver’s window. Crucial design flaw of bulletproof glass? It can’t keep out a determined demon. Using one massive claw, Giguhl reached in like a cat into a fish tank and pulled out the wriggling vamp from behind the wheel.

“Giguhl! Catch!” Adam yelled. He tossed an applewood stake at the demon, who caught it with his free claw. Two seconds later, the vamp ignited as his soul escaped and his ashes scattered to the wind.

“There’s a metal partition. I can’t get to them this way,” Giguhl yelled as he reached in for the passenger.

“Got it!” I sidestepped my way toward the back door. Adam approached the one on the other side. A couple more bullets zinged at us through the glass but went wide. That’s the problem with one-way glass. Bullets can get through from the inside, but the layered glass makes anything but point-blank range inaccurate.

At least that’s what I thought until Adam yelped and his head dropped out of sight behind the car.

“Shit! Adam?” My heart thudded in my chest like a piston. It’s one thing to shoot at me, but it was something else to hurt the mage.

“I’m okay. Just missed me.”

My pulse slowed from panicked to pissed.

More shots exploded out from the rear windows. I ducked next to a quarter panel, trusting the car’s armored walls to protect me.


“Got my hands full,” he grunted. I looked over and saw him crouching under the busted window. Two bullets zinged over his horns. While the driver had been taken by surprise, the passenger was using Giguhl for target practice.

Time to end this shit. I banged a fist on the hood. “Come out with your hands up and no one else gets hurt.”

Two shots exploded from the back window. I cursed under my breath. Looked like we had ourselves a regular Mexican standoff until someone ran out of bullets.

“Sabina?” I barely heard Giguhl over the constant barrage of gunfire.


“If I create a distraction, can you take this guy out?”

I nodded. “Be careful.”

His black lips spread into a grin. “Yes, ma’am.”

He held up a claw. He counted down from three with his talons. On one, he leapt up onto the roof of the car and began rocking it side to side. I jumped toward the open window. The vamp’s attention was on the ceiling of the car as he held on for dear life.

“Hey!” I yelled. His head turned, and his eyes widened a nanosecond before I delivered a bullet into the center of his forehead. His body ignited, making a mess of the Corinthian leather.

“Nice!” Giguhl said, pumping a fist as he jumped off the roof.

I wiped a hand across my brow. “Too early to start celebrating, G.”

As if to support my claim, a new volley of gunfire came from the back of the car. Giguhl and I squatted down and duckwalked toward the front bumper. I met the mage’s eyes over the hood. “Any ideas?”

“None that don’t involve one of us gaining an extra orifice.”

Toward the end, his voice sounded unnaturally loud. That’s when I realized the gunfire had ceased. The sudden silence jarred me into stillness. I narrowed my eyes and watched the back door. The car started rocking again, but this time from inside. Something was going down in the back seat.

I scooted along the side of the car toward the back, careful to stay out of sight. Muffled shouts leaked from bullet holes in the window. Two voices—one male, one female—argued with increasing volume. The car continued to shake until, suddenly, a single gunshot cut off the male’s shout. Little wisps of copper-scented smoke leaked from the holes.

“You okay, mancy?” I whisper-shouted at Adam in the unnatural silence that followed.

“All clear,” he replied. “But I wouldn’t mind someone telling me what the fuck is going on.”

That made two of us.

Two seconds later we got our answer when the door next to my head flew open. The panel knocked me on my ass. The gun slicked against my palm. My breath came out in pants as I raised my aim up the height of the door.

A mop of kinky mahogany curls cleared the top of the door. And below, a foot clad in a low-heeled black pump stepped onto the blacktop, followed by its twin. Next, a slender, milky hand with bloodied cuticles grasped the doorframe.

When the face came into view, my stomach dipped with dread. Persephone’s classically beautiful face didn’t feature a Roman nose, two beady black eyes, or a butt-cleft chin. No, only one Domina was cursed with such mannish features.


I suddenly wanted to vomit all over those sensible but unattractive shoes. Besides being the ugliest of the three, she was also the smartest and a mistress of the bitchly arts. In other words, she was a complication I didn’t need. With a shaky hand, I kept the gun’s unblinking eye trained on the Domina. “Tanith? What. The. Fuck?”

The businesslike smile accentuated Tanith’s unfortunate features.

“Sabina,” she said. “Forgive my presumption in killing the final guard. But time is money and the wait was growing tiresome.”

I blinked in surprise. Giguhl came up behind my back. His claws hooked under my arms and lifted. My feet hit the ground without my aim ever straying from its target. Adam skidded around the trunk to take up position behind one of the most powerful vampires alive.

“Why did you kill your own guard?”

She scowled and crossed her arms. “Your ambush was an unwelcome surprise at first, but as I sat there waiting for my guards to dispose of you I had a sudden flash of inspiration.” She shrugged. “Killing that last guard was the most expedient course of action.”

“What did this flash of inspiration entail exactly?” Adam asked.

The Domina barely spared the mage a scornful glance. With her eyes on me, she said, “Before we discuss that, perhaps you should enact the escape portion of your plan before the backup those guards called arrives.” She paused and narrowed her eyes at us. If she’d been wearing spectacles, she would have lowered them down her nose. “You do have an escape plan, don’t you?”

Even with my gun, a demon, and a mage surrounding her, she stared us down like we were incompetent underlings.

“Of course we have an escape plan. But I’m seriously considering aborting this mission altogether unless you explain yourself. Why did you help us?”

She tilted her head like something I said didn’t compute. “I’m helping myself. Or rather, you will be helping me. I assume your plan is to trade me for your sister?”

I squinted at her, neither confirming nor denying. But her unmitigated gall left me speechless. Like I’d ever help a Domina again after everything they’d put me through.

“Do you honestly believe Lavinia will agree to a trade?” Tanith snorted. “Of course you do. You get that naiveté from your mage side.”

I took a long cleansing breath through my nose. “How about you spend a little less time insulting me and a lot more time explaining why you think I’d ever help you.”

“Because I know where Maisie is. And I have a plan that not only helps you save her, but also ensures this distasteful war business is taken off the table forever.”

“Where is she?” I demanded.

“She’s not in Los Angeles. That’s all I’m willing to tell you until I have certain assurances from both the Hekate Council and Queen Maeve.”

“Now who’s being naive? Or are you forgetting the army you sent a few days ago to kill off most of the mages in New York?”

She held up a finger. “Correction. Lavinia sent that army. It wasn’t until after the attack that she told Persephone and me that she’s formed an alliance with the Caste of Nod.”

The Caste of Nod is a mysterious sect made up of members of all the dark races. As far as I could tell, their goal was to cause me a lot of fucking problems. In New York, they’d orchestrated several attempts on my life because they thought I was destined to unite all the dark races. That’s the last thing they wanted, because only an all-out war between the races would bring on the second coming of Lilith. In other words, they were total wackos. And homicidal ones, at that.

“Assuming I believe Lavinia acted without your knowledge, why haven’t you confronted her?”

She laughed—an awkward, insincere sound. “Surely you haven’t been away long enough to forget how things work here. Confronting the Alpha Dominae is a death sentence.”

I frowned. “But law dictates the three of you share power equally.”

“Despite what the laws state, your grandmother has been the de facto leader of the vampire race for centuries. Persephone and I assist her in running things, of course, but she holds all the real power. At best, she could have the Under Council strip us of our titles. At worst, well…” She trailed off, knowing she didn’t need to finish the thought. After all, I used to make my living being the worst-case scenario for vamps who pissed off the Dominae.

“What about Persephone?”

