Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Attention

Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Attention

by Penney Peirce


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Responding to the global shift from the Information Age to the Intuition Age, Penny Peirce, a respected leader in the intuition development movement, offers effective, easy-to-follow guidance to help you develop the power of perception and imagination to live effortlessly and joyfully in this new age.

With a growing holistic view of the world and a greater awareness of personal and collective energy, our level of perception is transforming from something singular—the physical form—to a greatly expanded awareness that includes intuition, past and present, right and left brain, and heart and body.

As our perceptive ability evolves, we must relearn the principles of how we live, create, and grow in order to be successful in the rapidly transforming reality of the Intuition Age. Written with clarity, insight, and humor, Leap of Perception is a comprehensive guide that shows us how to adapt to an expanding paradigm of perception.

You will learn to materialize the situations you want, resolve conflict in relationships, expand your creativity, reduce exhaustion and anxiety from multitasking, ease fear caused by the transformation process, and develop new skills like telepathy, clairvoyance, applied empathy, rapid healing, and more.

Building on her first two books, The Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide to Increasing your Awareness and Frequency: the Power of Personal Vibration, author Penny Peirce once again translates a powerful and complex concept into an effective life practice that is accessible to everyone.

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ISBN-13: 9781582703916
Publisher: Atria Books/Beyond Words
Publication date: 10/11/2016
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 465,755
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About the Author

Penney Peirce is an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of intuition development and personal transformation. A coach and advisor to business leaders, psychologists, and spiritual seekers of every kind, she has been affiliated with The Center for Applied Intuition, The Institute for the Study of Conscious Evolution, and The Arlington Institute. She is the author of Leap of Perception, Frequency, and The Intuitive Way.

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Leap of Perception

  • The global recovery of archaic memories is causing a mind-bending spiritual crisis that is reaching its apotheosis due to time acceleration. It is so important to realize that time acceleration is causing old ways to end, not our planet. Of course, many people cling to the old ways.

    Barbara Hand Clow

    A new time is upon us! Whoo-hoo!! If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve certainly noticed the volatility, dramatic ups and downs, sudden breakthroughs and life changes, and the widening gap between fear-based people and compassion-based people. Large segments of society are progressing steadily into chaos as old systems and ways of thinking fail to produce results. At the same time, other segments are progressing toward spiritual and mental clarity, innovative solutions to societal problems, and greater peace and abundance. It’s an amazing drama to watch and participate in.

    These symptoms are the early signs of a sweeping change that is transforming us into a new kind of human being, living in a new world, with new rules. We are just now realizing that the changes afoot are different than documented historical changes; we are participating in a profound process that has never been experienced en masse on earth. We are experiencing the acceleration, or increased vibration, of individual and planetary consciousness—and this is giving rise to a new reality that will eclipse the pain, suffering, and density we have always accepted as normal. This is transformation.

    I want us to be able to navigate this transformation process smoothly so we can come out the other side all wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, with a big grin on our faces! Then we can cocreate something truly amazing together on this lovely planet. This chapter summarizes the process of acceleration and transformation so you can recognize it in yourself, others, and society and not be disoriented or stalled by it. By understanding the overall transformation process, you can move through it and be a “thought leader” and role model for others. Then you can develop the new attention skills that will bring success in the new reality.

    We’ll start by examining the beginnings of the transformation process, then look at what we’re transforming into. After that, we’ll explore what happens in the process itself and how to navigate the various changes involved with the least amount of confusion and negativity. The points I mention in this overview will be fleshed out in depth in subsequent chapters.

    Transformation begins with an acceleration process; the vibration of the earth, and of our bodies, has been steadily increasing for many years. We’re not sure why this is occurring—perhaps it’s a cosmic source of high-vibrational energy that’s flowing through our solar system—but it is measurable; the vibration of the earth itself, called the Schumann Resonance, has been increasing. When the frequency of matter increases, so does our ability to access a matching vibration of consciousness. Our minds expand. Life itself speeds up.

    Barbara Hand Clow, in her enlightening book Awakening the Planetary Mind, describes a phenomenon predicted in the Mayan calendar concerning “time acceleration”—a function of the earth’s increasing frequency. The Mayan calendar delineates cycles of time covering more than 16.4 billion years, divided into nine periods called “underworlds.” The length of each underworld, or period of development, is twenty times shorter than the previous one, with the completion date for all nine occurring at the end of 2011. That means time on earth has accelerated twenty times faster in nine different increments, and the last was just one year in length. Obviously, we’re now living in an extremely accelerated period.

    The future has a way of arriving unannounced.

    George Will

    The Mayans understood the increasing frequency of the planet. What’s interesting is that the dates of these underworlds relate closely to the earth’s biological and evolutionary cycles, which science has just recently documented. Now that the vibration of the planet is moving so fast, everything seems to be happening in the present moment. With that speed comes emotional intensity. Things we haven’t wanted to deal with—our fears—can no longer be denied, postponed, or kept in the past; they’re immediate and in our face. Hand Clow says, “The Ninth Underworld during 2011 rips open the full vibrational response to nature, so our unresolved inner traumas are arising like great monsters in our hearts and minds.”1

    For years, you and I (and other energetically sensitive people) have intuitively experienced this acceleration as it increased the subtle frequency of our bodies. While on the surface it may have worried you, deep down you probably suspected you were preparing for something exciting and good—a shift in consciousness toward enlightenment, a new reality that might resemble heaven on earth. You probably sensed it wouldn’t come without consistent work on clearing yourself of the unresolved inner traumas Hand Clow mentions, and certainly not without some upheaval in the world. It may seem odd, but I’d bet most of us have been secretly looking forward to it.

    As you and the world vibrate at a higher frequency, your perception naturally expands; your worldview shifts as your vibration shifts. At a higher frequency, you become conscious of the nonphysical world and can now perceive yourself, everyone, and everything as energy rather than as slow, solid bodies or objects separated by empty space. In effect, you can “see through” or feel into the solidity of matter to experience the energy patterns inside. Everything is vibrating at its own particular frequency, and the world is full of a symphony of tones.

    You notice energy inside and between everything; there’s no space devoid of it. Then you discover that energy is connected to consciousness. You notice that when you change your energy level, your consciousness changes; when you shift your consciousness, your energy shifts too. You can feel how the resonance of different forms can be harmonious or dissonant when combined, and how there is a natural tendency to seek vibratory coherence.

    As the world increases in vibration, processes become more instantaneous. Cause-and-effect ceases to be the primary rule for materializing results. What you want to create happens effortlessly, miraculously, with no logical explanation, in a twinkling. Everything is faster and easier. You experience the fact that much more is contained in the present moment than ever before—it is mushrooming to include increasing amounts of the past and future. If everything is in the moment with you, you don’t have to wait for answers, assistance, or results. You just need to ask and receive.

    It may help to understand transformation by seeing it as the natural continuation of an evolution process that’s been steadily progressing on earth for ages—literally 16.4 billion years, if we are to believe the Mayan calendar-makers. We know that adaptation and growth are inexorable. Species evolve, life evolves, and with evolution comes expansion of knowledge, greater functionality, more connectivity, and speed. Just looking into the recent past, we can trace our evolution from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution. The acceleration has now brought us from the relatively slow Industrial Age, with its emphasis on physical, mechanical, linear (cause-and-effect) processes, into the Information Age, which emphasizes knowledge, access to increasing amounts of information, the speed of mental processing and data delivery, and multidirectional, simultaneous interconnectivity.

    Television and computers—high-frequency machines—marked the end of the Industrial Age and shot us into the Information Age. Now the internet and global communications media have accelerated life even more. The Information Age is so fast, and we have access to so much data, that we can barely keep up. Our minds, dominated by left-brain compartmentalization, are still trying to integrate the vast amounts of information in a linear way by multitasking insanely or by skimming along the surface, sacrificing depth for speed. This creates myriad stresses, from hyperactivity to bloated workdays (with insomnia at night) to “nature deficit disorder” as people remain glued to electronic screens.

    As the Information Age speeds toward its leap into hyperspace and to the next breakthrough experience, we see that the old physical and mental realities are no longer expansive enough. They’re too slow and antiquated; their methodologies are malfunctioning and failing to produce results. What used to work is now being superseded by a new age—a new reality with new methodologies. As this happens, the old constructs slowly integrate into a larger, more comprehensive context. My term for the emerging, transformed reality is the Intuition Age because unlimited, holistic, direct knowing is its hallmark.

    The Intuition Age focuses on spirit, and you may already be experiencing its nascent stages. You’ve known yourself as a body in the Industrial Age and a mind in the Information Age, and as the Intuition Age begins, you’re remembering that, above all, you’re a soul. One of my colleagues calls this flow toward transformation “the Soul Movement.” A new, more rarified perception is emerging—one based on intuition and sensing frequencies of energy. This expanded perception takes you straight into the nonphysical world so you’re able to see people as more than just physical beings—you now realize there is a powerful, inner spiritual component. And you know this is true for objects and space as well—everything is made of higher-vibrational consciousness-and-energy.

    There is no death; only a change of worlds.

    Chief Seattle

    So, you’re accelerating and transforming. What does that mean, really? It means your increasing vibration is giving you the ability to perceive much more of the way life really works, with more access to exciting possibilities and a hugely expanded sense of who you are. Your fundamental identity is evolving; you’re becoming a new kind of human. After transformation, any remnants of that old self-protective, dominating, isolated, ego-self—that small identity we’ve always assumed was part of being human—disappears and a much greater self rises from the ashes like the golden phoenix from its funeral pyre. What was fear-based becomes love-based.

    Transformation is the beginning of knowing yourself fully and loving what you are; you have a very real felt sense of your soul in your body, as your personality, all the time. Your consciousness-and-energy increase dramatically. You can access information from dimensions or frequencies of consciousness you didn’t realize even existed previously. Your options increase, your human abilities increase. You are not the same person, yet you are more of who you really are. Then you leapfrog over that to become even more of who you are, and as this continues, you are pleasantly surprised each time.

    The transformed you lives in a transformed reality where you understand how the inner, consciousness-and-energy world and the outer, physical world work as a seamless continuum. What used to be separate convenes—left-right brain, head-heart, body-mind, inside-outside world. These integrations expand you into new territory where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Compassion becomes the main evolutionary force, a crucial part of the new consciousness that ensures success and planetary survival.

    When transformation begins, there’s a tendency to first feel it as a purely energetic process. Your body is disturbed, there are stresses and time pressures—a “time famine”—and upsetting emotions affect you. The intensity may even affect your health. You experience how your energy affects your reality. As the process continues, you experience how the rising frequency is changing your consciousness too. You perceive more, learn more, and understand how your thoughts affect your reality.

    The new consciousness is not a bodiless state; it is the transformation of our present body consciousness, which is limited by time and space, into a state of transformed body consciousness which is that of resurrection.

    Bede Griffiths

    As you successfully navigate the stages of opening, and your body adapts to the higher energy, you feel better. You get used to the new speed of life. Your emotions stabilize, and you feel happier, more harmonious, enthusiastic, and positive. The positive feelings beget a higher quality of thought; you stop complaining and criticizing, are receptive to new ideas, and are more curious. Positive imagination reemerges, serving a renewed desire to create things that resonate with your destiny. You realize you were previously using your imagination unconsciously to create negative situations. “What a waste of energy!” you say.

    You see how your high-frequency thoughts and feelings are creating a better life, a more effortless reality. Living is more fun. Now you are a high-frequency personality, embodying more of your soul and spiritual truth in everything you do—and that facilitates your destiny, without willfulness.

    “But,” you ask, “how does transformation occur? Will it hurt?”

    To achieve transformation, you first have to make a profound shift in the way you know things. How you make your world real to yourself must undergo deep revision. You can’t just keep processing data the way we’re doing it now—with an almost desperate need for speed. You need a new methodology that lets you naturally and effortlessly jump into expanded perception. This transformational shift, or leap of perception, requires new pathways through your brain, new habits of sensing and knowing, and seeing that your “brain” actually includes your heart, body, cells, and even the field of energy around you. You have a much greater sensing apparatus than you may have imagined. If you can’t figure out how to “rewire” your brain and access the many new pathways in your nonlocalized brain centers, not to worry! The acceleration process is taking you there, revealing the insights one by one.

    Transformation is a process composed of a series of shifts. If you understand and embrace the doable tasks required for each shift, you’ll sail through the process. If you resist, the process will happen anyway, and you’ll be dragged along, kicking and screaming. So, no, transformation doesn’t hurt—unless you block the Flow.

    I previously mentioned how the increasing frequency in the world increases your ability to perceive more, to see through the surface of physical reality into the nonphysical consciousness-and-energy reality. Entering the nonphysical world is one of the first big steps in the transformation process. Just think about your normal daily reality: you are absorbed in brushing your teeth, making breakfast for your kids, listening carefully to your coworkers, remembering to buy everything you need at the grocery store, exercising after dinner, and reading your page-turner novel before bed. It’s easy to get lost in these mundane details and think that’s all there is. But there is always an inner reality close at hand. When you remember to meditate, or pray and bless others, or revere nature as you stand in your yard staring up at the full moon and stars, you deepen yourself, dropping through the physical world; you activate a mystical connection to the ineffable.

    You must enter the inner world to be able to transform yourself. And this is where intuition becomes so important, because intuition is the means by which you know and navigate in the nonphysical world. In the consciousness-and-energy reality you don’t think logically; you sense, feel, and know directly. You’re merged with what you experience. With intuition, you discover principles of oneness and learn to function in the unified field, or infinite sea of consciousness-and-energy. All ideas, resources, and realities are available and possible in the unified field, so your consciousness increases exponentially. In the nonphysical world, everything is interconnected, mutually inclusive, and supportive. Experiencing the truth of unity reveals the dynamics of the Intuition Age.

    Eventually, you become comfortable living in both the physical and nonphysical worlds, perhaps rocking back and forth between them for a while, then feeling how they are simultaneous, affecting each other instantly. Experiencing this merger of the inner and outer is the next important step in the transformation process. For example, you might instantly feel how a sarcastic comment you make about a friend to her face shuts her down emotionally. Your physical action creates a nonphysical effect that has ripples: both you and your friend feel worse than you did before, and that contracted inner state inhibits full self-expression in the outer world. The inner inhibition continues until one of you says something in the physical world, then instantly, the inner state changes, energy flows again, and expanded self-expression resumes in both of you.

    Being permanently rooted in the center of the present moment is yet another important part of the transformation process. When you live permanently in the present moment, there is no more projection—no more casting your attention along lines to other points in time and space that seem separate from you. There is no more separation. The past and future are inside the present moment, too, along with all ideas and everything else in your reality. This causes you to experience a natural change in the geometry of your perception. You see that the old, linear perception—perception limited to timelines, cause-and-effect processes, and lines of thought—doesn’t function well anymore, and you begin to experience life as a ball, or a sphere, surrounding you equally in all directions. We’ll go into the mechanics of this crucial shift in much more detail later.

    It’s important to remember that when the physical and nonphysical realities are merged, and when everything is in the present moment, any change always occurs simultaneously in both worlds. Every nonphysical perceptual shift corresponds with a matching shift in your physical brain, body, and daily life—and it happens instantaneously.

    The transformation process is not an all-at-once thing that blows you out of the water. There are many small shifts, and each one takes some getting used to; you’re basically unlearning a long-standing habit and relearning a new one. The process often begins unconsciously and becomes more deliberate as you go along. It resembles the mythological hero’s journey through the underworld, and it takes time to understand what’s happening to you. Let’s examine how it may affect you in the early stages.

    Accelerating energy rolls through you in progressively intensifying waves. Initially the higher vibration feels foreign and can upset you—it’s actually changing the way your body, emotions, and mind operate, and it can cause you to unconsciously clamp down in resistance. Wherever you clench or contract yourself in fear, the energy backs up and causes a problem—or magnifies a problem you already have. If you adapt to each wave by matching its vibration, however, it passes through without disturbing you, and you evolve with each intensification, becoming more and more clear. It’s like a swollen stream building in velocity and strength as it gathers downhill momentum—it flows easily through the open channels, but as it encounters logjams, it breaks them apart and carries the debris downstream to be dispersed in the ocean. The stream is the accelerating consciousness-and-energy; the logjams are fears, fixed beliefs, lies, chronic physical congestion, blocks, or pain; and the ocean is the unified field.

    Most of us are used to living with suppressed fear, in denial, as a sort of make-do comfort level. We use strong fixed beliefs, opinions, and habits as cover-ups so we never have to feel our core rage, panic, and pain; we just live in our head, on autopilot. But this is not possible anymore. The transformation process evolves your consciousness from fear to love. That means you have to dissolve the fears and heal the emotional wounds that are in the way—by understanding them. And that means you have to face them, feel them, and decode them, which most of us dread. Each time an intensified wave of acceleration rolls through you, it dislodges low-frequency consciousness-and-energy, or suppressed fear, from your subconscious mind. Needless to say, you may experience varying forms of discomfort!

    One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.

    Carl Jung

    As deep fears and pains rise from the subconscious, related memories flood into the conscious mind in present time. That means you re-experience them as brand new fearful or painful real-life situations that closely parallel the original ones—which were never completely experienced, integrated, and released. Drama and trauma abound! If you haven’t embraced the clearing process, there’s a tendency to resuppress and redeny what’s uncomfortable. You may try to push it all back down into the substrata with various fight-or-flight behaviors.

    When the heightened energy scares you and you clench and resist it, it builds up force like water behind a dam, pushing harder. If you continue to choose and validate resistance rather than the Flow, life becomes intense and difficult, fills with negative experiences, then explodes, creating dramatic breakthroughs and breakups of old patterns.

    Awareness requires a rupture with the world we take for granted; then old categories of experience are called into question and revised.

    Shoshana Zuboff

    The effort of avoiding and resuppressing subconscious blocks eventually wears you out, and the exhaustion can make you feel disillusioned, unmotivated, and hopeless. But actually, this is good! You’re at the turning point. The last gasp of the negative path to transformation is when you’re finally so tired of resisting and controlling, and so overwhelmed by complexity, that you stop; there is nothing more you can do. It’s the end of progress, and willpower alone won’t work. Wallowing in negative judgments and interpretations just drains you.

    You’re forced by the process to simply be with what’s happening—to be with yourself and with the fears and pain. You must experience the state you’re in directly, without voting on it or having to act. By simply “being with” life and “letting things be” as they are, you return to an experience of your own “being”—your soul—which was always present under the distractions. This is when you engage with silence and enter the nonphysical reality. And this is when your intuition opens. Now your soul can shine through, shedding light on everything. Revelations emerge. Understanding and compassion dissolve the fears. There is release, relief, and a return to joy. You feel so much better!

    This is the turning point in the transformation process—when the fixed mind surrenders and precipitates a huge expansion into the consciousness of the heart, body, unified field, and the wise, evolutionary Flow. Your new shining identity emerges, along with a new world. After this, you’re more deliberate about practicing the consciousness-and-energy skills that help you stabilize your new Intuition Age perception and reality.

    You have a choice at every point along the way to evolve smoothly and rapidly, in harmony with the planet and the Flow, or to evolve jaggedly, with self-created pain and suffering. When you embrace the heightened energy and the clearing process, the Flow moves through you, lifting you to a higher vibration and increasing your love, understanding, and health. It’s easier then to engage with what emerges, without judgment or recoil—it’s all useful data. A surfacing fear simply points to an area that needs sweetness, compassion, and patience. And as you “be with” the fear, it unclenches, tells you its story, and you gain a calm perspective. The energy becomes contented, like a small child comforted by its mother. Smiles return.

    One of my colleagues went on a pilgrimage to Tibet, and while she was there something mysteriously shifted in her. “It’s hard to describe,” she said, “but it’s like I just became myself. It felt like I stepped over the forty-nine yard line into my own territory.” I’ve found her comment echoed by many others. Something they all say is, “There’s no description of what this is like, of what happens to you. I thought I was going crazy at first! I was different but more real, more relaxed, and more excited—all at the same time.”

    Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

    Casey Kasem

    I know only too well that even when you’ve begun to see the light, you can still be affected by other people’s fears and still wrestle intermittently with societal beliefs in sacrifice and suffering. You gain insight then backslide a bit, like Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill every day only to have it roll back down at night. This is natural. Making the new transformed reality normal requires a repeated choice to maintain your personal vibration at the level of soul, or what I’ve called your home frequency. We’re breaking an old habit—unlearning and relearning the principles of how we live, create, and grow—and it requires practice.

    After the turning point, you feel who you are as a soul. You know how you want your life to feel, you have a new set of criteria for making choices, and you trust your intuition to guide you. Problems you thought were so terrible before change effortlessly, turning into opportunities. The Flow becomes your best friend, and you don’t want to lock down any ideas—you want to leave space for everything to evolve and improve naturally.

    As you review your successful navigation of the difficult stages in your transformation, you see that your success was due to the way you used your attention. You made choices, consistently, to not activate old habits that were holding you back and causing you to suffer. You notice that this practice changed your life for the better. Good opportunities, people on your wavelength, and interesting new creations emerged from your home frequency. It becomes second nature to be vigilant concerning what you notice and how you use attention. Now you want to refine your attention skills even more to be able to know and do what’s possible in the Intuition Age.

    At this point, you should now have a loose sense of where we’re headed, what the Intuition Age can bring out in you, and how skillful perception can play an important role in helping you move through the transformation process. We’ll go into all this in greater depth throughout the book, until transformation becomes real for you and you can begin to settle into your life as a “new human.” In the next couple chapters, we’ll dive into the territory of the nonphysical world so you can understand the subtle processes of how consciousness-and-energy functions.

    There is no way to bring about the outer perfection we seek other than by the transformation of ourselves. As soon as we succeed in transforming ourselves, the world will melt magically before our eyes and reshape itself in harmony with that which our transformation affirms.

    Neville Goddard

    Time is accelerating and this causes the energy of the physical world and your body to accelerate, too, which causes a process of transformation of consciousness to occur. At first it feels disorienting as higher frequency energy pushes suppressed fears to the surface and your subconscious mind empties like Pandora’s box. You may experience various uncomfortable, even painful symptoms, but the goal is to embrace and understand the fears—so you can clear them. Then you can replace them with love and clarity, which speeds and eases your growth.

    Your consciousness is increasing, and you’re perceiving more of who you are and how reality functions. You’re seeing into the nonphysical world, understanding how everything physical is really made of consciousness-and-energy, how everything vibrates at varying frequencies, and how the physical and nonphysical worlds are really one unified field. You are evolving into a new kind of human being who will live in a new reality according to new rules. I call this transformed reality the Intuition Age. By understanding what occurs at each stage of the transformation process, you can move through the process with less distortion.

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