Love Without a Compass

Love Without a Compass

by Lindy Zart


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"Team building takes on a whole new meaning—when work is the last thing on your mind . . .

The Illinois wilderness should be a relaxing change of pace for advertising superstar Ben Stitzer. But he has one goal during this company retreat: proving to his boss how far he’ll go to succeed. Even if it means having to team up with the uber competitive, exasperatingly attractive, woman who has tried to undermine him at every turn . . .

Being in the great outdoors is Avery Scottam’s biggest nightmare. And hard as she tries, she can’t even hide her fear from Ben. When one of her especially huge freak-outs gets them lost, they’ll have to rely on each other to survive wild animals, sketchy campers, and their mutual distrust. Yet somewhere between a malevolent crow and a surprising confession, they just might end up something more than friends . . .

Will returning to civilization make them forget how truly wild they can be together?


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ISBN-13: 9781516105830
Publisher: Random House
Publication date: 09/04/2018
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.51(d)

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Love without a Compass 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
SMLowry More than 1 year ago
Love Without a Compass by Lindy Zart is the story of two advertising coworkers who get stuck together on a company retreat. Unfortunately for both Ben and Avery, their boss is a bit eccentric, and the company retreat is a weekend of survival in the Illinois wilderness. What should be a fairly simple team building exercise of hiking in the wilderness turns out to be a life-threatening experience when the two end up lost and without most of their supplies. To make matters worse, Ben and Avery can’t stand one another and are constantly competing. Can the two of them work together long enough to survive? And more importantly, could this experience be just the thing to bring them closer? Love Without a Compass is another fantastic novel by Lindy Zart. I have loved every book she’s written, and this one is no exception. Avery is a quirky character that is also smart and caring. Her bizarre fears cause her and Ben plenty of trouble, but they also make her interesting and fun to read. Ben has a big heart—even when he doesn’t want to. His kindness and compassion make him a lovable man that anyone would want. I really loved the plot. Getting lost in the wilderness initially seemed like a plot that would be predictable, but there was so much more to this story than I expected. The characters and the plot made this book a truly enjoyable read, and I definitely recommend it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love Without A Compass by Lindy Zart is an enemies to lovers book. Avery and Ben are co-workers. When they are sent into the Illinois wilderness for team building exercises they both learn a great deal about each other. Avery manages to turn their little team building exercise into a full blown wilderness adventure. These two characters have an explosive chemistry that you can feel building. Their banter is super charged. This is a great book and will keep you engaged from start to finish.
mjlovestoread More than 1 year ago
Lindy Zart is such a unique kind of storyteller. She never gives you the same old same old and her characters tell their tale in the most real kind of way. With Love Without a Compass, Zart proves once again that she thinks out of the box and we are rewarded with an untamed creativity that is hers alone. Both Ben and Avery are clearly stubborn people. Their pairing as part of a 'team building' exercise for the advertising company they both work for, gave them pause more than once as their trek in Shawnee National forest becomes more than either of them ever bargained for. I laughed at their incessant snarky banter, neither giving in even when things start to get dire as they find themselves ridiculously lost, going around in circles and losing their footing over and over again. But what comes through all the rage, the hurt and the disgust for one another, is a low simmer chemistry neither one is able to deny. At least to themselves. Ben and Avery both mourn the 'what could have been' as her betrayal becomes the stumbling block to them even ever being friends again. And it takes a while before we find out what that horrible betrayal involved. Perhaps it's the fear of their surroundings or the fact that they truly do care for one another despite what Avery did to Ben but I loved watching as their defenses slowly slipped away until they could do nothing but love one another. Secrets long held are revealed and Ben gets a new insight into the whys and hows of Avery. I held out hope that they could truly find their way to each other since they seem to get one another and in the end, really do make a great team. This book is a great testament to the will of the human psyche and the simple fact that love should and can conquer all. I really enjoyed it and it was a pleasure getting to read Lindy Zart's words once again. Great characters and a very interesting story-line, I happily give Love without a Compass a huge 4 stars!