Guiding Principles For Life Beyond Victim Consciousness

Guiding Principles For Life Beyond Victim Consciousness


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"Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness" deftly describes how most of us move in and out of what Lynne Forrest calls "victimconsciousness," and then provides a set of well-defined tools or "Guiding Principles" which can be used to break free of this limiting mindset.

Lynne defines victim consciousness as "the habit of thinking something outside of us is responsible for our happiness or unhappiness."

In this remarkably timely and highly significant book, Lynne outlines a step-by-step process for activating what she calls "observer consciousness"which is the antithesis of victim consciousness.

In Lynne's own words, "Observer consciousness is a personal state of awareness that allows us to recognize the happenings in our lives as intentionalopportunities to further our connection with ourselves and with Source."

Lynne is a seasoned professional who has helped and supported her clients through all kinds of life issues: addiction,problematic relationships, spiritual malaise, etc. She uses a unique blend of ideas and methods distilled from the more classic works of Karpman, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, and others, and presents as a result a clear, profound, and easy-to-follow program. These methods are grounded in universal and metaphysical principles.

"How we deal with life's challenges, not thechallenges themselves, determine whetheror not we are in victim consciousness."
-Lynne Forrest

Read this book if you want to learn to forgive and accept yourself, and if you are ready to experience a degree of harmony between you and your lovedones that you may have never thought possible.

"[I met Lynne] and I was introduced to a 'Higher Way'...(I guess that phrase [applies here], 'When you are ready to learn, the teacher will appear...' and Lynne appeared for me.Lynne is a true healer, and my spiritual mentor. Lynne will take you as deep as you are ready to go. She is a...spiritual mystic."
-Nancy K. Miller

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Guiding Principles For Life Beyond Victim Consciousness 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
CynthiaSueLarson More than 1 year ago
This gem of a book is a must-have for anyone seeking the keys to life mastery, or simply wishing to make the most of amazing opportunities available to us in this world. Modestly and without trumpets or fanfare, Lynne Forrest has created a masterpiece in "Beyond Victim Consciousness," that illuminates and elucidates hidden energies behind the roles people play in the 'victim triangle.' Many of us have subconsciously adopted roles of victim, rescuer, or persecutor from dysfunctional family role models and examples earlier in our lives, but Forrest assures us that it's never too late to find the way out of 'victim triangle' patterns and into much more functional relationships with everyone and everything in our lives. Forrest excels at showing us how most people are caught up in victim consciousness, which she defines as the "habit of thinking something outside of us is responsible for our happiness or unhappiness." The elegant simplicity of this observation is the foundation of the transformation Forrest prescribes, moving us into observer consciousness, "a personal state of awareness that allows us to recognize the happenings in our lives as intentional opportunities to further our connection with ourselves and with Source." With a wealth of real-life examples and helpful diagrams, Beyond Victim Consciousness explains why it's important to show up with a willing attitude, to be in alignment, and to clear one's energies in order to move out of victim-rescuer-persecutor mindset into observer-nurturer-asserter mindset. Forrest is quick to give credit where credit is due, as she seamlessly weaves together the primary strengths from a variety of sources into a solid suite of techniques that is time-tested and effective at producing immediate and lasting results. I love the way Forrest shows how getting off the victim triangle involves relating in an entirely new way to our feelings -- particularly our feelings of pain -- that we would otherwise typically tend to repress. Forrest lovingly demonstrates how painful feelings are signals and messages that we can learn from (rather than indulge ourselves in), and she helps explain how and why it is that these painful feelings will help show us the way out of the victim triangle. "Beyond Victim Consciousness" is an outstanding reference book for all therapists, psychologists and life coaches working to help people recognize and transcend limiting beliefs and patterns, as well as anyone genuinely interested in making their life the very best it can be. I give this book my highest recommendation -- for helping people shift their lives in the very best possible ways!