No In Between

No In Between

by Lisa Renee Jones

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The fourth in the Inside Out erotic romance series by New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones, this steamy novel resolves Chris and Sara's relationship and leads into Mark's story.

"Chris and I have faced our demons and bared our souls to one another in Paris. Now that we are back home in San Francisco, I want to believe that nothing can tear us apart. Not Ava’s accusations against me to the police, or Chris's fear that he will destroy me as he feels he did Amber. And not Mark, who was once too intimately a part of our lives, and who I can see crumbling inside out. He believes he is invincible, just as I want to believe Chris and I are invincible. We have to be invincible. We need each other too much for any other ending."

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ISBN-13: 9781476772493
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication date: 08/19/2014
Series: The Inside Out Series , #11
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 124,408
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

An award-winning New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author, Lisa Renee Jones has published more than forty novels spanning many romance genres: contemporary, romantic suspense, dark paranormal, and erotic fiction. In each book the hero is dark, dangerous, and sexy. You can find Lisa on Twitter @LisaReneeJones,, and her blog for regular updates.

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No In Between 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 65 reviews.
ZR1000 More than 1 year ago
In endings there are beginnings… This is the fourth book in the Inside Out Series and should not be read out of series order. This book begins after the events in His Secrets which are synopsized in the prologue. Chris and Sara have survived the events in Paris, now an even stronger couple as they head back to the states to deal with the repercussions of Ava’s actions. But there is more to come for this couple to deal with. The past still haunts Chris but his love of Sara and her support enable him to admit and face those demons, the ticking time bomb that is inside him is no longer hidden. Sara is a woman ready to fight to save the man she loves, as he has saved her and we all know that turnabout is fair play.  The investigation into Rebecca’s disappearance and Ava’s confession continues; the police along with Walker Security are still seeking answers when Chris and Sara return. Their escape to Paris having been seen as escaping the jurisdiction but which for them was a respite to gain strength to combat the attacks on their reputations and innocence. Along with Mark, Chris and Sara have to deal with the hounding of the press as well as the police, protecting themselves with legal means and other methods that their money gives them access to. The gallery is in turmoil and Mark is tormented by the loss of Rebecca and by his mother’s fight with cancer, not being able to be with her as much as she needs him to be. And so the stage is set for the action and suspense to continue. Some threads are tied up and new ones are started. There are threatening forces still at work in the background and a number of surprises to make the reader gasp and keep turning the pages. This series flows so well from book to book. No In Between provides answers to the mystery of Rebecca and is the resolution for Chris and Sara, there is no denying that they are one and that there is no in between for them; together they can and will handle what life brings them and in their love they have each found healing, in their two imperfections they have found perfection. I don’t know where he begins and where I end, but maybe that’s the glory of who we’ve become. We begin and end together. We’re a puzzle that fits perfectly together, where we fit nowhere else. This reader feels good about where we leave them and is looking forward to their wedding. The next story is of Mark and Crystal which we have already begun to see though more so in the companion novellas which are excellent reads and I do recommend them. I love how excerpts from Rebecca’s journals continue to be shared throughout this series. Though she is gone she has been the catalyst to all that has happened to these characters, she will always be a part of their lives and they owe her so much “But her words were also what gave me the courage to seek out a dream that led us to each other.” I often wonder what she would think of what is happening. I totally love this series. It’s filled with such awesome romance and suspense and a storyline that just doesn’t quit. The characters are compelling, you don’t forget them after you’re done reading.    ARC supplied by the publisher via NetGalley.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars  NO IN BETWEEN is the fourth full length novel in Lisa Renee Jones’s contemporary, adult INSIDE OUT erotic romance series focusing on artist Chris Merit, former school teacher Sara McMillan and gallery owner Mark Compton. NO IN BETWEEN is the continuing story of Sara and Chris who have returned from Paris only to face the authorities who are investigating the disappearance of former gallery assistant Rebecca Mason. While fingers are pointed in their direction, Sara begins an investigation of her own. NO IN BETWEEN is a storyline that reveals the slow breakdown of a once proud man. Rumors, innuendo, gossip and spurned lovers take aim at our trio in an attempt to get to the truth about what happened to Rebecca Mason and put into motion a series of events that will focus on the one man who has everything to lose. Lisa Renee Jones keeps the reader in suspense with the deliberate and sensual exposure of secrets and lies. No one is safe; everyone is a suspect; and in the end betrayal and revenge will begin to unfold. The INSIDE OUT SERIES will pull you in and never let go. NO IN BETWEEN is not a stand alone storyline.  The series must be read in order.
