by Grace Goodwin

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Trapped. Tortured. Only she can save him from the Hive.

Vice Admiral Niobe has resisted the temptation of the Interstellar Brides Program for years, certain there is no male in the universe willing to sacrifice his vision of a perfect life to be with her. Shocked to be matched to her father's home world of Everis, she transports, expecting to find an eager mate waiting for her. Instead, she arrives within a secret Hive integration center to find him resisting a merciless enemy.

Elite Hunter Quinn might have been captured by the Hive, but he'll sacrifice anything to save the mate he never expected... never imagined would appear like an angel in the middle of hell. A warrior in her own right, Niobe's too stubborn to leave him behind. And even if they escape the Hive, their personal scars run deep. Battle and bloodshed are easy. But healing a wounded warrior's heart? That may prove impossible.

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BN ID: 2940160986708
Publisher: KSA Publishing
Publication date: 09/11/2019
Series: Interstellar Brides Series , #17
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 5,126
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About Grace:
Grace Goodwin is a USA Today and international bestselling author of Sci-Fi & Paranormal romance. Grace believes all women should be treated like princesses, in the bedroom and out of it, and writes love stories where men know how to make their women feel pampered, protected and very well taken care of. Grace hates the snow, loves the mountains (yes, that's a problem) and wishes she could simply download the stories out of her head instead of being forced to type them out. Grace lives in the western US and is a full-time writer, an avid romance reader and an admitted caffeine addict.

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Hunted 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
Anonymous 5 months ago
At 138 nook pages it had steamy loving, conflict, action, a little humor, and of course characters from other books in this series to revisit. Wish it was just a bit longer.****
KDRBCK 5 months ago
Hunted is book 17 in the Interstellar Brides series by Grace Goodwin and tells Niobe and Quinn's story. Like all GG stories, Hunted is a scorching hot, nsfw read, fans herself. The story is selfexplanatory. Captivated hunter, caught by the Hive gets matched to Vice Admiral Niobe, a woman who knows what she wants. Except in private where her hunter has the say, liked the story and the great writing. 4 Stars.
Redrabbitt 6 months ago
HUNT FOR ME As with the other Interstellar Bride books by Ms. Grace Goodwin, they read great as a continuing saga, but each book will read well as a stand-alone. In this story, Niobe, Vice Admiral of the Coalition, has capitulated to her friends, Kira and Rachel, and has been tested for a mate—what she never expected was to be matched. Now, she must go to him and what a shock when she arrives, and this will be the story of Niobe and Quinn. “I was his prey. His desire. His mate. When I heard him groan, my heart leapt with joy. He wanted my fight. My spirit. My need to prove my strength before I submitted. I would revel beneath his dominance. His strength. For while I might give over to him, I held the power over him. I submitted to it all. Willingly. Happily. Completely.” Niobe lost her mother when she was six, raised in the foster system on Earth, never knowing her father, and at fourteen is discovered by Everians and taken to their planet since she is half-alien another surprise!. While she knew she was unusual, learning she is also half-alien doesn’t give her comfort. Everians are fast, and that explains her abilities in track. The plot will have Niobe appeasing her friends only to discover she had a matched mate and acquiesced to go to him. What a shock to be transported and discover she is in Hive territory and in a battle—for her life and his. As Vice Admiral, she can override systems, and her status will have her freeing Quinn and several other prisoners and transporting them to Karter. Now the battle really begins—both personally and professionally. With only hours for Quinn and Niobe to get to know each other, then to return and battle the Hive and Nexus. It will also become a battle of wills—a man who is determined to control his mate—and Niobe to maintain her status and position in the Coalition as Vice Admiral. “Here, with me, you’re my mate. Nothing more. You might be in control out there.” He tipped his head to the side, in the direction of the room’s door. “With me, you submit. You might be vice-admiral in that uniform, but out? You’re mine. I see who you are. What you need. Just for me. Submit. Let me take care of you. Stop thinking. Just feel.” How far will one mate go for the other? Niobe refuses to give up everything she has worked for, what she is, and who she is. Can she have the best of both worlds? A mate who will love her, take care of her, one she can submit to, yet respect her position? Will Quinn be open to allowing her to maintain her position? “He was in charge now. God, the feel of him taking over, of shedding all of my responsibilities like I did my uniform, was exhilarating. I could be more than just the vice admiral. I could just be Niobe, or more importantly, Quinn’s mate.” “I swear I have an inner beast where you are concerned. I never doubted your abilities. Never. I am proud of who you are, mate. Proud that you are mine. I am content to be yours. Your security. Your protection. Your mate. Just yours, Niobe.” The story will bring Quinn and Niobe together and yet they must learn how to mesh their lives and responsibilities. Sometimes the job will not allow emotions to come into play—but just maybe there is a way to have a bit of give and take. The chemistry between these two sizzles on the pages and they just feel right together. When it comes down to it, each person or alien needs someone that is in their corner has their best interest at heart and has the love and passion to make life better.
