Mr. Lonely again: Adventures of philosophic reflection

Mr. Lonely again: Adventures of philosophic reflection

by Nino Plazola

Paperback(Bilingual (English and Spanish))

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Mr. Lonely again: Adventures of philosophic reflection by Nino Plazola

Mr. Lonely again

Adventures of philosophic reflection

Mr. Lonely is a series of vignettes, which recount the experiences of Mr. Lonely. Designed to nudge the reader to think in diverse and innovative ways while remaining true to the self, Mr. Lonely recounts his experiences and muses on the importance of liberty, friendship, family, and happiness in people’s lives. In addition, Mr. Plazola insightful chronicle of Mr. Lonely personal journey coupled with the many vibrant images in “Mr. Lonely again” coalesce to create a text that is intend to be both introspective and enlightening. Mr. Lonely has a philosophical message in every one of its chapters, humility and simplicity jumps out at you. Values which now these days are not easy to find but remembered by the characters in Mr. Lonely, is an excellent means of reflection.

Don Triste es una serie de viñetas que son el recuento de las experiencias de Don Triste, diseñadas para empujar al lector a pensar de manera diferente permaneciendo siempre la verdad del ser mismo. Don Triste narra experiencias y reflexiones destacando la importancia de los valores; libertad, amistad, familia y felicidad que afectan la vida de las personas. Además Don Plazola profundiza las crónicas personales y los viajes de “Don Triste” con vibrantes imágenes, incorporando un texto que intenta ser ilustrativo como introspectivo. Don Triste tiene un mensaje filosófico, en cada uno de sus capítulos resalta la humildad y sencillez, valores que hoy en día no son fáciles de encontrar, pero recordados por los personajes de Don Triste, es un excelente medio de reflexión.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781524639426
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/16/2016
Edition description: Bilingual (English and Spanish)
Pages: 356
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.74(d)

About the Author

Born in Palermo, Sicily went to the school in Spain, Italy, United States, and México. During his youth, he worked as a graphic designer, photographer, and director of promotion, in different secretariats of the Mexican government. Proud representative to the Mexican Government, in various countries worldwide, with the National Tourist Council. Diplomatic representative of tourism, and commerce for Quintana Roo and Guerrero states of México in United States, and Canada. Assessor of commerce, international public relations director for an oriental corporation located in Hong Kong Living in a beautiful city in Texas, with his mother, he retires playing guitar, singing, performing classic rock & roll, "The Beatles and Oldies with a Touch of Class".

Nació en Palermo, Sicilia se educó en España, Italia, Estados Unidos, y México. Durante su juventud trabajo como diseñador gráfico, fotógrafo y director de promoción en diferentes secretarias del Gobierno de México, representante diplomático en varios países alrededor del mundo para el Consejo Nacional de Turismo. Representante de comercio para los estados de Quintana Roo, y Guerrero México en los Estados Unidos y Canadá. Finalmente, asesor de comercio, director de relaciones internacionales para una corporación oriental ubicada en Hong Kong. Radicando en una hermosa ciudad en Texas con su madre, se retiró cantando y tocando guitarra interpretando a "Los Beatles, y rock clásico con un Toque de Distinción".

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Mr. Lonely Again

Adventures of Philosophic Reflection Volume I

By Nino Plazola, Albert Nino, Rega Lupo


Copyright © 2016 Nino Plazola
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5246-3942-6



Where and when Mr. Lonely was born was long time ago in a place called Benito Friendship Neighborhood located next to Desperation, in the Sector of Fright, in the Country of Faith, in the Continent Dream.

Mr. Lonely is born as one more member into a family of fishermen and restaurant owners dedicated secretly to the twisted business of the Mafia. His parents traveled a lot, especially his father, who was a diplomat hired by a foreign country, one which gave him his new citizenship with a motive to transfer his residence to America. The life of Mr. Lonely was fun, healthy, and serene, all thanks to the natural wisdom of his mother who gave him the best of everything.

When he was only two years old, his father was kidnapped and assassinated by political revenge, related to its work, reason to which his mother decided to give him an education in his home country. He returned to her side only during the summers, because his mother remained in the previous country with the hope that her husband would appear and everything would just have been a minor obstacle in life. Unfortunately, this was not the way he had disappeared forever.