Worry lines creased her normally smooth forehead. “Unfortunately, Persephone remains loyal to Lavinia. She’s too weak to be a real threat anyway. As for why I’m here, well, it’s simple.” She adjusted the French cuffs on her white shirt. “I’m double-crossing your grandmother.” She paused to let the concussion from that bombshell sink in. “I’m going to help you find Maisie in return for the Hekate Council and the Queen’s support in my plans.”

“What plans?” I crossed my arms. This ought to be good.

“My plan to become the sole ruler of the Lilim, of course.” Tanith’s lips lifted, flashing a little fang. “In order to take control of the vampire race, I need Lavinia dead and an alliance with the Council and Queen Maeve in my pocket.”

In the stunned silence that followed that announcement, I literally had no idea what to say to her. Instead, I glanced at Adam and waved my gun to indicate I needed a moment of his time. “Giguhl, watch her. She moves an inch, rip off her fucking head.”

The Mischief demon cracked the knuckles of his claws and waggled his scraggly black brows at the ancient vampire. Tanith tapped her toe on the asphalt but otherwise remained unimpressed. With one last parting glare at the Domina, I went to join Adam for a private confab.

“What the fuck?” he asked, crossing his arms.

“That pretty much sums it up for me, too.”

He nodded absently.

I continued, “I don’t suppose we could just kill her now and save ourselves a lot of trouble.”

He gave me one of his Sabina-be-reasonable looks. “Red, I know it’s a curveball, but our goal was to kidnap a Domina, right?”

“Yeah, but—”

“The way I see it, we have two choices.” He counted the options off on his fingers. “We can stand here all night questioning her motives and risk becoming bull’s-eyes for more of her guards. Or we can continue with the plan and get her to a place filled with heavily armed guards of our own and let the leaders sort it out.”

Twenty feet beyond Adam, Giguhl called. “I vote for C) Stop yapping and get the hell out of Dodge.”

“I concur,” Tanith added.

So much for talking in private.

Nosy demons and vampire leaders aside, I didn’t like this one bit. But I wasn’t any more interested in becoming target practice than he was. “Everyone circle up.”

Tanith’s impatient nod indicated her displeasure over further delays. I nodded to Giguhl. He grabbed the ancient vampire’s arms and led her to the side of the road so Adam could work his magic.

A split second before Adam’s whispered incantations dematerialized our bodies, a gun exploded from the tree line. Giguhl yelped, “Not again!” Then, just as suddenly, darkness and a rush of cold wind swept us away to the Seelie Court.


Excerpted from Green-Eyed Demon by Wells, Jaye Copyright © 2011 by Wells, Jaye. Excerpted by permission.
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"Wells does a nice job creating a seamless blend between magical and real worlds, which makes it easy for the reader to handle curveballs.... Urban-fantasy fans who like their heroines tough will enjoy this series." —-Booklist

