Healthy Habits: How to Live 100 Plus Years and Avoid Dying Before Your Time

Healthy Habits: How to Live 100 Plus Years and Avoid Dying Before Your Time

by Mike Smith


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In the Western World the average life span is approximately 80 years old. However, when people get to that age they are usually hit with a multitude of health problems and encounter frailties both physically and mentally. They experience this state of "old age" unfortunately in most cases mainly because of the nutritional and lifestyle habits they have practice throughout their lives. They've succumbed to the propaganda of having a Western diet, Western lifestyle and have been conditioned by the media that 80 years of age is old.

However, there are people who are located in the remotest parts of the world who consider 80 years old to be a young age! They are living past the age of 100 years old in strong health, are active and alert and are in full possession of their mental faculties. In fact, with these people, being active and alert centenarians with a keen enjoyment of life are the norm. What are their secrets and the keys to their longevity and fountain of youth? Well, it all begins with their practice of healthy habits which include diet, exercise and attitude.

In his book entitled Healthy Habits: How to Live 100 Plus Years and Avoid Dying Before Your Time author Mike Smith explores and examines the diet and lifestyles of the various groups of people throughout the world who have for centuries practiced longevity principles that have enabled them to consistently live past 100 years of age. The people who fit this criteria and will be explored and examined are the people of Bama who are located in the West Central Guangxi Province of South China, the Hunzas of Pakistan, the Okinawans of Japan, the people from the small Greek island of Symi, the Abkhazians of Russia, the Campodimele people of Central Italy, the Vilcabamba Indians of Ecuador and the Titikaka Indians of Peru.

You will be shown how to effectively incorporate the healthy habits of these centenarians in your daily life so you too can enjoy the fruits of living a long , healthy, active and prosperous life.

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