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Messy Minimalism: Realistic Strategies for the Rest of Us

Messy Minimalism: Realistic Strategies for the Rest of Us

Messy Minimalism: Realistic Strategies for the Rest of Us

Messy Minimalism: Realistic Strategies for the Rest of Us


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Think minimalism means a perfectly curated, always tidy home? Think again.

Drowning in tides of toys, overflowing closets, and a crazy schedule, Rachelle Crawford assumed you had to be naturally organized to keep a tidy living space. Then she found minimalism: the messy, real-life kind, that is less about perfection and more about purpose. Thus began a journey toward decluttering her home, calendar, and soul.

With empathy, grace, and humor, Crawford—who curates the popular Abundant Life with Less site—shares doable ways to own less and live more fully. Laying out practical strategies for reducing waste, curbing consumption, decluttering, and finding lots more joy, Crawford offers no-nonsense solutions for the rest of us. Learn to become a more conscious consumer, create a capsule wardrobe, inspire family members to join you, free up more time for the things that matter, and create a tidy(ish) home. The messy minimalist way is a no-judgment zone, one in which we learn sustainable habits and grace-based practices. It's about living lightly on the earth and making room for purpose.

Becoming a messy minimalist is not about turning into someone else; it's about clearing away clutter and expectations to unearth who you really are. It's about carrying fewer things so that we find ourselves holding onto what truly matters.

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ISBN-13: 9781506466866
Publisher: 1517 Media
Publication date: 12/07/2021
Pages: 220
Sales rank: 268,054
Product dimensions: 7.10(w) x 5.20(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Rachelle Crawford curates the popular website Abundant Life with Less, where she makes minimalism doable by sharing inspiration and practical strategies for living with less stuff and more purpose. Her writing has been featured on Becoming Minimalist, (In)Courage, Raising Simple, and Becoming Unbusy. As a registered nurse, Crawford previously worked in labor and delivery and now works as a school nurse. Crawford and her husband live with their three children in the suburbs of Lansing, Michigan.

Denaye Barahona is the voice behind Simple Families. Simple Families is a blog, podcast, and community that helps mothers thrive through intentional living. Denaye has a Ph.D. in Child Development and has spent her career coaching families to more harmonious lives with young children.

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