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How to Break Out of Prison

How to Break Out of Prison

by John Wareham


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Inspired by the success of his program within New York's Riker Island Prison Complex, John Wareham has written How to Break Out of Prison, a profound work which laces penetrating insights from the lives of corporate inmates and prison inmates alike to show that all prisons are mental prisons. The book includes The Wareham Quest, a proprietary psychological test which shows readers how to fashion a master key to unlock their personal prison gates and create the life of their dreams.

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ISBN-13: 9781566492911
Publisher: Welcome Rain Publishers
Publication date: 06/25/2006
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.54(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.56(d)

Table of Contents

How to Break Into Prison: A Pithy Prologue and Appreciation11
Part 1Who's Imprisoned and Why
1.Invisible Iron Balls & Floating Magic Circles19
2.The Iron Ball Tagged I & How Your Emotions Undermine You33
3.The Iron Ball Tagged U & Why Your Stratagems Are Flawed47
4.The Iron Ball Tagged O & Why Your Maneuvers Are Ineffective61
5.The Illusion that Locks the 3 Iron Balls in Place & Why You Can't Escape81
Part 2Raise Cogitato & Begin to See the World With Open I's
6.How to Wake Up in Prison & Transmute Those Iron Balls into Magic Circles99
7.Magic Circle Number 1: The Integrated Value System: How It Transforms Mistakes into Virtues & Challenges into Savvy Choices109
8.How to Revise Your Alibi & Overturn Your Conviction131
9.How to Create the Life of Your Dreams: A 7-Step Formula151
10.Cogitato's Message: In a Nutshell161
Part 3Enlist Advancio: The Warrior Within Will Win the Day
11.Magic Circle Number 2: The In-the Moment Grappling-Style & How to Race a Motorcycle165
12.How to Talk Your Way Out of Trouble & Into a Good Time183
13.Advancio's Message: In a Nutshell189
Part 4Embrace Nurturio: The Best Friend You Never Knew You Had
14.Magic Circle Number 3: The Intact Sense of Self-Esteem & How to Step Out of a Wheelchair193
15.How to Preserve the Appearance of Integrity: When Push Comes to Shove209
16.How to Create Some Love in Your Life & Discover It in Unexpected Places215
17.Games Recidivists Play & How To Pick Up and Go Home225
18.How to Overcome Temptation: Before It Overcomes You233
19.Nurturio's Message: In a Nutshell239
20.How to Complete a Journey & Know Where You Are243

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