Mr. Lonely traveled from Europe to America, and vice versa, at the early age of six years old. His infancy was normal yet fun, but he resided with an uncle in various cities, schools, religious schools, and military academies. This is how his first ten years of life were spent, studying culture and the forced religion, developing the fear of God as a supreme punisher and avenger.

In the streets and schools, he was very popular, admired, and had a good reputation, Friends and strangers envied him because of his mental quickness and special abilities for everything including sports, culture, mischief, and more.

He had short hair and his slenderness gave him an aspect which was simple yet fun at the same time. The opposite sex, girls, at that time caught his attention at such a level that he participated in ceremonies and religious rituals in order to be near the most beautiful girls, that assisted such events in the church.

He stole flowers from saints and virgins, making money from selling them to the girls that were not so beautiful, giving them to the most beautiful ones. He obtained their favors and embraces, discovering the strange enchantment that the flowers brought to the girls.

In everyday life in the churches, he discovered how the priests manipulated the followers with ease, how they would lie, and cheat them supposedly, the priest was not to have intimate relations. However, in reality, they had lovers and children, whom they supposedly protected out of bondage.

The truth confused his mind. Everything in religion deals with interests and money just like politics. They were hypocrites, all in the name of God, and they always insulted, and condemned people to hell if they did not follow the rules; rules that they made, but did not respect. At the end was a dirty game that you had to learn to play or be silent Mr. Lonely played by his own rules.

He dedicated part of his time investigating the illicit activities of the priests. He studied their activities inside and outside the church, which proved they assassinated, stole, and involved themselves in politics with high priests to decide the destiny of the city, state, and country making this an activity full of atrocities and misery. After investigating and realizing everything about religion, Mr. Lonely decided to investigate, analyze governments, people, teachers, schools, institutions, politicians, etc.

His major dissolution was that history, the scholastic books, and cultures, written and approved by those who succeeded and conquered with personal interests. Mr. Lonely remained studying in Europe with his beloved uncle, during the summers in America with his mother. Occasionally, he studied in America, and returned in the summer to be with his uncle in Europe.

At the end, it was eternal traveling between the young continent, and the old continent. The relationship between nephew, and uncle became strong with much understanding and compassion, being the true joy living under the protection of his uncle Mario Alberti.

The island where they lived was into four sectors; a protector dominated each sector. The Godfather, the maximum authority of the mafia, controlled these four protectors. The Godfather shared and received unlimited power from the government authorities just like the Catholic Church, composing a trio so powerful that they controlled the entire country, involving themselves in activities legal and illegal in the entire world.

The succession of the Godfather a term used inclusively for movies was not so complicated in reality. One of the protectors would be as the successor of the Godfather, making them the reigning Godfather.

Mr. Mario Alberti, uncle to Mr. Lonely was the protector in the sector of the capital; him being the most important of the four sectors made him the most powerful candidate to be the next Godfather.

The family of Mr. Mario Alberti was grand, living in a home with two floors occupying an entire city block. It was so beautiful, and as large as having twenty-two bedrooms, ten bathrooms, six kitchens with their respective dining room, four living rooms, six studies, and a giant hall for reunions.

The center of the home was a huge patio with an interior parking lot. There were twenty-six automobiles of all kinds; cars, station wagons, utility vehicles, luxury cars, and limousines.

Twelve dogs and a strong group of security made up of people who were dedicated and committed to the family throughout generations, protected the house. In one of the corners of the house, you could encounter a semi luxurious restaurant, that throughout generations, was the family business for certain it was called "My Family"

It was easy to find Mr. Mario Alberti in the office of the restaurant, which was the center of operations for all his business, the members who made up the family possessed everything, and it was for everybody. For example, Mr. Lonely could use any vehicle at whatever time, but he was not to think or say that it belonged to him only, because everything belonged to everybody.

When a member of the family got married, their spouse or husband became one more member of the family coming to reside in the house, having their own bedroom being able to cook their proper meals in whichever kitchen.

They could work with Mr. Mario, receive money to start their own business, or simply work in the restaurant, and be paid a suitable salary like everyone else. They could also make use of whichever automobile was in the parking lot.


Family can be your happiness, or your downfall. How do you know who is good for you, and who is not? Do not torment yourself with the selection, just follow your heart, and the rest is mutual. Since a true family always does everything in agreement, it is easy to identify. Respect and love are easily recognized.