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Green-Eyed Demon (Sabina Kane Series #3) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 157 reviews.
alexia561 More than 1 year ago
Have loved Sabina ever since we first met in Red-Headed Stepchild! In this installment, Sabina much rescue her sister from the clutches of evil kidnappers. Relying on a shaky alliance with the fairy court, the mages seek to prevent an all-out war with the vampires, but Sabina's main focus is still on rescuing Maisie. Joining Sabina in her quest is her minion Giguhl and ex-lover Adam. Can I just say how much I adore Giguhl, aka Mr. Giggles, aka Gigi? How can you not love a devoted seven foot demon with an appreciation for drag queens? Sabina is still the impulsive, quick tempered loner she's always been, but she's learning that it's not weak to rely on your friends. Saying that you're all a team and actually behaving like you're part of a team are two different things, but she's learning. She also is learning to be a bit less prejudiced against the mortally challenged, aka humans. With help from a fairy drag queen, a voodoo priestess, and a werewolf/vampire couple, she may just have a chance to survive the rescue mission! Gave this one a 4/5 as it had great writing, a fast paced plot, lots of action, and great characters! I even liked the villains in this one, and a couple characters that you thought were bad guys actually turned out to be sorta-good guys. Can't wait to see where Jaye takes Sabina next!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this series. The first book was great, just finished the second and on my way to the thrid.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was ok
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
good series and book. the series is alittle slow but good character building and story.
niicckkii More than 1 year ago
Sabina is another character with family issues. This book leaves you hanging and I purchased the next two so I could feel keep reading about and her issues. I enjoyed the ride.
DanatheRed More than 1 year ago
another fmantasic installment! lots od great development with sabina- like with her and adam as well as emotionally
kitkat3ny More than 1 year ago
I strongly recommend you read the previous books in the series (Red-Headed Stepchild, prequel novella in Vampire Romance 2-Vampsploitation and Mage in Black) prior to reading this installment. This installment was completely entertaining and so funny I literally LMAO! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was so entirely engrossed in the story, I didn't want it to end. This book had it all! Plenty of action, magic and off-the-wall twisted humor; from Sabina's minion demon giving her dating advice, to drag-queen p**sy-willow, to zombies. The storyline was very compelling and exciting, this author didn't miss a beat. She did a fantastic job of balancing a tweeny-weeny bit of romance into this superb dark urban fantasy, without sacrificing or impacting any of the fantasy portions. I was a bit disappointed in Sabina's self-destruction phase and silly choices she made in the last installment. However, Sabina has recovered her senses and is back on her butt-kicking game. Sabina is a great heroine, who is not a tool, too-stupid-to-live or sleazy in the least. My only complaint about Sabina is that she is often closed minded; her redeeming quality is, she learns her lessons and tries never to repeat mistakes. Side note, I'm so glad the Kindle comes with a built in dictionary because this author had me burning it up. She doesn't use difficult words per se, however, she does use words that aren't common everyday words; some words felt like they haven't been spoken since the mid-evil times. I highly recommend this book to fellow dark urban fantasy readers and look forward to the Sabina Short story Violet Tendencies due out 4/18/11 and I can't wait for the next book in the series Silver-Tongued Devil due out in 1/1/12. In addition to my other similar butt-kicking heroines recommendations, I also recommend: T.A. Pratt - (Marla Mason series) Blood Engines
Scifi_Addict More than 1 year ago
Ready for number 4!
MelHay on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
SPOILERS for previous 2 books present.Three days after The Mage in Black where the big battle had taken place and Maisie is now missing, kidnapped, and only just a few short days after Violent Tendencies, we pick up with Sabina having her own kidnapping in mind. We find out there is more than just saving Maisie involved. There's politics mixed in between the different races due to the war coming and Sabina's not good with politics. Will this affect the rescue of Maisie? Will this stop the war from coming or plunge all the races head first into it? Sabina works with Adam and Giguhl to find her sister but does she have to work with them to save her sister, or does she need to go it alone...First off I'm going to start with saying I L-O-O-O-V-E-D this book. I love the characters, Adam, Sabina, Giguhl, and the new ones we meet too. I loved the action. I loved the humor that made me laugh out loud and read sections two or three times to enjoy them again! And the story has depth and perfect direction. All great things, but when they are mixed together so perfectly... end result, a great book to enjoy and not be able to put down. Jaye Wells has jumped to the top of my favorites list.So, after that paragraph do you still need me to go on? Okay, I will. :)The plot had a depth to it to give us a story to read and get into where people could double cross each other with their own plans of their own regarding the issue of War between the races. And you might be surprised who's on what side. The story also has more going on with Cain and Lilith and the possibilities of so much more with them. Things of future works, I hope. ;) We get to visit different places; Los Angels, the Seelie Court, and New Orleans.The book starts right into the action and doesn't easy up. If there is a moment of no action, we are learning something important to go with the plot, but then dive right back into the action again. Every section takes advantage of the words used. No section is dragged out but perfect lengths to give you the humor, action, and information and on to the next. Jaye also does a great job of updating us with past events in the beginning of the book, so if there is a time between reading the last book you will have no troubles with being refreshed.The characters... Sabina has grown so much for and through this book, as compared to where she started. She still has a tough streak, which I hope she never losses, but she has started to let others in, and accept it. We have Giguhl, Sabina's minion, and he shows a softer side at times in this book. Then we have the hot and sexy, love potential for Sabina, Adam. And we get a full book with him. He is one great character.I will definitely be looking for Silver-Tongued Devil January 2012!
dbhutch on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
What do you get when you cross a mage and a vampire and then kidnap its twin ssiter? Sabina Kane, one seriuosly pissed off "magepire" as her demon minion likes to call her. Sabina nd her gang are off to New Orleans to get her ister back, and deal with the Alpha Dominae, Sabina's vampire grandmother before a full scale war breaks out. But New Orleans posts its own challeneges, and some new frineds as Sabina comes to realize she doesnt have to be a loner, and yes, she really does care for Adam.
Andreat78 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Green-Eyed Demon is the third book in the Sabina Kane series, by Jaye Wells. When I requested this book, I didn¿t realize that it was the third book in a series. So, I was understandably worried about reading Green-Eyed Demon. I was wrong. I was able to easily jump into Sabina Kane¿s world. Jaye Wells gave just enough information that new readers could easily catch up, but not so much that old readers would be bored. I quickly became a fan of this book/series. After reading only two sentences, I was already in love with Sabina. She is tough, with a vulnerable side she keeps hidden. She was funny and had caustic wit about her. Sabina is constantly struggling to control her tongue and her temper. She is a half-vamp and half-mage. Sabina is joined by Adam, a hunky mage, and Giguhl, a mischief demon who is also Sabina¿s minion. Giguhl has named the three-man team ¿Team Awesome¿. And they are awesome. Their mutual respect and friendship is obvious, and deep running. What also makes this trio interesting is that Sabina and Adam are clearly attracted to each other. The will they/won¿t they aspect is fun to read, especially with the Giguhl as Sabina¿s advisor in matters of the heart. What I liked most about Green-Eyed Demon is that it was a very funny book. The humor is clever. I found myself smiling a lot as I read this book. Here¿s an example: Sabina doesn¿t really like humans, so when she meets a mostly human voodoo priestess, she is instantly skeptical. The lady in question, Zen, accuses Sabina of being a ¿dark-race supremacist¿. When Sabina denies this, she is asked if she has any ¿mortally challenged friends¿. The book kept me laughing at the things Sabina and company say, do and see. There is one very funny scene involving mage rock stars, dwarf strippers and Peeping Toms. Trust me. It was good! I have to say, on the whole, that Green-Eyed Demon was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Any book that makes me smile is going to get high marks. Now, I need to rush back and read the first two books in the series, before book four comes out! *I received Green-Eyed Demon via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. *
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I enjoyed this book very much! I liked it better than the previous book, but maybe not quite as much as I liked the first one. In this volume, Sabina, her handsome Mage Adam, and her demon travel to New Orleans to try to rescue Sabina's twin Maisie. There will be lots of baddies to defeat in order to do this, including Lavinia, Sabina's evil vampire aunt and ruler of the vampire class. The great things? We have a couple of really interesting new characters. Brooks is a favorite and I hope he stays around in the future. Giguhl is at his best, both showing his sensitive and comedic sides to perfection. Adam, who I was never overly crazy about, really won me over for some reason in this installment. I think its because he really understands Sabina and doesn't pout over the small stuff. The action is intense and the investigation into Maisie's whereabouts were all done very well and it was a lot of fun. The book is much better paced than the previous one. As others have mentioned, Sabina shows a tremendous amount of necessary restraint and growth of character. She is honest with herself about her motives and I also find that refreshing for heroines in the genre. A brief negative: Its been awhile since I read the second book and I felt like the book really jumped in. Sometimes we get too much information that we already know about our characters in subsequent installments but here I felt like I didn't get enough 'memory joggers'. Therefore the book was just a little confusing at first to get back into. The political relationships and dealings are understood by the characters to such a degree that a few times its apparent they 'get it' but I wasn't sure I really did. Still this series is not to be missed and it really is one of my favorites on the market right now. This is a must buy for me!
