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Own Your Anxiety: 99 Simple Ways to Channel Your Secret Edge

Own Your Anxiety: 99 Simple Ways to Channel Your Secret Edge

by Julian Brass


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Author and anxiety coach Julian Brass helps people all over the world own anxiety by guiding them toward empowering, natural tools to redirect that raw, disruptive emotion into positive action. These tools, which are the foundation of his Own Anxiety method lead, to a redefined relationship with anxiety, taking it from negative and debilitative to positive and facilitative. Rather than trying to fight it, Brass encourages readers to consider anxiety a gift. Personal, personable, and highly motivating, the book offers practical lessons to overcome the effects of anxiety by owning it in three key areas of body, mind and soul.

Combining medical research from the West and holistic philosophies from the East, the tips offer daily doses of inspiration. From guidance on how to schedule smarter to reduce stress, how to say no more often, and how to rein in the use of social media to advice about spreading love and playing more often, the book makes owning anxiety both accessible and fun. Warm, enthusiastic, and at times irreverent, Brass offers stories from his own life and shows from personal experience how to conquer anxiety. He is a coach of superlative positivity, encouraging readers to find the resources within to master anxiety toward a more fulfilling and healthier lifestyle.

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ISBN-13: 9781989025628
Publisher: Page Two Books, Inc.
Publication date: 09/17/2019
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 170,171
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Age Range: 3 Months to 18 Years

About the Author

Julian Brass is the founder and former CEO of award-winning Canadian media company (Notable Life), a front-running online brand dedicated to inspiring driven Millennials to live a notable life. On an ever-expanding journey of exploring natural lifestyles such as holistic health and wellness, spirituality, yoga, and positive psychology, Julian has trained and collaborated with yogis from India, rabbis and priests in Jerusalem, top medical doctors in NYC, and some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. As an international keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, coach, teacher, and healer, Julian aims to leave every person he connects with ready to own not just anxiety, but to truly own their lives. Follow him on Instagram at julian_brass.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Your Secret Edge
Part 1: Own Your Body

1 Breathe
2 Smile More
3 Sleep and Nap
4 Swim
5 Quit or Reduce Coffee
6 Drink Herbal Tea
7 Quit or Reduce Alcohol
8 Quit Drugs
9 Hug and Cuddle More
10 Once a Day, Eat in Peace
11 Get a Massage
12 Chew Slower
13 Drink More Water
14 Don’t Walk Alone at Night if It Scares You
15 Play
16 Sing Out Loud
17 Get “Scentual”
18 Take Warm Showers or Baths
19 Wear Comfy Clothes
20 Move Your Body
21 Dance
22 Get a Mani Pedi
23 Self-Touch
24 Wear Something That Feels Grounding
25 Laugh More Often
26 Walk
27 Avoid Foods That Hurt You
28 Eat Regular Meals
29 Eat Wisely
30 Plan Your Meals
31 Eat Calming Foods

Part 2: Own Your Mind
32 Practice Mindfulness
33 Make Time for Rituals
34 Meditate
35 Organize Your Life
36 Don’t Park Illegally
37 End Anxiety-Causing Conversations
38 End meetings
39 Put Your Phone on Silent
40 Don’t Text and Drive
41 Don’t Email or Text When Rushing
42 Schedule Smarter
43 Keep Your Phone Away from Your Bed
44 Open Your Mind
45 Say "No" More
46 Journal
47 Date Smarter
48 Remove Toxicity
49 Drive Less
50 Avoid Pointless Altercations
51 Live By Your Mantra
52 Control Your Self-Talk
53 Visualize
54 Read
55 Don’t Watch the News
56 Save the Date
57 Create Art
58 Compartmentalize Your Thoughts
59 Decide When to Decide
60 Change Up Your Thinking
61 Turn Your Dial
62 Disable Your Phone Notifications
63 Own Your Finances
64 Limit Social Media Use

Part 3: Own Your Soul
65 Do Yoga
66 Pray
67 Give Gratitude
68 Cultivate Quality Relationships
69 End Negative Relationships
70 Know Your Direction
71 Breathe before Meetings
72 Get to Know Your Crossing Guard
73 Listen to What You Listen To
74 Spend Time Near Water
75 Wake Up with Intention
76 Define Your Values
77 Remember Your Six-Year-Old Self
78 Be in Nature
79 Light Candles
80 Practice Self-Love
81 Do the Mirror Trick
82 Know You’re Not Saving the World
83 Buy Plants
84 Surround Yourself with Color
85 Keep a Memento that Calms You Down
86 Make Calming Friends
87 Thank Something Bigger Than You
88 Spread Love
89 Talk About It
90 Volunteer
91 Let the Truth Set You Free
92 Share Your Journey with Others
93 Take Time Daily to Re-Center
94 Get More Sun
95 Manage Your Breaks
96 Don’t Jaywalk
97 Watch the Sun Rise and Set
98 Help Others
99 Embrace Where You’re At