Noeo: Book I

Noeo: Book I

by Adam Stohlman


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A People's Poet With Perfect Pitch
The first of a three-part collection of pieces from award-winning poet Adam Stohlman, this diverse and intriguing compilation of thirty poems, Noeo, Book I, displays Stohlman's mastery of language and lyricism, structure and style, as well as his steadfast insistence upon honesty and meaning in his work. Stohlman has been described as "insightful, intuitive and evocative in his imagery," "a strikingly versatile worker of words," and "a modern-day McKuen with a touch of Frost, a dash of Donne and an echo of ee cummings thrown in." His poetry has been called "refreshingly clear, concise and concrete, yet elegant, lyrical and compelling." His range is vast, both in style and subject matter.
As a poet, Stohlman asserts that truth is objective, not subjective. It is only our individual experience that is subjective. Truth is absolute and universal. It is at those moments in our lives when objective truth meets with our subjective experience that we must either reconcile our experience with the truth, or find that our experience confirms the truth--whatever that truth may be. There are no other alternatives. Stohlman submits that it is at this point, where our subjective experience meets with objective truth, that what we call "meaning" is born. As a result, he holds that the poet's primary duty is to seek out truth, reconcile or confirm that truth via his own experience, and then share with others the meaning he has found in it. Stohlman fulfills this high calling magnificently in Noeo with a now moving, now provocative, now beguiling dexterity.

Noeo, Book I is comprised of pieces written throughout the poet's life, and serves as a stunning introduction to the varied, thoughtful, fanciful and meaningful moments of Stohlman's personal experience, raised to a level that is universally relatable to all of us. Noeo, Book II is a thematic collection centered on wistful reminiscence, contrite religious reflection, and profound loss, with its many attendant emotional ramifications. Noeo, Book III is focused intently on love, from its light and playful beginnings to its ethereal nature, to its intimate passion, and finally, to its highest spiritual and eternal form. Unquestionably, Noeo, whether in Book I, II or III, is a thoroughly engaging assemblage of literary accomplishments that will intrigue, delight and entertain you, while provoking you to reflect more deeply upon your own personal experiences and the meaning that may be found in them.
Get your copy of Noeo, Book I today, and discover why a growing number of readers are fast becoming fans of this amazingly talented yet easily accessible American poet, Adam Stohlman, and why they have been so eager for the release of Noeo, Book I. After taking pleasure in this exceptional poetic work for yourself, you too will be looking forward with similarly keen enthusiasm to the upcoming releases of Noeo, Book II and Book III.

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