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How to Grill Vegetables: The New Bible for Barbecuing Vegetables over Live Fire

How to Grill Vegetables: The New Bible for Barbecuing Vegetables over Live Fire

by Steven Raichlen
How to Grill Vegetables: The New Bible for Barbecuing Vegetables over Live Fire

How to Grill Vegetables: The New Bible for Barbecuing Vegetables over Live Fire

by Steven Raichlen


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The genius of Raichlen meets the magic of vegetables.

Celebrating all the ways to grill green, this mouthwatering, ground breaking cookbook from America’s master griller” (Esquire) shows how to bring live fire or wood smoke to every imaginable vegetable. How to fire-blister tomatoes, cedar-plank eggplant, hay-smoke lettuce, spit-roast brussels sprouts on the stalk, grill corn five ways—even cook whole onions caveman-style in the embers. And how to put it all together through 115 inspired recipes. Plus chapters on grilling breads, pizza, eggs, cheese, desserts and more. PS: While vegetables shine in every dish, this is not a strictly vegetarian cookbook—yes, there will be bacon.
“Raichlen’s done it again! I am so happy that he has turned his focus to the amazingly versatile yet underrated world of vegetables, creating some of the most exciting ways to use live fire. If you love to grill and want to learn something new, then this is the perfect book for you. Steven is truly the master of the grill!” –Jose Andres, Chef and Humanitarian
“Destined to join Steven Raichlen’s other books as a masterpiece. Just thumb through it, and you’ll understand that this is one of those rare must-have cookbooks–and one that planet Earth will welcome.” –Nancy Silverton, Chef and Owner of Mozza restaurants

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781523509843
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company
Publication date: 05/11/2021
Series: Steven Raichlen Barbecue Bible Cookbooks
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 63,044
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Steven Raichlen is the author of the New York Times bestselling Barbecue! Bible® cookbook series, which includes the new Brisket Chronicles; Project Fire; Barbecue Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades; Project Smoke; The Barbecue Bible; and How to Grill. Winners of 5 James Beard awards and 3 IACP awards, his books have been translated into 17 languages. His TV shows include the public television series Steven Raichlen’s Project Fire, Project Smoke; Primal Grill; and Barbecue University; the French language series Le Maitre du Grill, and the Italian series Steven Raichlen Grills Italy. Raichlen has written for the New York Times, Esquire, and all the food magazines; and is the founder and dean of Barbecue University. In 2015, he was inducted into the Barbecue Hall of Fame. His website is

