Over the Rainbow: The Path to Success, Health and Happiness

Over the Rainbow: The Path to Success, Health and Happiness

by Swot Zhai


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Foreword by Feng Lun, Founder of Vantone Group

Sharing Happiness

The deepest impression that has been printed in my mind about SWOT is that after he achieved his financial freedom, he has been persistently sharing his reflections and inspirations, as well as sense of satisfaction beyond money with everyone. His way of sharing is unique, which is different from plenty of presentations on public occasions, a model adopted by some others, and also unlike fireside chat or dining time chat, and even less so for endless preaching doctrines to several friends, instead, he writes his thoughts into his book. SWOT told me that his biggest wish of his life would be to “realize independence in finance and mind”. As now the “independence in finance” has come true for him, he says he will write a book each year in the years to come and will seek to influence the others and the world with his own thoughts, thus striding towards the goal of achieving “independence of mind”. This is a lofty realm, in pursuit of kindness to all. To do something in our own power to benefit the society has always been my active approach and my endeavor all along.

Every time when I saw how SWOT carried himself in is talking with people, I am reminded of the features of a typical guy in the field of science and technology, but every time when I read his work, I am ever more impressed by such broad horizon and deep historic touch by a guy in liberal arts. His work is full of pristine, sunshine and positive energy, plus rich and skillful artistic merit.

SWOT is so good at telling stories. This book Over The Rainbow, talks about how to make your life successful, healthy and happy, where surprisingly he wrote it like allegories, which are vivid and intriguing, simple in language but profound in significance. Moreover, he uses formulas and laws that usually only a science guy could master for describing his observations and inspirations. For example, when it comes to how to make yourself successful?Please observe the three elements of aspiration, knowledge and perseverance; How to make yourself healthy? Please observe the three principles of psychological balance, nutritional balance and static-dynamic balance; How to make yourself happy? Again, please observe the three laws of tolerance, devotion and significance. And then he lays out a lot of conversations and illustrations for comparison, justification and summary. This truly is a very interesting approach of writing and has also conveyed a clear and precise mentality. He has turned the philosophy of success, health and happiness that he hopes to pass on more practicable, and has turned the abstract concepts of philosophers measurable and translational, which is probably the unique wisdom that a science guy boasts of when he is writing the work of humanities.

I am happy to recommend this book to all of you and will keep it by my hand myself for turning to the pages from time to time. I have always found it difficult to associate the image of a cold and rigorous science guy with such a great work with full of imaginations and warmth. When we are quite used to reading many “chicken soup” series of books, by humanistic writers, we can truly enjoy another special experience by reading the “chicken soup” type of inspirations well prepared with care by a science guy with the laws he is proficient at and with the experiences that he practiced in person.

In the process of reading and experiencing what it says, we will increasingly

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