In the Shadow of the Moon

In the Shadow of the Moon

by Karen White

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ISBN-13: 9780399584640
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/21/2017
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 30,654
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Karen White is the New York Times bestselling author of more than twenty novels, including the Tradd Street series, The Night the Lights Went OutFlight PatternsThe Sound of GlassA Long Time Gone, and The Time Between. She is the coauthor of The Forgotton Room with New York Times bestselling authors Beatriz Williams and Lauren Willig. She grew up in London but now lives with her husband and two children near Atlanta, Georgia.

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In the Shadow of the Moon 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Laura has the perfect life. She and her husband have bought her dream house and are about to have a baby. There's nothing else she can ever want. But when her daughter Annie is two, she disappears. Then her husband dies. Laura is heart broken and alone the night she goes back to the mountain where her daughter disappeared. And there on the mountain, Laura is pulled into another time--a time that may contain her missing daughter. As she searches for Annie, Laura also finds her heart--it's held by a Confederate soldier. But is Stuart strong enough to accept Laura's past lies in the future? In order to save the daughter she loves can she betray him? In the Shadow of the Moon is a stunning romance that spans from the '90's to the Civil War, from a war that tore apart a nation, to love that transcends time. First time author, Karen White, carries the reader on a mystical journey--a journey that will touch even the hardest of hearts and convince them that nothing can stand between true love, not even time itself.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A mothers love, a wife's love, tragedy, war, destruction, love conquering all - Karen White weaves all of these attributes and more into her debut novel In the Shadow of the Moon. From the first page I was hooked. Laura, finally pregnant after many failed attempts, finds the house of her dreams. Literally. She brings her husband, Jack, to look at an old southern house in Georgia, determined to own it. As she is guided by it's owner through the house, Laura feels as if she's been here before. Mrs. Cudahy, the owner of the house, tells Laura that she is supposed to buy the house. She knows this because her grandmother told her that one day a woman that looked like the one in the portrait she had, would come there and buy the house and she was to wait until she got there. Laura and Jack were dumbfounded, but nevertheless bought the house and restored it to its natural beauty. Annie was born exactly two weeks after they bought the house. She was the center of the universe for Laura and Jack. When Annie was 23 months old, Laura and Jack took her up the mountain behind their house to see her first comet. Laura had always watched the stars with her Cherokee born grandmother; she wanted to pass this special moment to her own daughter. Hiking up Moon Mountain was no easy task, when they arrived to a cool spot they relaxed and as Jack and Annie had drifted to sleep. Laura also drifting fell asleep to the smell of gardenias. The last thing she remembered was reaching for Annie. A mother's love is one of the strongest bonds in the world. As I read the first few chapters I felt the heroines pain and anguish. I felt it to the point of tears at certain points. I can never imagine a mother's grief when a child is lost and there is no logical reason behind the disappearance. The story takes an even worse turn; at this point both Laura and Jack are grief stricken. It was so hard to conceive their daughter, they had no idea how to cope with the loss of never having children. At this point, Jack takes up flying, it makes it easier for him to deal with the pain. And Laura loses Jack in a plane crash. In the first few chapters of the book, Karen White has shown us the joy of childbirth, the pain of losing a child and then the pain of losing a husband. Your left thinking how much more can her heroine take. You'll be surprised to find out what she has in store for her heroine and other characters. Laura is so grief stricken by her losses that she goes back to Moon Mountain to try and find anything that will lead her in the direction of finding her daughter. That¿s when the unexpected happens. She is catapulted back in time to 1863 Georgia, during the Civil War. Laura, quick with her wits, saves a young boy from death and returns him to his uncle, Stuart. Still grieving for the loss of her husband is uncomfortable with the sudden attraction she had with a man she doesn't know. But in order to survive and find her daughter she comes up with a plausible story and is taken in by Stuart's sister in law Julia. We are taken on a roller coaster ride from here on out. We find out how Laura survives without creating a scandal in the small town of Roswell, we wish for her to find her daughter and wonder what she will do when she does locate her, we watch her fall in love and wish it could be forever, and then wonder how she'll get back to where she belongs in time. Karen White depicts this time in history flawlessly. She leaves nothing uncovered and is very knowledgeable of the plight of families during this crucial time in history. She uses the idea of time travel to her advantage, planting a smart and resourceful heroine in the past without creating an uproar and making it a believable story. In my mind a mother will do whatever she can to find her child and that¿s what Karen White has created, a mother who goes to the end of time to find her daughter and finds her heart again in the process. If you