Old Dogs New Tricks Version 2.0 - Awakening and Cultivating Leadership at Any Age

Old Dogs New Tricks Version 2.0 - Awakening and Cultivating Leadership at Any Age

by David Specht
Old Dogs New Tricks Version 2.0 - Awakening and Cultivating Leadership at Any Age

Old Dogs New Tricks Version 2.0 - Awakening and Cultivating Leadership at Any Age

by David Specht


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Have you ever felt like the world has almost passed you by, yet you are expected to still be able to lead well? Or, perhaps, recent events in life have thrust you into a leadership position you don't feel equipped to handle?

In his book, Old Dogs, New Tricks Version 2.0, David A. Specht Jr., tackles the challenges leaders face, regardless of age. He intertwines experiences from his 30-plus years of leadership, along with scriptures and practical applications to awaken and cultivate leadership in anyone.

This book is much more than just a collection of stories and lessons. It is a roadmap for anyone who wants to step into their purpose as a leader, or needs to brush up on their leadership skills.

Here is what others have said about Old Dogs, New Tricks Version 2.0.

"We've heard the saying many times that you can't teach old dogs new tricks but it's simply not true. The old dog who wants to learn something new certainly can. Add wisdom and a Prey Drive to find a new level and that's exactly what this book is going to give you. I call it a 'Vu ja de'', which is a new way to look at an old problem. David has done a marvelous job re-awakening and re-imagining a bigger future and given you a blueprint on exactly how to get there."
Coach Micheal Burt
17X Author
Leading Authority on The Activation of Prey Drive

"In Old Dogs, New Tricks, Version 2.0, David Specht has distilled a half-century of collected wisdom and experience to provide a handy reference for anyone who aims to be of their highest and best use to God, our country, and the causes to which they are called. As David notes, true leaders never stop learning, and I think true leaders will find great value in what he has published here."
Mike Johnson
US Congressman, 4th District of Louisiana

"Old Dogs, New Tricks is the story of a leadership journey that will resonate across generations. More seasoned (i.e. old) leaders will remember similar experiences (and mistakes); new leaders will take solace in knowing learning, not perfection, is the path forward. Specht masterfully weaves personal anecdotes, bits of wisdom from seminal leadership works, and even scripture into a treatise as instructive for life as it is for business. The stories are entertaining and uplifting, while the tricks learned from those stories will prove invaluable to old dogs and young pups alike."
Dr. Jim Henderson
President, University of Louisiana System

"Like many of you, my bookcase is filled with books by people who "want" to do what they're trying to teach me to do. In "Old Dogs New Tricks" (Version 2.0), David Specht cuts through all that and gives you actionable items you can use NOW — because he's actually doing it. From combatting that internal voice and learning to control it and not let it control you to his insightful difference between cheerleaders and coaches, this is a MUST read for anyone remotely connected to leadership.  Whether in your business, your church, your group, your home or your team, you are a leader. You might as well be a good one. This book is the place to start!"
Butch Bellah
National Sales Manager, Smart Mouth Foods
Author: Sales Management For Dummies & The 10 Essential Habits of Sale Superstars

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ISBN-13: 9798823195102
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 02/10/2023
Pages: 120
Sales rank: 776,084
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About the Author

For David A. Specht, Jr., leadership has been more than a vocation but a way of life. A veteran of the first gulf war, David has led organizations of many types and sizes.

 One of David’s many leadership roles is as president of Specht Newspapers, Inc., a media and marketing company in Louisiana. He has launched multiple podcasts, spoken before numerous crowds of business leaders, and written a leadership blog for more than ten years. 

 Now, he wants to help other leaders achieve their purpose and realize their dreams after discovering his “why,” losing more than 100 pounds, and getting his health back; David rediscovered the fire inside himself to help people find their purpose. He’s gone from helping people to teaching people how to help themselves. This purpose has led David, and his wife, Tina, into the field of health coaching, where they have helped hundreds take control of their health and well-being.
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