Peace and Plenty: Finding Your Path to Financial Serenity

Peace and Plenty: Finding Your Path to Financial Serenity

by Sarah Ban Breathnach


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ISBN-13: 9780446561747
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 12/29/2010
Pages: 426
Sales rank: 192,707
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

In addition to SIMPLE ABUNDANCE, Sarah Ban Breathnach is the author of THE SIMPLE ABUNDANCE JOURNAL OF GRATITUDE, SOMETHING MORE, and MRS. SHARP'S TRADITIONS. She currently resides in California. Please visit her website at

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Peace and Plenty 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Sarah has been a "rock" for millions of women around the world since she first put her words of wisdom to the page in Simple Abundance. Her words, for many of us, went far beyond the somewhat simplistic self-help books of the day and her name became almost synonymous with that of the word "comfort." One day, as she claims, she was a "freelance writer without a comma in [her] checking account and the next [she] was a millionaire." (pg. 20) Today all that money is gone and she feels hesitant to step forward to advise other women, as she claims about "their lives when I've messed mine up so completely." Perhaps, but many who are undergoing their own financial woes want to hear from someone who is experiencing their pain. Sarah throws some of the blame on that Englishman she married, but frankly she does admit to being a L-O-U-S-Y money manager. One mistake after another and she practically found herself living on the streets and would have, had it not been for her sister lending her a desk to write this book. She, like many women who have had commas removed from their checking accounts, bluntly states, "this starting over from scratch is beginning to wear on my nerves." (pg. 68) In this money-memoir Sarah takes a step back, examines the monetary lives of relatives such as Lucy Lyttle Donelly White, her Kentucky grandmother, other relatives, and her own in a desire to find out where she went wrong. In Sarah's familiar conversational essays you will find snippets of advice, which she is now following, from money wise women of the past and, most importantly offers a mantra to hold to your heart: "Keep calm and carry on." She reflects the pain many women feel when she ponders, "If you are a woman who has prudently planned and carefully saved for your retirement and your children's education, to suddenly lose what you thought was safe is devastating, because you lost more than money, you lost your dreams." (pg. 83) Her comforting words of wisdom, gleaned from the world of hard knocks, will make you want to begin to believe in yourself, to pick up and carry on and move forward . with her, Sarah Ban Breathnach. I'm sure this was a difficult book for Sarah to write as she has to admit being beaten down financially. It was as if she felt quite pained to admit in the later part of the book that, "I've spent the last year in my pajamas writing this book in the corner of my sister's living room." (pg. 295) This startling admission is, in my opinion, a very courageous one, yet a labor of love for her readers who have followed her for so many years. It was a book that I savored, reading bits of it every night to glean her words of wisdom on how we all can pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and continue on in spite of adversity. Sara says, "So hold on tight to your dreams-they are yours to keep." And so they are. This beautifully written book will make you dream again and help you to put your hopes and dreams into action for a better financial future. Quill says: This amazing "money-memoir" is a comforting, positive book that will help women everywhere "keep calm and carry on."
Patch13 More than 1 year ago
Like seeing an old friend back from the wars, we delight in her presence. Her sage wit, practical suggestions, and understanding based on experience enrich us once more. She doesn't pretend to be a financial expert and directs us where to find them. She IS an expert in empathy, attitude and optimism. From her own place of pain, she gives us insight, practical advice and hope for coping with our own adversities. She helps us see that we can cope, survive and prevail through the courage of her example. Welcome back, and thanks, Sarah.
MaryJaneHurleyBrant More than 1 year ago
If you are a woman and you want to understand your relationship with money, Peace and Plenty is the book for you. It is authentic writing at its best. Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of the hugely successful Simple Abundance, once again weaves wonderful words together as she addresses the serious and important subject of money and a woman's relationship with it. "Heaven likes to help those trying to help themselves" and "'Having enough' is the destination for all of us on the Peace and Plenty path." I think that's one of the best parts of this book: its spiritual essence resonates with us because Sarah Ban Breathnach's authentic and faith-filled voice touches our very souls page after page. I loved this book's respectful and humble acknowledgment of the struggles that so many good people undergoing financial stress are experiencing. A sensitive chapter "On Losing Your Job" validates how the loss of personal identity hurts our self-esteem and discourages our spirit. And Sarah doesn't write from the abstract, she has lived the fear and reality of job loss. She also courageously shares her personal stories of loss of finances, home and marriage. These monumental losses could have made Sarah bitter and discouraged her but they have not because she is a believer in the beauty and the bounty of life. Sarah Ban Breathnach focuses instead on places where she is grateful and inspires us to do the same. She is also moving on with the new changes in her life trusting the Creator of a Million Lifetimes to guide her every choice. In this wonderful book, Sarah Ban Breathnach implores us to create a financial family tree to clarify our attitudes about money. Were your parents big spenders? Were they worried all of the time about money? These questions initiate us into the search to understand what money really means to us. Sarah wants us to be honest believing that the truth does indeed set us free. Sarah Ban Breathnach is every woman's friend, sister and mother. Millions of women look to her for counsel, hope and honesty. They will not be disappointed when they sit down with a hot cup of tea and this latest book, Peace and Plenty, where they will find renewed hope and a true path to financial serenity from a trusted soul companion. Mary Jane Hurley Brant, M.S., CGP Author of When Every Day Matters
kittycrochettwo More than 1 year ago
In "Peace and Plenty" the author really sheds some light on a few truths about money, such as how women relate to money, and how it can effect relationships. She is writing from a place of having been there. She tells of one minute being a freelance writer without a comma in her checking account, and the next being a millionaire after her book Simple Abundance became a hit. Sadly for her she lost it, she fell back down the financial ladder and had no money. With this book, she teaches and inspires us to take control over our money, so that we can start our journey to financial peace and security. I think that the topic of money is one of the most difficult topics to discuss, and for the author to share her financial downfalls, for the world to read, and judge must have taken great courage. I commend her, because in doing so, she is helping so many others, avoid some of the mistakes she made, with simple down to earth advice, that will help us all live a life of "Peace and Plenty!" I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
tammy krause More than 1 year ago
Sarah always writes from the heart.I have always been very inspired by Sarah.These books realy explain what it is to be Authentic women of all ages can realy learn from her storys.I started reading Sarahs books in my twentys.She inspires us to become thankful and Abundant...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very prompt service!
quaintinns More than 1 year ago
I purchased the audio Peace and Plenty after seeing Sarah on OWN Super Soul Sunday. I was impressed with her and immediately purchased the audiobook, Simple Abundance and loved it (also started my gratitude daily journal). Peace and Plenty is a continuation of Sarah’s journey and her own personal-- financial crisis. I love her style for the finer things of life and how she appreciates beautiful things and knows how to enjoy them and make a happy and healthy lifestyle (can so relate). Her voice is soothing and relaxing and her details for the everyday normal things women desire, and how to appreciate ----she is an inspiration to all women. I look forward to reading more of her work and will continue to refer to these audios for reference for daily living. I would highly recommend the audio!
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BookHounds More than 1 year ago
This book should appeal to everyone since it deals with the important subject of money and your relationship with it. There are more arguments and divorce over this subject than any other. Sarah Ban Breathnach will make you think about your relationship with it in new ways. Most people's relationship to money is built in childhood and you will be force to relive some unpleasant facts about it, but the end result is worth it. The author does a fine job of making stories relate to your own experiences. This is a book that might be easy to digest in one chapter at a time. I received this book at no charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review at no compensation.
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