Anonymous 4 months ago
love her stories and that the female and the male are two strong dominant character.
Anonymous 5 months ago
I enjoy all the books I have read by Grace, so far and this one is another great story.
Barj60 5 months ago
Book seventeen of the Interstellar Brides® Program series a book that kept me turning pages until I finished it. Elite Hunter Quinn has been captured by the Hive and only Vice Admiral Niobe can get him out. I enjoyed seeing how these two get their happy ending. There is suspense, drama, danger, twists, turns, two people helping each other and finding love while doing so. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Barj60 5 months ago
Book seventeen of the Interstellar Brides® Program series a book that kept me turning pages until I finished it. Elite Hunter Quinn has been captured by the Hive and only Vice Admiral Niobe can get him out. I enjoyed seeing how these two get their happy ending. There is suspense, drama, danger, twists, turns, two people helping each other and finding love while doing so. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
BossAngel 5 months ago
This was my first book I've read by this author. She hook me in this story from the first page with the hunt scene, to meeting her mate Elite Hunter Quinn when Vice Admiral beams to the outpost compound to find it's overrun by the Hive, then romance, action and more battles as they reclaim the compound and capture the Nexus as we progress to misunderstandings to etc etc etc till the final page. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and I loved all the characters introduce in this Sci-fi alien romance I could picture them in my mind as I was reading. I volunteer to read and review this ARC via Booksprout.
IngridQuakernaat 5 months ago
I enjoyed this story. Niobe is a strong woman with a very high position in the Coalition. (Vice Admiral). Quinn is an Elite Hunter, only takes on assignments that he wants and does not have to answer to anyone. When Noibe has taken the bride test, there appears to be a match for her. She is brought to him to find out that he is imprisoned. Quinn is immediately interested in her without knowing that she is his mate. He admires her for her skills and independence. On the other hand, this also breaks him up, he is after all an Alpha man. All he wants is to protect and possess her. Especially within the walls of the bedroom. Hot sex scenes in which he expects Noibe to surrender to him. I like the personality of Noibe. A woman in a senior position who does not let herself go but also remains a passionate woman for Quinn. Nice as he looks for compromises to stay very close to Noibe even though he is much lower in rank I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Shirleylinn 5 months ago
This is another great addition to the Interstellar Brides series. It has wonderful characters and an intriguing storyline. I can't wait to read the next book. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
fantasylandblog 5 months ago
I love Interstellar Brides and the program. You have to wonder if life would be so much easier if we had something like this in real life. The program doesn't make these beautiful characters fall in love; it just finds that soul mate that they need to make their lives better. With Hunted, we get a story of a high ranking woman Vice Admiral Niobe, who has never wanted a mate. She is content with her life and happy to be an Admiral in this war. However, when her friends put her in the program, and it ends up finding her a mate, she is more surprised than anyone else in the room. Gavin was tested years ago and has almost given up with the program. However, now that he is in the middle of a war, the last thing he expects to see is a beautiful woman transmitted into the middle of the room. Although these two are used to fighting in war zones, they have very little knowledge of how to work a relationship. Will these two be able to find a middle ground to save their love? Alternatively, will they always be at war?
