by Michael Dempsey

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Necropolis by Michael Dempsey

In a world where death is a thing of the past, how far would you go to solve your own murder? NYPD detective Paul Donner and his wife Elise were killed in a hold-up gone wrong. Fifty years later, Donner is back: revived courtesy of the Shift. Supposedly the unintended side-effect of a botched biological terrorist attack and carried by a ubiquitous retrovirus, the Shift jump-starts dead DNA and throws the life cycle into reverse, so reborns like Donner must cope with the fact that they are not only slowly youthing toward a new childhood, but have become New York's most hated minority. With New York quarantined beneath a geodesic blister, government and basic services have been outsourced by a private security corporation named Surazal. Reborns and infected norms alike struggle in a counterclockwise world, where everybody gets younger, you can see Elvis every night at Radio City Music Hall, and nobody has any hope of ever seeing the outside world. Lost in a sea of nostalgia, NYC becomes an inwardly focused schizophrenic culture of alienation and loss. In this backwards-looking culture where only some of the dead have returned, Donner is haunted by revivers guilt, and becomes obsessed with finding out who killed him and his non-returning wife. Little does he know, strange forces have already begun tracking him. Donner isn't the only one obsessed with the past.

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ISBN-13: 9781597803168
Publisher: Night Shade Books
Publication date: 10/01/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
File size: 513 KB

About the Author

Necropolis is Michael's first novel and the result of a lifetime's passion for speculative and crime fiction. In addition to his new career as a novelist, Michael has written, acted and directed in theater, television and film in New York, Los Angeles, Louisville, Cleveland and other venues across the country. As a writer, Michael wrote for network television in the 90s, most notably CBS's Cybill starring Cybill Shepherd. He has sold and optioned screenplays and television scripts to companies such as Christopher Lloyd's Tritone Productions and Carsey-Werner Productions (The Cosby Show, Roseanne, That 70's Show) in Los Angeles. His plays have been produced in New York, Los Angeles, Washington and regionally in theaters such as Actors Theatre of Louisville. A member of the Writer's Guild of America, Michael's a past recipient of an Ohio Arts Council Fellowship for playwriting. Michael is also an award-winning stage actor and director. These days his theatre work is mostly done close to home--locations such as Youngstown, Canton and Cleveland, Ohio. Michael studied acting at Ohio State University before attending the prestigious Acting Apprenticeship program at Actors Theatre of Louisville. Michael was also one of twelve American actors selected to study Shakespearean Acting with the National Theatre of Great Britain and workshops at the Royal Shakespeare Company. He's taught pretty much every facet of theatre at different venues across the country; most recently at Fairmount Conservatory for the Performing Arts in Cleveland. Michael currently lives in Ohio with his family. He's hard at work on his next novel. He welcomes correspondence at

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Necropolis 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
AdriAnneMS More than 1 year ago
This is a really fun book--noir sci-fi with an atmosphere so thick you can taste and feel it, and sharp, fast-paced writing. It appeals to a broad audience, whether you're a lover of sci-fi, detective fiction, or noir thrillers. It's got it all. What I especially loved is that the story contains a truly scary, tough-as-razors female villain--not something you see every day!
plappen More than 1 year ago
This novel is about a man who wakes up in a strange, neo-futuristic world, after his murder. Paul Donner is an NYPD detective who is out for the evening with his wife. They walk in on a bodega robbery, and are killed. He wakes up, forty years later, due to something called the Shift. Said to be the side effect of a retroviral attack, it re-animates the DNA of dead people, causing them to come to life. No, they don't turn into zombies, but they do age younger (an adult becomes a teenager, who becomes a child, then an infant, and ends as a hunk of protoplasm). Such reborn people, or "reebs," are considered third-class citizens, so Donner has to investigate his murder on his own. A protective blister, or dome, is being built over New York City to keep the Shift "virus" (for lack of a better term) from infecting the rest of America. Manhattan has reverted to the 1930's, the time of Dashiell Hammett and the Studebaker. Harlem has gone back to the time of the Harlem Renaissance, and Greenwich Village is now in the 1960's hippie era. As Donner looks into his murder, he discovers some interesting things, like the person accused of killing him was intentionally released, without being charged. The conspiracy gets bigger and bigger, with Donner and his wife at the center. It involves the existence of an actual immortality serum, and a plan to kill millions of people in a very public, and gruesome, way, to solidify social control over the Big Apple. This book works on a number of levels. It works really well as a regular detective story. It also works for those who liked the film "Blade Runner." It's well done from start to finish, and the twists and turns will keep the reader guessing. Here is a first-rate piece of writing.
DorieUebel More than 1 year ago
I’m not normally a huge fan of the science fiction/fantasy genre. I want to be, but I have so many preferences I’m too picky for most of them to satisfy me. Occasionally I’ll come across one that makes me happy and hits all my buttons. Such was the case with this book. I got this as an e-book when it was on sale and I thought it sounded pretty interesting, and it got bonus points for being a mystery as well. I’m really glad I took a chance, because I really loved this book. Everything was perfectly done here – the characters, the mystery, the world-building. It begins in the year 2012 with NYPD detective Paul Donner and his wife Elise being killed in a quick-mart. It then jumps 50 years in the future, where the ‘Shift’ has occurred that has caused DNA in some corpses to reverse and begin aging backwards. These newly reborn people (derogatively called ‘Reebs’) are the new underclass in New York City, which has been quarantined in a bubble referred to as “the Blister”. When Paul’s body starts to regenerate his body is removed from his grave and rushed to a hospital. Upon release Paul finds a purpose in this new and confusing world by researching his death and trying to track down his killer. I really enjoyed reading this book and will look forward to more from this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago