Milk Brothers

Milk Brothers

by Don Hidalgo


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Two men are sitting on a balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. One is a young man wearing the starched uniform of a naval aviator with his newly won wings proudly displayed on his chest, and the other is an older gentleman dressed in casual clothes. The younger man is holding a beer, the older one a coke. Without any conversation preceding the question, the younger man turns to the older man and says, "Uncle Dan, are you my father?"

This is a modern-day story of Damon and Pythius who personify brotherly love. Pythius is accused of treason against King Dionysius 1 of Syracuse and is sentenced to be executed. He asks Dionysius for a year to get his affairs in order and then will return to be executed. As a guarantee for his return his friend Damon agrees to stay in his place as a hostage. If Pythius does not return his friend Damon will be executed in his place. At the last hour Pythius returns to save his friend. King Dionysius is so impressed by this show of brotherly love that he sets both men free.

Starting almost at birth both boys would forever be connected. Their mothers were good friends and delivered the boys within a month of each other. So when one of the mothers was unable to nurse her son, her friend stepped in and nursed both infants. Thus, the title "Milk Brothers".

This story carries you through the lives of Harry and Dan as youngsters, teenagers, service men, marriages, and deaths. You will enjoy their adventures together such as the 1200 mile bicycle ride they took from New Orleans to Pensacola, Florida.

The story will explore deep interpersonal relations between the characters that include moral, ethical, and religious dilemmas.

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