Leaf-Huts and Snow-Houses

Leaf-Huts and Snow-Houses


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ISBN-13: 9780856463570
Publisher: Carcanet Press, Limited
Publication date: 09/01/2004
Edition description: None
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Olav H Hauge (1908-1994) lived nearly all of his life in his native Ulvik in Western Norway, where he worked as a gardener. His poetry is now seen as one of the main achievements of twentieth-century Norwegian literature. Robin Fulton, Scottish poet, editor and translator, has lived in Norway since 1973. He is a notable translator of Scandinavian poetry whose versions of Swedish poets received the Artur Lundkvist Award in 1977 and Swedish Academy Awards in 1978 and 1998.

Table of Contents

from Embers in the Ashes (1946)
Black Crosses19
from Beneath the Crag (1951)
The Birch21
The River-Girl22
I Shake Snow off Young Trees22
Thin Ice24
Beneath the Crag25
The Fire Mountain26
Behind the Mountain of Loneliness27
The Stone God28
You Want Only to Be28
The Sea29
The Fisherman and the Sea30
Tongue and Bell31
from Slowly the Woods Redden in the Gorge (1956)
One Thing You Knew34
Do Another Man a Favour35
Show Us Your Field of Rye35
Seven Winds37
Putting Out37
The River on the Other Side of the Fjord38
Slowly the Truth Dawns40
A Seagull40
There's Still Time41
Spring Fjord41
Radiant Spaces42
from On the Eagle's Tussock (1961)
Singing Again43
Don't Give Me the Whole Truth43
I Open the Curtain44
To a Mountain44
On the Shore45
Evening Clouds45
The Message-Stick46
The Sawhorse46
The Story of Ch'u Yuan47
To Li Po48
An Old-Fashioned Norwegian51
The Chopping Block52
It's Cold in Big Houses52
Winter Day53
Snow Evening54
Beneath the Stars55
Winter Still Lives in the Light55
Spruce Forest56
Song, Tread Lightly on My Heart56
The Cornfield57
from Drops in the East Wind (1966)
The Truth59
We Are Not Sailing on the Same Sea60
It Doesn't Matter61
The Mountain-Wind61
Erratic Boulder62
In My Father's House62
Across the Swamp63
The Owl64
Up on the Heights65
Kerb Stones66
One Word67
The Weathercock67
A Grain68
Winter Has Forgotten69
Winter Morning69
The Rivers Meet69
And I Was Sorrow70
Spring by the Fjord70
The Wind Has So Much to Tell This Spring71
Spring in the Mountains72
The Cat73
Morning by the Fjord73
Autumn Fishing74
The Islet74
The Log75
You Were the Wind76
The Windmill76
This Red Scar77
In the Hen-Yard77
One Ought78
The River Rises78
The Scythe79
The Saw79
Bertolt Brecht80
Arrow and Bullet81
The Sword81
Nothing's Wrong82
Don't Use Sandpaper82
Old Poet Has a Go at Being a Modernist83
The Nesting Cliff83
I Have Three Poems84
What I Remember Best84
Rotted Tree-Stump85
Summer Nearing its End85
When Autumn Comes85
The Mirror86
They Want Away86
Green Apples86
The Mountain87
The Aspen87
The Birch88
The Rainbows89
When I Waken89
Blue Musicians91
It's the Dream92
from Ask the Wind (1971)
Overnight the Grass Has Turned Green93
T'ao Ch'ien94
Time to Gather In95
I Chopped Down the Big Apple Tree by the Window96
The Log-Boat97
Sunny Day in March97
There Stands a Hazel-Stump98
A Farm Has a Bow and Arrow as its Mark99
Georg Trakl100
William Blake100
Gerard de Nerval101
The Last Spider102
Dead Tree103
Leaf-Huts and Snow-Houses103
Read Lu Chi and Make a Poem104
I See You've Learnt104
A Poem Every Day105
Don't Stand There Shouting on a Hilltop105
I Was Singing of a Kindling-Stick106
The Old Poet Has Made a Verse107
In the Parker Pen107
Cold Day108
Midwinter. Snow108
After Winter109
Snowmen in a Green Hayfield109
Back Home110
I Have Lived Here110
I Look at the Postmark on Your First Letter111
I Aim a Little High111
A Letter's Coming112
Poor Old Thing112
Horses and Tramps112
The Little Timber Sledge113
Strange Fish114
He's a Human Being, Like You114
That Man115
There are Omen-Bearers116
The Christmas Sheaf117
You Don't Hang Your Hat on a Sunbeam118
I Lose Myself in Day-Dreams119
No Car, No Plane120
An Order Has Gone Out120
I'm Drifting121
The Road-Roller121
I Look at an Old Mirror122
From War-Time122
The December Moon 1969122
New Year 1970123
I Look Over the Scythes Before Mowing123
Solitary Pine124
Ask the Wind124
from A Few Blades of Grass (1980)
Mountains No Longer Entice Me125
Many Years' Experience with Bow and Arrow126
I Empty the Ash-Drawer126
New Table-Cloth127
Two Boats on the Fjord127
I'll Have to Think of Doing Something Wrong128
Up Through the River Valley128
Evening Service129
To a Lady Who Sent Me a Record of Bach and Handel130
The River Murmurs131
I Pause Beneath a Lamppost One Snowy Evening132
Paul Celan134
After Reading Guillevic135
The Big Scales135
Mountains Are Heavy Things to Move137
How Long Have You Been Sleeping?139
It's High Time139
Before the Last Day140
Stare Miasto140
Snow in Castille141
I Pass the Arctic Circle141
I Pause Beneath the Old Oak One Rainy Day142
Leaves Loosen143

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