busymama49 More than 1 year ago
OOOOHHHH!!! This story is really "getting good"!! The pace picks up as Chris and Sara return to the States to be interviewed by the police. The DA is looking to solve this case or have a scapegoat before the press gets all the facts of the case. After all it is an election year and this case could cost him votes. Right now, Chris, Sara, and Mark are under the magnifying glass. Even the most innocent clue can be deemed fatal. This is setting the stage for Chris and Sara to test their resolve and love for each other. How much will their fragile love endure? The beginnings of their trust in each other will be thoroughly tested before all is done. Once again Lisa Renee Jones proves her mastery by sweeping us into the vortex of this passionate, thrilling and complex story. As the pieces begin to fall in place, we become deeply involved in this story as these characters fight for survival and their relationship. The erotic love scenes reach scorching hot levels with the added ingredient of the forever love they feel for each other. Fasten your seat belts! This is going to be a "thrilling" ride!
Aemelia More than 1 year ago
This is my all-time favorite series. I love where NO IN BETWEEN picks up and so much is resolved between Sara and Chris. Ms. Jones took me on an emotional roller coaster as we follow Sara and Chris's journey toward their HEA. The truth is discovered about Rebecca and sooooo much happens in this book. Ms. Jones has created such vivid characters that I found my self empathizing with someone I didn't like, I even shed tears in this book over a character that I thoroughly hated in the previous books. I love that we see more of the darker side of Mark...if there is anyone that deserves to find a happily ever after ending, it is Mark Compton! He does his best to be bad, but I could see the hurt he is struggling with. I can't wait to read more of his story, as he's such a compelling character.
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
5.0 Star Review - No In Between If you have not read the other stories in this series I encourage you to do so. You need the information from the other stories to understand this story. This is the next part of Chris and Sara's story. You learn about the investigation into Rebecca's disappearance/murder. You get more of a feel about Sara's feeling toward all the suspects that may or may not be involved in the crime. You get more of Chris and Sara. There feelings and concerns for each other as they deal with the press and the investigation. Loved this story. Lisa pulls you in from the very beginning of this series and gives you the story you need from all the points of views. All the story's in this series suck you in and hold you connected to your e-reader until the very end. Can't wait for the next book in this series.
kmperry More than 1 year ago
I loved it!! Chris and Sara are back in San Francisco and still dealing with the fall out from events before and during their trip to Paris. In many ways, their relationship is so much stronger than it was before. They are more committed and Chris is more open and honest with Sara. Dealing with the police, press, and the upcoming trial, all highlight where they are and what aspects of their relationship still need some work. Overall, I love how their relationship progressed throughout the book! There were a number of surprises as well. More of the story and relationships unfolded as Sara, Chris, and Mark learned new information, but there is still a lot of questions that remain unanswered. I can't wait to find out what happens next!! I would definitely recommend this book and the series! I would highly recommend reading this series in order so that you have a better understanding of the events, characters, and relationships. *I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
momof3infl More than 1 year ago
Intense, heart-pounding, powerful, passionate, emotional. All words that apply to No In Between. No In Between picks up after Sara and Chris are back in San Francisco. The writing is wonderful, Lisa Renee Jones has a knack for bringing these characters right into my living room, I feel what they feel, both pain and joy. I have loved Sara and Chris since the beginning, and while this isn't a conclusion to the overall story, it answers many questions I've had about the two of them. I adore the consuming, burning love they share, and while it drove me crazy with worry in some parts, I am thrilled with how their last novel turned out. If you haven't started this series yet, get on it! You won't be disappointed. A huge thank you to Lisa Renee Jones for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
Amy98MacB More than 1 year ago
Excellent from start to finish!! I was given an ARC as long as I gave a review spoil free. OMG. It is an excellent book. I want to say its wonderful how she begins where the last book ends. There is more mystery and so much intensity. It was great and I can't wait for others to read this book. I have hooked a friend on the series and she can't wait until this book arrives. It is a GREAT and EXCELLENT.The relationship of Chris and Sara is extremely intense and made me smile to myself while reading. This journey is exciting, intense, and keeps you wanting more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Better than the third installment, which wad a rip-off, but not as good as the first two books in the series. Basically you get 50 pages about Amber's demise and a little glimpse into her past with Chris, but not much more. It ended up amounting to nothing. All this could have been told in the previous book, which was pretty weak and uneventful. In fact, the series should have ended after book 2. These additional books and novellas are just poor attempts to make more money out of the loyal audience but do not reveal anything substantial and end up disappointing.