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For those who haven't read the earlier books or who don't remember all the details, the opening chapter very nicely interweaves action with exposition to remind readers of what's happened previously*. Still, it's probably best to read this series in order.I like how Sabina has matured since the first book. For someone who started out so reckless, almost to the point of apathetic self-destruction, watching her try to build relationships, think about consequences and restrain her impulses is really satisfying. Not that she becomes a milquetoast character by any means -- she's still a smart-mouth who sometimes flies off the handle -- but she tries to plan ahead and think about repercussions before she acts now.I also really like how her (romantic) relationship with Adam develops in this book - there's still a lot of push-pull and not just because she's a vampire and he's a mage - but it makes sense and, I think, is part of what helps to ground the new, mature version of herself. Also, Giguhl, her demon/cat familiar... so cute!The humor is sometimes a little more frat-boy/slap-stick than I generally care for, but it's consistent (so if you've liked it in the past, you'll probably still like it).The plotting is fine, no complaints, but this is definitely a series I read more for the characters more than for the action.* (There's also occasional info-dumping paragraphs further in the book that I'm going to blame on the editor, since I've seen those sort of back-catalog spoilers pretty consistently within this genre. Personally, I find that they discourage me from reading any books I've missed, but it seems to be an industry standard.)This review is based on a digital ARC received via NetGalley.
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Warning: Spoilers may abound as this is the 3rd in the series!Brief summary from Goodreads:"The clock is ticking for Sabina Kane. She has to save her sister from her mysterious captors. And in order to do that, she has to broker a deal between the mages and the vampires before all hell breaks loose.But as much as Sabina is focused on surviving the present, the past won¿t be ignored. Before she can save those she cares about, she¿s got to save herself from the ghosts of her past. Because the past is haunting her. Literally."Likes?I feel like it is cheating if I say everything but that is literally the truth. I loved this book, thought it was just as good as the first two (if not better), and couldn't put it down until I turned the last page. What more could you want from a book? I loved that we saw Sabina and Adam's relationship develop more in this novel, and I can't wait to see what will happen in future books between them. The story was filled with suspense as Sabina is constantly hunting down leads attempting to find where her sister is being hidden. I also liked that we are beginning to see more of Sabina's magical abilities and I'm hoping that we continue to see her grow in future stories. I loved the new characters that were introduced especially the drag queen appropriately named "Pussy Willow". Even with the new characters, Sabina was as kick-ass as ever while also having a little vulnerability to her. Her character is one of the reasons why this series is so great. Plus, Giguhl of course :) This is a book that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend! And if you haven't given Sabina a try already then you really should.Dislikes?My only dislike is that I have to wait so long for Silver-Tongued Devil to come out. I really don't think that I can wait.Final Thoughts:Enough with the gushing already...if you can't tell, I loved this book and I love this series! Jaye Wells is one of those authors that I would read ANYTHING that she has written (or is going to write). This series is just that good in my opinion. I thought that this book was a great addition to this series and I can't wait to see what kind of trouble Sabina finds herself in next.Disclosure: I checked this book out from my local library but it is going on my buy list! I'm thinking a reread will be in order of this series soon :)
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The adventure was a fun read and looking forward to the next in the series.
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This series started, and maintained, a sharp glimmer of funny and righteous action blended with a certain thoughtfulness about the moral quandaries of vampirism. It's been done before, but with a lot less of the jokey ease and charm that this series brought to the game. It's starting to go down the after-school-special morality road in the latest volume. My humble quibbles non-withstanding, these are fun ass-kicking books definitely worth getting into.
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This is a great series, I got all 5. And they are all good I read each book in a couple of day. With an average page of 250 to 400, they are well written and keep you reading one after the other.
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I love these books need more.