Now and Again

Now and Again

by Brenda Rothert


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ISBN-13: 9781494852481
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/30/2013
Series: Brenda Rothert's Now Series , #2
Pages: 218
Sales rank: 686,188
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.46(d)

About the Author

Brenda Rothert started her writing career as a print journalist. She now writes Romances, some Contemporary and others with a twist of dystopian society and adventure. Rothert lives in Central Illinois with her husband and three boys.

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Now and Again 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Just_Booked_Monique More than 1 year ago
**JUST BOOKED received an ARC for an honest review** “LOVE is a leap of faith…It’s not always easy or smooth or comfortable. Only you know…enough to risk it.” – NOW AND AGAIN Now and Then is the first novel in the Now series and we are introduce to Emma Carson growing up in the shadows of her older beautiful and popular sister, Layla Carson. Emma also had a crush on her neighbor across the street, Cole Marlowe, since he moved in the neighborhood when she was a little girl. Cole is handsome, popular, and closer to her sister’s age, so she always found herself in the shadows looking at Cole from afar, until 12 years later they run into each other at a coffee shop. Emma is has changed since her adolescence years, leaving to attend art school in Paris and returning as a graphic designer and artist. After Cole an attorney now really saw Emma for the first time, he can not stop thinking about her and is determine to learn more about her. Emma also thought she had forgotten about Cole, but it seems her heart has not forgotten the love she had for him 12 years ago. Unfortunately, his task was not going to be easy because Layla had told Emma she was determined to have him as her future husband. Unravel the twists and turns of a siblings love for the same man and uncover the challenges he has to faces between the two to fight for his love too. Now and Again is the second novel in the Now series is about Layla Carson story about finding love and the novel begins immediately were we left on in the first book in the series, Now and Then. Layla is a cooperate lawyer and decides she is making a change her life because sex has been making a little messy, until she meets Ben Montrose. Layla and Ben have many things in common, like independence, hot & beautiful, stubborn, determination, and dominating. The chemistry is undeniable, so they arrange to be exclusive with each other for four weeks, but what they did not plan for was what journey their feelings were going to take them after the four weeks.  Author Brenda Rothert romance novels, Now and Then and Now and Again, has done an AMAZING job writing a BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY that will capture your attention immediately and find yourself unable to put the book down. You will also experience a roller coaster of emotions from feeling SCARED, SADNESS, SUSPENSEFUL, SHOCKED, LOVE, SALACIOUS, and TENDERNESS.  Brenda Rothert will not have us to waiting too long to find out what will happen next, because she is currently writing the third book in the series, Now and Forever, the story of Emma Carson & Cole Marlowe and Layla Carson & Ben Montrose.  I rate Brenda Rothert’s novel in the Now series, Now and Then and Now and Again – 5 AMAZING STARS!
ELSACARRION More than 1 year ago
The sexual frustration was through the roof with this one!!! Layla is a hoe. She knows that and everyone else does too. But she gets tired of doing the one night thing, so she tries to change it, going without satisfying her libido for 6 months!! For a sex-a-holic that is darn hard. Ben, sexy cop with a body full of muscles; he is controlling and also a man whore. Not one for long term relationships he goes through women like dirty underwear. When he meets Layla, strong, very opinionated hard headed, controlling female attorney, he has to have her; but he met her after her promise of no more casual sex! The pace is non stop, one thing after another. The sexual tension was crazy!! And it was like that throughout the story!!! The story flowed well, the editing was awesome. The plot was great, the twists and turns were unexpected. But what made the story were the characters, they were both great. Layla was confident and I realized that her quick comments and the way she was, was because she wanted to shield her heart. Toward the end, I kind of understood why she was the way she was and I was cheering her on to be happy with Ben. Ben was a man’s man, he was controlling and what was his was his and no one could touch! He had no problem in telling a woman what he wanted from her in the bedroom!! And I loved the fact that he loved to whisper in her ear a lot of dirty dirty things. Ahhh, that was great!!! I will be waiting for the next one that will be out next year in January. I can’t wait to see what is in store for the two sisters! I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion and review. Title: Now and Again Author: Brenda Rothert Format: eBook 253 epgs Length: 12 Chapters Genre: Adult Erotic Romance Published: 8/30/2013 Cover: 3 stars Characters: Layla & Ben Rating: 4 stars
ShawnaSurvey More than 1 year ago
Now and Again is Brenda Rothert sophomore novel for the Now series. This here is Emma Carson's sister Layla story, which I am happy to say I actually enjoyed more than Emma's story in Now and Then.  Layla Carson is a powerful force to be wreckin with. She's all business, no games, and sometimes a bi*** on the outside. On the inside, in private she's a little broken by the unfortunate choices she's made with men. Deep down she only wants the same things that any other woman find someone to love her the way she deserves. Now and Again starts off where things left in Now and Then. The relationship between Layla and Emma are still a tad uneasy and sometimes awkward. Although, I feel both ladies are making an effort to be more civil with each other. While working on her most recent case Layla finds herself in ex-marine Ben Montrose now Chicago Investigator office. Let's get a few things clear he is all man. Alpha type that has a way with his hands. I absolutely loved the fact that he was more than willing to stand up for Layla's honor. Case in point when Cole was being a major douche. -- Like really. Really. Where did this blatant disrespect come from. On some small level I think that he may have been jealous of what Ben and Layla had--. After a few encounter these to developed some intense chemistry, but being who they are neither wants to give up control. So they come up with a comprise to share. That's when things not only get interesting but also even more intense between these two. The story is told from a dual POV, which I absolutely love so much.The romance between these two dominant spirits was not as instant as the initial attraction they felt for each other. Considering they both had very thick walls that needed to be broken down.  I would really like to give many thanks to Ms. Rothert for creating a story with characters that were so enjoyable and relate. Allowing the story to flow so that I did not want to put my e reader down. Now and Again hands down more intriguing than Now and Then. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get more of Ben and Layla in the near future. **Huge thanks to the author for providing me with an arc copy in exchange for my honest opinion** Please check out my blog at shawnasurvey dot blogspot dot com. Follow me on Twitter @shawnasurvey. Like me on Facebook at facebook dot com / shawnasurvey
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The first book wasnt bad. I thought it had too much sex in it too but I just skipped over some of it. If I had done that in this book, there wouldnt have been much to read. I love romance books and I am certainly no prude but enough is enough, this was porn.....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Layla realizes that she has to change her loose ways. The interplay between Layla and Ben reminds us that time spent getting to know each other can make intimacy that much MORE. Nicely done.
Sammyjk More than 1 year ago
5 Stars From Sammy's Book Obsession I loved this sequel almost as much as I loved the 1st book! Can't wait to get my hands on the 3rd! I really was impressed that Layla was able to redeem herself after the first book. Once again, Brenda, you did an amazing job!! Keep up the great work!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When will this be available as an eBook?
RTWolfe2012 More than 1 year ago
Now and Again is just one more example of Ms. Rothert's talented ability to create diverse characters and a plot that seeps into you even when you have to put the book down. Ben is the alpha of alpha males. He meets Layla who also likes to be on top. It was a blast to see how these two fell for each other and found a balance of power.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago