Jace's Jewel (A SEALs of Honor World Novel)

Jace's Jewel (A SEALs of Honor World Novel)

by Dale Mayer
4.5 8

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Jace's Jewel 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous 4 months ago
*This is a full length book* Really enjoyed this book. It was a good read. Not as much action in this book as the other books, but still very enjoyable. Emily needs help when dead bodies start turning up. Jace is just the man for the job. Can Jace and Emily solve this case before anyone else is injured. This is sweet and intriguing read.
nikirenee 4 months ago
Legendary Security is up to its old matchmaking tricks and Jace has become the target of cupids arrow. As the only single male left the guys are quick to point out how pretty their new client is. Emily needs the help of Levi's crew to rule out foul play in the deaths of 3 policy holders. All three are connected in more then 1 way and Emily is smack dab in the middle. This storyline was different then the others as it was not military based, sure the characters were ex military or had that type of training but it came down to more of a murder mystery feel. I always enjoy Ms. Mayer's mind when she creates her storylines, they are filled with intrigue, drama, fun, danger and falling in love. Jace was a quiet character, he was laid back, wanted all the facts before he voiced his ideas and even though he protested, he fell just like the others. Emily was similar in that she left no stone unturned to get to the truth and did not have a problem keeping her focus when push came to shove. Another great story to join this awesome series. I look forward to seeing what happens next. I volunteered to read this story for my honest opinion.
cherlym 4 months ago
Enjoyable read, less suspense in this one and more who done it :) It is always awesome to visit the compound of Levi and Ice. I enjoyed that Jace was laid back, and not in your face, and that Jewel stood up for her beliefs and was so real! This one actually gives you an inkling into why in real life insurance is so high. Thank you for the opportunity to review Jace's Jewel via an arc! I volunteered to provide my honest opinion.
ZR1000 11 days ago
A coincidental connection to the heroine, or not? This is the twelfth book in the Heroes for Hire series that can be read as a stand-alone. Former Navy SEAL Jace Colley is the newest hire to Legendary Security and he’s happy to be part of such a group of likeminded ex-military people. As he’s currently the only single man in the compound it’s not surprising when a single woman in need enters the premises that everyone starts matchmaking his way. She’s a beautiful woman so he definitely finds her attractive but she’s a client with a conflict of interest in her job and an odd story to relate about her past relationships that tie into current claims. Emily Leacock works at an insurance company, recent claims for life insurance payouts cause her some concern, two search and rescue members have died and she was personally involved with each of them at different points in her life. She can’t recuse herself from investigating due to a lack of manpower but she can use outside assistance and is recommended to Legendary Security. At the compound she learns that it’s not just two men that have died but four and unfortunately she also knew the others. She needs to find out what is going on and how it relates back to herself before anyone else dies like these ones did, of accidental causes. The plot centers on the investigation of deaths possibly attributed to insurance scams with the lead investigator personally connected to those that died. The hero has to wonder if it’s a coincidence that the heroine knew all the men. Or is there a more sinister connection to uncover? Should he take her at face value while he looks into things, including her, a woman he’s attracted to? There were some twists and this reader was not able to guess the guilty party until the protagonists did. Of the books in this series this one felt the most contrived in the relationship. This reader missed the spontaneity of two people meeting for the first time and the sparks felt at that encounter, there were none here and the connection that was described was never palpable. I’m sure others might disagree, each reader comes away with something different from a read. The storyline, perhaps because it dealt with insurance, did not provide the dose of suspense this reader expects in romantic suspense. An advanced reading copy was obtained from the author.
Wendy S Hodges 3 months ago
Newby Jace is sent on a case with Logan, what he doesn't expect is to find someone special. Suspense and murder play a part in this story, it keeps you gripped to the end. I love this series and all the guys and the strong feisty women they find to complete them, I love how the compound is a real home for them all while still functioning as their base of operations. I am looking forward to the next book Rory's, I think it will be just as interesting as this one is. I enjoyed the mystery and investigation side of this story just as much as Jace and Emily meeting and the sparks between them. Great book, fantastic series.
Jutzie 3 months ago
Jace's Jewel by Dale Mayer Heroes for Hire Series Book 12 Jace Colley is fairly new to Legendary Security—and the only single man left on the team. The way things have been going—that status may change soon. In fact, when the smoky voiced woman walks in—he's a goner already. Emily Leacock works for an insurance company. When three men die and they all have life insurance policies—and a past that involves her—she goes for help. And what a hunk she ends up with to help her. Great story. The author did a fantastic job of leading the story down one path and then headed down another with twists and turns. As always, a real page-turner. **Sexual content
Anonymous 4 months ago
Ms Dale Mayer hits it out of the park with this book 12 in the Hero's for Hire series. Something is going on TxSAR members are dying. No one knows why but they all have huge life insurance policies. Emily handles the difficult cases and is getting pretty upset that so many of these cases are landing on her desk. Especially when she knows the men who died. She decides to check it out and the TxSAR people are looking into it as well and Levi and Ice are asked for help by not only TxSAR and Emily to see what is going on. Of course Jace is intrigued by the beautiful lady and is assigned to help her out. It is full of suspense, lots of twist and turns and surprising ending.
TheScottieR 4 months ago
I really enjoyed this. I have empathy towards someone who is detail oriented, just has to have it right. But what if details become dangerous? Emily doesn't know when to quit (and should she) - luckily Jace is there to help sleuth and protect. And maybe feel some attraction.