Hex of the Dragon Fruit

Hex of the Dragon Fruit

by Lee Pulaski


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Noridem is a land of magic and mysticism, where anything and everything can happen. The people live under the rule of a benevolent emperor and explore the boundaries of existence. They get their amazing powers and abilities from the dragon fruit, which grows in abundance throughout the land. However, the evil sorceress Nephra has cast a hex on almost all of the dragon fruit, making it toxic to Noridemians and robbing them of their strength, and the king of his health.

Existing parallel to Noridem is our world, and in the city of Baltimore, Austin roams the streets, searching for a place to call home. While fleeing a street gang intending to harm him, he falls through a mystic portal leading him to Noridem. It is no accident that Austin is here, however, as he is destined to bring Noridem out of darkness and restore balance to the land—one of the legendary warrior lovers.

To do that, he must find a way to control his newfound magic while helping Noridem's bravest warrior, Blue, find the Genesis Stone, which will break the hex when combined with the Exodus Stone possessed by Nephra. To succeed, they must endure many trials and explore the most treacherous corners of Noridem. In the middle of their quest, new and powerful feelings emerge, and Blue and Austin soon must face two obstacles—true darkness and true love.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781987049589
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 04/12/2019
Pages: 506
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 1.13(d)

About the Author

Lee Pulaski wrote his first novel in 2007. Inspired by the beautiful fall foliage of northern Wisconsin, he used the backdrop to craft a tale of love between two men in a small town. For Lee, it was important for people to know that not all tales of romance involve a muscular male hero and a damsel yearning for that hero to sweep her off her feet. He wanted readers to know that two men could fall in love and share a beautiful life just like anyone else.

From there, Lee continued writing stories featuring gay protagonists. In the last few years, he shifted his focus to mysteries, inspired by the many tales he read growing up, especially ones written by Agatha Christie. When Lee moved to Wisconsin permanently in 2011, he wanted to feature rural Wisconsin and chose Gresham, a small village in Shawano County, as the home of his sleuth, Zachary Gagewood.

Lee has had a love of writing since he was a child. In high school, he wrote a number of plays, and one of them was produced by his school. Since then, he sought to do bigger and better things, finally getting his first novel published as an e-book in 2008 and in paperback in 2010. He has self-published more than a dozen books and a two-act play, eager to share his stories with the world.

Lee’s writing isn’t limited to his books, however. He has written articles and columns for newspapers since he was 16, and he has a blog at leepulaski.wordpress.com.

When Lee isn’t writing, he has a love for photography. Some of his photos help to make up a few of his book covers. Whether it’s a pile of beef jerky or trees full of colorful autumn leaves, he tries to create visual pictures with more than just words.

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