Pangaea: Origins of the Galactic War

Pangaea: Origins of the Galactic War

by Vittorio Amato


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"Pangaea: Origins of The Galactic War" is the first book in a series of novels that takes the reader through a fictional "War of The Worlds" adventure. The story is based around four friends of completely different species that learn to co-exist with one another, and try to spread their view of love, peace, and tolerance for one another through a time of war. The basis behind Pangaea is that love comes in many shapes and sizes. And, through the toughest of circumstances, no matter what your physical structure is, we are all the same on the inside.

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ISBN-13: 9781490723945
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 01/28/2014
Pages: 194
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.45(d)

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Pangaea: Origins of The Galactic War

By Vittorio Amato

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2014 Vittorio Amato
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-2394-5





* * *

Lantis, a biomechanical being, jabs a small metal object into a human's chest. The rugged, weathered, and slightly dazed young man screams as the needle of the device pierces through his flight jacket.

Lantis watches a small craft jet through the sky and begins to climb toward the upper atmosphere of the planet. He drops his victim, now withered and aged to a rotten corpse, onto the sand-covered ground below his feet. Lantis takes a moment to inspect the newly caught light in his purse chamber before letting the chamber go.

The purse chamber free-falls to the floor before being violently caught by its chain attached to Lantis's waist. It swings freely on its chain before it bumps into his flight pants and sways comfortably in the crevice of the fabric.



* * *

The craft shakes abruptly as the three humans inside cling tightly to their seats. One of the men, a commander, quickly waves his hand over a glass command tablet. A small holographic tracking system opens in the air in front of his face, showing the man a series of stars and planets. He swiftly scrolls his hand along the holographic star chart, frantically looking for a habitable planet. The woman next to him taps vigorously at a touch-screen command board. A strange series of symbols quickly moves across the glass screen as it highlights a fleet of ships orbiting around their now-lost planet.

WOMAN. Have you found one yet?

The commander stops his scroll bar on a solar system and highlights a section of space just outside one of the planets in his constellation chart.

COMMANDER. How much time do we have before they lock onto our position?

One of the other passengers shakes nervously in his chair. The sweat drips down his face as he urinates on himself.

MAN. We're not going to make it through the wormhole. We aren't going to make it.

The woman's scanners project a series of blinking numbers around each ship highlighted on her screen.

WOMAN. Three minutes, if they aren't watching their system close enough.

The commander checks a section of his hologram screen with a series of numbers and algorithms.

COMMANDER. We have four minutes till the portal opens.



* * *

Lantis slowly pulls a small metal box from his pocket. He takes a moment to look at the destroyed city behind him before opening the small metal container. As he admires the small metal bead inside, he comlinks one of his ships outside of the planet. With a tap of his finger to his ear, a small comlink projects from a metallic spot on his earlobe.

LANTIS. Annihilate it.

BORG (voice-over via comlink). Understood.

Lantis's comlink bleeps offline as it slowly slides back into the metallic dot on his earlobe. He carefully takes the small metal bead from the container in his hand, discards the metal box, and squeezes the bead into a small metal disc. He rolls the disc between his fingers before flicking it into the air like a coin.

The small disc reflects the sunlight as it flips gracefully in the air before slamming to the sand-covered destroyed city street. Lantis taps a small musical tone on his bracelet and teleports away, leaving a trail of electric current where he stands.

The small metal disc begins to hum as it absorbs the sunlight into its metal, causing it to glow bright white.



* * *

The small three-man spacecraft exits the exosphere of the planet as the sphere burns violently behind them, destroying the entire planet's surface.



* * *

The commander watches a holographic projection of a wormhole open on his display screen.

COMMANDER. Almost there. The holographic display blinks green as a small blue button projects from the command console.

The commander pounds the button as hard as he can with his hand. The force of the wormhole's pull pushes the three passengers against their seats as the ship elongates into the wormhole.



* * *

Lantis teleports to the command station floor and watches the small spacecraft through the command station window. A borg officer at a round command table watches his hologram display screen lock onto the small craft's position.



* * *

A beam of energy shoots from the underbelly of the massive borg harvest ship and collides with the small spacecraft as it moves through the wormhole.



* * *

A small section of the fleeing spacecraft exits the wormhole and floats silently in the black abyss just outside of a beautiful, lush, and habitable planet.



* * *

Lantis watches the debris from the small spacecraft float through space in silence. The command-station windshield highlights the spacecraft debris as a voice echoes over the command-station intercom.

MACHINE (voice-over). Target annihilated.

Kroy, a kindhearted biomechanical woman, enters the command deck carrying a small glass cube and a set of glass medical tablets. She places the small glass cube on the table in front of Lantis and herself. Passing one of her glass medical tablets over the small glass box to analyze the DNA inside, she tries to calm Lantis.

KROY. Stimulate your anger, Lantis. The harvest may be lost, but at least Mother hasn't come for payment.

Lantis watches the uninhabitable sphere in disgust as he unzips his flight jacket then taps his finger to his chest. The biomechanical skin around his heart slowly caves in as a large diamond comes to the surface of his chest.

LANTIS. Don't jinx it, Kroy.

Lantis takes the small chamber purse from his hip and places it against his diamond-heart system. He taps the display screen on the chamber purse, and the light he collected from the man earlier transfers to the diamond.

LANTIS. Have you found an acceptable species for reterraforming?

Kroy enlarges a section of data on her glass tablet, showing the DNA strand to Lantis. With a double-tap of his finger on the glass tablet, a holographic projection of a lizard appears and slowly morphs into a hominoid creature.

KROY. Given the planet's current state of hibernation, a reptile should make an acceptable light harvest.

Lantis removes the chamber purse from his diamond heart and inspects the faint glow that remains inside.

LANTIS. The terraforming machines will burn off most of the light energy we collected.

Kroy closes the hologram on her tablet while looking down at her light chamber, a dim light compared to Lantis's chamber.

KROY. Then we will be terminated ... just like this sphere.

Kroy waves her data tablet in disappointment at the scorched sphere suspended in the infinite darkness, a clear sign she does not agree with Lantis's previous idea of planetary destruction.

Lantis lifts Kroy's small glass cube from the table and inspects the clear liquid inside. Kroy takes one last look at the destroyed planet.

LANTIS. Order the bio ships to begin terraforming as soon as possible.

Kroy exits the command room through the mechanical blast doors.

Lantis holds the glass sphere in front of his face and observes the dead planet through the clear liquid inside.

The ship's command system comlink bleeps, signaling an incoming call. Lantis places the glass DNA cube on the command desk while the communication link slowly constructs a holographic image of a female figure. The holographic woman speaks using a mash-up of the ship's comlink voice and machine tones.

The ship's lights and electrical equipment flash on and off, an obvious sign of the machine mother's power and anger.

MOTHER. Lantis. It has been an eon since you've sent payment for sphere 273. My systems suggest your bio ships are fueling the light harvest for an unauthorized terraforming of 273. Report before annihilation.

Lantis slips the glass cube into his pocket, hiding it from view, as he looks around the room at the ship's malfunctioning computer systems.

LANTIS. Sphere 273 was destroyed by a cosmic disturbance. Our system has been malfunctioning due to solar activity.

MOTHER. Negative. My system suggests no solar activity in sector 117. Your energy payment is due in one sphere revolution, or you will be annihilated.

The holographic image of the woman abruptly ends, and Lantis's ship returns to its normal state. Lantis pulls the small glass sphere from his pocket and throws it at the observation window in disgust. The cube breaks against the glass on impact.

LANTIS. Track the wormhole. They must have known of another habitable sphere!

The clear liquid inside the cube drips down the observation window, covering the dead sphere that was suspended in space.



* * *

A beautiful blue-and-green planet revolves around its sun.



* * *

Two lemur-hominoid children giggle as they make their way down a dirt road to a large golden temple nestled in a lush green Amazon-like forest. The deep hum of the monks chanting can be heard as they enter.



* * *

Isaac Moet, a monk and leading doctor of technology on Pangaea, chants an ancient hymn in the center of the temple with his priesthood. He breaks his concentration to catch the eye of four Pangaean women sitting up close to the center circle of monks. The Pangaean women look at each other and giggle, all trying to conceal their blushing faces.

The holy high priest slaps Isaac in the back of the head as he passes through the center circle of monks, looking for the right scripture to read. Emanuel Thesurus, a weapons-and-explosives expert, turns the dial up on his bisonar glasses.


Thesurus picks up a better visual of his good friend Isaac flirting with the women in the front row.

Emanuel leans to his left and quietly whispers to his friend Darwin Oedipus, an old weathered Pangaean man with many visible battle scars on his body—clear and obvious signs of his strength and past battle experiences.

EMANUEL THESURUS. How he is still a priest, I'll never quite understand.

Darwin stops his chanting as he laughs at Emanuel's joke. Trying to conceal his laughter, he answers Emanuel's comment.

DARWIN. The High Holy keeps him as an example.

Prince Bishop Knight, the young strong-willed crown prince of Pangaea, leans down from the row above Emanuel and Darwin. Placing his head between them, he enters the conversation.

BISHOP. Yeah, of what not to do.

The three Pangaean men laugh, disrupting the temple mass, until the holy high priest coughs to signal he is ready to begin his lecture. King Zacharia Knight, a humble tall man nearing old age, pulls Bishop back into his row by his royal garments with a smile. The king nods to the holy high priest in respect.