Nicole02 More than 1 year ago
Just when we thought we knew it all. When we thought it was all said and done. No InBetween reveals sooooo much more. Drama, intensity, steam, mystery sheesh for real this book has it all. So freaking much happens in this book! So much I want to tell you! But I freaking can't! I can't ruin the MANY mysteries revealed and the new ones that arise. Lisa Renee Jones has seriously outdone herself with this series, and I for one can't wait until I get to watch it on the small thing, I'm convinced it will be the greatest tv show like EVER. She gives us everything yet always leaves you wanting more. You never really know what's going to happen page to page, but you know that it will be amazing. This series is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Plan to be absorbed into Lisa Renee Jones’ sizzling and suspenseful world, once again with No In Between. Filled with her signature heat, romance and gut-twisting tension, No In Between magnetically kept me turning one page after the other, sometimes holding my breath, sometimes speeding up my heart rate, sometimes frustrating me, but always holding me tight, unable to put this one down! How much can people go through? When does the drama stop, and when can life truly go on? Chris and Sara have completely become one unit, each playing their part in their relationship, as protector, lover, friend and confidant. Mark is still in the picture, but Chris has grown so much, he remains there to help keep him afloat. Returning home from abroad, the tension gets ratcheted up as the past continues to invade their private cocoon, and Sara learns to lean on Chris for his support, love and strength, as well as to become exactly what he needs, when he needs it. Her growth has given her that much needed spark to her character. Will they ever find peace, end the accusations and attacks? Will the past ever stop haunting them? Once again, Lisa Renee Jones sets the pages on fire with her no-holds-barred style as she takes us on another tumultuous journey as passion, need and ghosts from the past converge to create a volcano that threatens to erupt, and a desperate NEED for the next book!
clpetit56 More than 1 year ago
WOW! Just WOW! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the Inside Out series? No In Between is a supremely well-written story that keeps you guessing right up to the end leaving you in a puddle of lust. Lisa Renee Jones makes you feel every emotion that the characters are going through.
gaele More than 1 year ago
In this installment, the relationship of Chris and Sara almost becomes a character itself as the pressures from the outside world, and Sara’s own fears of not being enough take a toll on their communication.  With the police looming, the whereabouts of Rebecca under question and Allure Gallery is under siege by press and paparazzi alike.  With a suspect in custody, and the legal machinations grinding to get that same suspect released on bail, the stress of being back in San Francisco, under constant surveillance and worries from how they left Paris, the inherent tension is already bowstring taut. An adversarial relationship with the police, Chris’ worries about Sara’s safety and his innate protectiveness for all things he sees as ‘his’, Sara is feeling as if everyone is rushing about to either save or manipulate her: and with her own personal history with manipulative men, it’s rubbing the wrong way.  Still caught in her own head and scenes / fears brought forward from Paris, with the underlying worry about Amber and Chris’ general tendency to believe he can and will save the world – her brain is running on overload mode.  And really, you just want to see them ALL get a break – at least for a moment. Much more – and I’m going to be dancing on ‘spoiler-ish’ territory, but let me tell you that this book in the series is a culmination of several different threads:  Sara’s realization that only the truly strong are able to admit to a weakness or failure, Chris and Sara’s dynamic changing to show just how much he has come to need her, Sara’s own efforts to take charge of situations and stand up to people who have cowed her in the past, and the lovely gifts and expressions of love that Chris bestows on her.  Additionally, we are seeing more of Mark’s softer (marginally) underbelly as Sara refuses to let him bully or hide behind his façade of cool, controlled customer.  With some lovely insets of humor in dealing with lawyers, Chris’ godparents and their acceptance of Sara and their upcoming marriage, a return of some truly disconcerting characters in Rico, Ryan and Michael, there are lots of threads that are starting to weave into the finished story. There is no doubt in my mind that were this story NOT written in First Person POV from Sara that it would not have worked as well, nor been so emotionally enticing.  While I wasn’t always a fan of Sara’s every move and her back-and-forth insecurities drove me NUTS, she is truly finding her footing and growing up and developing, and her voice allows readers into the relationship and story in ways that isn’t common.  Sexually, the story is still hotter than hot, and again Sara’s voice does speak to the questions that anyone might have about the heavy Dominant / submissive relationship. Lisa Renee Jones manages to give readers an entrée into the lifestyle and its many variations and scenes, as well as clearly present ‘bad examples’ of the scene, showing the many levels of possibility, while satisfying curiosities and presenting some truly steamy moments.   I received a copy of this title from Net Galley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Drueann More than 1 year ago
This book left me with more questions than answers. Until this book I thought I had the mystery all figured out. Now I just don't know.  I can't wait for the remaining books, I'm salivating to know who did it and exactly what happened to both Rebecca and Ella, and to see Chris and Sara get married. Heck I even want to see Mark get his HEA, up until recently I wasn't his biggest fan, I'm still not but I the things that made me not like him are now being address and I'm understanding him a lot better. I know this review is sketchy but its incredibly difficult to keep from giving too much away to those who haven't read the series or gotten this far in it yet. All I can tell you without giving anything away is that this is a MUST read series, it should be on everyone's TBR lists. Fans of Romance, New Adult, Mystery/Suspense and Thrillers will not be disappointed in this series.
