Light and Shadows

Light and Shadows

by Estela Vazquez Perez


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New York theater actress Teresa Guzman has landed the coveted lead role in the true story of the life of a murdered prostitute, but the emotions the role evokes are almost more than she can handle. Haunted by the suffering of her character, Teresa is losing faith in men and fights not to fall in love with Joaquin Solis, a generous fan. Joaquin will have to prove his love for Teresa is genuine.
After the tragic death of her fiancé, professional singer Eloisa Morales is putting her life back together. Eloisa wrestles with the decision of whether she will ever sing again. As she tries to find her path forward, Marcos Marquez, the theater's biggest backer, is determined not to lose Eloisa and the chance for love to her grief for her late fiancé.
As the four lives intertwine, their passion for the arts and for helping women like Teresa's character will bind their lives together in a romantic and mystical journey to overcome their fears of bearing their souls and help them learn to trust, on and off the theater stage.

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ISBN-13: 9781478718659
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 01/16/2013
Pages: 390
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Estela Vazquez Perez lives in San Francisco with her two children.

Customer Reviews

Light and Shadows 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
LeChanteur More than 1 year ago
Writing with grace… When considering Romance as a genre, just about any book fits the profile in some way or other. Hence the reason I tend to look elsewhere when after a book I might simply fall into – who enjoys rummaging through haystacks anyway? Pushing aside the plethora of books whose sole purpose for being is in their shock content, particularly since sex has become ubiquitous; there’ll always be a market, don’tcha know. I mention this only because when I came across Light and Shadows, by Estela Vasquez Perez, I saw that it was listed under Romance. When reading the blurb, however, and simply how the book had been packaged – I love the cover, and I’m also something of a theatre person, both on and off stage – I couldn’t help but give this book a try. And I’m so glad I did. The last thing Light and Shadows wants to do is shock to sell, but merely to allow the reader to lose him/herself; to wallow in an atmosphere, a time and place, a time and place superbly created by Perez’s graceful pen. Her hand is simple, supple, and so very effective. It is a book, then, about people; about relationships… about ships meeting in the night, about where life takes us – the very reasons for which I certainly read a book. Yes, it’s a book about life. These are my favourite kinds of books. And I hope the young Estela Perez will take the time needed to grace us with more in the coming years. I for one will be sitting around waiting. Light and Shadows is a lovely book...
moongie More than 1 year ago
Quite Lovely! The cover of this book attracted me; yes I do sometimes judge a book by its cover! Once I began reading this novel, I knew it would be a lovely. The genre is listed as Romance, but that encompasses a broad spectrum from innocent to erotica. This particular story is romantic but without explicit sex scenes. The author chose instead, to focus on building the relationship between the main characters Joaquin and Teresa.  In addition to the romantic aspect of the story, author Estela Vazquez Perez gives the reader a glimpse into the world of theater. I’ve never been an actor, but attend live theater on a regular basis. It was fun to find out what goes on behind the scenes. I enjoyed this book immensely.
MichaelBeas More than 1 year ago
“Light and Shadows” by Author Estela Vazquez Perez is truly a remarkable book that I thoroughly enjoyed. The cover drew me in and the story enthralled my senses well past midnight, every night for over three days. Romance, Love and Passion all mix together to form a solid foundation for this amazing story that I could not put down. I felt that main character Teresa Guzman was portrayed with a vivid personality that is frail at times, and in love at others. Her thoughts, raw emotions and desires are described to perfection allowing the reader to fully grasp the essence of her inner soul. Brilliant!  In short, this story digs deep, very deep into a persons heart, and desires for life. As with any great story, “Light and Shadows” takes you away into a world that is far from the realities of my own. Author Estela Vazquez Perez has crafted a world that everyone can enjoy. Four personalities, Love, and Fear all collide to form a unique and original story that is gripping on a whole other level. 5 Stars!!!
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kathryn Bennett for Readers' Favorite Light and Shadows by Estela Vazquez Perez introduces us to actress Teresa Guzman who has gotten her big break and landed a role about the true life story of a murdered prostitute. It also introduces us to Eloisa Morales, a professional singer who is working on putting her life back together after the tragic death of her fiancé. Their lives become intertwined, along with the men who are in them, Joaquin and Marcos. Light and Shadows is a romantic journey through overcoming fears and learning to show your soul so you can learn to trust. Estela Vazquez Perez has created a beautiful story of pain, searching, and love with Light and Shadow. I could really connect with this book and the characters within because of the issues they have to overcome. Love, while a splendid thing, is not always easy to accept; we all have our battle scars from life and living and I love that neither Teresa or Eloisa are perfect but they can learn. The writing style here is rich and brings forth images that will stick with you. I love it when I feel like I can just wrap a book around myself and stay in the world it has created. It takes skill for a writer to be able to evoke that kind of emotion and Estela Vazquez Perez has that skill. I would highly recommend this book to any reader who enjoys romance with deeper plots. It is not just about the romance involved in this book; it has many layers.
ChameleonLove More than 1 year ago
You will be telling all of your friends to read Light and Shadows once you're done with it. I am impressed with the creativity and expert story development by the author, Estela Vazquez Perez. She created characters that were dynamic and were struggling with very real and very specific circumstances. She intertwined them in a way that contributed to a unique plot, one that competes with some of the best books in the genre. In my opinion, the romance genre has suffered for a while, but Light Shadows gets me excited about it all over again. The author takes a lot of expertise from the entertainment industry and seamlessly weaves it into her plot and the character's professional lives. We also get very moral lessons about others who are less fortunate and are going through trying times. Overall I felt Light and Shadows was well-written and balanced literary themes from a host of genres at a remarkable level. Dynamic romance novel, to say the least!
BarbHarrisBH More than 1 year ago
This book is a perfect example of how every romance book should be written. With more than just a love story! The highs and lows that this book contained were nothing short of amazing.  The four main characters are beautifully developed and interact with each other just like people I know in real life would. Teresa and Eloisa are best friends, and both of them have their reasons to keep their heart locked up tight.  Will the men in their life be able to tear down the walls around their hearts?  Highly recommend! Even if you aren't normally a fan of this genre, it is so much more than a romance with a very good plot. 
ChristineWalsh More than 1 year ago
Trust in Love An artist’s life, though glamorous on the outside, is often fraught with internal challenges not really found in other professions. Light and Shadows follows the lives of several artists as they struggle to find a balance between their work and their private lives. At its heart, the story is a romance, but what really drew me in is the beautifully and interestingly crafted characterization of the main characters. I especially liked Teresa and thought her struggle to separate the role she had to play (that of a murdered prostitute) from her real life was very realistically developed. Being a writer myself, I understand how deep the connection to made up characters can be, and actors, I’m sure, have an even tougher job of dealing with it. I think the author did a phenomenal job of portraying the internal struggle and confusion associated with becoming too immersed in some one else’s life and pain. A deeper theme of learning how to entrust your heart to someone else runs through this story. In our self-sufficient, instant gratification-craving culture, matters of the heart are losing in importance. I think this book does a great job of reminding us that what is most important in life is also easily accessible to everyone. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys deep and character driven stories.
Musefall More than 1 year ago
“Light and Shadows’ follows the actress Teresa Guzman as her and her friend, Eloisa, try to find the right kind of man, while keeping to and expanding on their creative passions and talents. It’s a story that sweeps you away to a world of luxury and romance, yet this world isn’t immune to the darker sides of emotions like depression and sadness. Estela Vazquez Perez has weaved together a beautifully written, magical story that proves anything can be triumphed over with the help of friends and loved ones, and it will stay with you long after you finish reading it.
Raymy1012 More than 1 year ago
Light and Shadows is a beautiful story of romance, hope, charity and love. We are expertly guided through this beautiful story with suspense as we wonder if Eloisa will recover from the death of her fiancé and open her heart to Marcos. At the same time we experience the internal conflict of Teresa and her struggle of whether to open her heart to Joaquin. Teresa is a beautiful character that you instantly fall in love with. She is kindhearted (donating her time at the Women’s Building), delicate and loving. She struggles with allowing herself to open up to men. When Joaquin enters her life she tries hard to keep him at arms-length but finds it hard as she learns more about him. The struggle is even greater when she is cast as a prostitute that is murdered. The role means so much to her as an opportunity to help prostitutes and battered women but it weighs so heavily on her emotionally. Teresa and Eloisa are best friends, thoroughly engaged and supportive of one another’s lives. Marcos is a family friend of Teresa that she feels would be perfect for her friend Eloisa. When Eloisa’s fiancé tragically dies you see fate shift, trying to bring Eloisa and Marcos together. Author Estela Vazquez Perez has an amazing gift of bringing the characters and story to life. The whole time you are reading this book you feel fully immersed in the story and the lives of the characters. It is intense and thrilling. The lives of these four characters are threaded exquisitely together as they take this journey of love and life. I highly recommend it!
DanielKenyon More than 1 year ago
As an actor myself, I really appreciated this book Light and Shadows. The protagonist Teresa Guzman is a New York actress. She must act the role of a murdered prostitute, but the job proves to be very heavy and emotional. More than she can deal with. Totally absorbed by the role, she is tormented by the plight of her character. Teresa feels disappointed and let down by men. She no longer trusts them. However, she struggles with her fellings for Joaquin Solis, who is an admirer of her work. To win her heart and convince her of his sincerity, Joaquin has his work cut out for him. Eloisa Morales is talented singer. After the death of her fiancé she is trying to move on and make a new life. She does not know if she wants to continue her career as a singer. Marcos Marquez, the theater's biggest backer, puts up a fight not to lose her. The lives of the characters are contrasted very well with each other both in their separateness and their individuality. The relationship dynamics are fantastic. It is a journey of love and spirituality that brings them together so well. Estela Vazquez Perez has a wonderful and engaging writing style. The prose flows off the page like poetry. The plot is great and the characters are very human and easy to relate to with awesome snappy dialogue. I definitely recommend this book. Just buy it, you won't regret it.