DebO122 5 months ago
This was my first time reading a book by Grace Goodwin and I loved it! Quinn and Niobe were both strong, fierce and alpha driven warriors. There is drama, suspense, danger, twist, turns, tension, action, excitement and lots of steamy romance. Their chemistry was amazing and even though their both alphas they worked well together and their scenes were hot and steamy together. I loved that there are so many strong woman in this book and that all the characters are so well developed. This is a definite must read and I can't wait to read more form this author!!!! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
EmilyP23 5 months ago
At the testing center, Niobe, Vice Admiral of the Coalition, has let her friends, Kira and Rachel, persuade her to at least see if there is a mate out there for her -- even though Niobe absolutely does not expect to ever be matched. But when her matched mate is found and she is transported to where he is, she is shocked to find herself at the Hive Integration Center and in the middle of a battle, fighting her way out to save them both! Niobe frees Elite Hunter Quinn, her Everian matched mate, and several other prisoners being held captive. They transport out, but the battle still must be fought with the Hive. In the meantime, the new mates must work out their places in the mating because Quinn is her elite warrior, dominant and in charge; but she is the Vice Admiral of the Coalition and not used to having to submit to anyone! Their battle of wills for dominance will be critical, until they can separate their lives in the outside world from their mated relationship with each other – the give-and-take that all such connections demand. Can Quinn convince his powerful mate to submit to him as his mate? Can Niobe willingly submit herself to him and allow him to protect her in their mating and still be the Vice Admiral of the Coalition? As always, this author gives us the very best stories, bringing the reader back again and again to read about the various aliens we are so familiar with! The story line is fast-paced and exciting as Niobe and Quinn are forced into a major battle just as they are also trying to form their mating bond, each one trying to adjust their dominance to the proper level and figure out how they can work together while letting their mate be who they have to be! Grab your copy and immerse yourself in a fantastic experience you won’t want to miss!
Monda1 5 months ago
Grace Goodwill has done it again. I love this book. This is the most realistic book she’s ever written considering aliens and half human half aliens. This book really touched me about how everyone has to make sacrifices. Love being hunted, love being wooed. But sometimes love gets in the way or life gets in the way. This is one of those books where they both survived the book with characters that are 100% Real. This is where both characters are trying to figure out how they can be mates. How conflict and ones need is in the way of a maid or not in the way it really depends on how you look at it and it’s really real. Love it and the HEA to die for and no cliffhangers. And if you subscribe to her fan page or mailing list you’ll definitely get the bonus content of this book. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
PatriciaHoffstaetter 5 months ago
A splendid, enjoyable alien romance & a pleasure to read, it is somewhat different to the rest of this author’s books but I promise you that it is definitely worth reading. I found the plot well-written & exceptionally mesmerizing, the world building & description is excellent. The characters are well-developed & strong-willed with a determined to succeed. There are some character crossovers from previous books but this book can be read as a standalone. It is about: a high ranking powerful woman (Vice Admiral “Niobe”) of the Coalition is matched to a Elite Hunter (Quinn) but discovers that he has been taken captive along with fellow hunters & the story starts from here. There is: various kinds of aliens, evil aliens, friendship, subtle manipulations, twists & turns, intrigue, suspense, drama, interstellar war, adventure, action, danger, enemies, conflict, violence, vengeful feelings, betrayal, longings, determination, mates, compromises, steamy scenes, contentment & a well-deserved satisfying conclusion.
cleeck 5 months ago
I have always hoped to read about Quinn and his mate since I read about him in Claiming His Virgin. While there's no time reference on how much time has passed, it is obvious he has changed. Still I am glad he is finally with his mate. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Ajgray 5 months ago
Love this series of books as they are action packed, entertaining and have the findings of newly mated/matched couples. This particular story revolves around Quinn and Niobe and the trials they endure while coming to terms with being mated. At their first meeting Niobe saves Quinn from being integrated by Nexus before knowing he is her mate. Quinn a Hunter, and Niobe a Vice Admiral, are having issues with how their mating is affecting their careers along with the continued threat of the Hive, which is a constant in each book. There are struggles between the separate designations of job/duty versus mate but a final solution is found. This is a well written story with great characters and plots. It is also a great series and I would highly recommend each story as they are great stand alone books but at they same time they are still part of a series. I would highly recomnend this book as a great read.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Another fantastic entry in this series. A vice admiral in the coalition half human have Everian Niobe is no one to underestimate. When she is convinced by some of her human friends on the Colony to bride test she does not think she will be matched. When she is immediately matched and sent to meet Elite Hunter Quinn the last thing she expects is to transport into the middle of a Hive occupied base. Tortured for weeks by a Nexus unit Quinn does not think he will ever escape. When the most gorgeous female he has ever seen transports in and immediately kills his Hive guards he cannot believe his eyes. They escape together and he knows he must make her his. Quinn and Niobe have incredible chemistry she is wild at heart and Quinn calls to the hunter inside her. What follows is a inedible romance filled with plenty of action, adventure and steam to keep you hooked from page one. Actually the only disappointing thing about this story is that it must end.