TracyG-1 More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I love this series.  I love Sarah and Chris and how much they love each other.  Sarah and Chris are back in San Francisco.  They are under the scrutiny of the police because of Ava's wild accusations.  Sarah is trying to help everyone, and Chris is trying to help Sarah get over her past demons.  They've learned to lean on each other in times of heartache.  Then we have Mark.  Mark is being an jerk to everyone.  His world is spinning out of control.  A lot of questions are answered in this book and even more are brought up.  Again I love this series.  I enjoyed the growth that we've seen in Chris and Sarah's relationship.  I'm so happy with the way their relationship is turning out.  I'm definitely looking forward to reading more about Mark and his demons.  This series is so well-written that it keeps me coming back for more.  I've just got to see how the story ends.  It also keeps me with a smile on my face because I love the love between Sarah and Chris.  I hope I love Crystal and Mark's story as much as I love Chris and Sarah's. 5-Bombs Reviewed by Tracy
Gina_M More than 1 year ago
Romantic, Suspenseful and HOT! Sara and Chris’s journey continues as they return from Paris to make sure justice is served. We finally learn what happened to Rebecca and more secrets are exposed as the investigation continues. There are a few twists and turns you won’t see coming but the suspense will draw you in and the romance between Chris and Sara is hot! This book will answer questions but will leave you wanting more!  “No secrets. No in between”
LindzAsbury More than 1 year ago
No In Between did not disappoint! Some relief, and some disappointment is shared with the main character, Sara. With answers to lingering questions from previous books in this series came new questions to unfolding events. It's clear there are more games afoot that will be continued in the next book, which I'm looking forward to; especially, since it will be in Mark and Crystal's POV. I need to know his full side of this entire situation!!!! Mark's Novella, My Control and the next full book I Belong to You are on my "To Read" shelf for sure. I can only imagine what more we are to discover about Mark!
MoonAngel23 More than 1 year ago
From the moment I started reading the first book in the Inside Out series, I have been totally hooked, on the edge of my seat and cursing the days I have to wait before another book in the series comes out.  No In Between was no different-an exciting, erotic suspense that just grabs you from the start and keeps you up until the wee hours to read You've got all the same characters from the previous books, just growing in depth even more.  Uncovering more and more of Chris, and seeing just how dedicated both he and Sara are to each other.  I'm glad we get to see more of Mark (and now can't wait for more of his story coming soon!), and not just his strong Master persona.  It's great to see more of Blake and Jacob-there was a nice, strong Walker brothers presence from Lisa's Tall, Dark and Deadly series which was quite welcome. The writing was flawless, the story flowing so easily and it kept me totally drawn in the entire time just like every other book in this awesome series. My only regret is that we still don't fully have closure for Rebecca and the whole Ava part has yet to conclude...and of course, what about Ella?  But you can damn well be sure I'll be snatching up the next books to find out. *****Five***** amazing stars for No In Between.  If you haven't started this series yet, what are you waiting for???  Be sure to read the books in order, and don't forget the novellas: Book 1-If I Were You Novellas-Rebecca's Lost Journals (The Seduction, The Contract, His Submissive, My Master) Book 2-Being Me Novella-Master Undone Book 3-Revealing Us Novella-His Secrets Novella-My Hunger Book 4-No In Between Novella-My Control (coming in September 2014) Book 5-I Belong To You (coming in November 2014) And in case you hadn't figured it out...yes, 18+ for some of the best erotic romance scenes and adult language ;-)
miepsa More than 1 year ago
Back in San Fransisco, Chris and Sarah fight other demons, but find themselves and their love for each other to be stronger than ever. Still searching for Ella, coping with Amber back in Paris, and now the investigation regarding the disappearance of Rebecca and the murder attempt from Ava on her life; Sarah is trying to be strong. And the question still remains; ‘where is Rebecca?’ Sarah still tries to save everybody she knows, including Mark, that is dealing with his own demons. You get to read about Crystal (My hunger), Ricco, Ava, Blake and many others in this book.. The story continues and I can not wait for the next book! Lisa has done it again!