Table of Contents

Grill green like a pro in 8 easy steps:
Select the right grill
              Find your fuel
              Gather your gear
              Master the basic grilling and smoking techniques
              Fire it up
              Dial in the right temperature
              Orchestrating your grill session
              How grilling vegetables differs from grilling meats and seafood
Kylie: M = recipes that contain meat; S = recipes that contain seafood
M Gaucho breakfast (grilled portobello eggs, crispy ham, and raisin chimichurri)
Shiitakes channeling bacon
Wood grilled bruschetta with fire-blistered tomatoes
              With grilled grapes and goat cheese
Spicy smoked chickpeas
Padron pepper poppers
Tuscan edamame
Grilled radishes with Roquefort butter
Crispy grilled kale with poor man’s parmesan
S Grilled asparagus with bagna cauda
Wood-grilled avocados with salbitxada
              with Pepperdew salsa
Tofu channeling ham
Smoked guacamole with chia seed totopos
Fire-roasted pepper pimento cheese
Smoked hummus
Sesame grilled pita chips
Not your usual baba ganooj
Muhammera—Near Eastern grilled pepper, walnut, and pomegranate dip
Caveman caviar
Grilled pumpernickel
Tyrokafteri (Greek grilled pepper and feta dip)
Armenian charred eggplant dip with tomatoes and onions
Grilled wedge salad with smoky ranch dressing
Hay-smoked lettuce with lemon herb dressing
S Grilled Caesar #5
M Piperade salad
Grilled corn and pomegranate salad
Esquites (Mexican grilled corn salad)
Grilled bread salad (panzanella)
Charred eggplant salad, tahini, yogurt, walnuts, and fried mint
A simple salad of ember-roasted peppers and onions
Smoked beet salad with smoky raisin vinaigrette
Grilled leek salad with ash vinaigrette
German-style smoke-roasted potato salad
Smoke-roasted creamy potato salad
Caveman slaw with caraway and mint
Grilled napa slaw with Asian flavorings
M Nancy’s smoked salmorejo (Spanish grilled tomato soup)
Grilled bread/grilled breadsticks
Plancha pita
Ember flatbread
Basic pizza dough
              The Raichlen margherita
              S Pizza puttanesca
              Avocado pizza
Georgian egg pizza
SR lunchtime grilled quesadillas
              Elote quesadillas
              S Grilled quesadillas with poblanos and nordic shrimp
Barbecued tofu sandwich
V Street’s Vegan Cheese “Steak”
Portobello chivito
Grilled pimento cheese sandwich
Grilled artichokes with harissa mayonnaise
M Grilled asparagus with Spanish ham and Cabrales cheese
Broccolini grilled in the style of sate
M Brussels sprout kebabs with bacon and dates
Grilled carrots with carrot top pesto
Grilled corn 5 ways
              Old Bay and brown butter
              Emilia-Romagna elote
              Wasabi butter and sesame
              Thai curry and toasted coconut
Greek grilled leeks with sheep’s milk cheese and prunes
Grilled okra 3 ways
              With pimento cheese
              With coconut curry
              With sesame and shiso
Smoke-grilled parsnips with crispy capers
Grilled plantains with cane syrup and brown sugar
Smoke-roasted parsnips with crispy capers
Armenian grilled potato kebabs
Romanesco with romesco
M Maple bacon delicata squash rings
Ember-grilled sweet potatoes with dukkah and preserved lemon yogurt
Sunchokes bravas
Buffaque broccoli with smoked blue cheese crema
Rotisserie whole brussels sprouts stalk with turmeric oil
M Cajun hobo packs
Nashville hot cauliflower
M Turkish eggplant and lamb kebabs
Cedar-planked eggplant parmesan
Umami flavor grilled cluster mushrooms
M The Raichlen baker
Smoked acorn squash with parmesan flan
Twice grilled squash with pumpkin seed praline
Smoked sweet potato casserole
M Zucchini bracciole
Grilled polenta with mushroom hash
Grilled vegetable paella
Sicilian grilled artichokes
Grilled bok choy with shichimi togarashi
Grilled broccoli with curry butter
Wood-grilled broccolini with raisins and chili oil
Cabbage bool kogi
Smoked carrots with roasted yeast
Mechoui cauliflower with Moroccan seasonings
Mexican creamed corn
Grilled green beans with marcona almonds
Barbecued onions
Smashed potatoes
Butternut squash with sweet chili teriyaki
M Delicata squash with maple syrup and bacon
Tomatoes grilled with sesame and shiso
              M Tomatoes grilled in the style of English breakfast
Char siu yams
Zucchini burnt ends
Onigiri (Japanese grilled rice cakes)
Wood fire eggs
Smoked eggs with Japanese seasonings
Smoked deviled eggs with wasabi
              Smoked deviled eggs with mayo and mustard
              Smoked egg salad with miso
Grilled egg kebabs (really) with Cambodian seasonings        
              Tuscan flavor grilled eggs
Grilled eggs with Vietnamese flavors
Double grilled vegetable frittata
Planked brie with fig jam and walnuts
Grilled halloumi with honey and rosewater
Brazilian grilled cheese skewers
Indian grilled cheese kebabs
Veggie and cheese shawarma
Grilled cheese with portobellos
All-purpose barbecue rub
Chimichurri rub
Salsa 3 ways
              Grilled / caveman / smoked
Ajvar (Balkan eggplant pepper spread)
Smoked tomato sauce
Salsa brava
Romesco sauce
Red chimichurri
Charred poblano crema
Piquillo and ember-roasted onion relish
Smoked allioli
Yogurt smoked and grilled
              Grilled zucchini tzatziki
              Grilled pumpkin tzatziki
Smoked garlic and other alliums
Ember oil / ember butter
Cinnamon fruit skewers with mint julep glaze
The grilled fruit salad that thinks it’s salsa
Hasselback apples on cedar planks
Volcano pineapple
M Grands-Pères (dessert dumplings poached in smoky maple syrup with bacon)
Grilled banana pudding

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