HOLY HIGH PRIEST. Ball game strategies start after prayer is over, gentlemen.

The holy high priest waits a moment, keeping his eyes on the three men with a half-serious scolding stare. The congregation lightly laughs at the three men's misfortune. The holy high priest adjusts his robes in a joking authoritative fashion and addresses the congregation again.

HOLY HIGH PRIEST. You would think they would pay attention in prayer ceremony.

Isaac stands from the circle of monks and jokingly bows before the holy high priest, making his own joke.

ISAAC. Holy High, please referee the game in our favor over the Aquatians.

The Pangaean congregation laughs as the holy high priest hits Isaac on the head with his book of scriptures and points for him to get back in the circle. Isaac scurries back to his place in the circle of monks. The old priest pulls his glasses down to begin reading from his book.

HOLY HIGH PRIEST. When the Guru began, he created all from its abundance of love. In equal respect, the Guru gave us the light.

The holy high priest points to the sunlight as it shines through the window of the golden temple.



* * *

A dim light in one of the borg soldiers' chambers shines in the damp dark command room. The soldier diligently taps on his glass tablet. A holographic image of a wormhole begins to reconstruct itself as a series of constellations rapidly moves on a rusty command screen alongside his station.

Lantis enters the command rooms in disgust; the clinking of his metal boots on the steel floor echoes over the screeching of the command room's closing blast doors.

LANTIS. Report.

The borg soldier's digital display console flickers on and off as he bangs on the glass command table to keep it functioning. The fluttering constellation images on his command console begin to slow down as the borg soldier finishes tracking the wormhole.

BORG. We'll have a star system location shortly, Commander Lantis.

Lantis takes a seat in his corroded command chair and stares out of the large observation window.

POV Lantis watches the bio ships descend on the scorched planet.



* * *

The holy high priest closes his book of scriptures and removes his glasses with a smile.

HOLY HIGH PRIEST. In short, respect one another. Be peaceful in times of great stress. When angry, show tolerance to one another, and peace will find you both. Most of all, respect the Guru.

POV The holy high priest looks out upon the quiet congregation with a warmhearted smile.

HOLY HIGH PRIEST. Okay, now let's go win a ball game. The congregation begins to file out of their rows toward the temple entrance.



* * *

The crowd of Pangaean people begin to make their way out of the golden temple and into a large city. Some of the Pangaeans spread out into the plaza to collect goods from the floating merchant stands that hover outside of the large Mayan-style ball stadium. Dalai Emsley, a quiet shy lemur in his midthirties, passes through the plaza with a group of military merchants towing a large number of hovering cargo. Crates full of fruits, leaves, clothing, and gold cross the plaza toward the stadium. The lemur's heavy weaponry and torn military clothing suggest they are not the average Pangaean soldiers.

Dalai takes a handful of herbs from one of the crates and wraps them in a cloth from another crate. He kneels down and hands the herbs to a small lemur child in the crowd of people walking across the golden plaza toward the ball field.

DALAI. Rare herbs for your mother. Tell her to mix a tonic and take it three times a day. She should get over her cold faster, okay?

The young lemur child smiles in excitement as he opens the cloth to view the colorful herb inside. Dalai pats the boy on his head and scoots him along his way. Dalai cleans his hands off and stands in respect to the holy high priest.

The priest, disgusted at the sight of Dalai, gives him a nasty remark masked by a happy overtone.

HOLY HIGH PRIEST. I see you are using your communication skills in a new way, Dalai.

One of the merchants speaks out as Dalai shies away from the holy high priest and heads toward the golden stadium.

RIDLEY. Isn't forgiveness of past misfortunes expected of a holy high priest?

Ridley adjust his arc reactor energy (ARE) rifle on his shoulder. He stares down at the holy high priest as his hovering cargo crates pass behind him. King Zacharia pats the holy high priest on the shoulder with a laugh, calming the situation with the priest's wise words from the temple earlier.

KING ZACHARIA. When angry, show tolerance to one another, and peace will find you both.

Ridley bows his head in respect to the king after howling twice in acknowledgement. The king happily bows his head in respect to the military merchant and his men then gives him a "Move along" nod toward the stadium. Ridley hops up on the last hovering cart as it passes behind him toward the golden stadium.

King Zacharia places his arm around the holy high priest's shoulders, who lowers his head in disappointment.

KING ZACHARIA. Come, we have a game and guest to prepare for.

Both men head back into the crowd of people headed toward the golden stadium.



Excerpted from Pangaea: Origins of The Galactic War by Vittorio Amato. Copyright © 2014 Vittorio Amato. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
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