Aquamarine1951 6 months ago
Grace gives us a fresh take on her Interstellar Brides series with “Hunted.” Take two very strong, feisty, proud and dominant personalities blend in nail biting action, suspense and steam and you have an ingenious storyline with a plot that is flawlessly written and an exceptional reading experience. The non-stop action and seemingly impossible outcome of this unusual pairing make “Hunted” the kind of story you can’t put down until the last line. I absolutely loved Quinn and Niobe’s story. In order for their relationship to work sacrifices and compromises need to be made. The surprise twists at the end are priceless. This book is so good that it needs to be savored and enjoyed by other readers so I won’t give away plot details. If you are a Si-Fi romance fan and/or a Grace Goodwin fan I highly recommend this book. I received a advanced readers copy from the author. This is my honest opinion about this book.
Steph-C 6 months ago
I really enjoyed reading this book! It can totally be read as a standalone, but people who follow the series will find familiar characters in this book. (Although the main hero is from Everis it doesn't featur the "Everis 3V ") Once more the author has provided a unique sexy, fun, romantic and action packed book. The characters have dept, the plot is interesting and it's really hard to put this book down once you star reading it.
Miaegia 6 months ago
I really liked how this book was different from the others. I love to read about strong, average and even the weaker and shy heroine. We've had strong warrior women before but not like Niobe. She was so much more than the previous brides. She doesn't exactly want or need a man. She isn't looking for a way to get away from anything. Neither is she looking for anything. The only empty place in her life is having a partner in life, a husband that truly understood her and her duty. Does she really have that room in her life? Is being half Everian enough to help her understand an Everian Hunter? Hunter Quinn is very much the Everian Elite Hunter. He is driven to protect and care for a mate. Can he understand a woman that can take care of herself in all ways? Can he find a place in her life? OR does he demand she find a place in his? How far is he willing to go to make this work?
SammLynn 6 months ago
Wow! Vice Admiral Niobe - so freaking close to the top of the chain of command for the WHOLE of the coalition forces, that only a handful of people outrank her. Elite Hunter Quinn - an elite hunter from Everis, who is a law unto himself and not really a part of the Coalition forces and only answers to the rulers of Everis. Two strong warriors, each confident in their abilities but have some struggles with personal issues. Niobe is very different from the other Everian bride we have seen so far. Whereas the other brides would fight for their mates, this bride is fighting for EVERYONE. Niobe's job is in direct opposition to every warrior's need to protect his mate and Quinn is no exception and it gives us another conflict alongside the Hive war, that we are thrust back into with this story. There are some smoking hot scenes as Niobe and Quinn come together but the story itself (Coalition fighting the Hive) is what really attracts me. I love the new developments in the war that this book brings. The revelations make the Hive even scarier then before. I also loved that one of my favorite Prillon ménages returns in a guest appearance with some substance. I have purchased every book this author has written even though I receive advanced copies for review (you have to support your favorite authors so that they write more books). I am only on the review team so that I can get the books earlier then the release date. Though all of the books in the Interstellar Brides series are great, I have a giant freaking LOVE of all the Atlan books (I wish I had one of my own - I did get tested and got one - try it yourself - ). If your into sci-fi/fantasy/romance, grab these books. The Colony stories will rip your heart out, the Vikens will give you 3 distinct alphas to love and cherish their mate, the Prillons will give you a mate and a spare along with some great Hive war action, and the Ascension Saga will show you just how kick-ass women can be while seeking justice.