hockeymom4 More than 1 year ago
This book was FANTASTIC! For those of you have been in on this series from the beginning (If I Were You) and you have read all of the books including Rebecca's Lost Journals, you will not be disappointed. (If you have not started this series, quick, start now!) Lisa has once again brought you into the lives of Chris and Sara in a way you have wanted to see from day one. You will understand the importance of reading all the books in this one as it all starts to really come together. Chris and Sara find their groove and figure out that what they really need is each other to be whole, if they can both trust each other…. will they be able to? No In Between is also the books where you start to get some real answers about Rebecca, but you also get some additional insight into Mark as well as Crystal that will leave you asking what will happen next between them. What are they both hiding and when will we get the full story, you know it is going to be good! Ava, Rico, Amanda and Ryan, they are all big players and you get a little more about them and how they fit into the Rebecca and Mark's lives, but there are more questions than answers in this book…. Lisa is an amazing author because she develops the story so well that the more she shares, the more you want to know about each and every person as they all have a story, sometimes it is a small story hidden is a small sentence or two but it means a lot more than you know at the time. I finished the book in one day…. I was so into the book that I turned the page to start the next chapter and it was the epilogue and said out loud, Are you F****** kidding me. I wanted more…. then I read the epilogue and was so excited for the next book, we have so much more to learn! I LOVED it and in fact I have read it a second time.  These books have been a wonderful escape and I have been along for the wild and crazy journey. It has been well worth my time. I am a little sad that there are only a few more books left in the series, but so excited to see where this ends because all great stories have an end…. and we get to read the next great books that Lisa comes up with… I hope you add these books to your "to be read" list and make the time to read them. They are truly amazing!
fcammer2 More than 1 year ago
Another fantastic book in this series! As Chris and Sara come back from Paris they know their lives are not going to be normal for quite some time. They need to face the music so to speak. Ava has been charged with crimes after her confession but then she changes her story. Lisa Renee Jones keeps you on the edge of your seat with these nail biting scenes. Will they ever find Rebecca? And what about Sara's friend who disappeared right after they bought the storage locker? I sure hope Lisa gives us the answers to these questions. Inquiring minds wanna know. LOL! No seriously, the mystery and suspense in this series keeps you guessing. I think Ms. Jones talents shine as each book wants you to keep reading and only makes you want more. You finish one and you can't wait to start the next one. That is how a great book and series should be. And then of course we get to deal with Mark's moodiness but I think this book begins to show a side of Mark we've not really seen before and I'm really anxious to read the next book since I think it tells more of Mark's story. This man has got to have a lot more inside then he shows us. And I'm sure Ms. Jones will set us straight on that in future books. I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it and I will be going straight to the next one tonight. Thanks for the hours of entertainment you provide for your fans Lisa and for anyone that has not read her books you have got to give them a try. But they must be read in order to get the full effects of her story. New readers sure have a lot of fun, sexy, thrilling reading ahead
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
i loved it
Netty129 More than 1 year ago
I cannot help but be in love with this series and Lisa Renee Jones!!! This, by far, has got to be one of THE best series I have ever read!!! I cannot get enough of these characters or the storyline!!!It was a book that I just couldn't put down! I recommend these books to anyone who loved the Crossfire series. Now read this amazing story!!!!!!!!!!!
shabobo More than 1 year ago
Great writing, story, characters. Steamy, erotic , exotic love scenes !!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Yet another hot intriguing installment to the series looking forward to more