As everyone knows, the government and its institutions form the authority which corrects, regulates, and orients the citizens, giving them all types of support and protection as well as countless other services.

However, this law has a price; it can be bought and sold by bitters with no feelings. Well that is the impression that Mr. Lonely had when he meets the law for first time in his life.

Mr. Lonely was used to walking late, not minding that he was a minor. One night, on his walk home, a gray official van supposedly dedicated to the protection of minors detained him. It would pick minors up and take them to protection centers. Where they were given clothes, meals, education, and at an appropriate moment, give them a family.

In a few words, they became subjects of adoption so they would not wander the streets alone and without protection. Mr. Lonely mentioned that he had family, as well as a home. He showed his identifications and his schoolbooks, but the representatives of the authorities did not hear a word, and put him in the van and moved him to a detention center for minors called "Protection Center for Minors"

There at the detention center, after taking his money, watch, and all the things of value, he was sent to a dormitory with who knows how many others minors. They said he was to sleep there, and the next day his situation would be clear up in the end more tired than surprised, he decided to sleep wherever he could and however he could.

It was around 6:00 am. The next day when, another minor named Benito, who told him to get up, awaked him to clean the messy room, and prepare for his shower. Mr. Lonely did as he was told at the same time as Benito, but his new friend had a great fear reflecting in his face.

Into the dormitory walked six kids between sixteen and seventeen years of age. One of them seemed to be the leader. He ordered all the little ones to remove their clothes, form a line, and enter to the shower zone they all obeyed crying.

One after the other, they entered the famous bathroom, being pushed savagely into the interior of a whirlpool with ice-cold water in which it was impossible to swim. They could only grab the edges, which were slippery. To make things worse, the kids in charge proceeded by punishing them with belt whips.

Pressuring them to cross the whirlpool, the older ones helped the much smaller. After leaving the whirlpool, they entered the showers, where they continued to receive ice-cold water, and the unforgiving belt whippings.

Later, they returned to the dormitory to dress, but sometimes, their clothes would disappear, making things worst because they lacked towels. All the while, a continuing concert of belt whips, guiding them towards a patio for them to finally have breakfast.

They once again formed a long line where they received trays with bread, and meals of miniature portions, but they could pay, and receive extra food; using clothes buttons as the official coin.

Mr. Lonely understood why everyone lacked buttons in their clothes. The kids in charge had long necklaces with buttons of all colors, with which they bought items, received favors, or avoided punishment.

Mr. Lonely remembered that his sweater had buttons made of gold plated steel, which were valuable in this place, so Benito and he ate extra rations, since he traded the metallic buttons for four necklaces made of plastic buttons.

After that about a hundred children sat down to take in the sun, not leaving the designated area, which was about forty square meters, where they were not allowed to play or leave the sun area except to use the restroom. All days bathed in sunlight, later take lunch, and sure, the buttons trade in every moment.

Benito explained to Mr. Lonely that he did not know when they would be set free, since they had no communication with the exterior, they received no responses to their pleas to be communicated with their families if they have relatives if not, they do not have a good future. Come nightfall, they moved to the dormitories, and the next day the same cycle repeated.

Mr. Lonely and his friend Benito watched four more days pass without any certainties of their future, in order to eat well and use the restrooms whenever they pleased, Mr. Lonely used one of the necklaces made of buttons, leaving him only three remaining, which would last, at most eight more days. After that, who knows?

The situation began to turn critical since Mr. Lonely had an infection in one of his eyes, and no longer has shoes, since they were stolen, reason for which he decided to do something to escape.

He told Benito his idea and contacted with one of the kids in charge, in order to carry out the attempt of escaping. For a few buttons, they were allowed to go to the restrooms at night, suppose in search of their liberty.

Candles illuminated the place; and a boy told them that they were to sell their souls to the Devil, if they wished to escape from the place. The boy grabbed a piece of chalk and drew a circle on the floor, filled with symbols. He danced and invoked the Devil.

The scene turned grotesque when the boy pulled, from within his clothes, a shard of glass which he used to cut his hand, in order to smear blood on the symbols, and on the faces of those who wished to escape, which at that moment, were a great many, Benito and Mr. Lonely fled towards the dormitory, with the intent of finding a more secure and simple way of escaping, leaving behind the ugly and unusual ceremony.

The next morning, after showering, they could not spot the kids, which participated in the soul selling ceremony for the Devil. The kids assured that the Devil had set them free, just as it had occurred times before.

Mr. Lonely faked being extremely sick and was taken to the infirmary room once there he put to use the tricks he had learned in his neighborhood forcing over doors and desks, he found the information, which told him where he was. It was a home for minors called "Protection Center Number Two", which was controlled by police authorities of the northern part the city.

In the infirmary, were the infants and kids less than four years of age, which were up for adoption? He also found information, which connected the Center with Hospitals, which carried out transplants, surgery operations, making sure that the kids were the involuntary organ donors, with no benefit for them. Later, Mr. Lonely incorporated himself with the sunbathing group, but he had papers and pens, which he stole from the infirmary he wrote his name, address, uncle's phone number and a reference where he could be found he did the same thing on another piece of paper with Benito's information.

Later, using buttons as payment, he bought more paper, and wrote hundreds of little notes, with straws tubes made of paper; he launched the notes turned into darts at paper airplanes creating a fun game that even the kids in charge joined in. The only exception, Mr. Lonely' darts flew out over the walls that guarded the place.

For three days they launched darts with notes, in search of liberty, of course, paying with buttons. A woman, neighbor to the place, found one of the notes and called Uncle Mario Alberti, who was anguished by the disappearance of his nephew. He spent various days searching for him in hospitals, and jails with no results, but when he received the call, he shed tears of joy, and immediately departed towards the center number two in the northern sector of the city.

Once there, he asked for his nephew they told him he was there, but he could not be released, since Mr. Mario Alberti was not the father nor the official caregiver besides, they had plans to move him to a different detention center, making it a more difficult and complicated task of his freedom.

Mr. Mario Alberti begged them to return his nephew, but the authorities of the sinister place denied him, why was he being held captive, it was never known be he was in a state of imprisonment, the uncle offered a thousand dollars that he had on him for the release, but they required five thousand dollars and just cash. After hearing the arbitrary decision, and not believing who he was, he left without another word.

Once home, he made some phone calls, and minutes later, he had two assault trucks with thirty armed men at his disposal, as well as two cars with people he trusted, who were ready to help. They entered the center, and savagely beating the guards, he accomplished an attack, which overcame everyone with force the head of center placed on his knees in front of Mr. Mario Alberti, who ordered the return of his nephew in exchange for their lives.

Minutes later, he was brought forth. He was dirty, thin, shoeless, bruised, had an infected eye, in other words, he was a disaster. Uncle and nephew shared a hug Mr. Mario kissed him livingly picked him up and intended to leave, but his nephew spoke to him of his friend Benito.

As well as the babies in the infirmary the military force was informed of the situation, for which a commando and trucks were sent to arrest all of the center's personnel, to be detained at a military facility without any possibility of going free with impunity, after learning the terrible truth about the place, Mr. Mario Alberti gave the order to free all the kids.

The babies in the infirmary were picked up along with all the identifying paperwork they left the place setting it a blaze not much later the minors were dropped off at the nearest hospital, along with all the paperwork, so that identification was possible, as well as notification of their parents and relatives.

The next day, Mr. Mario Alberti ordered the City Mayor, and the Chief Police to dismantle the remaining three detention centers. If it was not done, he threatened to destroy all the families of those involved in the corrupt business. All they did was sell babies disguised as adoptions, so they could sacrifice the rest in order to sell their vital organs. All this was carried out easily since the babies were too young to recognize their families. The older ones were sacrificed with the advantage that they had no families, or after some prudent time, left missing. They were treated just as the Jewish were during the Second World War.


Excerpted from Mr. Lonely Again by Nino Plazola, Albert Nino, Rega Lupo. Copyright © 2016 Nino Plazola. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Introduction, xi,
Benito Friendship Neighborhood, 1,
The Law, 5,
The Rag Picker, 12,
Artist or Thieve, 15,
Perkins the Wise, 20,
The Boxer, 32,
A light on the Eyes, 36,
The Search, 43,
The Wall and the Faith, 49,
The Yellow Boots, 55,
The Uka Puka Phenomenon, 67,
The Truth and Only the Truth, 73,
Sad Story of an Impossible Dream, 97,
Spanish Version, 163,

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